Thunder Martial Chapter 237 - Body Refinement With Heavenly Lightning


A bolt of heavenly lightning struck down from above Zi Chen's head. The aura of destruction rippled and the Power of thunder and lightning wreaked havoc.

The scene of Zi Chen being struck into pieces did not appear since golden light was overflowing from all over his body. Streams of golden lightning circled around his body, blocking the attack for him.

It really is a tempering of the body by heavenly lightning. Zi Chen, you must endure it. The benefits in the future will be great. A Mo sent a sound transmission to remind Zi Chen, his tone sounded a little agitated.

In the past, the Limitless Sect was proud and arrogant, but he had never heard of the matter of a Zhen Yuan Realm experiencing a tribulation of lightning.

Although Zi Chen's talent was not high, he had cultivated up to a frightening physique level. Now that he had to undergo a tribulation of lightning, his future achievements were limitless.

I know!


The second bolt of lightning carried a terrifying aura as it struck down. In front of this bolt of lightning, the barrier of light surroundingt the Thunder Domain appeared to be like a decoration. In an instant, it was pierced through and the lightning descended.


Zi Chen clenched his fists and jumped up into the sky, his perfect physique fully revealed. Streams of golden light covered his as he punched out towards the second wave of heavenly lightning.


A huge tremor shook the world and the lightning in the middle of the Thunder Domain grew even more violent. The second bolt of heavenly lightning was still raging, but it was forcibly smashed apart by Zi Chen.

Then, the Supreme Arcane technique started to circulate its spirit energy to refine the heavenly lightning.


Zi Chen punched out with his fist, his entire body glowing with a golden light. His vital energy and blood rushed to the sky and with a loud bang, he shattered the third lightning.

This perfect physique is too terrifying, it actually managed to forcefully disperse the heavenly lightning. Amongst the taiji, A Mo was extremely shocked.


Without even needing to gather strength, the fourth bolt of heavenly lightning quickly descended, becoming even more powerful as it carried a destructive aura with it. It caused space to tremble as it struck towards Zi Chen's head.

This time, his perfect physique that had always been successful in every endeavor was injured. Zi Chen's body flew backwards and on his fist that was emitting golden light, cracks appeared one after another.

The fourth bolt of lightning caused me some minor injuries. I wonder how many of them are there? Zi Chen raised his head to the sky, his expression serious. The terror of the heavenly lightning far exceeded his imagination.

The sky and earth shook as a wave of destructive aura appeared. The fifth bolt of lightning fell and caused space to tremble.


The lightning descended, Zi Chen used his perfect physique to block, following that, blood splattered. His fist was injured, exposing his bones, the Protective Shield around Zi Chen's body also exploded, the boundless lightning energy entered his body, and started to wreak havoc within his body.

Each lightning bolt was stronger than the last, and the speed of the other was faster than the last.

The fifth bolt of heavenly lightning had just landed, but immediately after, the sixth bolt of heavenly lightning appeared, it was even more powerful, and before Zi Chen could even react, it struck right on top of Zi Chen's head. The boundless lightning energy entered his body, almost splitting his head open, but there was still a wave of lightning energy that entered his Sea of Consciousness, converging onto his Spiritual Perception.

His Spiritual Perception suffered from the lightning attack, Zi Chen could not help but let out a painful cry. The heavenly thunder was attacking his Spiritual Perception, releasing a destructive aura, but after going through the baptism of lightning, Zi Chen's spiritual perception would become even stronger.

When it came to body tempering, it wasn't just body tempering, but the tempering of one's spiritual perception as well.

However, fortune and misfortune came in different directions. It is unknown if one could avoid calamity.


Zi Chen clenched his teeth and persevered. The Cultivation techniques continued to circulate, the Qi within his dantian moved once again, filling the surface of his body.

Zi Chen, you have a perfect physique, a mere first stage tribulation lightning,l is not worth mentioning. Once you have endured it, your strength will greatly increase, and you will be able to cultivate the Yin-Yang Spell, becoming a well-deserved monstrous geniuses. A Mo cheered on from the side.


The seventh bolt of lightning landed on Zi Chen's body. The terrifying energy struck Zi Chen until his body started to bleed.


Zi Chen gritted his teeth and persevered, he activated the Qi in his body and with a loud shout, he actually went against the skies and rushed towards the eighth bolt of lightning.


Zi Chen, you have to endure it. It's only a first stage tribulation of lightning. Once you endure it, you will truly transform. Amongst the taiji, A Mo shouted.

Zi Chen, hope is right in front of you. The Yin-Yang Spell is waving at you.

