Thunder Martial Chapter 244 - Bloody Massacre

A young man suddenly appeared and shouted at the three forces, and even threatened to kill Chu Xiong under the protection of the three of them.

The development of the situation was truly unexpected. No one had expected that the glutton from before had such a powerful combat ability.

Kid, in front of the three of us, trying to kill someone is simply boasting shamelessly.

Who do you think you are?

If the three of us join hands, we can even fight against monstrous geniuses. What do you think you are?

The Zhanchen Congress had been destroyed by him, and he had killed so many people, so naturally, they could not allow him to leave today. In the hearts of the three, this person was already a dead man.

As for Zi Chen, he had no intention to leave either, he wanted to kill all the people from the major powers.

He then used the finger to point to Chu Xiong who was behind the three of them, and said disdainfully, Heh, Chu Xiong, didn't you say shamelessly that you can beat Zi Chen to death with one hand? Didn't you say you were strong? Why are you scared now? Where's your previous arrogance?

If you have any dignity, then come out and let me slap you to death.

Chu Xiong became furious, his expression changed nonstop, he was arrogant and tyrannical, but after fighting against him, he already understood, the difference in strength between the two of them was huge. The other party really had the strength to kill him.

Brother Chu need not listen to this brat's nonsense, your fighting strength is unrivalled, killing Zi Chen is no problem at all. As for him, he actually dared to come here to cause trouble, of course we cannot let him go. Wu Zhe said in a strange tone.

That's right. If we don't kill him today, where will our face be in the future? The Li Family Genius also spoke up.

Since you have disturbed us when we are just about to start the Zhanchen Congress, you must have some ulterior motives. This kind of person naturally cannot be let off.

Face? In my eyes, you three forces have lost all your face long ago, and none of you are going to leave. Killing intent exploded out of Zi Chen's eyes, following that, his entire body flashed with a golden light, and nine bolts of lightning appeared below his feet. Like a golden lightning, they shot towards Chu Xiong.


A cold light flashed in Wu Zhe's eyes, he took a step forward, and abruptly unleashed a palm strike, releasing a pitch black palm imprint that rushed towards Zi Chen.

You're courting death! The genius of the Li Family let out a loud shout, and the flames surrounding him surged, transforming into a flaming palm that rushed towards Zi Chen while emitting a scorching heat.

The combined attack of three geniuses at this moment was extremely powerful.



Under Zi Chen's feet, light flashed, and with a speed as fast as lightning, he dodged two attacks in an instant. At the same time, his right hand formed a fist, and punched towards the incoming fist Qi.

The heaven and earth trembled. The high platform trembled and scattered Cang Family Genius's fist Qi. After that, Zi Chen turned into a beam of light and rushed towards Chu Xiong.

Seeing how fierce Zi Chen was, and how he had charged past the defense of the three geniuses, Chu Xiong's feet flashed and he quickly retreated. He did not have any fighting spirit in his heart but no matter how much he retreated, his speed would not be comparable to Zi Chen's.


Zi Chen arrived in front of him and struck out with his fist.

The punch felt like the strike of a heavy hammer. Chu Xiong felt like his head was going blank, as he was almost knocked unconscious.


The next moment, another punch came out, releasing a dull sound. Chu Xiong's body swayed, his white eyeballs rolled around, and fresh blood came pouring out of his mouth.

In front of Zi Chen, Chu Xiong was like a little chick, who didn't even have the strength to retaliate as he was beaten up to the point where he couldn't even fight back.


With a loud sound, a terrifying aura completely exploded, destroying Chu Xiong's life force. Chu Xiong fell flat on the ground, his life force dissipating.

Chu Xiong is dead.

This young man killed Chu Xiong, this is too scary.

Everyone was horrified. They felt that everything was inconceivable. A genius was beheaded just like that.

You actually killed Chu Xiong.

The faces of the three geniuses were all ugly. Killing in front of them was simply slapping them in the face. Moreover, they couldn't even stop it, causing their faces to turn even more ashen.

I'm going to kill you.

Zi Chen did not care about the three, but bent down and took Chu Xiong's Spatial Ring first, then walked to the other side, and took the two spatial ring.

With a flash of light, both the Spatial Rings disappeared.

It was only then did everyone realise that Zi Chen also had a Spatial Ring in his hand.

