Thunder Martial Chapter 24 - Core Disciple Quota

What does everyone think about today's matter? The great elder said softly, looking at the several other elders. He was sitting at the front as usual.

The group of elders constantly hummed and hawed, but no one knew how to reply.

Ironclad evidence was placed in front of them; therefore, the elders had a difficult time trying to justify themselves. Every one of them were elders, and none were fools. It was impossible for them to lie to each other with their eyes open.

Thus, everyone turned their attention to the second elder. After all, this was caused by the second elder, so it would depend on what he said.

The matter this time was an accident. I never expected that some unforeseen incident would occur. Of course, Zi Chen's natural talent isn't bad, but Wu Sheng's talent is not ordinary either. After some thought, the second elder slowly opened his mouth

Wu Sheng is my grandson. He may not have earned first place, but the seat for the core disciple must be his. I beg for the elders and great elder to grant my wish. The second elder bowed towards the rest.

The great elder remained motionless, but all of the other elders stood up. They dared not receive this courtesy.

Zi Chen's talents may be good, but the time he has been here is not long. Although his talent is sufficient for him to become a core disciple now, his loyalty needs to be tested. One of the elder soon opened his mouth and stated

That's right, Wu Sheng's talent is also very high, and he is the grandson of second elder after all. His strength is also stronger than Zi Chen, and his loyalty is ensured. Therefore I think that this seat should be given to Wu Sheng.

I agree, this year's prize was prepared for Wu Sheng.

The elders opened their mouths one after another.

Is this your decision? The great elder looked at all of them.

We hope that the great elder can help Wu Sheng. The bunch of elders said.

The great elder was silent and had not spoken the entire time. He seemed to be thinking about it.

I agree that both their talents are exceptional. It is a pity that Sect Master is not here, and we only have one seat in our hands. We must give up on one of them. Staying in the inner sect is not a bad trade off either, and can be regarded as a life experience. After a moment, the great elder gave a low sigh, his eyes full of regret.

The scene was silent once more.

If the great elder thinks that this decision is improper, we can try to give Zi Chen some rewards such as contribution points. An elder said in a low voice.

So be it. Elder Wu will represent me to announce this decision tomorrow, and we will give 20 contribution points to Zi Chen. The bunch of elders continued their discussion, and ultimately, the great elder gave in

Contribution points in the Ling Wu sect were solely owned by inner sect disciples. A contribution point can be exchanged for one Qi Restoration pill, and two contribution points could be exchanged for a True Qi pill.

A 500 years old Snow Ginseng, if traded for contribution points, amounted to a measly 20 points. It could be exchanged for just ten True Qi pills.

Yes, the great elder is wise. All of the elders nodded in agreement.

The great elder directly left after that, followed by the other elders.

Zi Chen, you actually made this the old man lose face today. Hmph... The second elder maintained his smile and courtesy as he watched the leaving elders, but his eyes flashed with a trace of coldness. He had humiliated himself today with a bow, and the fact that he lost such face was chalked up to Zi Chen.

That evening, Zi Chen was unable to sleep. He spent the night in a relentless state of vexation.

Early next morning, on that high stage, many disciples had gathered. They wanted to see what would be the decision for yesterday's matter.

There were a lot of disciples here, and plenty of those did not have any background either. If they could not give a proper explanation today, it would make many disciples hearts go cold.

Wu Sheng came out, the cheering resounded, but the cheering was not as boisterous as yesterday, and some disciples were even looking at Wu Sheng coldly.

Wu Sheng's expression was calm, composed and steady. He walked towards the high stage. The elders had been waiting here, but the great elder was nowhere to be seen. The one sitting in the middle was the second elder.

The calm and collected Wu Sheng noticed that the second elder was sitting at the honored seat, there was a trace of a faint smile forming at the corners of his mouth.

Hmph, really shameless, relying on your connections Lin Xue issued out a discontented ridicule from a distance, but Miao Kong kept silent, his eyes were full of sorrow.

When the elders appeared today, it had indicated their decision clearly.

Zi Chen soon appeared, the crowd cheered, the cheering sound was very loud, even louder than yesterday's boos. The ones who cheered were all the disciples that didn't have any background in the Ling Wu sect. All of them practiced a rank three martial technique. So with Zi Chen's fight yesterday, he became quite renowned, they were proud of Zi Chen.

Zi Chen could use a rank three martial technique to defeat a rank two martial technique, making those disciples that didn't have any background see hope.

Zi Chen stood side by side with Wu Sheng, after he passed through a restless night, Zi Chen was somewhat dispirited, but after he saw the second elder above, Zi Chen actually calmed down.

In his heart, he already had a guess.

'Backing?' Zi Chen smiled bitterly in his heart, but he could only accept the reality, he was comforting himself in his heart. He could get the first place, that was already quite good.

Because of some matters yesterday that had caused the delay of the ranking announcement, I am very sorry. After an overnight discussion by several elders, in a fair and impartial manner, we made the following ranking. The second elder who was standing on the stage started to speak

The First place, Zi Chen When The voice of the second elders fell, the crowd started cheering, wave after wave of cheering resounded.

