Thunder Martial Chapter 233 - Fleeing Monk


He had always hated the monk. At this moment, seeing that he had painstakingly found the Ice Lotus but that the monk wanted to take the first step, Zi Chen's hatred for the monk reached a monstrous level.

This damned monk.

If the monk was a piece of meat, Zi Chen could have eaten the other party alive.

This damned monk.

Zi Chen was so angry that he wanted to kill someone. The monk's speed was very fast, bringing along a small ball. It is unknown how he managed to avoid the big water type demonic beast and the three monstrous geniuses, but the moment he landed, his entire body trembled with golden light. All the water type demonic beasts were forced back, but many were directly killed from the impact.

Ha ha!

Monk, stop! Zi Chen could no longer care about hiding, and directly sent out a telepath.

Brat, wait until I take the Ice Lotus away before settling the score with you. The monk laughed and swam past Zi Chen.

Around Zi Chen, there were tens of thousands of water type demonic beasts but they were all taking a nap. Even when the monk swam past swaggering, they did not have any reaction.

And the water type demonic beasts that were previously pushed back, were also swimming towards Zi Chen, following that, they closed their eyes to take a nap.

Did these fellows not sleep in the past hundreds of years? Zi Chen was speechless, but at that moment, there was nothing he could do.

The Ice Lotus was right inside the cave, it was not dangerous at all. The three fools fought a great battle with the water type demonic beast, and Zi Chen, the fool, was unable to come out after binding himself in a cocoon.

I'll see you in a bit, little fool.

The monk was very excited and prepared to enter the cave.

Go to hell, Monk.

Zi Chen was enraged, he roared, and golden light surged on his body, following that, an overflowing Qi appeared and like a cannonball exploding, a burst of immense energy rushed out in all directions.

Because he had activated his full strength and the water type demonic beast were all coiled around him, the moment he released his Qi, it would seem like a huge pile of water type demonic beast, and there was also a huge pile of them that landed on the monk's head.

Suffering from a huge impact, the water type demonic beast woke up one after another, and at this time, Zi Chen also removed the light barrier around his body, restraining all of his energy.


Tens of thousands of water type demonic beasts all went berserk at this moment as they continuously moved about, baring their fangs and charging towards Zi Chen and the monk.

Brat, you're crazy!

Not only will you attract those three idiots, you will also cause my death. The monk roared, and the golden light around his body became denser.

I'm want to kill you. Zi Chen ignored everything, retracted all his Qi, and rushed towards the monk.

Judging from his expression, he seemed to want to perish together with the monk.


Tens of thousands of water type demonic beasts, after losing Zi Chen's lightning energy, went completely berserk. They opened their mouths wide, and white rays of light appeared from their mouths one after another.

The monk's face completely changed. He also opened his mouth and let out a loud shout.

The six-word mantra appeared once again, as though it had appeared in his heart, and immediately trembled in his chest. Zi Chen's heart felt as though it had suffered a heavy blow, but he did not lose his consciousness.

As for those water type demonic beasts, even though they were absent-minded, the lightning that they shot out did not stop. They continued to move forward.

Damn it, I used the wrong one!

At this moment, he should be using the Buddhism Lion Roar Technique.

The monk opened his big mouth and roared like a lion. A huge wave of Qi spread out in all directions.

In the midst of the thunderous roar, a quarter of the lightning was dispersed by the thunderous roar. This was the monk's full power attack. It was indeed terrifying, but three quarters of the lightning still exploded in this small area.


Endless energy exploded as streams of lightning aura surged. A terrifying aura rushed towards Zi Chen and the monk.

In this aura, the monk could only feel annihilation, but Zi Chen felt a familiar energy. He could completely absorb this energy, but the energy was too great, and it brought about destruction as well.

The lightning was raging, and like a thunder net, it fell on Zi Chen's body. However, he did not care and did not have any reaction and continued to rush straight into the cave as if nothing had happened.

Seeing Zi Chen resist lightning in such a way, the monk was dumbstruck because even his Protective Shield isn't able to hold out. But right after, more and more lightning energies exploded near his body.


The lightning surging continuously. Huge energies surged forth, setting off a huge wave that is several hundred meters above the lake. The monk was even blown several hundred meters away.


Zi Chen, you and I are irreconcilable. The monk uttered an unwilling voice.

