Thunder Martial Chapter 245 - Unbalanced Yin Yang

On the high platform, facing the besieging of dozens of Zhen Yuan Realm Experts, Zi Chen acted as if there was no one around as he continued to kill.

No one was able to cause him to make a second move. Blood filled the entire high platform and then immediately followed up with the rest. It was extremely bloody.

This is too terrifying.

He's never used the second move to kill.

Monstrous geniuses, this is the real monstrous geniuses. A mere genius is nothing in front of him.


The sky shook, and a huge golden seal appeared. A terrifying aura circulated on the surface of its body as it smashed downwards with a blazing golden light.

The Azure Peak Seal, being fused with the Extreme Yang, has become even more powerful. It instantly destroyed the attacks of the three experts and then smashed down fiercely, causing a huge hole to appear in the ground.

Jinyang Slash!

This was a move created by Zi Chen combined with the Azure Peak Slash, and could be considered a fusion skill. It was very powerful, although it could not compare to the Extreme Yang, but it was enough to kill the enemy.

The gigantic golden blade, which was emanating a blazing light and carried lightning along with it, charged past with destructive aura.



In an instant, a few heads flew into the air, their eyes filled with fear and shock. They flew out of the high platform, leaving behind headless corpses.

This was a bloody and terrifying scene, and no one was able to stop Zi Chen. He was like a tiger in a flock of sheep, unimpeded and vicious.

More than half of the twenty odd experts had died in less than fifteen minutes. As for the rest, they had lost the courage to fight and were in extreme terror.


Zi Chen's dantian was filled with True Yuan energy. Just these two flows of energy were like a ball, constantly revolving. Every time Zi Chen activated the Extreme Yang, he would use Extreme Yin.

He had to make the yin-yang equilibrium, or else, he would have to withstand an explosion.

At first, it was hot, but then it turned into a chilling cold. It was still as violent as before, carrying the destructive aura and another person was killed.

Go to hell.

Extreme Yin!

Zi Chen's eyes were ice-cold as the Seal appeared in his hand. This time, it was an extremely simple Seal, yet it carried the profound aura of the Grand Dao. Following the final finger imprint, a blinding golden light appeared, charging towards the divine fire that filled the sky.


Under the Golden Light's attack, the divine fire that filled the sky instantly dissipated. At the same time, the golden light swept across The genius of the Li Family's body like a sharp blade.

With a light sound, a single arm flew out. The Li Family Genius cried out miserably, but he managed to preserve his life.


Wu Zhe made his move. He took a step forward and the high platform began to tremble as well as an earth-shattering energy gushed forth. The next moment, the martial technique of the Wu Zong Sect surged out like a torrent as it charged madly towards Zi Chen.

Within Zi Chen's body, Extreme Yang True Yuan surged and gathered above his fist. In the next moment, a mountainous Qi appeared, and the fist that emitted a golden light clashed with Wu Zhe's fist.

Zi Chen who had displayed his full strength was extremely frightening.

Even a genius was injured in one strike, at this moment, Zi Chen's fighting strength was close to the monstrous geniuses of the three forces.

The last Cang Family Genius was in an even more miserable state, almost dying from Zi Chen's punch. After being sent flying backwards, he continuously spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

You bunch of scums, why did you bother starting the Zhanchen Congress, you are truly shameless and ignorant. Today, I will send you all on your way.

Seeing Zi Chen's gaze sweep over them, his eyes were even more dumbstruck.


A golden light flashed past and rushed towards the Li Family Genius. The latter let out a miserable scream as though he wanted to beg for mercy but a golden light had already flashed past.


Some of the people who had never seen Zi Chen before felt a chill in their hearts. Not to mention the strength of these people, their identity makes one have to consider carefully before killing someone.

However, Zi Chen did not care about it at all. He directly killed without hesitation, cleanly and decisively, as if he was not killing the people from the three big powers, but just an ordinary cat and dog.

I'll kill you! The Cang Family Genius stepped forward, unleashing all his potential, exploding forth with all the energy in his body and launching a destructive strike.

An overwhelming energy surged, as it smashed crazily at Zi Chen.