The second place is the defeated Wu Sheng, what a pity, Wu Sheng only fell down from the battle stage accidentally. The second elder also said.

This time, the cheers were weaker, there were also a few booing sounds here and there in the crowd.

Hearing these boos, Wu Sheng and the second elder's complexions became very ugly.

Third place, Lin Xue.

Fourth Place, Miao Kong.

Fifth Place, Wang Meng.

Sixth Place, Ke Xue.



Tenth Place...Lu Ben!

As the ranking was announced, cheering from the crowd finally stopped. But nobody left since the main event had yet to appear.

Who has the honor to become a core disciple?

If it was before, they would say it was Zi Chen without hesitation, but after yesterday's and today's matter, no one was able to guess.

Good, since the ranking has been announced, I hope that these ten young people can create greater glory. Next, I will announce who has the honor to become the core disciple

In the midst of the anticipating eyes of numerous people, the second elder looked at Zi Chen, and appreciatively said: If there is no issue, then this person would be Zi Chen.


The crowd was in an uproar, waves after waves of cheers resounded, they thought that the second elder had chosen Zi Chen, while some people were wondering, and most of the people prepared to cheer, but stopped the moment the second elder started to speak


A 'but', made the crowds uproar calm down in an instant, everyone was staring at the second elder.

But, after the overnight discussion of several elders, by comparing the strength, age, and Layer of True Qis, we found that there is a more suitable candidate.

The crowd had peculiar expressions, there was pity, ridicule, contempt and even gloating in others' misfortune.

Zi Chen's heart stopped for a split-second, but luckily he already expected this before, and did not falter.

This person is younger than Zi Chen, his strength is stronger than Zi Chen, his True Qi and martial technique is also higher than Zi Chen, that person is Wu Sheng.

Our genius Wu Sheng becomes the core disciple. the second elder said excitedly

The crowd started cheering, these people were trying to curry favor with Wu Sheng, and some were trying to please him. There was no more booing coming from the crowd. Since the elder has already decided that Wu Sheng would be the core disciple, nobody dared to provoke him again.

Those who did not cheer with the others today could be said to be indirectly supporting Zi Chen.

The trick that the elders played was too obvious, everyone was well aware, but nobody had the strength to refute.

Zi Chen was very calm, he had already thought of this scene numerous times last night.

Zi Chen's talent is remarkable, unfortunately there was only one quota to enter the core, therefore after a night of discussion we decided to give some compensation to Zi Chen. The second elder's speech had not ended, after congratulating Wu Sheng, he then looked at Zi Chen and said

Zi Chen raised his head feeling surprised, and those depressed disciples that were slandering the elders secretly in their heart of what 'bullsh*t the elders had discussed overnight' also raised their heads with a surprised look.

We decided to give Zi Chen ten contribution points as compensation. After capturing all the attention once more, the second elder stated

Ten contribution points could be exchanged for five True Qi Pill, this was a compensation that was not too big nor too small, but if compared with the quota of a core disciple, this could not even be compared with a single hair against those of nine oxen.

Zi Chen, you haven't expressed your gratitude? I had great difficulty striving for this compensation for you. Seeing Zi Chen standing there dumbfounded and not having any response, the second elder disgruntledly said.

Many thanks to second elder, many thanks to the several elders, many thanks for the grace of Ling Wu sect. Zi Chen finally responded and expressed his gratitude hurriedly

At Zi Chen's answer, all the elders were very satisfied, the Wu Sheng beside was sneering, his smiling face was full of ridicule.

Has talent but does not have any background, what fart is it even worth?

The inner sect assessment finally ended, some were happy and some were dejected, many disciples saw reality. The first prize and the quota of core disciple was prepared by second elder for Wu Sheng. But man proposes and God disposes, Zi Chen suddenly popped out.

His strength was sufficient, his talent was also high but what a pity. Zi Chen did not have any backing, therefore he only got the first place but did not become a core disciple

In addition, nobody knew that the contribution point that Zi Chen deserved should have been 20, not 10.

Wang Xiong sneered, his killing intent flashed, leaving with Wang Meng and the others, he went back to plan on how to kill Zi Chen.

Su Mengyao also left, she already expected this to happen, Chen Feng also left.

Zi Chen, are you alright? Cheer up, this is how the world is. Miao Kong came up and patted Zi Chen's shoulder, comforting him.

Zi Chen smiled gently.

Lin Xue came up with red eyes. She wanted to help Zi Chen for his grievances, but she did not have the means to do so. Even Su Mengyao did not have the means, let alone her.

The elders also left, next was the time to receive the reward.

Five True Qi Pills, a first-rank martial technique, ten contribution points Remembering his reward, Zi Chen's depressed heart was somewhat comforted.

Let's go, let's collect the rewards Miao Kong said.

Zi Chen nodded, the three people went together.