Thunder Martial Chapter 231 - Water Type Demonic Beast

One by one, the cultivator jumped into the glacial lake, but the monk remained calm and did not jump in. He looked around to see who did not have the intention to jump in.

And that person was naturally Zi Chen.

The Three Great monstrous geniuses in the lake all had the strength to kill him, so the monk was sure that Zi Chen would not dare to go in.

This monk is so insidious. He knew that I wouldn't go in, so he lured everyone in to look for me. Zi Chen's face changed, but at that moment, the monk turned and saw Zi Chen.

Oh no, I've been discovered. Zi Chen acted as if he was anxious to find the heavy treasure, and leaped into the middle of the glacial lakes.

Hmph. Boy, you want to play with me? You're still too inexperienced.

In just a few breaths, there was no one left. Because of his hesitation, the moment Zi Chen jumped in, was definitely the latest. The monk had a faint smile on his lips as he walked forward, arrived at where Zi Chen had jumped into the water, and also jumped.

The moment Zi Chen entered the water, he felt a bone-piercing coldness. Even though he had a perfect physique, he still felt a chill at this moment.

It's so cold! Zi Chen could not help but shiver.

It's so cold. Damn monk, just you wait. One day, I will beat you into a pig's head. Zi Chen cursed angrily, he hated the monk to death in his heart. He had originally wanted to hide outside and find an excellent opportunity to make the monstrous geniuses exhaust themselves so he could sneak attack them later.

He has a forbidden weapon so once unleashed, even the monstrous geniuses would have to give way. However, all of this plans was messed up by this damned monk.

Being forced into a corner, he could only dive into the water. Moreover, Zi Chen was not sure if the monk had discovered him yet.

After Zi Chen entered the water, he quickly dived towards the bottom of the water. Since he was here, he naturally wanted to snatch the Ice Lotus.

The lake water trembled slightly and the speed of the water flow suddenly increased. Following his gaze, Zi Chen's expression changed;

The water type demonic beasts were around two meters long, like many little snakes. In the water, their speed was extremely fast, and when they almost arrived in front of Zi Chen, each of them opened their mouths, revealing two rows of sharp teeth.



With a flash of light, a short dagger appeared in Zi Chen's hand. As it danced, cold light flashed continuously as one water type demonic beast after another was slashed into two.

The water was bone-piercing and it brought about a huge resistance. Using the spear was inconvenient but with the short dagger, the resistance was very small, so it could be used agilely.

With a single bite, it made a cracking sound. Zi Chen's physique was even harder than steel, and the water type demonic beast's sharp teeth had been broken.


In a flash, the water type demonic beast was killed.

In a short moment, Zi Chen was attacked by seven or eight water type demonic beasts. Although he was not injured, his clothes became tattered and stuck closely to his body.

Looking around, the waters were already blood-red, and the weaker cultivators had already been sliced into pieces by the water type demonic beast.

This monk is truly harmful.


Suddenly, the water shook and a thick streak of lightning scattered across the water. It passed through the water flow and landed on a cultivator's body.

A ray of lightning flashed across and Zi Chen felt his entire body becoming numb but then, his body started shivering uncontrollably and soon, he did not feel numb at all. Instead, he felt very comfortable, the lightning had actually been absorbed by his body.

Being struck by an electric current, Zi Chen did not feel any discomfort. Instead, he was in high spirits, and the electric current was also absorbed by his body.

This caused him to be overjoyed.

Looking around again, those cultivators who were struck by the electric currents bodies trembled and their hair stood on end in the water. Their speed plummeted greatly and their reactions became sluggish. After that, they were torn apart and eaten by the water type demonic beast.

How terrifying. If this water type demonic beast has such a method, then wouldn't it be invincible within the glacial lake? Zi Chen was extremely shocked.

In the blink of an eye, he had already seen more than a dozen cultivators killed and devoured by the water type demonic beast. Moreover, even more powerful demonic beasts had come from afar.

The smell of blood had stimulated them. All the water type demonic beasts within a radius of several kilometers had been attracted over. It was densely packed, and their numbers could not be calculated.

This…! Zi Chen's face changed.

There were simply too many water type demonic beasts, and at a glance, it was densely packed with countless of them. All of them opened their mouths wide, revealing two rows of ice cold and sharp teeth, even Zi Chen, who was not afraid of the water type demonic beasts, felt his hair standing on end.


As the electric currents surged, everyone's movement was restricted. Many Protective Shield that were propped up by the cultivator were also smashed into pieces by the lightning and devoured by the endless electric currents.

