Thunder Martial Chapter 236 - Refining The Ice Lotus

As the three forces surrounded Zi Chen, everyone thought that he would definitely die, but the result was beyond their expectations.

This is the latest news. Zi Chen fought a fierce battle with the three great monstrous geniuses and was heavily injured, yet he was able to successfully flee.

When this news came out, the entire world was shocked.

They first wanted to verify whether this news was true or false. A day later, they received confirmation that the cousin of a rogue cultivator was a servant of the Li Family who had given him the information.

Zi Chen was still alive.

Heavens, is he really alive?

He did not die even in the face of the three forces' siege. After a fierce battle, he escaped with heavy injuries?

This is a tempo that defies the will of the heavens.

All of the rogue cultivators were excited and happy for Zi Chen. At this moment, Zi Chen represented all of the rogue cultivators that had no power or influence in the world and attacked these big powers.

He had created a feat, a miracle.

Bullshit, what kind of fierce battle is this? This thief is very slippery, he actually found an entrance to the underground water and escaped.

The three forces felt wronged they did not fight fiercely at all. They only surrounded Zi Chen and a lot of people did not even see him before he slipped away.

It was said that Zi Chen fought a great battle with three monstrous geniuses, and after that battle, it was extremely shocking, and even though his body was severely injured, he was still able to smoothly escape.

The high profile comeback of the three great monstrous geniuses made all the rogue cultivators in the world actually stand on Zi Chen's side, and all sorts of versions of the situation appeared.

They were all detrimental to the three great forces.

Although it was not the truth, everyone was happy to hear it. Sometimes, even they did not believe what was said.

However, these three powers became the target of the rogue cultivators' wishful thinking, which made them feel somewhat awkward.

It's all because of this greedy monk, he is greedy and despicable. If not for him interfering, Zi Chen would have died long ago.

The monk was also scheming for Zi Chen's treasures. He followed Zi Chen the whole way, but went on a different path from the three forces, so naturally, there were some small conflicts.

After the shocking battle at the canyon, it was as if Zi Chen had disappeared from the human world, and disappeared without a trace. Even the three forces and the assassins of the Heaven Killing Pavilion had searched for tens of thousands of miles but did not manage to find anything.

Thunder Domain!

Rumor has it that the Thunder Domain was formed when a corner of the mysterious Thunder God Shrine was broken and because of that broken corner, a large sect was destroyed.

And this big sect, was the Limitless Sect.

Seeing the Thunder Domain and understanding the history of the Thunder Domain, A Mo sighed endlessly, as if he had returned to that era ten thousand years ago, when war and chaos reigned.

What exactly is the Thunder God Shrine? Hiding in the fourth level of the Thunder Domain, Zi Chen asked.

Furthermore, to the outside world, the Thunder Domain was like a dead end. Even when they arrived, they did not dare to go deeper into it.

Rumor has it that it is the inheritance of the gods. Someone who can enter deep will be able to obtain the inheritance of the Thunder God and from then on, become a Thunder God. A Mo was hiding within the taiji. This was the Thunder Domain, and thunder and lightning posed a fatal threat to a soul body like his.

Is there really an immortal god in this world? Zi Chen was shocked.

I don't know. I've never seen them before anyways and everything is just a legend. However, the Thunder God Shrine is a real existence and will appear once in a while.

Then what about your old master? His fighting strength is peerless, could it be that he is not a god? Zi Chen asked.

The old master is powerful, and has existed since time immemorial, but there is still a certain difference between him and gods. Gods are known as the immortal ones, and all those who perish are not gods and the true gods are truly immortal. A Mo's voice was somewhat melancholy.

This...! A Mo was startled, he obviously had not thought about this problem, everyone was blinded by the Thunder God Shrine, as long as there was an inheritance, who would even consider where it came from?

After thinking for a moment, A Mo said, I don't know either, everything is a rumor. I have never seen what the Thunder God Shrine looks like, and I don't know either.

Roughly no one could explain what the Thunder God Shrine was. In the entire Sky Martial Continent, there was only one version, and that was the inheritance of the Thunder God.

But after countless years, no one had ever entered the Thunder God Shrine.

Fourth level of Thunder Domain.

With the Spatial Ring, there was no need to worry about food and drinks. Zi Chen decided to go into closed door cultivation here to recover from his injuries.

Seven days later, after he had completely refined all of the Thousand Year old spirit medicines, the bones in Zi Chen's body crackled like fried beans, and his entire body overflowed with golden light.

