Thunder Martial Chapter 232 - Ice Lotus In A Cave

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As far as the eye could see, it was completely empty. There were no signs of humans, only broken limbs floating in the water.

When he spread out his spiritual perception, other than the water type demonic beast, there were no other living beings.

Furthermore, in the distance, there were ten thousand water type demonic beasts that were gathered together, forming a large ball. The monk did not dare to rashly move forward.

Could it be that he was eaten by the water type demonic beast? However, his physique is very strong so these water type demonic beasts should be unable to break through his defense. The monk frowned, he felt that this was unbelievable. After fighting with Zi Chen a few times, he knew how strong Zi Chen was.

Suddenly, he looked at the huge blob of water type demonic beast, which looked like a pile of meatballs, and revealed an expression of disbelief. He said in shock, He couldn't have been surrounded by the water type demonic beast, right?

Although this idea was very bold, at this moment, this seemed to be the only reasonable explanation. Therefore, the monk braced himself and followed.


A loud shout suddenly rang out.

These are the three monstrous geniuses. Zi Chen's heart was moved when he heard the shout.

Following the spread of his spiritual perception, he saw even more water type demonic beasts. They were densely packed together and even larger in size. One of them was at least ten meters tall.

It was at the bottom of the lake, and its speed was as fast as lightning. It continuously shuttled back and forth, creating huge waves, and fought a fierce battle with the three monstrous geniuses.

Three against one!

Zi Chen was shocked, although Zi Chen had never seen the fighting strength of the three monstrous geniuses, but to be able to fight to a standstill with the monk, they were obviously not weak, but at this moment, they were still unable to handle this demonic beast.

Around them were many water type demonic beasts that were close to five meters long, constantly attacking the following cultivators. Among them, there were three Zhen Yuan Realm Experts that were brought by the three monstrous geniuses.

They were the first to enter the lake. Relying on the large number of water type demonic beast that had yet to appear, they dove deeper.

There were a lot of water type demonic beasts at the bottom of the lake and deep in the lake, there are even stronger water type demonic beasts.


Here, using a longsword will bring about a lot of resistance, which affects the speed. The only way to reduce the resistance was to use a short sword or a dagger.


Immediately after, many water type demonic beasts charged towards the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert.

In this period of time, the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert unleashed his True Yuan and killed dozens of water type demonic beasts. However, even more water type demonic beasts came.


The True Yuan light shield exploded as the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was exposed outside. Hundreds of water type demonic beasts swarmed forward like a ball of meat, continuously surging forward.

It only took a few breaths.

This ball of meat was scattered, and inside the ball of meat, there was nothing left.

At this moment, it was impossible for them to even run.

Once they fled, more and more water type demonic beasts would swarm over, as if they were practicing group fighting techniques. Once they charged up and formed a ball of meat, then everything would be over.

Zi Chen saw everything with his mind and his face turned pale white. The meatball just now was filled with hundreds of thousands of water type demonic beasts but right now, he was surrounded by tens of thousands of them. If he was attacked, even if Zi Chen had a perfect physique, he would not even be left with bones.

The three monstrous geniuses were very powerful, and even now, they were still full of energy.

The resistance in the water was great, but the Black Sword in Cang Meng's hands were as nimble as his arms. Every slash of the sword brought along a flowing Sword Qi and wherever it went, all the water type demonic beasts were split into two.

Furthermore, around his body, the True Yuan light shield was still very sturdy. Any water type demonic beast that tried to get close to him were all killed.

Just as he made a slash, hundreds of water type demonic beasts rushed towards Cang Meng and unleashed lightning one after another. After that, Cang Meng was surrounded by a dense crowd of water type demonic beasts and formed a ball of meat.

But right after, Cang He's body released tens of thousands of rays of light. Every light was like a sharp blade, piercing through the water type demonic beast's body and instantly killing them.

Red light emitted from Li Hao's body, it seemed like it was a type of flame, but he was suppressed at the bottom of the lake. Although its attack was not as strong as Cang Meng's, it was still very difficult for the water type demonic beast to get close to him.


The water trembled. Wu Yuan was still able to shoot out Shatterpalm in the water and with the appearance of the terrifying palm print, a vacuum zone appeared in the lake. Immediately after, the palm print struck down, killing god knows how many water type demonic beasts.

The three's attacks were sharp, but they were focusing on killing normal water type demonic beasts. Instead, they were focusing on that big guy, who was ten meters long and looked like a small dragon. It had a small horn on its forehead, and its speed was fast.

This demonic beast was very slippery, its speed was fast like lightning. It swam between the attacks, occasionally striking out with lightning that carried danger, and occasionally using its body to strike ferociously.


