Thunder Martial Chapter 243 - Loser

Throwing down the Yuan Stone, Chu Xiong's eyes revealed a dense killing intent.

You are from the Chu Family, you came from the Floating Snow City, and yet you are here to initiate the Zhanchen Congress. Does that Zi Chen have any enmity with you? The youth didn't immediately make a move but asked a question instead.

He killed my younger brother Chu Fei. I am here to kill him, of course I have to kill you too, you reckless fool. Chu Xiong said coldly.

The young man was Zi Chen and was feeling relieved at the moment.

If this news could spread to the Floating Snow City, it was very likely that it was because of the forbidden weapon. After all, when Zi Chen took out the forbidden weapon, many people had already seen it.


Chu Xiong didn't waste any time on words and immediately took action. Indeed, like Chu Fei, cold energy surged around his body, as if he was in the middle of ten thousand year old ice.

The air around him was a vast expanse of whiteness, like a layer of ice that emitted a frigid temperature.

Today, I'll send you on your way.

Haha, genius? Then let me see how strong you are today. Zi Chen laughed out loud. Chu Xiong was extremely strong, there was no longer a need to hide his strength, his entire body was emitting Golden Lights.

He also extended his palm. Although it seemed light, it emitted a golden light as he welcomed Chu Xiong's attack.


His voice was extremely loud and clear as it spread throughout the entire arena. When the two palms collided, golden ripples were created. They rippled like water waves as they glittered with golden light.

Zi Chen stood in the high platform, his clothes fluttering, the golden light around his body shining, under the attack, he did not move an inch, but on the other hand, Chu Xiong had retreated back three steps with a face as cold as ice.

Chu Xiong actually retreated?

Could it be that even he is unable to deal with this young man?

Everyone felt disbelief. Even the geniuses frowned.

Thirty percent huh? I only used ten percent just now. Zi Chen sneered, the golden light around his body shone, he waved his palm and struck out again.


A crisp explosion, like the sound of thunder, echoed throughout Chenying Valley, deafening everyone. When their two palms made contact, it created a large amount of golden light.

A figure flew out from the golden light and landed at the edge of the high platform, almost falling down.


Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded. A first heaven was actually able to injure his opponent who is at the fourth heaven with a single strike.

Who are you? Chu Xiong's expression became very ugly. This was the first time he had come out representing the Chu Family, but he had been injured and his family's face had been severely damaged.

I am the one who will kill you. The golden light around Zi Chen became even stronger, he took a step forward, bringing along a large amount of golden light, and slashed towards Chu Xiong.

Chu Xiong's entire body shivered, as a person of Chu Family, naturally, he had more than just these kinds of methods. With a flash of light in his hand, a sharp blade appeared, emitting an ice-cold light, as if it was made from the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal.

This was a sharp weapon, only second to a precious treasure. It was extremely sharp, and at this moment, the blade of the sword was rippling with water ripples, but it was incredibly cold.

Sword of Ice!

With a loud shout, a sharp Sword Qi appeared. It flowed with a terrifying Qi and rushed towards Zi Chen's face.

Zi Chen did not dodge, he only extended out his palm and waved it, releasing a large amount of golden light.

What? Chu Xiong's expression changed. Someone had actually used his palm to block the sharp weapon, and was even completely unharmed.


The surrounding air became even colder, filled with a white, cold air, like countless tiny ice crystals. Chu Xiong wielded his sword, and struck out again.

Chu Xiong used his powerful move. This was the Killing Technique of the Frost Arts, its power was peerless. The surrounding became extremely cold, as though several ten thousand years of ice were floating, emitting a terrifying cold aura. At the same time, Zi Chen felt that his movements had been hindered, and his thoughts had become slow.

This move was an attack to the body and mind.

All of the discomfort within his perfect physique started to dissipate one after another. At the same time, he threw a punch towards the sword.


In a flash of golden light, Zi Chen flashed forward, and struck out with his fists, the bell-like sounds resonating continuously sounded out, and Zi Chen used his fists to resist the incoming sword.


After a dozen or so punches, cracks appeared on the sharp sword and it finally exploded into pieces.

Heavens! Am I seeing things? That young man actually used his fist to smash apart a sharp sword!