After continuously fighting and fleeing, Zi Chen's strength had advanced a bit more, and he was now one step closer to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Inside his dantian, the golden Qi was even denser, but it was far from enough to step into True Yuan.

Other people could be settled with just one Zhen Yuan Pill when they break through the Zhen Yuan Realm. However, A Mo insisted on not letting Zi Chen consume the Zhen Yuan Pill and told him to work hard to raise his strength. When the Xiantian Qi in his body reached its limit, it would naturally transform into True Yuan.

You were previously training in the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art, if I'm not wrong, the early stage of this Cultivation technique is body tempering. Only by reaching the Zhen Yuan realm can one truly temper the body. Furthermore, since you cultivate the supreme arcane technique, the combination of the two techniques will allow you to cultivate the perfect physique. This is an extremely terrifying physique and has no flaws.

It's not easy to truly have a perfect physique and it's even harder to break through with it. When you break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, there might be some changes, so before you break through, you need to prepare in advance.

His words were not without reason. Since Zi Chen had already completed the tempering of his body with heavenly lightning, he believed that the next step would be the true tempering of his body.

After his injuries recovered, Zi Chen sat crossed legged for another two days, completely stabilizing his mental state. After making all his preparations, he took out the Ice Lotus.

The Ice Lotus had already been frozen for five thousand years, and now it appeared, glowing with a brilliant light. Every petal of the lotus was sparkling and translucent, like a perfect ice sculpture, without any flaws.



As the golden Qi was injected, many cracks appeared on the hard ice. As the cracks spread, it finally exploded and scattered, and the five thousand year old Ice Lotus appeared in Zi Chen's hands.

Zi Chen took a deep breath, and made his preparations for a breakthrough.


With a touch of golden Qi, a petal shattered and turned into a ball of dense Spirit Liquid. Zi Chen sucked in a huge mouthful of air and the Spirit Liquid was pulled into his mouth like a stream of water.

The moment the Spirit Liquid entered his stomach, it turned into a stream of cool energy that flowed into the meridians in his body.


The supreme Arcane technique and Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Aet continued to revolve around Zi Chen's body. This energy was first absorbed by his body before even entering the dantian.



Another two petals broke into pieces and transformed into Spirit Liquids, entering Zi Chen's stomach. An even thicker wave of Spiritual Energy rushed towards his limbs and bones.

A stalk of the Five Thousand Year old spirit medicine, which contained an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy was absorbed by Zi Chen very carefully.

However, his body that should have reached its limit, under the dense Spirit Liquid, was like a huge desert. No matter how many Spirit Liquid were injected into it, it was unable to satisfy the desert.

It was only at this moment that Zi Chen realized the uniqueness of his physique. He was like a bottomless pit, which couldn't even be filled.



Another petal exploded, and the energy went into his abdomen, causing the energy to be absorbed by his heart, and then through his blood and into his meridians, and then into his bones.

Time flowed by, and in the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

Zi Chen had refined five petals from the ice lotus. Only four petals and the stem was left.

The golden light around his body became even richer as his physique became stronger. Streaks of golden lightning surrounded his body.




Zi Chen pointed at the Ice Lotus and followed by four sounds, four petals shattered and a dense Spirit Liquid entered his stomach.

Zi Chen sat cross legged, his eyes slightly closed, his entire body shining with a golden light, his demeanor solemn and dignified, his physique constantly changing. At the same time, his body emitted rays of golden lightning that lingered on the surface of his body. This was the sign of his Xiantian Qi about to reach perfection.

The energy from the four petals was also being absorbed bit by bit.

As time passed, the stem exploded as well, turning into pure Spirit Liquid and entering Zi Chen's body.

Zi Chen thought that he wouldn't be able to use it all up, but never had he thought that his physique would be able to absorb two-thirds of the Ice Lotus's energy. Only until the last third was his dantian able to start absorbing it.


Golden light trembled around Zi Chen's body as streaks of golden lightning flashed on the surface of his body. Only after the energy of the stem was completely absorbed did Zi Chen finally reach the peak of the Xiantian Realm. [TN: Thought he already broke through]

He had finally broken through to the peak Xiantian Realm. At this moment, the Xiantian Qi in his body had reached its limit and would naturally change towards True Yuan.


This was a bolt of heavenly lightning.

After Zi Chen's cultivation realm reached the peak Xiantian Realm, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering art finally showed its use and began to truly temper his body.

The arrival of the bolt of lightning was so sudden that Zi Chen basically could not react to it.