Thunder Martial Chapter 239 - Zhanchen Conference

Cangli City! Lin Family!

The towering door was already covered with a layer of dust. There was also a lot of junk piled up in front of the door. A gust of wind blew past, causing the dust to fly into the air.

This was originally the Lin Family's home and inside the Cangli City, it was a medium sized family, but at this moment, it was as if it had not been lived in for a long time.

A young man had been standing in front of the door for a long time.

Young man, are you looking for someone? A peddler who passed saw a youth in a daze so he asked.

Oh, this uncle, is this the Lin Family's home? The young man smiled and asked kindly.

It's the Lin Family's The smile on the youth's face was very warm, and the peddler also smiled.

The peddler shook his head, and said, I don't know, but they should have all moved. A year ago, the Family Head of the Lin Family dismissed all the servants for some reason.

It caused quite a sensation.

A big sensation? The youth did not understand.

That's right, the Lin Family has a few businesses in the city, which are very profitable, but in a night, everyone in the Lin Family disappeared so no one took care of this business and it became a lot cheaper, which caused people to fiercely bid for the business. The peddler laughed.

Oh, thank you, uncle. Do you know where they moved to?

I don't know and no one knows either. At that time, there were many merchants who wanted to buy the businesses of the Lin Family and they were all looking for the people from the Lin Family. However, they couldn't find a single person. The peddler shook his head.

The young man was naturally Zi Chen. He was worried for Lin Xue's safety, and the moment he came out of the Thunder Domain, he immediately walked into the Cangli City.

But who would have thought that not a single person in the entire Lin Family was there.

One year ago, wasn't that when I just came out of Ruins? At that time, everyone was paying attention to me, so no one should have paid attention to the Lin Family. It was a wise decision for the Family Head of the Lin Family to choose to escape, but where did they go?

Also, Xue Er, she received the inheritance but no one should suspect her, is she in danger?

At night, Zi Chen snuck into the Lin Family but he did not find any clues. It was as if the Lin Family had disappeared into thin air.

Disappearing is also good. Only then can they truly be safe.

However, he did not leave Cangli City. Instead, he waited quietly for the Zhanchen Congress to begin.

Since the major powers didn't want to let him off, he also couldn't take it lying down.

A group of geniuses organizing the Zhanchen Congress, very good.

A cold glint already appeared in Zi Chen's eyes.

With his increase in strength, his perfect physique and his cultivation of the Yin-Yang Spell, Zi Chen anxiously wanted to find someone to test his strength on.

The Zhanchen Congress was not held in Cangli City, but a few hundred kilometers away in a gigantic canyon.

When Cangli City was founded two thousand years ago, a heroic young man appeared. His strength was great and his fighting strength was comparable to that of a monstrous geniuses.

Somehow, these young disciples had offended this hero, and in the end, they were all massacred. The Cang and Li Families were shaken, and the experts were sent out.

However, this monstrous genius was extremely powerful and became more valiant the more he fought. Back then, the loss of the Cang and Li Families was the greatest and many experts and geniuses died.

Although the power of a hero was matchless, he could not handle the power of the experts and was chopped down in the middle of a large canyon.

The last two times were about a thousand years apart, and the last two were about two thousand years apart. The process was similar to the result and three powerful monstrous geniuses were killed here.

This time, the Zhanchen Congress was actually being held here, and it was obvious that they were comparing Zi Chen to the heros.


When the Zhanchen Congress was in session, many geniuses began to appear one after another and many of them rode on Demonic Beasts.

This was a gathering of geniuses, and several large powers had spent quite a bit of effort to successfully get into this gathering.

In the canyon, there were many tables with many fruits, fine wine, and delicious food. There were a few rare spirit fruits that were all used to entertain geniuses.

Within the canyon, there was even a deliberately constructed ten-meter-tall high platform. It was a distance of several hundred meters, which cultivators could use to exchange pointers on.


The earth trembled as Demonic Beasts roared. The sound rumbled like thunder as the geniuses of the Cang and Li Families arrived one after another.

The geniuses of the three great powers arrived one after another.

At the same time, the hoof and hooves of horses sounded. A few people appeared at the end of the valley, and even from afar, they still greeted these geniuses.

