Thunder Martial Chapter 229 - Three Monstrous Geniuses

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Within a single day, Zi Chen killed dozens of Zhen Yuan Realm Experts, killed three great geniuses from the three forces, and every one of them were direct descendants. At the same time, he challenged all the younger generations in the world.

It caused a huge sensation.

Zi Chen's fame had undoubtedly reached its peak, no matter if it was in a large city or small town, or in streets or alleys, wherever there were cultivators, they would all be talking about Zi Chen.

No one had challenged the great powers for so many years, and Zi Chen's appearance had also attracted the attention of many great powers.

Everyone was filled with anticipation as to whether he was a monstrous genius stepping over the shoulder of the three great forces to rise to the top, or would he meet a sudden death.

Many cultivators were paying attention to the matter of Zi Chen, especially after the appearance of the three great forces' monstrous geniuses.

A fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents was about to begin.

That day during the fierce battle, he was not completely unharmed. When he was blocking the forbidden artifact, although A Mo had dissolved a large portion of the attack, a small portion of the energy still injured him.

Because of these wounds, Zi Chen left to find a safe place to treat his injuries.

Sitting in the middle of a cave, Zi Chen's entire body flickered with a golden light, his injuries slowly recovering.

Unfortunately, in this battle, although my strength has improved a bit, I haven't broken through to the last step.

A few days later, after his injuries had healed, Zi Chen shook his head and sighed.

To reach the Zhen Yuan Realm from the Xiantian realm, this is a massive transformation. Breaking through to the Zhen Yuan Realm can be considered a true threshold. With your perfect physique, it is normal for you to have difficulty breaking through. A Mo explained.

This had been a conspiracy, challenging all the young people in the world. Although he had put himself in a dangerous situation, it was still better than facing Imperial Sky Realm experts every day.

Against the monstrous genius of the world, Zi Chen relied on his extreme speed, and still had a thirty percent chance of survival. But against the Imperial Sky Experts, if he was lucky, he might be able to survive but if he was unlucky, he would die without a doubt.

This was also a suggestion that A Mo quickly gave when he saw Li Huo and the others again.

He was using the face of several great powers to threaten them and have them send out their young generation. Monstrous geniuses are arrogant and they won't be able to let this go.

Even though it was a success, these large powers are obviously very treacherous. There is a possibility that the expert would hide in secret and attack us, so we must be careful. A Mo reminded.

I understand Old Mo, I will be careful. Right now, we will go find the Ice Lotus. Only by obtaining it will I be able to quickly break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

The glacial lake was several kilometers long and had a large area. The many Demonic Beasts from before had disappeared, but there were still a few more among the glacial lake.

This was the place where the five thousand year old Ice Lotus were found. It was said that the Ice Lotus were underground, but so far, not a single person had been able to successfully enter.

The Water Type Demonic Beasts at the bottom of the lake were truly terrifying.

In the surroundings, many cultivates appeared and many of them were in the Xiantian Realm. They were all walking around the glacial lakes but not one was daring to go into the depths.

Some of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts were eager to give it a try, but after seeing that none of the other cultivators who had entered earlier came up, they all became terrified and stopped in their tracks.

The Demonic Beasts at the bottom of the lake were like many little snakes that were swimming around. It was only two meters long, but its strength was great.

It doesn't look like it. It looks like a mutated Demonic Beasts.

Everyone thought of many ways to lure the Demonic Beast up to the surface, but in the lake, it was their world, and there were a lot of water type Demonic Beasts so they could not really lure them all and only the real expert could penetrate it.

This Demonic Beasts is not very strong but it can use lightning. After being hit by the lightning, our movements will become sluggish and numb, then they will become difficult to deal with.

Someone was standing far away and had seen the Demonic Beasts attack from afar.

No one made a move. Everyone lingered in the lake. They tried everything they could, but none of them could dive into the lake.


On the head of the Roc, there was a golden crown, it was a Roc King. It released a terrifying aura and was flying in the sky.

On the back of the Roc stood a few people, led by a young man. His entire body was emitting rays of light, and he had a handsome appearance, which was extremely extraordinary.

That is… Li Family's Li Hao!

Heavens, the three forces went out because of Zi Chen. I didn't expect them to come here.

Could it be that Zi Chen is here?

Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky and cried out in alarm.

The Roc King released a shrill cry that made people's eardrums hurt.

The faces of all the cultivators present paled, and they quickly moved out of the way.




