Thunder Martial Chapter 247 - Cultivation

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The berserk killing intent was like a flood that instantly engulfed Chenying Valley. Many cultivators that had yet to leave felt as though they had fallen into an icehouse, feeling a bone-piercing cold.

Zi Chen!

Li Hao appeared. He stood on the back of the Roc and a terrifying aura surged from his body.

Chenying Valley was hundreds of kilometers away from the Cangli City. When he received the news that Zi Chen had appeared, he immediately rushed over, but it was still too late.

On the high platform, the corpses had dried up one. The fresh blood had turned black, and each of the limbs had been broken.


Li Hao's aura turned berserk and his killing intent filled the air. The entire high platform was unable to withstand this aura and instantly exploded.

Where's Zi Chen? Li Hao swept his eyes across the crowd below him, who had not left yet.

Seeing the berserk killing intent in Li Hao's eyes, everyone's heart trembled. Feeling the enormous pressure, someone fearfully spoke, He... He's gone.


His words were cold, and his attacks merciless.

Instantly killing a person, blood splattered around, everyone was shocked, they could sense that Li Hao was enraged, obviously because of Zi Chen.

Zi Chen was just a rogue cultivator, but he had always smacked the face of the big powers.

He went in this direction. Someone was very smart, pointing out the direction Zi Chen left in. However, in his words, Zi Chen was not fleeing, but leaving.



When Li Hao left, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. A single mishap could lead to a death and Li Hao's domineering attitude caused many people to break out in cold sweat.

However, at this time, there was another beast's roar, the sound rumbled like thunder, and the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous geniuses, Wu Yuan, appeared.

However, the other party did not stop, and directly chased after Li Hao, urging his demonic beast to chase.

Cang Meng came after, riding on a demonic beast and quickly flew past Chenying Valley.

Looks like Zi Chen is going to cause another sensation this time.

To kill all the major powers geniuses on the Zhanchen Congress, this time would definitely cause a commotion. The great powers would lose all their face and the next step would obviously be a series of chase, I wonder if Zi Chen can escape or not.

Zi Chen was very slippery. From the moment he set foot on cultivation till now, he had always been chased, but he was as resilient as a cockroach.

Everyone was afraid that the three monstrous geniuses would not be able to find Zi Chen and would end up finding trouble with them instead, so they all left in a hurry.

On that day, the news of Zi Chen personally rushing over to Zhanchen Congress and killing everyone from the three great forces had already spread out, causing another commotion.

His strength actually broke through, and he practiced an evil art that almost caused him to go berserk.

Zi Chen's battle prowess is unrivalled, he only needed one move to kill cultivators at the third and fourth heaven.

There was news about Zi Chen that day that spread through several large cities, causing the entire world to shake.

At the same time, the various big powers announced loudly that anyone who managed to kill Zi Chen or provided any clues would be rewarded with a Thousand Yuan stone.

Just as the three forces were about to send out their expertz to kill Zi Chen, the latter was currently hiding in a corner of the dense ground, checking through his gains.

Everything in front of him was what he had gained during this period of time.

The white Yuan Stone released a dense amount of spirit energy, making Zi Chen dazzled. After carefully checking, he determined the exact number.

Five thousand forty-nine Yuan Stones.

The five Thousand Yuan stones was truly amazing. Zi Chen became excited looking at them.

It's only five Thousand Yuan stones. Not only will it be used to temper your perfect physique, it will also be used to provide the elemental energy within your body. It won't take long at all. A Mo appeared from within the taiji and when he saw Zi Chen's excited expression, he curled his lips.

There are five thousand Yuan stones, at least it will be enough for a period of time. Zi Chen laughed, A Mo was someone who had seen a lot so he naturally did not care about these insignificant Five Thousand Yuan stone, but Zi Chen knew, if these Five Thousand Yuan stone were taken out, not to mention others, the monk would be the first to go crazy.

Other than the Yuan Stones, there was also a weapon that was comparable to the Raging Flame sword that he had been used before. It was very durable and its price was not low either.

With a breakthrough in his strength and a change in his perfect physique, Zi Chen is now able to easily change the bone structure in his body.

Therefore, he was not worried that these forces would be able to find him in the vast sea of people.

Having just killed so many people from the three forces, it would naturally cause a huge commotion. Zi Chen decided to just hide for a few days.

Just as he left the forest, Zi Chen heard the cries of the Roc and Li Hao's angry voice.

Idiots, I'll deal with you when I have time. Zi Chen turned his head and sneered.

The bones all over his body crackled as a golden light flashed. Within a few breaths, he had turned into another person.