After dodging Wu Yuan's attack, the demonic beast swung its tail and struck Wu Yuan in the chest. With an explosive sound, Wu Yuan was instantly pushed back.

Dammit, if it's up there, I can kill you by myself. Wu Yuan fumed with rage as he charged forward once again.

At the same time, the other two monstrous geniuses also suffered quite a bit of an impact.

Go to hell! Cang Meng snorted, a fierce light flashed past his eyes, and he went completely berserk as he slashed towards the demonic beast with his Sword Qi.

Eight mini versions of the Sword Qi slashed through the water flow, rapidly descending.


Blood splattered in all directions. The demonic beast tried its best to dodge but there were still two slashes from the Sword Qi on its body, creating two huge holes.

Wu Yuan and Li Hao were not to be outdone, they both released their powerful attacks.

Instantly, the demonic beast cried out miserably, the wounds on its body increasing.


The strength of three monstrous geniuses is indeed frightening. Zi Chen's heart trembled as he saw everything.

To be honest, if he were to run into this water type demonic beast, there was only one way out, and that was to run. Not to mention getting injured, whether he could run away was still a question.

He is only in the Xiantian Realm and is fundamentally unable to compare to these monstrous geniuses and his fighting strength was also far inferior to theirs. Right now, seeing that the other party was facing off against the water type demonic beast, Zi Chen knew the gap between them.

I must become stronger. Zi Chen clenched his fists tightly, he was filled with desire for power.

Following the demonic beast's call, more and more water type demonic beasts appeared. It was extremely dense at this time, it was as if it had summoned all the water type demonic beast in the surrounding area.

However, not all the water type demonic beasts were summoned. There were also a few water type demonic beasts that were gathering towards Zi Chen, causing the entire ball to become larger. There were tens of thousands of water type demonic beasts surrounding him and it had increased dramatically, which was very scary.

Many water type demonic beasts joined, while the rest of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts who were still persevering consumed a lot of energy so it was impossible for them to kill these water type demonic beasts.

Finally, with a series of miserable screams, the water type demonic beast formed numerous meatballs. When the meatballs dissipated, the cultivator's human form would be destroyed.

The monk was following behind the big ball. He was not sure if Zi Chen was inside, but he was very likely.

Along the way, he casually killed a few lone water type demonic beast, but it was not dangerous. However, after the big water type demonic beast was injured, it summoned its subordinates and the water type demonic beast rushed over from all directions.

Damn it, you guys could have just gone and tried to find the Ice Lotus but you just had to wound them arrogantly, you really are a bunch of idiots.

Looking at the hundreds, or even a thousand of water type demonic beast, the monk felt his scalps going numb. The monk did not look like a monk at all as he opened his mouths and scolded, following that, he formed his protective shield and attacked.


Sounds of explosions rang out. The monk was no longer merciful. His actions were decisive and killed many water type demonic beasts.

It's that damned monk. Hearing the vibration, Zi Chen scanned his surroundings and found the monk.

But at this moment, being surrounded by tens of thousands of water type demonic beast, he was unable to unleash an attack.

No, they are all fighting, I should take the opportunity to snatch the Ice Lotus. Zi Chen's heart moved, he felt that this was an opportunity.

But the water type demonic beasts stopped moving.

Around Zi Chen's body, the golden light trembled once more. After more than ten tries, the water type demonic beast finally moved. The water type demonic beast moved again and continued its journey downwards, and Zi Chen carefully used his spiritual perception to search for any possible place where the Ice Lotus might exist.


After attacking it for half a day, the monk finally felt that something was amiss. He also raised his light barrier and no longer killed the water type demonic beast. Then, he began his descent while being surrounded by the water type demonic beasts.


During the descent, Zi Chen's consciousness swept across every corner, searching for Ice Lotus, but to no avail.

After reaching around ten meters, when he was close to the bottom of the lake, with a thought from Zi Chen, he actually discovered an entrance to a cave.

Even though Zi Chen's body was covered in golden light and was trembling nonstop, they did not continue onward, as if the cave in front of them is a forbidden ground.

Although Zi Chen was unwilling, he could only use his spiritual perception to explore the cave. When his spiritual perception reached the depths of the cave, Zi Chen's expression was startled.

In the depths of the cave, there was a half meter long block of ice. In the middle of the ice, there was a lifelike lotus that emitted a translucent luster.

It was the Ice Lotus.

It's here!

Zi Chen's eyes lit up. He finally found the Ice Lotus, and before he could think of a way to break out of the ball's encirclement, he saw a small ball falling from above straight towards the cave entrance.