You actually have a Spatial Ring, who the hell are you?

The reason why the family gave those monstrous geniuses spatial rings and forbidden artifacts was for the inheritance at the ruins.

This? This thing is just like a cabbage, what's so rare about it? Zi Chen raised his hand, and several Spatial Rings appeared.

There was one that was as black as ink, one that was wreathed in flames, and one that was carved with a small blue character.

This is the Cang Family's Spatial Ring.

This belongs to our Li Family.

When the three of them saw the spatial rings, their expressions immediately changed. They asked in unison, Who exactly are you?

These spatial rings were given to me by Li Huo and the others. The reason you are holding this convention here is to kill me. Who do you think I am? Zi Chen asked as he turned his head, a smirk on his face.

You... You are Zi Chen? Wu Zhe exclaimed, his face changing dramatically.

Heavens, he is Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, he's actually Zi Chen, the guy who escaped from the hands of the three great monstrous geniuses.

Shocked exclamations came from the crowd, all of them feeling that it was unbelievable, but after thinking about the powerful youth from before, only monstrous geniuses had such strength.

As for Chen Hei, when he heard Zi Chen's words, his expressions became even more miserable. Previously, he had borrowed the excitement of the alcohol to say that he could kill Zi Chen with a single finger, and that that was in front of Zi Chen.

Idiots, don't tell me this grandpa isn't allowed to break through and always be at the Xiantian Realm? Zi Chen rolled his eyes and said disdainfully.

When he was at the Xiantian Realm, although Zi Chen's fighting strength was strong, he was definitely not able to kill Chu Xiong, and might not be as strong as him. But after breaking through, Zi Chen had undergone a qualitative change, his fighting strength had increased by multiple folds and he had the ability to be arrogant.

Zi Chen, how dare you, you actually dare to come here, are you not afraid the experts from the three forces will come here and kill you? After he reacted, Wu Zhe said coldly.

Experts? Aren't you doing this Zhanchen Congress just to kill me yourself? Aren't you the experts? Zi Chen opened his mouth, he was very calm, but his tone was filled with ridicule, as he emphasized the word experts.




Rays of light flickered as experts appeared one after another. There were more than twenty of them, and the weakest among them was a cultivation at the third heaven. They surrounded Zi Chen, and were subordinates brought by the three of them.

Since the conflict had broken out, he naturally would not say anything nice.

With his breakthrough, his fighting strength had increased by who knows how many times. He really did not care about the other people, even if Li Hao and the rest were to come, he would not have to escape in a sorry state.

Hmph, let me see how strong you are. Wu Zhe snorted, the killing intent in his eyes exploding and shouted, Kill!


The other two also did not want to be outdone and shouted loudly.

There were more than twenty of them, and the weakest was a third heaven. There were two fourth heaven as well and they all rushed towards Zi Chen.

Soon after, terrifying attacks erupted one after another.

Blade Qi, Sword Qi, and palm prints had all appeared, releasing multicolored light beams, bringing a powerful aura as they all rushed towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen's body flickered with a golden light, like a Golden Warlord, his eyes were cold, his attacks ruthless and merciless. Under this perfect physique, a mere three third heaven, a mere twenty odd people surrounding and attacking him was nothing.

His heroic spirit soared to the heavens, and his tyrannical power rushed towards the experts. Golden colored blood energy dyed the entire high platform.


A golden light appeared and Zi Chen threw out a punch with terrifying power. It was like the smash of a heavy hammer, causing a huge tremor.

A golden light flashed, bringing with it an extremely cold Qi, it flashed past the body of a cultivator, the weapons along with his body were slashed by the golden light, his intestines flowed on the ground, and blood stained the high platform.


Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and with a speed like that of a ghost, he instantly rushed to the front of a person. Zi Chen's finger tapped the center of the expert's forehead and the center of their brows was penetrated by the sword Qi, causing fresh blood to gush out.

Another person had died.

His actions were vicious and clean, as if he was cutting a melon or cutting grass. He appeared to be casual and relaxed.


Luckily there were one or two attacks that landed on Zi Chen's body, but they emitted the cries of iron hitting each other. Under a perfect physique, without a precious treasure, they couldn't even break Zi Chen's defense.


White brain matter splattered everywhere as blood frantically flowed out, dyeing the ground red. The scene looked very bloody and violent.