Thunder Martial Chapter 231 - Water Type Demonic Beast

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The three monstrous geniuses were very decisive. They did not investigate who was instigating them and immediately jumped into the glacial lake.


In the middle of the glacial lake, the lake water instantly formed many bubbles, bringing up splashes of blood as it rose to the surface. It was obvious that the water type demonic beasts in the lake had been killed.


The surface of the lake trembled, and a gigantic Blade Qi appeared. After leaping out of the lake for a few meters, it landed with a loud bang, immediately setting off monstrous waves.

It was clear that Cang Meng had made his move, followed by a huge wave, the other two monstrous geniuses also took action.

What are you standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and take a look.

This voice is very familiar, it seems to be Zi Chen's voice.

I heard about it last time, and I'm very familiar with it. Could it be that Zi Chen is already here?

Someone recognized Zi Chen's voice and exclaimed in shock. However, when looking around, he did not see Zi Chen.

Let's go take a look!

However, there were also some people who walked forward to the glacial lake.

The cultivators moved and rushed towards the lakeside.

A loud shout suddenly rang out and four Zhen Yuan Realm Experts lined up in a row, with their bodies surging with energy.

This is the Cang Family's territory, scram.

The aura around the experts surged and also stopped the group.

You dare to come to the Wu Zong Sect's place, are you guys courting death? The experts of the Wu Zong Sect were also not to be outdone.

The three great forces had blocked all the cultivators ahead.

Why? This is a glacial lake, it's not your family's territory

The crowd questioned, this glacial lake was a few kilometers wide and there were only twelve experts from the three families.

That's right, do you think that your three factions are very powerful? Previously, you guys were beaten up like dogs, causing you to lose face!

The voice from the darkness rang out once more, from the left and right, then east and west, constantly changing its direction.

This is Zi Chen's voice, I'm sure of it.

It's definitely Zi Chen. I'm a hundred percent sure since I've met him the last time.

This time, it was definitely Zi Chen.

A mere Tortoise that doesn't dare to meet anyone, and yet you still dare to clamor here. Appear if you have the ability, and I promise to not kill you.

Zi Chen, come out here right now.

They were all experts with a cultivation at the third or fourth heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm. Although their battle prowess was incomparable to monstrous geniuses, they were extremely powerful and they thought that killing Zi Chen was a piece of cake.

Humph, you bunch of trash, you think you're worthy for me to take action? If the one dying in my hands isn't a genius, then it's a monstrous geniuses, you should just scram to the side.

The voice from the dark was very arrogant. However, it confirmed everyone's guesses.

As expected, it's Zi Chen. The three great monstrous geniuses are looking for him, I didn't think he would dare to come here.

When the Zhen Yuan Realm Experts of the three forces heard this, their expressions changed as they said, Zi Chen, if you have the ability, then show yourself. Watch me behead you on the spot.

There were only several hundred people here, but it was very hard for them to find even one person.


Just at this moment, within the glacial lake, the waves raised were even more terrifying.

Everyone approached and looked towards the lake's surface. Unfortunately, other than the great waves, they could not see anything else.

Only the blood stained lake waters and the occasional water type demonic beast corpses were left.

A bunch of idiots, if you don't go in now, you won't even be able to drink the soup.

The voice from the darkness sounded once more, this time mocking the crowd.

Damn, is this Zi Chen a mad dog? Biting everyone around him...

So hateful. A person like this is considered a monstrous genius?

How can such a person compare to the three great monstrous geniuses?

Some of the cultivators were cursing angrily, they turned to look around, but did not see anyone suspicious.

Zi Chen hid within the crowd and had already scolded the Good and Evil monk dozens of times.

Which temple burned the wrong incense and actually brought up such a monk. Is he even a monk? He's even more of a scoundrel than a f*cking scoundrel.

Zi Chen clenched his teeth in anger, this time, the three forces sent out their monstrous geniuses and brought out many of their Zhen Yuan Realm Experts. If not for the Ice Lotus, he would have ran away long ago, hiding as far away as possible.

He wanted to incite the crowd to jump into the lake so he could follow along.

After looking at the lake and the background for a while, he realized that this was a place where he had been schemed against by Zhao Can and luckily, he did not die. It was just that in the past, there were tall mountains everywhere and it was all covered in ice and snow but now, it had become a large glacial lake, covering hundreds of kilometers.

As Zi Chen was looking around, he suddenly saw the monk, and knew where he was hiding, but he did not dare to criticize him. The monk had done this in order to lure him out.

The monk was mimicking Zi Chen's voice. At that moment, he deliberately changed his appearance, put on his hat, put away his stomach, and hid in the crowd and kept on inciting the crowd.