This was a completely terrifying scene. Countless water type demonic beasts, after spitting out a bolt of lightning, had caused many cultivator's protective shields to be destroyed. Soon, they rushed one after another to the cultivators and the miserable cries of the cultivators soon rang out.

Blood instantly dyed the surface of the lake red. A large portion of cultivators had already died under the surface of the lake and following the flow of the lake, the broken limbs and shattered flesh floated past.

The originally clear lake water was now completely dyed red with fresh blood, becoming incomparably muddy.

This is too scary.

Zi Chen's scalp went numb and all his hair stood on end and he was completely terrified. Fortunately, his body was immune to the lightning here and it felt extremely warm. Moreover, not only does he not feel any discomfort, he was even brimming with energy, as if he had eaten a tonic.


With a water tremble, even more water type demonic beasts arrived and released bolts of lightning, directly attacking Zi Chen. However, it was completely useless, these lightning energies were all absorbed by Zi Chen the moment they reached his body.


The dagger was constantly flickering and the water type demonic beast died in large numbers but there were still many water type demonic beasts that came forward.

Damn it!

Zi Chen cursed, he had lost control of the battle. In a short moment, he had killed at least a few hundred water type demonic beasts but the number of water type demonic beasts had increased. Killing them was annoying, so he decided not to kill anymore so he just popped up a protective shield.

After that, Zi Chen continued to dive deeper.

However, there were water type demonic beasts everywhere he looked, and he couldn't see anything so he could only use his Spiritual Perception to check.


Screams could be heard from time to time. Some of the cultivator's Protective Shield had been destroyed and eaten by the water type demonic beast.

The scene was bloody.

Entering without being at the Zhen Yuan Realm is simply courting death, but that monk also did quite a bit of harm to them . Zi Chen thought.

From where Zi Chen could see, the lake water had already turned blood-red.

Suddenly, Zi Chen frowned.

That's not right, why hasn't my Protective Shield made any sound? Zi Chen frowned, the water type demonic beasts that were attacking other cultivators Protective Shields were all letting out loud noises, and their sharp teeth were constantly tearing at the barrier.

However, there was not a single sound coming from his side. Moreover, more and more water type demonic beasts were gathering on his side.

All around him, it was filled with water type demonic beasts. Only with his Spiritual Perception is he able to see what is happening around him.

With a thought, Zi Chen discovered a scene that caused him to be extremely shocked.

What's going on? Zi Chen was both shocked and confused.

A Mo's figure flashed and appeared in the barrier, but after seeing everything, he was also dumbfounded and could not give a reasonable explanation.

Then, in a flash, he entered the taiji again.

Miserable cries continuously sounded beside his ears, reminding Zi Chen that the water type demonic beast was very fierce, but the water type demonic beast around him did not attack.

These water type demonic beasts were very crazy before, but ever since the barrier appeared, they have calmed down. It's clear that it's because of the barrier, no, it's because of my Xiantian Qi. Zi Chen frowned.

During this time, he had already stopped his dive, but outside the barrier, all the water type demonic beasts were swimming in the surroundings, forcefully bringing Zi Chen deeper.

That year, Zhao Can plotted against Zi Chen and stabbed his blade into Zi Chen's heart, then kicked him out of the summit of the mountain and into the canyon. By chance, he obtained the mysterious heart and was revived.

At that time, the mysterious bead had been sealed in this area by ice, so of course, the demonic beasts in the glacial lake below it were also able to release lightning after being affected by the bead. It was obvious that this change had occurred because of the energy within the mysterious bead. [TN: Using mysterious bead for this one since it was basically a bead before it merged with Zi Chen's heart.]

This time, when Zi Chen came and used the same energy, the water type demonic beast felt a familiar aura.

This was Zi Chen's guess, and the truth did not deviate too much from it. Back then, when the mysterious bead landed here, it released a dense amount of lightning energy and this energy was filled with the aura of life and it also froze the entire place. These creatures continued to survive, and only until the mysterious bead disappeared did the seal on this place be lifted.

More and more water type demonic beasts appeared in all directions, surrounding Zi Chen in the middle and then, carrying Zi Chen with them as they dived deeper into the mountains.

Where is he?

It had to be said that this monk was a scoundrel of the highest quality. He was simply insatiably greedy. Not only does he want to steal the secret technique, he even wants to take away the Ice Lotus.

The monk was following behind Zi Chen from afar and was being careful. However, after he broke through the encirclement of the water type demonic beast, he suddenly realized that he had lost track of Zi Chen.