Thunder Martial Chapter 242 - Chu Xiong Making A Move



With a loud sound, the entire high platform started to shake violently, the terrifying palm print met the youth's fist and was scattered once again.

The youth was extremely terrifying. His fists were like iron fists that could destroy anything and everything.

The expert of the Wu Zong Sect flew back once again, almost falling down from the sky. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, looking extremely miserable.

He's actually this strong?

Below, all the cultivators were dumbfounded. Those who had been clamoring to kill the young man earlier shut their mouths obediently and hid in the crowd.

Everyone knew that this was a fierce person.

Furthermore, he was a fierce person who dared to taunt the three great powers. In the current world, there weren't many people who dared to do so.

After exchanging several blows, the young man was finally in front of the expert of the Wu Zong Sect and instantly unleashed an ordinary punch.


The martial techniques of the Wu Zong Sect is only mediocre.

The young man continued to mock him, then he suddenly took a step forward, directly stepping on the expert of the Wu Zong Sect's body. Instantly, the other party spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood.


Another expert of the Wu Zong Sect shouted in dissatisfaction, obviously wanting to stop the battle.

Hmph, I'll send you on your way! A cold light flashed in the youth's eyes as he stomped down. This time, a terrifying aura revolved around the youth and he directly stomped on the experts head. It was like stepping on a rubber ball as the head exploded.

Amazing, too amazing, to actually trample a third heaven to death.

Is he really only at the first heaven?

Everyone was dumbfounded and tongue-tied. They felt this was unbelievable.

Brat, I told you to stop, did you not hear me? The expert of the Wu Zong Sect stepped forward, True Yuan surging around his body. This was a fourth heaven realm expert, but he was not a genius.

The Wu Zong Sect's genius, Wu Zhe, was sitting far away. Obviously, he had no intention to make a move.

This is a life-and-death battle. He isn't dead yet, so why should I stop? The youth looked at the other side as the corners of his mouth curled into a sneer.

The fourth heaven expert was furious but was unable to answer this question. He could only snort coldly and said, If that's the case, then I'll fight you and we won't rest until we die.

A war of attrition, huh? You great powers are truly shameless. The young man sneered again.

But experts of the fourth stage said coldly, You have no other choice.

Good, good, good! If you want to fight with me, you have to prepare enough Yuan Stone. Now, the price has been raised and it will be 500 Yuan Stone. If you want to be shameless, then fine, you will use Yuan Stone to pay for your shamelessness. The youth said in a cold voice, but his words were filled with a calmness that made it impossible to refuse.

If the young man won this time, then it would be a Thousand Yuan stone. In a short moment, he earned nine hundred and fifty Yuan Stone.

Of course, it was already a miracle for the first heaven to defeat the third heaven. It seemed unrealistic to think that he would be able to destroy the fourth level.

Seeing the young man raise the price again, everyone thought that the young man was just gambling on his death. After all, if a person died, the Yuan Stone would naturally disappear.

Alright, I agree. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect nodded, and he quickly gathered the 500 Yuan Stone and placed them to the side.

At this moment, there was a dense collection of Yuan stones on the ground. This was a huge number, if the Good and Evil Monk was here, he would be jealous.


With a loud bang, the battle began.

This fourth heaven cultivator was obviously not ordinary. He immediately used the Shatterpalm and he had comprehended it in an extremely deep realm.

In the sky, the palm imprint released a lacquered black light glow. The terrifying aura spread out, striking towards the youth.

The youth still didn't dodge. He waved his fists and punched at the palm print.

The moment the fist landed, it caused the entire world to shake. The palm print started to shake violently, but it did not dissipate, following that, the young man punched once again and the palm print exploded and turned into a natural energy.

Just then, the expert of the Wu Zong Sect arrived in front of the young man and unleashed a pitch black sword.


The youth waved his fist to block the attack. The two clashed and the clanging sound of metal clashing echoed out. Both of them took a few steps back.

Boy, I have underestimated you. A trivial first heaven actually had such a terrifying physique. The fourth heaven expert's gaze turned cold as he closed in once again, his eyes filled with killing intent.


His fist was like a heavy hammer, carrying a fearsome might. The air howled as though it was going to be pierced through at any moment.


This time, the expert of the Wu Zong Sect was forced back and the blood in his body surging.



The sword was shattered and the fist landed on the expert of the Wu Zong Sect's body. As though he was struck by a mountain, the latter vomited blood and flew backwards.