After walking for several tens of kilometers, Zi Chen saw a small town. Walking into it, Zi Chen was like a dragon diving into the ocean.

Zi Chen settled down in the small town and started to cultivate.

Last time at the inheritance grounds, a lot of the energy of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang was hidden within his meridians. This time, he broke through and activated the Yin-Yang Spell so wanted to slowly refine the hibernating spirit energy and increase his own strength.

With each layer a Zhen Yuan expert breaks through, it is like ascending the sky and each layer was more difficult to break through than the last.

Relatively speaking, it was relatively easy to break through from the first to the second heaven.


In the room, a piece of Yuan Stone that had been drained of all its elemental energy was instantly shattered and fell to the ground.

On the ground, there were already more than ten broken pieces of Yuan Stones.

Zi Chen was currently cultivating in the small town, and in the outside world, the three forces were crazily pasting wanted posters to almost every town outside Cangli City.

At the same time, they had also paid a huge price to hire an assassin from the Heaven Killing Pavilion. They must definitely kill Zi Chen.

Zi Chen living was the greatest insult to the three great forces and it caused the three great forces to feel stinging pain in their faces.

Along the streets, in the dense forests of the mountains and rivers, there were always many figures that appeared. They were all here to chase after Zi Chen.

His body was filled with a formidable aura. His Origin Energy had already reached the peak of the first heaven and was not far from the second heaven.

Other than the time when the lightning tempered his body and absorbed a few lightning energy, the only reason why he could make such a huge breakthrough in such a short period of time was because a lot of the energy that was hibernating in his meridians had been refined by Zi Chen.

Zi Chen guessed that if this energy was completely refined, it would allow him to break through to the third heaven.

Walking out of the room, Zi Chen ordered some food.

After that, he strolled around the town. During this time, he saw many unfamiliar faces and then he saw many wanted posters.

The current him could change his appearance at will and even if he was to meet an Imperial Sky Realm expert, they wouldn't be able to see through him at all so he wasn't afraid.

A Thousand Yuan stone, what a great gift.

Seeing the bounty of a Thousand Yuan stone, Zi Chen curled his lips. Right now, he is worth a Thousand Yuan stone so he felt a bit proud. [TN: He should just go to the one piece world cuz he so happy about his bounty]

In the streets and in the restaurants, almost everyone was talking about Zi Chen.

Who exactly is this Zi Chen, to actually be able to cause a great power to set out a Thousand Yuan stone bounty to search for him?

Even some mortals were constantly discussing this, showing just how famous Zi Chen was.

Zi Chen had originally planned to go to the Cangli City to sell some useless items in exchange for Yuan Stone but after seeing the wanted posters, he changed his mind.

The most important thing right now was to break through.

This time, Zi Chen had closed up for seven days and exhausted hundreds of Yuan Stones. His elemental energy had finally reached its peak and he was about to break through to the second heaven.

Your breakthrough will definitely lead to a tribulation of lightning. This time, it's a second stage tribulation, and it's very powerful. You must be careful. A Mo warned.

A hundred miles away, there was a very large forest, which was very suitable for him to break through.

This was an extremely large dense forest. There were many ancient trees here and their leaves were lush. Zi Chen walked into the dense forest and looked for a high ground.

The mountains and rivers here were beautiful and the scenery was especially beautiful. The waterfall cascaded down from the mountain stream like chains that connected heaven and earth.

Zi Chen travelled through the forest and found a high ground to serve as his starting point for his breakthrough.

Suddenly, a voice entered his ears.

Zi Chen hid in the forest and looked around. Through the branches and leaves of the trees, he saw four figures.

Could it be someone from a big powers? Zi Chen frowned.

These four people had sturdy statures and their eyes were filled with a fierce light. As they moved their hands and feet, a terrifying wave of True Yuan circulated within them. They appeared to be extraordinary.

Damn it, this damned Zi Chen has gone somewhere to hide. Even after searching for so long, we still could not find him.

If I find him, I'll crush him.

Eldest Brother, could this Zi Chen be in this forest? We have searched for him for so long and during this period, we have also killed a few people, but they are not him. Someone asked.

Hmph, I would rather kill someone wrongly than let them off. Zi Chen is cunning. He had always been hiding in a dense forest before, so this time might be around the same. The big man said in a cold voice.

I would rather kill a thousand wrongly than let one go. Zi Chen must die, and whatever happens, the burden will be on the family.

It's better to kill by mistake than to let it go. What arrogant words you have there. Zi Chen walked out of the forest with a cold snort, Which family are you from? How dare you be so arrogant?