Damn, monk, this is a sign of you courting death. Zi Chen gnashed his teeth, yet he heard the furious curses directed at him one after another.

But the monk enjoyed it.

Hey, this friend. Look at what that guy is doing. I can see that his mouth is constantly moving. Zi Chen poked a cultivator at the side, then pointed to the direction of the monk.

Yes. At first, he was dissatisfied and cursed. However, after hearing Zi Chen's words, he looked towards the monk.

He couldn't understand what he was supposed to look at the person for but the person who just poked him didn't say anything. As he turned around and was about to ask the person what he is supposed to look at, he found that the person was gone.

At this moment, the voice in the dark sounded once again.

Are you idiots? If you don't enter the lake, you won't get anything. The monk was still talking. His mouth was moving.

It's you, you're talking, you're Zi Chen. The cultivator let out a surprised cry and pointed at the monk.

In the distance, Zi Chen was sneering.

Everyone cried out in alarm as they turned their heads to look at the direction the cultivator was pointing at and saw the monk.

It was just that the other party's appearance was miles away from Zi Chen's.

Are you talking about me? The monk was at a loss while pointing at himself. In just an instant, a golden light flashed in his eyes, and then, a hint of disappointment appeared in his eyes. He realized that this person was not Zi Chen.

That's right, it's you. Just now, your mouth moved, and it was you who spoke. The cultivator pointed at the monk seriously.

Little brother, you must have recognized the wrong person, my mouth was moving just now, but I was cursing Zi Chen. How can you say that I'm Zi Chen. Moreover, I've also seen Zi Chen before and I don't look like him at all. The monk was not flustered.

Hmph, we already know that Zi Chen can change his appearance. You might have changed your appearance. The cultivator was unrelenting.

Little brother, you are truly mistaken. The monk smiled.

The others who were at the side also looked at the monk, but they could not be sure if this was Zi Chen or not.

Oh, I wonder who said that? The monk's eyes lit up as he looked around.

He... He disappeared all of a sudden. The cultivator said. Then, looking around, he did not see the person who spoke earlier.

This little brother, you were deceived, how could I possibly be Zi Chen, it is very possible that the person just now was Zi Chen. An aura surged out from the monk's body. This was the aura of the Zhen Yuan Realm, and it was also the second heaven.

Second heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm

Shocked exclamations came from all around. The cultivator's face changed as he quickly said, I'm sorry, I admit my wrongs, I admit my wrongs.

After saying that, he retreated. He was only an Xiantian Expert, yet his opponent was at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

So this guy in front of him was definitely not Zi Chen.

It's fine, I think you're thinking that Zi Chen is too hateful, hiding in the dark and shouting, he's indeed despicable. The monk waved his hand and laughed, but once again pointed his spear at Zi Chen.

That's right, it's all Zi Chen's fault.

The scoundrel who is hiding in the dark.

After this, the rest of them all spoke and blamed it all on Zi Chen.

How shameless, this damned monk. Zi Chen was so angry that he almost exploded. This monk was truly shameless, he turned around and spoke again, to slander him.

Zi Chen, come out here. What's the meaning of sneaking around?

Come out if you're capable!

Everyone was looking around unhappily.

Everyone, even though Zi Chen is hateful, it seems that what he said is not without reason. This glacial lake has appeared very strangely, and other than the Ice Lotus, there might be other things. The monk spoke again.

Everyone turned around and looked at the monk.

Since there's a Ice Lotus here, there must be a second one. Now that several young masters are here, they must have attracted the attention of the experts among the water type demonic beast. I feel that it's not unreasonable for us to be in the water now.


Before the monk could react, the cultivator had already jumped into the lake.

Ah, so impatient. The monk was surprised for a moment. He scanned the crowd again and more people jumped into the water.

Right now the three monstrous geniuses are fighting a fierce battle, they can't care about the Ice Lotus, this is their chance.

Everyone's eyes lit up, especially when they heard the plop sounds. Some of them were even more impatient, turning into a ray of light and rushing towards the glacial lake.


Scram, scram for me!

The Zhen Yuan Realm Experts of the several major powers made their moves, wanting to stop these people. But at this moment, a resplendent golden light appeared, shooting towards the experts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Being struck by the golden light, their bodies became unsteady and they fell straight into the glacial lake.

Following the appearance of each golden light, the twelve Zhen Yuan Realm Experts all fell in. No one stopped the crowd, and the rest all jumped in.

This monk is truly treacherous. Just by using such a small trick, he was able to pull everyone into the water.

This is bad! Zi Chen's face changed.