Thunder Martial Chapter 238 - Chu Xiong

When Zi Chen obtained the inheritance, he already knew how difficult it would be. If it wasn't for the mysterious heart, he would have died today.

Now that he heard A Mo's low voice, Zi Chen's emotions were also affected.

His path was chosen by himself so whether it was Yin and Yang becoming compatible or the clash of Yin and Yang leading to his destruction, Zi Chen was prepared.

His dejected mood was quickly thrown to the back of his mind.

His enemies were practically all over the world, and all of them were powerful forces. If he couldn't take out something decent, then he would become mediocre and would be hunted down by the world. Not to mention counter attacking, he could die at any time.

And now, with the Yin-Yang Spell, he could take a gamble.

Once he succeeded, then even though he would still be pursued, he would have the ability to make a comeback.

This was what A Mo had said to motivate him.

Cultivate the Yin-Yang Spell!

Without further hesitation, Zi Chen decided that he would walk on this path for the rest of his life. If he failed, he would die but if he were to succeed, he would be extremely powerful.

However, before that, I must first understand exactly what is going on in my heart.

Zi Chen sat cross legged, channeled the thoughts in his body and began to examine his own body.

When he was at the Xiantian Realm, Zi Chen was able to use his Spiritual Perception to see the insides of his body but after trying a few times, he was still unable to penetrate the heart. This time, after going through a baptism of thunder and lightning, his Spiritual Perception has grown stronger and it shone with a golden light as it reached for the heart.

His Spiritual Perception penetrated his heart and probed deeper into his heart.

At this moment, Zi Chen finally saw the mysterious heart that brought him back to life.

It was a small silver bead.

The silver ball was dazzling, as if it was cast from pure silver.

That's it!

Zi Chen saw the silver bead. Its entire body was glowing with a silver light, making it look extremely similar to the lightning energy that he used to cultivate in. Furthermore, this energy was very pure, but the bead did not seem like a pure energy body.

After looking for a long time, Zi Chen was unable to find anything.

Now, he finally understood the mystery of the bead. Although he didn't know what the silver bead was, it definitely wasn't a bad thing.

Alright, let's start the cultivation!

Zi Chen calmed his mood, took a deep breath in and started to cultivate the Yin-Yang Spell.


Following the circulation of the cultivation technique, Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang's spirit energy appeared within Zi Chen's body. This was the location of the inheritance, the energy that was already hidden in his meridians.

Zi Chen carefully controlled the two grains of elemental energy, and they slowly fused together.


Under the activation of the Yin-Yang Spell, the Yin and Yang Energy came into contact with each other, releasing a tyrannical Qi. The Yin and Yang were not compatible, and directly exploded.

An aura of destruction started to wreak havoc in Zi Chen's body.

Although it was scary, it did not destroy his perfect physique. It only destroyed his meridians, but in the next moment, a wave of vital energy appeared from within the mysterious heart and started to recover from the damaged meridians.

A Mo was also very nervous.

However, in the past Limitless Sect, there were also people who had perfect physiques and trained in the Yin-Yang Spell. However, in the end, they walked towards destruction.

What a pity, if Zi Chen only had a single inheritance, an Extreme Yin or a Extreme Yang, it wouldn't be so troublesome and his future achievements would be limitless. However, having a Yin-Yang Spell is full of variables.

Just at this moment, he felt Zi Chen's body was filled with a wave of destructive aura.

This is! A Mo's face changed.

But soon, this aura disappeared.

He failed. It's a good thing his body is powerful. If it was an ordinary person, their body would have exploded. A Mo secretly rejoiced.


Another huge tremor occurred and Zi Chen's face distorted. A destructive aura extended from his body, rushing to the surface of his body. Fresh blood spurted out and Zi Chen instantly turned into a man made of blood.

Blood gushed out from every pore of his body.

He failed again.

A Mo was very nervous, he had been closely watching Zi Chen. The first time he trained Yin-Yang Spell, it was very critical, because he still could not grasp the trick to it.

The destructive aura was blocked by the perfect physique, and his mysterious heart channeled the vital energy once again.


The destructive aura surged again, Zi Chen's body started to exude a resplendent golden light, and soon after, a crack appeared on his forehead, releasing a crackling sound.

