Thunder Martial Chapter 234 - Greed

The appearance of the monk was already surprising. However, it was soon followed by another three sounds.

Li Hao, Cang Meng, Wu Yuan, also rushed out like a beam of light, chasing after the monk.

That's, that's Li Family Li Hao! Heavens, he is a monstrous geniuses! He actually came as well! He's chasing the monk!

Did the monk steal something?

The crowd cried out in alarm, and everyone was stirred up once again.

And who is that sword wielding man, he is very muscular, his speed is actually not slower than Li Hao.

Another person exclaimed.

There's still one more. It can't be that he's also a monstrous genius, right? From the looks of it, the difference isn't that great between the three of them.

I'm not seeing things, right? That's Wu Yuan, the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius. Oh god, the three great monstrous geniuses are all gathered here, they are actually chasing after the monk.

None of the hundreds of cultivators that came before came alive. This was a new batch of cultivators and this is the first time they saw the three monstrous geniuses together so they were extremely excited.

When the three great monstrous geniuses appeared, didn't they chase after Zi Chen? How come they are chasing after the monk now?

Who knows? Maybe the Good and Evil Monk has done something evil.

Is it possible that the monk stole the Ice Lotus?

It's very possible, this monk has a bad character. He has cheated, kidnapped, and stole from many. He did all sorts of bad things and did no good deeds. Furthermore, he appeared at the bottom of the lake. He must have stolen the Ice Lotus.

Just as the crowd was discussing, the surface of the lake surged again, and immediately after, a huge object appeared. It was ten meters tall, and had small horns on its head, like a small dragon. Just as it charged out of the lake, it seemed to sense something, and looked up at the sky with a touch of fear in its eyes.

Heavens, that's a water type demonic beast.

Everyone's expression changed and they backed up again.

The Imperial Sky Realm experts were confused when they saw their own Young Master chasing after the monk. They all appeared out of the darkness and turned into a ray of light as they charged towards the monk.

There were six of them that disappeared into the sky, causing another wave of surprise. One had to know, they stayed here for a long time, but none of them discovered that Imperial Sky Experts were hiding in the shadows.

Just as everyone felt that what happened today was truly unbelievable, an explosion happened on the surface of the lake, followed by the appearance of a Golden figure.

It was Zi Chen. At this moment, his clothes were in tatters and there were many wounds on his body. After jumping out of the lake, he spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

Zi Chen carefully avoided the furious big water type demonic beast before rushing out of the lake.

Sweeping his eyes across the ground, Zi Chen knew the direction the monk was escaping in.

Thank you, Monk.

Zi Chen grinned happily. He was able to take away the Ice Lotus and also made the monk carry the blame so Zi Chen was very happy. Soon after, he ran in the opposite direction.

As for the monk's life, Zi Chen did not care.

Then... Who is that person? He is very familiar.

I don't know. He looks very familiar, as if I've seen him somewhere before. I just can't remember where.

The cultivators that had not yet left all opened their mouths to ask in confusion when they saw Zi Chen.

He's Zi Chen! Heavens, he was also inside! Moreover, he was still at the bottom of the lake! But why did the three great monstrous geniuses abandon him to chase after that monk?

Zi Chen, he's the Zi Chen who offended several great forces and the target of the three monstrous geniuses?

Zi Chen heard the shout, but he did not stop, and his speed increased.

He appeared at the bottom of the lake and spat out two mouthfuls of blood. He should be injured.

Zi Chen has precious treasure on him, he is injured, if he meets a member of a great power, it would be hard for him to escape death.

That's right, Zi Chen has precious treasure that even the Wu Zong Sects is jealous of, and also the strongest inheritance from the Limitless Sect. He could even be said to be a moving treasure trove.

Some cultivators talked about it.

A cultivator reacted, shouted, and chased after Zi Chen.

Right, Zi Chen is already injured, his strength is less than 10%. Once we kill him, we will have a great harvest.

That's a mobile treasure trove. There's something on his body that everyone is jealous of.

Everyone came to their senses, their hearts filled with greed. After shouting, they quickly chased after Zi Chen.


All this while, it had always been the big powers chasing after Zi Chen and this was the first time rogue cultivators had chased after Zi Chen in order to kill him.

They were all rogue cultivators and although they were weak, they had seized the best opportunity when Zi Chen was heavily injured.