At this moment, Zi Chen had already rushed into the cave and entered deep into the cave. He directly took away the block of ice, and even the Ice Lotus disappeared.


But right after, with a loud sound, the entire place rumbled and started to collapse. Pieces of rolling stones appeared, pressing Zi Chen inside.

The monk was severely injured, while Zi Chen was pressed down by the rolling stones, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

An angry cry sounded out, the movement below angered the big water type demonic beast, the latter summoned a group of little water type demonic beast and rushed down quickly.

A short distance of a few dozen meters was covered in the blink of an eye.

Monk, is that you?

Good and Evil monk?

Monk, you actually snuck over here.

Don't misunderstand, don't misunderstand. The monk waved his hands.

Misunderstanding? Monk, this time you must have sneakily come here to obtain the Ice Lotus, it's better to hand it over. Cang Meng took a step forward, the sword in his hand glinting with cold light.

Hand over the Ice Lotus or fight to the death. Li Hao said coldly.

As for Wu Yuan, a pair of eyes was also locked onto the monk.

I didn't get the Ice Lotus. Zi Chen snatched it away. The monk felt wronged. For an Ice Lotus, he had been seriously injured.

Monk, stop quibbling and hand over the Ice Lotus. Cang Meng was overbearing, the Blade Qi could not stop.

I really didn't take it, it's Zi Chen, he's here...! The monk was prepared to say that Zi Chen had been suppressed by the boulder, and it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.


But before he could open his mouth and see the cave's collapse, the big water type demonic beast had already let out an angry roar. The loud sound wave interrupted the monk's later words.

The monk was a little dismayed at the moment but when he thought about it further, he became excited. Tens of thousands of lightning bolts had exploded with great power and even he himself was injured, the lightning that Zi Chen endured was not weaker than him. Furthermore, Zi Chen was so greedy and he still wanted to snatch the Ice Lotus.

Thinking of this possibility, the monk did not open his mouth again. In any case, the dead could not move, he could just run away and come back in the future to retrieve the secret technique and the Ice Lotus.

Just as the big water type demonic beast finished roaring, countless little water type demonic beasts moved and rushed towards the monk and the three monstrous geniuses. At the same time, the big water type demonic beast also rushed towards them.

Go to hell, you despicable monk!

Cang Meng was also furious. He suddenly raised the sword in his hand and was about to slash down.

The three of them were sure that the monk had already snatched the Ice Lotus away, following that, Li Hao and Wu Yuan also took action, striking out with their powerful attacks.


The Great water type demonic beast saw that the monk was its enemy and chased after him first. Soon after, the little water type demonic beast rushed forward and the three great monstrous geniuses also turned into rays of lightning.


Seeing that everyone is chasing him, the monk sneered. He had a plan in mind.


Zi Chen, die!

However, at this time, an expert appeared in the sky. He raised his hand and struck out with a palm.

This was because Zi Chen's energy was golden.


The monk had the impulse to curse. He will have to take this attack just because he was mistaken for Zi Chen. Thus, he turned around and ran back into the lake.

The palm print landed on the surface of the lake, bringing about a huge wave that was a few hundred meters tall. The terrifying energy surged in the lake and instantly and many water type demonic beast corpses appeared.

This was the Wu Zong Sect's Imperial Sky Expert. After throwing out this attack, he immediately felt extremely embarrassed and then hid himself in the void.

Around him, there were still some cultivators who had arrived late. When they saw that the surface of the lake had already turned blood-red, they did not dare to descend further down and instead hid in the distance to observe.

All of them were stupefied when they saw that the Imperial Sky expert had hit the wrong person.

What's going on?

Everyone was speechless. They could actually run into something so outrageous like this.

The surface of the lake surged again, as though a fierce battle was taking place. Soon after, the golden light flashed again, and the monk rushed out again, but this time, he had a few water type demonic beasts with him, and one of them even bit on his butt, refusing to let go.


The monk did not attack again. Instead, he rose into the air and ran towards the surface of the lake. Then, his body turned into a golden light as he sped off into the distance.

Damn, what am I seeing.

That's the Good and Evil Monk. Heavens, he actually came as well. Why is he in such a sorry state?

That monstrous genius monk?

Bullshit monstrous genius monk, he is an Evil Monk, a scoundrel. He likes to deceive and steal from people. I wonder which temple actually raised such a monk….

When this spoke, it was evident that he did not like the monk.