Thunder Martial Chapter 246 - Plundering Yuan Stones

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Human nature is greedy and selfish.

With just a wave of his hand, he had exterminated all the experts of the three forces. The strength that Zi Chen had displayed was powerful and terrifying. They were scared out of their wits and dared not to make any unusual moves. They were even afraid of being slaughtered.

But at that moment, something happened to Zi Chen. Crackings appeared around him, causing his Qi to go berserk and everyone had a lot of thoughts.


As his eyes flickered, a cultivator could no longer hold back and flew into the air. This was a third heaven expert, among them, his strength was neither high nor low, but his courage was definitely the greatest.


In the space between his eyebrows, the cracks were extremely clear as it released a resplendent golden light, which continued to expand.

Zi Chen's face was filled with pain, his whole body and mind was completely focused on suppressing the destructive auras brought by the Extreme Yin and Yang, and he simply did not notice the changes in the outside world.

A Mo also did not notice.

A cold light flashed, a wave of killing intent struck the center of Zi Chen's eyebrows. Zi Chen had sensed it, but he did not have the time or strength to dodge.

Under everyone's astonished gaze, the sword in this cultivator's hand was about to pierce through the center of Zi Chen's brows.

A monstrous genius with unparalleled combat power, would he really be killed by a sneak attack?

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the blade that was about to pierce into Zi Chen's forehead.

Haha, die! On cultivator's face, a sinister smile could already be seen.


But just at this moment, an aura of destruction emerged from between Zi Chen's brows, and the energy from the collision of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang flowed out from between his eyebrows, like a tide, it landed on the weapon of the cultivator.

The weapon instantly exploded into pieces and was immediately destroyed by the energy. At the same time, after the destructive energy shattered the weapon, it rushed forward and landed on the shocked cultivator.


The destructive aura surged, and a cloud of smoke and dust floated up in front of Zi Chen. This cultivator at the third heaven did not even have a complete corpse left, and was directly smashed into pieces, turning into dust and dissipating.

Not a complete corpse.

Such a scene caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

Zi Chen's face still had a painful expression. The cracks between his brows were getting bigger and bigger, and his Qi was also becoming disordered, which was a clear sign that it was going to go berserk, but the cultivator who had launched a sneak attack was actually turned into dregs..

The direction of the attack must be wrong, he just happened to meet that destructive energy. Some people guessed the reason why the cultivator, while others nodded in agreement.

Immediately following that, the eyes of quite a few people flickered.

Zi Chen had precious treasure on him, something that would cause even great powers to become jealous, and now that his cultivation had gone berserk, this was the best opportunity.



The glowing Blade Qi was at least ten metres long, and carried a terrifying aura as it slashed towards Zi Chen's head.

With the lesson from before, this expert didn't dare to approach Zi Chen at all, only attacking him from afar.

Suddenly, Zi Chen opened his eyes. His face still showed the same pained expression, but his eyes were cold and emotionless. He tapped his finger and an extremely cold aura appeared.


The cultivator died, the Blade Qi dissipated in the air, and his corpse fell to the ground.


Everyone was speechless, and their hearts trembled.

At the moment, the pain on Zi Chen's face was becoming more and more intense, and the cracks between his brows were also growing bigger and bigger, as if it could be split into two by the destructive aura at any time.

His cultivation has already gone berserk and he cannot use the energy within his body. Every time he attacks, it will cause his injuries to worsen. Right now, he is at the end of his rope. Another person spoke and made an accurate judgement.


With a flash of light, the third cultivator rose into the air and made a terrifying attack. This was a fourth heaven, his strength was strong enough to finally find an excellent opportunity.

Zi Chen opened his eyes once again, his eyes cold. In between his fingers, two rays of golden light shot out.


In a flash of cold light, the cultivator destroyed one sword Qi, but following that, another sword Qi penetrated his defense and landed in the middle of the cultivator's forehead, cashing another Plum Blossom to bloom.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Zi Chen's expression showed that he was in pain. The cracks between his brows was getting bigger as the destructive aura rippled out in the surroundings and it seemed that Zi Chen could explode and die at any moment but even so, he still killed three people.

This is too terrifying! In the cultivators's eyes, there was shock.

He is definitely at the end of his tether. Every time he makes a move, it will worsen his injuries and speed up his death.