The sound of something tearing through the air echoed in the air as several figures caught up.

Amongst the rogue cultivators, there were also many experts and there were also some who were at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Zi Chen was heavily injured so his speed was not fast and with every breath and movement, Zi Chen felt pain all over his body.

The sound of breaking through the air grew closer and closer, and finally, a cultivator had caught up to him. A first heaven cultivator shouted loudly and smashed towards Zi Chen with a heavy hammer in his hand.

Such a strike, if it was a strike from a heyday, Zi Chen would not be afraid, but right now, he was severely injured, so if he was hit, it would worsen his injuries.

A cold light flashed in his hand and the ancient weapon appeared. It streaked across the sky like a streak of silver and pierced forward.


The heavy hammer was like tofu, it was instantly penetrated by the spear, following that, the spear shot out a ray of light, and pierced through the cultivator's chest.

Even though Zi Chen was heavily injured, he was still strong.

Huff, puff!

Zi Chen gasped for breath, the strike just now had affected his injuries again. The wound which was about to heal started bleeding again.

He's almost at the end of his tether. We have to go all out. Someone shouted loudly, gesturing for everyone to come forward.



Resplendent light flashed as a thick Blade Qi came slashing over at an extremely fast speed, containing a terrifying aura.


In Zi Chen's hand, the spear was like a poisonous dragon, striking the sharp blade, and with a clear sound, the sharp blade broke. At the same time, the spear swept out and pierced through the cultivator's body.


Two more died.

The ancient weapon was very sharp and it killed any cultivator in its parth and almost no one could stop Zi Chen's second attack.


A silver light flashed, like a poisonous dragon coming into being. A cultivator was struck in the forehead by a spear Qi and a substantial light shot out from the back of his head. He died a violent death.


Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength had intimidated everyone, even though he was severely injured, he had told everyone that he is someone that they should not mess with.

His eyes swept across, his might spreading in all directions, causing everyone to tremble in fear as they retreated backwards. Zi Chen had successfully intimidated everyone.

The bloodied corpses next to him were all from being hit once and it was the best deterrence.


Zi Chen coughed lightly, his injuries worsened once again, and after doing it for a while, he had no time to recover from his injuries. Moreover, much to everyone's surprise, Zi Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, causing his face to turn even paler.

The precious treasure is just ahead. You must seize this opportunity. If you don't, wouldn't you still be mediocre for the rest of your life?

The bewitching voice sounded from the crowd once again.

I am a small character and my strength is low. If I were to kill Zi Chen and obtain the inheritance, my reputation will rise greatly, this will be my chance.

An Xiantian Realm cultivator appeared, carrying a sword as he walked out of the crowd.

This fellow seemed to be a gambler. An early Xiantian cultivator dared to appear with a sword in front of Zi Chen.

Another person walked out. His appearance was ordinary and there was nothing extraordinary about him. His strength was slightly stronger than the gambler and he is at the peak mid Xiantian Realm.

I want to give it my all too. Another person appeared.

Today, Zi Chen was heavily injured. If we do not go all out, we will definitely regret it for the rest of our lives.

If you win, then from now on, you will be rich and powerful. You will be respected by the people of the world. If you lose, it will just be a life. Twenty years later, you will be reborn a man again.

The provocative voice sounded once again, and it was filled with all sorts of bewitching tricks, causing one's heart to palpitate.

A few cultivators also walked out, all of them hoping to kill Zi Chen for a lifetime of wealth and prosperity.

Zi Chen did not say anything, these people were either gamblers or had their minds clouded by greed. There was no use trying to explain, he could only use battle to speak.


With a loud shout, the huge army formed by the gamblers and their greed rushed towards Zi Chen once again.

Zi Chen stood still with his spear, his eyes were cold. He did not know any spear arts, but he could kill people.

One hit, one kill.

The first to die was the gambler, a mere early Xiantian cultivator, he had no chance of winning but he was insistent on wanting to take Zi Chen's life.


The lance vibrated like a dragon emerging from the sea, bringing with it a large amount of silver light.

These people were crazy. They did not fear death, or at this moment, their brains were all filled with blood, and they did not know what death was.


The last person fell in front of the spear.

At the moment, over a dozen corpses had fallen in front of Zi Chen. He wielded his spear and stood there, his eyes emotionless and his body majestic.

There were still cultivators up ahead, and the bewitcher had yet to appear.