Fresh blood oozed out from the cracks.

A Mo watched with trepidation. Zi Chen was almost split into two just now.

The mysterious heart once again increased the speed at which the energy was being transferred.

This was an extremely terrifying scene. Zi Chen was on the verge of death and with every step he took, there was a possibility of death. In this world, only people with great perseverance would dare to do such a thing.

Zi Chen had suffered several fatal injuries and he was only a hair away from death.


Finally, after countless failures, Zi Chen succeeded, his entire body glowed with a golden light. The Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang finally started to coexist.

Zi Chen disappeared for an entire three months.

During this period, the experts of the three forces had all come out, their eyes spreaded out to cover an area of tens of thousands of miles and even the surrounding area of the Dark Serene Forest had spies but Zi Chen seemed to have disappeared without a trace, as if he had vanished from the world.

During this period, the three forces did not give up on searching. At the same time, the elusive Heaven Killing Pavilion also did not stay idle.

Without a lead for three months, Zi Chen wouldn't have died, right?

Impossible, he should be cultivating behind closed doors.

Three months had passed and Zi Chen's reputation had not decreased at all. He was still being discussed everywhere, everywhere, in the big streets, small alleys, restaurants and even inns. Zi Chen's name could be heard everywhere.

As expected of a monstrous geniuses, with his unparalleled fighting prowess, he was able to escape even after battling the three great monstrous geniuses.

Even the Monk was severely injured when he fought him.

In a three storey high restaurant, the cultivators were drinking and chatting, and the topic of conversation was naturally Zi Chen.

At the neighboring table, a young man frowned and harrumphed with dissatisfaction.

Friend, be careful of your words, Zi Chen's fighting strength is unparalleled, even the Good and Evil Monk was injured. It is a little too much for you to be bragging here.

Someone beside him said.

He's just a trash Xiantian, what monstrous geniuses? If I were to meet him, I can kill him with one hand. This youth was extremely arrogant. With a proud expression, he disdainfully said, As for the fact that he injured the Good and Evil Monk, that's only by using a forbidden artifact. It can't be considered a battle power.

Aren't you being a little too arrogant? Even if he doesn't use a forbidden artifact, Zi Chen had still slain experts at the second heaven before. Some people beside him were disgusted by the young man's arrogance.

That's why I said he's trash. He is already 20 but he is only at the Xiantian Realm. He was able to kill a second heaven because of his ancient weapon. This cultivator was very proud and wore a luxurious robe.

Some people on the side wanted to retort but they didn't expect that in the next moment, a strong aura surged out from the youth's body and streams of true energy would surround his body.

Fourth heaven... He is at the fourth heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm!

Someone cried out in alarm, and his expression changed greatly.

This young man was definitely not more than twenty-five but he is already at the fourth heaven, and his talent was extraordinary.

Hmph, so what if Zi Chen comes? If he dares to appear, I will slap him to death. True Yuan swirled around the young man's body as a wave of cold energy appeared. The temperature of the air instantly dropped, as if he had been inside an ice cellar for 10,000 years, causing people to feel a chill in their hearts.

He's only a Tortoise. As long as he dares to appear this time, I, Chu Xiong, will definitely kill him.

Chu Xiong? He should be here for the Zhanchen Congress and if I'm right, he should be a member of the Floating Snow City.

Floating Snow City, Chu Family actually sent someone.

Chu Xiong's departure caused a huge commotion.

Just like the two families of Cangli City and Wang Family, in Floating Snow City, the Chu family was a huge family with deep roots.

As for Chu Xiong, although his fighting strength was not as good as the monstrous geniuses, he was a true genius who had cultivated the fourth heaven at such a young age.

So the Zhanchen Congress was organized by him.

Zi Chen and the Chu Family have no enmity, why did the Chu Family come to kill Zi Chen this time?

Who knows? Maybe it's for the precious treasure.

There were also people who were filled with anticipation towards Zhanchen Congress. With so many geniuses gathering together, sparring and displaying their skills, as well as delicious food and delicious wine, it would definitely be very lively.

Zhanchen Congress? Chu Family?

In the corner, a young man was mumbling to himself and a bright light flashed in his eyes.