Such a strong physique, unheard-of, unprecedented in history, and he actually broke apart a sharp weapon. Isn't that even scarier than Zi Chen's physique?

Someone exclaimed, comparing the young man with Zi Chen.

With his breakthrough in strength and the tempering of his body through thunder and lightning, Zi Chen had truly transformed. His strength had increased by many times, his perfect physique had become several times stronger, and it was normal for him to break sharp weapons.

With the sharp weapon shattered, Chu Xiong's face turned ugly, he immediately threw away the sword hilt in his hand, his entire body releasing many rays of white light, after that, the air seemed to be frozen, releasing cracking sounds.


Endless white energy instantly went berserk, and a wave of white light rushed towards Zi Chen like a tidal wave.

This was the Killing Technique of the Frost Arts. When cultivated to a high realm, it could freeze the heavens and freeze the earth. Its power was terrifying.

The white light was like ten thousand year old ice energy as it rushed towards Zi Chen. In an instant, Zi Chen's entire body emitted a ka ka sound, as if he had been frozen solid as a layer of white ice crystals appeared around him.


The sound of ice forming continuously sounded out, and the white ice crystal became increasingly thicker. In the end, it even became a large piece of solid ice.

Hmph, fighting with me, you are courting death. After using this move, Chu Xiong had consumed a lot of energy and his face turned pale.

This is too scary. A single move from the Chu Xiong was able to settle this battle.

Not only did the surrounding people's expressions change, even the few geniuses had fear in their eyes. Floating Snow City really had some methods.

The white ice crystal emitted a sparkling and translucent light under the sunlight. One could vaguely see a blurry figure within it.

Is he dead? Did the young man die just like that?

Before, he was so domineering, but now, he is completely silent.

Chu Xiong walked forward to collect his spoils of war.

Did I let you move? Suddenly, a cold voice rang out, followed by crackling sounds on the ice.

Not good, Chu Xiong, quickly retreat!

Wu Zhe's expression changed as he warned.

The ice shattered and a blazing energy emerged. Soon after, a bright golden light quickly rushed towards Chu Xiong.


A huge tremor shook through the air and even the air trembled. The high platform was almost shattered as the golden light charged towards Chu Xiong, hitting his body and sending him flying once again.

You...! Chu Xiong's face changed as he spat out a mouthful of blood, You're not dead?

The aura around my body is still strong. Clearly, he didn't sustain any injuries. This is just too terrifying.

Everyone's expression changed.

Did I tell you to touch the Yuan Stone? Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly, his gaze sweeping towards Chu Xiong, causing the latter's expression to change greatly.

Frozen World.

Hmph. A mere insignificant skill. Zi Chen sneered, he did not care at all. His entire body was emitting blazing Golden Light, the Yin-Yang Spell was circulating, and within Zi Chen's body, the energy of the Extreme Yang appeared.

Yin-Yang Spell was finally cultivated, but the energy in Zi Chen's body was still thunder and lightning.

It was only divided into two types, Extreme Yang Lightning and Extreme Yin Lightning.

Under the blazing Extreme Yang lightning, all the cold energy automatically dissipated when they reached three meters in front of Zi Chen.

Alright, I'll send you on your way now.

Zi Chen said indifferently. His figure flashed, and with a flash of golden light, he directly rushed towards Chu Xiong.


Chu Xiong spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards.

You want to leave? It won't be that easy. Zi Chen coldly snorted, and chased after him once again.


With a huge shake, Chu Xiong was sent flying once again. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, and his injuries were extremely severe.


Suddenly, there were a few shouts, followed by many figures flashing, and the three geniuses of the three forces stopped Zi Chen.

This is a life-and-death battle. If he doesn't die, how can this battle be stopped? Zi Chen asked coldly.

I said enough is enough. Wu Zhe's face darkened as he spoke coldly.

You... Who do you think you are? Do I know you? Do I know you well? Zi Chen swept his eyes across them as he spoke with a disdainful tone.

What's wrong? If you want to fight in a group, that's fine. I'll give you all a chance. You big powers are all a bunch of trash. Today, even if you all try to stop me, I can still kill him. Zi Chen spoke coldly, filled with confidence.