Heavens, he actually sent a fourth heaven expert flying.

This is unbelievable! Does he really only have the strength of the first heaven?

This is impossible, how can a first heaven beat back a fourth heaven?

To have such power at the first heaven, he was almost at the same level as the monstrous geniuses, the few of them had no choice but to take him seriously.

What kind of person is he to have such a terrifying physique? Wu Zhe's eyes flickered, his thoughts unknown.

His strength is average, but his physique is extraordinary. His battle prowess is also quite strong. The Li Family Genius was also thinking.

They were all at the fourth heaven but as geniuses who had learned powerful cultivation techniques and comprehended the offensive martial techniques, they naturally did not need to fear a youth of the first heaven.

So what if he was comparable to a monstrous geniuses? It was impossible to kill a genius who was three levels higher than him.

Ever since the expert of the Wu Zong Sect felt that the young man's body had become stronger, he no longer had any way of fighting back. He was continuously suppressed and had vomited blood several times, while being seriously injured.

Rays of powerful Battle skills emerged one after another as light flashed around his body. However, they were all easily scattered by his opponent and he was very casual.

The expert of the Wu Zong Sect's face turned pale, he secretly cursed, I actually met a tough opponent, he might even be a monstrous genius!


The young man released his last punch, which carried a heavy Qi, like a mountain. A terrifying Qi flowed out from his fist, hitting the expert of the Wu Zong Sect on the chest.

His heart instantly collapsed. At the same time, a terrifying wave of destructive aura entered the other party's body through his fist, and in the next moment, boundless energy exploded in his body.

His internal organs were instantly shattered into pieces.

The fourth heaven of the Wu Zong Sect fell to the ground just like that, blood mixed with innumerable internal organs and fragments gushed out of his mouth.

The fourth heaven experts body had been cut apart.

This kind of fighting strength shocked everyone on the spot.

Everyone thought that the young man was a brainless foodie, but who knew, he was actually a difficult character to deal with.

At this moment, he had even relied on his own strength to behead an expert of the Wu Zong Sect at the fourth heaven.

This is too terrifying. His battle power is this powerful and he wasn't even using his full strength earlier.

If those guys who died knew the truth, I wonder what expressions they would have. Would they suddenly stand up and die again from anger?

Everyone cried out in alarm. The young man's powerful fighting strength was truly unexpected. At this moment, no one dared to speak any words of ridicule.

Is there anyone else? The young man beheaded the expert of the Wu Zong Sect, his gaze sweeping across the crowd and looking towards the big powers.

This was obviously a provocation.

Since the other party had already killed one fourth heaven expert and had displayed his powerful strength in front of them, the others naturally wouldn't dare to be careless. At this moment, the only people who could make a move were probably the several great geniuses.

This time, the Zhanchen Congress was initiated by them.

I'll do it!

That's Chu Xiong, he actually came out.

Chu Xiong of the fourth heaven is actually going to attack.

This young man's fighting strength is terrifying, only a genius can suppress him. If Chu Xiong makes a move, then the curtain will fall on this battle.

That's right, although he is powerful, his strength is too low. Since Chu Xiong took action, the youth will not have much luck.

The young man stared at Chu Xiong, his mouth carrying a hint of ridicule, Don't you know the rules, don't you see how many Yuan Stones are there?

There was a Thousand Yuan stone lying there quietly, emitting pure elemental energy.

The cultivator of Zhen Yuan Realm could absorb the energy from the Yuan Stone to increase their strength. At the same time, this was also the general currency of the Sky Martial Continent.

Chu Xiong's face turned ugly. This was a Thousand Yuan stone after all.

What? You can't afford it? Then scram. Then, the young man coldly shouted as he swept his gaze over those great powers. You all are shameless enough to want to wear me down in a battle of attrition. That doesn't matter, but you all have to pay for your shamelessness, and I only want the Yuan Stones.

If you want to make a move, you must take out a Thousand Yuan stone.

Enough! Chu Xiong suddenly let out a loud shout, and said. Isn't it just a Thousand Yuan stone, I'll give it to you.

As he said that, a light flashed in his hands, and a pack of Yuan Stones appeared out of nowhere. Five bags, one bag contained 200 Yuan Stones each, that was exactly one thousand yuan.


Chu Xiong threw the Yuan Stone on the ground, then turned and coldly said, Let's begin the battle.