Thunder Martial Chapter 235 - Indestructible Cockroach

Zi Chen stood up straight with his spear, his figure was imposing, and his eyes cold and emotionless. The corpses on the side were lying on the ground miserably, with blood splattering all over. Below the ancient weapon, there was no one that was left alive, shocking everyone present.

Like a god of death, Zi Chen's attacks were decisive and ruthless, causing everyone to retreat and their eyes filled with fear.

Cough, cough!

But with a light cough, blood spurted out from his mouth, and Zi Chen's face once again became deathly pale.

He can't do it anymore, he's already burnt out, continue…!

The voice that was inciting trouble sounded again, but this time, before he could finish speaking, the voice suddenly stopped, and a spear had already pierced through his mouth.


It was too fast!

No one noticed when Zi Chen had appeared in front of them. His speed was so fast that it was unimaginable.

Amongst the crowd, there was another person whose eyes were flickering, and who was about to leave quietly. However, when he was stared at by Zi Chen, he felt a chill in his heart in that instant, as if he was trapped in an icehouse.

You're even more despicable than him. I'll send you on your way.

Cough, cough!

Zi Chen coughed blood again, his face turning even paler.

However, no one dared to have any bad thoughts.

That was because all those who had such thoughts had already fallen into a pool of blood.

Furthermore, Zi Chen had been coughing out blood from the beginning, but even now, he was still as fierce as before.

Everyone was scared out of their wits and none of them dared to continue staring at Zi Chen. Under Zi Chen's ice-cold eyes, they all retreated backwards, obviously intending to leave. But at this moment, A Mo spoke.

Zi Chen stood still with his spear, not moving at all.

If you release them, they will tell the major powers. At that time, you will have to face endless pursuit. Only by killing them will you be able to eliminate any future troubles. Seeing Zi Chen being indifferent, A Mo became anxious.

I will only kill those who deserve to be killed. Zi Chen turned around and ran towards the forest in the distance.

Childish, truly naive. This world of cultivators, it's either you or me. Everything is for one's own benefits. Do you not understand? A Mo grieved.

Zi Chen said indifferently. Everything for one's own benefits, he naturally knew about it since he has experienced the situation many times before.

But Zi Chen couldn't do it.

He had killed people without thinking twice, but he had never recklessly killed the innocent. The people he had killed were all people who deserved to die.

He was cold and ruthless, but he had a kind heart.

It was laughable that a person who killed people without hesitation was actually a kind-hearted person but that was the truth.

The monk was able to flee the entire way and wasted a great deal of his energy before he could escape from the pursuers. However, before he could even reach the glacial lake, he heard the discussions of two cultivators.

Ancient weapon? The monk frowned, it seemed like Zi Chen had an ancient weapon.

He is indeed powerful, he is an existence comparable to the monstrous geniuses, even though he was severely injured, he was still able to kill several Zhen Yuan Realm Experts.

Zi Chen is indeed Zi Chen.

The two were discussing, and each shook their heads and sighed. They did not have the guts to gamble their lives, and thus, they managed to pick up their lives.

In his heart, he already had a bad feeling.

You are… That Evil Monk? When a cultivator saw the monk, his face changed drastically, but he quickly realized his mistake and quickly shut his mouth.

Speak, where exactly is the Zi Chen you were talking about? If it were in the past, the monk would have put his hands together, call this person benefactor, and then interrogated him.

But ever since he met Zi Chen, the monk's life had changed. He was often unlucky and always lost when fighting against Zi Chen, as if he met his nemesis.

It's Zi Chen, near the glacial lake. He started a massacre and killed a lot of Zhen Yuan Realm experts.

No, he's just severely injured. His battle prowess is still there.

The cultivator was terrified, his eyes full of fear. He knew that the monk was not a good person. He was notorious for his evil deeds so the cultivator he did not dare to lie.

Ah... Zi Chen, you and I are irreconcilable. The monk let out a roar that sounded like rolling thunder. It was deafening and the two cultivators were almost knocked out. They quickly covered their ears and fled in panic.

After roaring, the monk chased after Zi Chen. He was so anxious since he miscalculated.

The monk turned into a golden light and chased after Zi Chen.

I knew this monk was dishonest. Li Hao said coldly, and then, he stopped the two cultivators.

When they met three more monstrous geniuses, the two were completely shocked. In just a few hours, the two of them had met five.

The two of them answered honestly, they said everything about Zi Chen, and what question did the monk ask them.