However, what welcomed him was a huge fist, emitting a brilliant golden light. Following a loud sound, all the light in the eyes of the Cang Family Genius dissipated. Then, his head tilted and fell straight to the ground.

Killing a genius was like killing chickens and dogs. This was Zi Chen.

With the Yin-Yang Spell and his fearsome perfect physique, he was invincible in the same level.

Even if he were to face monstrous geniuses of the same level, it is unknown who would be defeated.

Corpses laid on the ground from all directions, with blood that resembled streams. Following the descent of the high platform, all the people brought by the three great forces died, only the injured Wu Zhe remained and started to plead for mercy.

The Zhanchen Congress's purpose was to kill Zi Chen but unexpectedly, the result was them dying.

Zi Chen did not say a word, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Zi Chen, let me go. If there's anything you need, just say it. I promise that I will never mess with you again. Wu Zhe began to beg for mercy. He did not want to die.

His identity, resources, and women will all be gone.

I only want your life. Zi Chen spoke coldly as he walked forward, step by step, with blood marks appearing under his feet.

Zi Chen, is there no room for discussion, on Miao Kong's account, can you let me live? Miao Kong and I have a good relationship, we even drank together before coming here. Wu Zhe was in a panic as he retreated step by step until he reached the edge of the high platform.

If others were to say that, we would naturally have something to discuss. However, anyone from the Wu Zong Sect who meets me, they can only... Die! Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent.

Zi Chen did not chase after him, he only watched as he escaped. In his hands, a simple Seal was taking shape.


A large expanse of golden light appeared, bringing a blazing light, as it charged towards Wu Zhe. After that, it released an explosive sound, like a golden fireball exploding, causing the golden light to scatter and dissipate.

Once the energy dissipated, there was only some flying dust that floated about in the air.

All the members of the three forces were dead. The main characters of the Zhanchen Congress were lying on the ground, lifeless.

Zi Chen stood on top of the high platform, his eyes cold and emotionless as he swept his gaze across the crowd below.

Everyone was terrified.

Chenying Valley was completely silent. No one spoke, and only the sound of the wind could be heard from afar.

Not a single one was left alive.


Suddenly, a trembling sound came out from Zi Chen's body, followed by an aura of destruction that rushed into his body.

When the Qi appeared, everyone's face changed. Some of them were so scared that they retreated, thinking that Zi Chen was going to kill them all.


Streaks of light sounds appeared one after another as boundless golden light flooded Zi Chen's body. Then, from between Zi Chen's brows, a line of crackings appeared.

What's that?

I saw a cracking.

They saw a blinding golden light emerge from the crack, containing a terrifying aura.

And on Zi Chen's face, a painful expression appeared.

He endured the pain and sat down cross-legged, continuing to circulate his Yin-Yang Spell. Previously, he had used too much energy, causing his Yin and Yang to lose their balance and cause a violent collision.

This was originally a cultivation technique that risked one's life and one could face death at any time. Although it brings about a strong battle force, one also had to be vigilant at all times before they destroy themselves.

Could it be that his cultivation went berserk?

A commotion broke out from below.

Zi Chen sat cross legged, pain written all over his face, the cultivation techniques in his body continuously circulated, and in his heart, a dense amount of life force gathered within his body like a tide.

He must be in pain.


The aura on Zi Chen's body became even more tyrannical, and within the glaring golden light, two types of extreme auras continued to collide with each other.


Zi Chen roared towards the sky. In between his eyebrows, the Crackings were extremely obvious.

Within Zi Chen's dantian, the two energies were in complete disorder. Although they were revolving, they were no longer compatible with each other, and instead erupted with an aura of destruction. This aura surged out from the dantian, entering his meridians, and directly shattered his body.

He must have trained in some kind of cultivation techniques so although he gained a lot of power in exchange, there's a certain level of danger.

Some of the people below could see some clues, and their eyes constantly flickered.

Zi Chen was known as the mobile treasure, he had many things that all the great powers coveted and even had the strongest inheritance from the Limitless Sect ten thousand years ago.

A ray of light flashed, and a third heaven cultivator suddenly rushed out of the crowd and rushed towards Zi Chen who was seated cross-legged on the high platform.


The longsword was unsheathed and the cultivator's gaze was cold.