One figure after another flashed past, and people of the Li Family descended from the back of the Roc King.

What is he doing?

Could it be that he wants to bring these four people to the bottom of the lake to grab the Ice Lotus?

Everyone exclaimed, but they did not dare step forward, as Li Hao's aura was too strong. His eyes swept across everyone and everyone immediately felt a chill down their spines.

My younger brother has died because of you. I will use you to accompany my younger brother in death.

Li Hao said in a cold voice while looking at the lake. Li Huo died that day with not a complete corpse so he could not even be buried.

To let a five thousand year Ice Lotus die with him, Li Hao, what big words you have there! Right at this moment, a heavy voice appeared, and the crowd dispersed to reveal a burly youth.

Behind the burly youth, there were several cultivators following him. Their bodies were emitting overflowing auras;

Cang Meng, you came too. Li Hao did not turn back, but only spoke indifferently.

From the moment he stepped on the road of cultivation, no one knew that he had to fight with Cang Meng once a year, but throughout all these years, Li Hao had never won, and of course, had never lost either.

His big sword was indeed terrifying, but Li Hao was not weak either.

Cang Meng, he is Cang Meng. The monstrous genius of the Cang Family.

I heard that he is a strange person. He did not cultivate the Cang Family's secret technique, but had practiced a blade technique with unparalleled might.

Li Hao, your speed isn't slow at all. Cang Meng took a big step forward. It seemed as if the heavy sword behind him was too heavy and actually caused the earth to tremble as he walked forward.

The two of them stood by the lake and stared at the water. Occasionally, one or two Demonic Beasts would glide across the lake.

It's just a mere water type Demonic Beast, not worth mentioning. Cang Meng raised his eyelids, looking disdainful.

Behind him, the crowd was speechless.

It had to be known that this water type Demonic Beasts had already devoured dozens of lives. All of them with Zhen Yuan Realm, more than what Zi Chen had killed that day.

This place was originally an ice valley and had not melted for hundreds of years, but now it has become a glacial lake. There is a problem with that.

Wu Yuan, you came too. Cang Meng turned to look at the person.

It was a young man, around the age of twenty-one or twenty-two, dressed in a luxurious robe. Seeing the two monstrous geniuses from the Cangli was here but he still dared to step forward, he was naturally extraordinary.

Wu Yuan, a monstrous genius of the Wu Zong Sect had already stepped into the Zhen Yuan Realm before twenty years of age.

The three of them stood in a three-legged position as they stared at the lake's surface.

I want to bring the Ice Lotus out of the lake. Wu Yuan said indifferently as he merely glanced at the water type Demonic Beasts.

On what basis? Li Hao did not even raise his head.

I lost my younger brother, I want to take away both the life of the Ice Lotus and Zi Chen. Li Hao squinted as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Have you two forgotten about me? Cang Meng's aura became even more stable, the big sword behind his back started to tremble.

The three of them were all monstrous genius and had unparalleled combat power. There had never been a victor amongst them so when they met now, they could not help but have the urge to fight.

As for Zi Chen, the three of them did not take him seriously at all.

Are the three of you going to fight?

Heavens, the three monstrous geniuses are going to fight. This is going to be a real fierce battle between evenly matched opponents.

The three of them stood in the three directions, the expert behind them all retreated and a surge of fighting spirit rising, this was the sign that they were going to attack.

The three monstrous geniuses were very conceited, they did not even put Zi Chen and the water type Demonic Beasts in their eyes. They did not even seem to care about the five thousand year old Ice Lotus.

If they wanted it, it was only for the sake of gaining face.

What's the point of trash talking? If you have the ability, jump in and snatch it. Whoever gets it first will get it. Is there any point in standing outside and comparing their momentum?

Suddenly, a sneer came from the crowd.


Everyone turned their heads to look towards the direction of the voice. They only saw a little cultivator, who was only at the early stage of the Xiantian realm.

The three monstrous geniuses did not speak, but their momentum did not increase anymore.

If you have the ability, go inside and snatch it. Whoever gets the Ice Lotus will get it. The voice from the darkness sounded once again, but this time, it came from the left and right, making it hard for people to determine his or her identity.

Who is this? How fierce! How dare he taunt the monstrous genius?

Could it be Zi Chen? I feel that this voice is similar to Zi Chen's voice.

A cultivator spoke up and looked around, but did not find anyone suspicious.


Agreed, this is only fair.

The other two nodded.

With that said, the three of them jumped into the glacial lake without any hesitation.