The monk did not lie, the Ice Lotus must have been taken away by Zi Chen. Cang Meng said.

But, if Zi Chen took away the Ice Lotus, why didn't we see him when we went down the lake? Wu Yuan was very suspicious.

After pondering for a moment, Li Hao analyzed.

This monk is indeed greedy and cunning.

The other two were furious, I never thought that Zi Chen was at the bottom of the boulder... I actually missed the chance to kill him.

What happened afterwards was very simple, it was to chase and kill.

Zi Chen fled aimlessly. During this period of time, he continuously swallowed Pills, and his injuries slowly healed.

Zi Chen, I, Cang Meng can give you 10 moves. If you have the ability, come out, I will definitely cut you down on your 11th move. Cang Meng held onto the big sword like a giant.

Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I, Wu Yuan, will still kill you. Wu Yuan was also not to be outdone.

When the monstrous geniuses of the three forces appeared, they looked very powerful.

Along the way, they chased after Zi Chen. At the same time, the monk was also looking for an opportunity to beat Zi Chen up.

The incident with Zi Chen caused the entire world to shake. All the powers and cultivators were paying attention to Zi Chen.

The latest news is that Zi Chen had just escaped from the vicinity of the Wu Zong Sect, and they have been chasing after him the entire way south.

All the cultivators in the world were paying attention to the incident with Zi Chen.

Zi Chen was injured, but he managed to escape. Cang Meng lost Zi Chen.

After successfully escaping, the entire world fell into an uproar.

Li Hao caught up to Zi Chen, unleashed a fire that filled the sky, and burned a mountain. All of the beasts on the mountain died.

Escape after being injured.

Heavens, he's running away again. Is he an indestructible cockroach? [TN: Such a fitting name. D*mn cockroaches]

News about Zi Chen spread through several large cities.

When Wu Yuan unleashed his Shatterpalm, a plain was turned into a canyon by his attacks.

Zi Chen escaped once again with heavy injuries, but was caught up by the Good and Evil Monk.

This was news from a few days ago so the cultivators dared to head towards the location of the incident.

The earth caved in and a huge fissure hundreds of meters long appeared. Boundless energy still surged even after a few days. It was obvious that a great battle had taken place.

This Zi Chen is so powerful, even though he has a severely injured body, he is still able to fight against the monk, and leave such a miserable battlefield?

By the time everyone rushed over, Zi Chen and the monk had already disappeared.

A few days later, news came again.

That's impossible, the Good and Evil Monk's strength is strong, even the monstrous geniuses cannot injure him. Zi Chen is already severely injured so how can he injure the monk?

On this day, the entire world was shaken, everyone felt that it was unbelievable, one must know that the fighting strength of the Good and Evil Monk was not any weaker than the three Great monstrous geniuses, some secretly guessed that the monk was even stronger than the three Great monstrous geniuses.

Although his character was bad, the monk's battle power was something that could not be described with words.

Zi Chen used a forbidden weapon.

Another day later, they heard the reason for the monk's injury.

Zi Chen traveled south, bringing along everyone's gazes with him. During this period of time, another few big battles came, and Zi Chen smoothly escaped.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion's men have made their move, and made their killing move. That Sword Qi is like a heavenly sun, piercing everyone's eyes to the point that they can't even open them.

Someone saw this scene from afar and then sent out a message.

Is Zi Chen alive or dead?

I don't know, I just heard the Heaven Killing Pavilion Assassin screaming in indignation.

Outside, outside. The three great monstrous geniuses are at Broken Mountain Canyon and surrounded Zi Chen. It's said that the monk is hiding in the dark.

When the latest news came out, the entire world sighed.

It's over, a first generation monstrous geniuses finally fell.

It's a pity, Zi Chen's fighting strength is unparalleled, but his cultivation is too low, and he is also a rogue cultivator, so facing off against the monstrous geniuses from the big powers, he will naturally suffer.

After being surrounded by the three forces this time, he's sure to die.

Still no miracles.

He's just a rogue cultivator, so naturally, he's unable to contend against powerful forces.

In the end, there is no such thing as heaven-defying.

On this day, the entire world sighed. Being surrounded by the three forces, no one believed that Zi Chen was still alive.

Without a backer, with no power and influence, Zi Chen's death was an inevitable and necessary conclusion.

It was a pity that no one would care about Zi Chen, a mere rogue cultivator.

However, just as the rogue cultivators in the world were sighing, an unexpected result occurred, shocking the world to the point that its jaws dropped.