Zi Chen's charred black body slightly trembled, as if he was replying to A Mo's words.

An endless amount of life energy was replenishing Zi Chen's vital energy inside his mental state, causing it to become more and more vigorous.


The light around Zi Chen's body trembled, and beams after beams of golden light appeared once again, piercing through his charred black skin. His pitch-black pupils once again became bright and crystalline, shining resplendently.

Zi Chen's battle intent surged once again. His heroic spirit soared to the skies and he emitted an unyielding battle intent.

It was at this moment that the ninth bolt of lightning descended.


The sound of the last bolt of lightning overshadowed the entire Thunder Domain. It was as if the Thunder Domain consisted of only this bolt of lightning. With its dazzling silver radiance and destructive aura, it descended from the sky towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen's body released a brilliant golden light, his entire body also rose into the air, like a golden sun, he rushed towards the ninth lightning.



A pitch black figure dropped from the sky like a piece of charcoal, emitting bursts of black smoke. It crashed into the Thunder Domain without any signs of life.

Everything went silent. The first stage of the Tribulation Lightning disappeared, and even the Thunder Domain stopped its rampage.

The first stage of the tribulation had nine bolts of heavenly lightning. As the nine bolts of heavenly lightning descended, heaven and earth returned to normal.

Everything was silent.

Zi Chen! From within the taiji, A Mo roared. With a flash of light, A Mo appeared.

Zi Chen, you can't die! A Mo screamed loudly, You have a perfect physique, what does a mere first stage tribulation of lightning matter to you?

Zi Chen had already turned into charcoal, his entire body releasing black smoke, without any signs of life, but A Mo still continued to shout.

Zi Chen, don't forget about Ling Wu Sect's hatred. The Grand Elder is watching you from the sky, and he is waiting for you to take revenge for the Ling Wu Sect

A Mo shouted loudly, attempting to awaken the deepest part of his consciousness.

And Lin Xue, she's also waiting for you.

Su Mengyao's situation is also unknown, how can you die now?

The heavenly lightning was very terrifying, bringing along an endless amount of destructive aura, but it also brought along a dense amount of vitality. A Mo refused to believe that Zi Chen would die.

He was shouting to wake up Zi Chen's thoughts of dying.

A Mo screamed loudly, his voice resounding through the crowd.


Zi Chen's charred body suddenly released a sound, although it was very light, it was transmitted to A Mo's mind.

Zi Chen, wake up quickly. A Mo shouted loudly, his face was filled with ecstasy as spiritual consciousness gushed out. He knew that Zi Chen's consciousness had not died yet.

Another sound rang out and his charred body trembled slightly and a golden light started to reappear.

Zi Chen, since the heavenly lightning tempered your body, your perfect physique will undergo a complete metamorphosis and you will break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, and you will be a true monstrous genius.


Suddenly, a dense life force appeared, and like a huge storm, it appeared out of thin air. The rich life force surged out from the charred area and filled the surroundings.

The burning charcoal suffered from the nourishment of life force and Zi Chen's aura gradually grew stronger. This was a sign that he was about to recover.


Within the divine lightning was a terrifying destructive aura, but it was also accompanied by a strand of vitality, which allowed Zi Chen to reconstruct his body and complete another transformation.

This was a true transformation. From the Xiantian realm to the Zhen Yuan Realm. After experiencing the tribulation, his body had truly become perfect.

The current Zi Chen could only be considered as having a truly perfect physique.

A perfect physique, this is a perfect physique.

Zi Chen clenched both his fists. He felt a terrifying energy lurking within his body, he had the illusion that when this punch was released, even if it was a mountain, he would still shatter it.

Other than the change to his perfect physique, Zi Chen's spiritual perception had also become golden. After going through the baptism of the tribulation, his spiritual perception had become even stronger.

At the same time, the Qi within Zi Chen's dantian also successfully became True Yuan.

The golden Qi became thunder True Yuan, becoming purer and denser.

Your Qi has become True Yuan, this is the true beginning. The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art is already fully formed. In the future, your body will be constantly tempered by divine lightning. Now you can cultivate the Yin-Yang Spell.

A Mo was very happy that Zi Chen was able to withstand the first stage of tribulation lightning, but at the moment, his voice was somewhat low.

The Yin-Yang Spell, this is a cultivation technique that sought to survive in the middle of a path of death. Every time you broke through, you would only have a slim chance of survival.

You must be careful. You must make Yin and Yang compatible. A Mo warned again and again.

In the past, the Limitless Sect had also picked out a group of geniuses with outstanding talents. They could cultivate in Yin and Yang, but none of them could achieve the achievements of the Old Master.

They all died early.