That's right. Look at his pained expression, he's clearly going to collapse at any moment.



Someone's eyes lit up. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If they were to miss it, they would be struck by lightning. Then, two figures flew out. They didn't seem to have discussed it before.


Two attacks appeared, carrying a terrifying aura as they slashed towards Zi Chen's head.

Clang! Clang!

First, two sharp blades were cut in half by the sword Qi, and then two more sword Qi's shot out like lightning, directly piercing through the space between the two people's eyebrows.



Their blood bloomed like bloody plums. They were bright red and incomparably breathtaking. Afterwards, their corpses fell from the sky.

I don't believe it!

Some people did not believe it, and rushed towards the high platform in a flash. One, two, three, a total of three people rushed towards Zi Chen.

They attacked from three different directions.

Boom! Boom!


Zi Chen's face still showed the same painful expression, as if he could explode and die at any moment. But even so, he had killed several people, and the strength he displayed was even stronger than before.

After a few more people rushed forward and were all killed, everyone was no longer confident.

What is going on?

Didn't his cultivation go berserk? How come his battle prowess is becoming more and more powerful and he hasn't died yet?

Look at the pain on his face, it doesn't seem fake at all, but what's going on?

Come on, keep going!

Hurry up and come up.

Amongst the taiji, A Mo's dissatisfied voice sounded.

During the first assassination attempt, A Mo sensed that Zi Chen had not died purely because of luck. However, the second time he attacked, A Mo indicated for him to attack. Because the moment he released the energy in his body, the force that he would suffer from the explosion of his body would be slightly weaker.

So when Zi Chen attacked again and again, it looked extremely painful, but in reality, the danger of his body exploding was slowly being resolved.

Another flower of blood appeared, and this time Zi Chen used this attack with his eyes closed.

Although the golden colored sword Qi was only a single source of energy, there were a few other energies within it, thus Zi Chen's attack rose instead of falling.



A golden sword Qi appeared one after another, bringing with it a terrifying power. A few more cultivators fell down just like that.


The golden sword Qi appeared once again. However, after slashing more than a dozen experts that was greedy, someone finally saw through what was going on and felt that something was amiss.

Because not only did the cracks between Zi Chen's brows not grow bigger, it had actually shrunk.

Everyone was terrified, not daring to go up and throw their lives away.



Afterwards, Zi Chen tapped continuously with his finger, and a golden sword Qi shot out into the sky. The resplendent golden Qi dyed the entire Chenying Valley, turning every single cultivator who had revealed an expression of shock into a golden color.

From front to back, Zi Chen released hundreds of golden colored sword Qi's. After that, the terrifying aura around his body slowly dissipated and the cracks also gradually recovered.

This is too terrifying. If these hundreds of sword Qis were unleashed at us, wouldn't he have been able slaughter everyone?

One sword Qi for one person, even if all of us die, there would still be more sword Qi's left.

Amongst ZiChen's dantian, the extreme Yin and Extreme Yang were once again in equilibrium and was slowly circulating.

Too terrifying. When he opened his eyes, Zi Chen felt that he had survived a calamity. The Yin-Yang Spell was strong indeed, but once it broke out, the backlash would be great as well.

Now Zi Chen finally understood what the Old Mo meant by seeking death.

This was a path that could cause one to die at any moment.

When he opened his eyes, Zi Chen's face was filled with fatigue. In the previous battle, he was subsequently exhausted. Moreover, he had to continuously suppress his injuries, both his True Yuan and spiritual perception had been greatly exhausted.

And so, under everyone's astonished gazes, Zi Chen walked toward one corpse after another, and without caring about the blood on the other, he began to search through the corpses.

Yuan Stone!

A perfect physique was like a bottomless pit, requiring a lot of energy. Without Yuan Stones, Zi Chen wanting to break through was simply a dream.

In addition, the yin yang spell also required a great deal of energy.

In the future, Zi Chen would become a machine that would constantly devour Yuan Stone.

You, a mere Zhen Yuan Realm, actually only have these few Yuan Stones.

During his search, one could occasionally hear Zi Chen's complaints.

Then, under everyone's attentive gaze, Zi Chen leisurely walked away.

Zi Chen!

Just as Zi Chen left, a loud roar came from the back of his feet. It was filled with killing intent.