These were the geniuses of the smaller forces, but there were also some rogue cultivators whose strengths were at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

There was actually a cultivator from the Little Orchid Town among them, and the latter actually broke through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, having the strength of a first heaven.

Those who dared to participate in the Zhanchen Congress naturally had strength, most of them were at the third stage of the Zhen Yuan Realm. As for those who were at the first or second stage, they were simply here to watch the show.

There were also some cultivators who supported Zi Chen and disliked the big powers before, but when they got here, what they said is totally different than what they thought.

That may not be so. After exterminating many geniuses, Zi Chen became a well-deserved monstrous geniuses with his powerful strength. He might not be very strong, but his fighting strength is unrivalled.

Some people stood in a neutral position and did not offend anyone.

They talked loudly while enjoying delicious food and wine. They were very happy, and of course, there were also some who came to eat and drink.

At the table next to them, a young man was eating with his head lowered, ignoring the astonished gazes from all around. He was eating with such savageness, as if he were a reincarnated hungry ghost.

This is delicious, it's actually a spirit fruit.

This is very ordinary.

The young man was like a hungry ghost who had not eaten for hundreds of years. He was eating happily and talking as he ate. Spittle was flying all over the table and the dishes were almost inedible.

Where did you come from, to be so unruly?

That's right. I wonder if there are many people here.

Someone beside him said unhappily.

The young man looked up and grinned, revealing his half-chewed food. He smiled and said, You guys eat too!


Some people were enraged and slapped the table in anger.

What? The young man looked at him.

Humph, he really doesn't have any quality of a genius at all.

After which, the entire table was filled with people leaving. Only the young man continued eating and drinking, attracting gazes of dissatisfaction.

I don't know where this country bumpkin came from, but he's so unruly.

The young man licked his lips as he ate, causing more dissatisfaction. Many disciples from large powers also cast dissatisfied gazes at him.

What does a mere Zi Chen matter? As long as he dares to appear, I can kill him by myself.

Humph, I just need one hand.

Tsk, I only need a finger.

After drinking a lot of fine wine, many started to brag.

It was as if everyone had turned into a sect head level expert with a shake of his body.

Kill Zi Chen!

Kill Zi Chen!

Cheers came from below, one higher than the other.

Since we want to kill Zi Chen, we need to find him. I hope everyone will contribute a bit to help find Zi Chen and whoever can provide an accurate clue will get a Thousand Yuan stone as a reward.

The genius said once again on the high platform.

To the Zhen Yuan Realm, the rewards of a Thousand Yuan stone were definitely a huge sum of money.

Suddenly, a discontent voice sounded from the crowd. The crowd turned their heads around and discovered that it was that hungry ghost. All of them began to look at him with contempt.

Who are you? Do you have the right to speak here?

Can't you see that the geniuses are talking?

Immediately, someone began to criticize the young man.

What I am saying is the truth, Zi Chen's fighting strength is unrivalled, and is comparable to a monstrous geniuses. You have now released a prize for a Thousand Yuan stone, it may seem high, but who can guarantee that after seeing Zi Chen, you will not be killed by him. The young man said coldly, On the surface, you are offering us a bounty, but the intention is to kill us. Could it be that our lives are worth a Thousand Yuan stone?

The young man said loudly.

The young man's words brought about a wave of discontent and it also made the geniuses of high platform speechless.

What I'm saying is the truth. Recently, the three great powers have suffered multiple setbacks, and even the monstrous geniuses have been dispatched, yet they still haven't beheaded Zi Chen. Right now, with just these geniuses, they can't even compare to the monstrous geniuses, what qualifications do they have to boast here? The young man laughed disdainfully.

Everyone in the area fell back.

Some people could already tell that this was a fellow who came to cause trouble.

Good, good, good. When we held the Zhanchen Congress today, we were originally going to spar with each other. Since there are people who are impatient and want to test our skills, then do your best to come up.

On the high platform, the genius of a great power said angrily.

Haha, that’s exactly what I want. Let me admire the skills of your big powers and see how powerful your techniques are. The young man laughed as he rushed towards the high platform.