Thunder Martial Chapter 228 - War Against The Younger Generations

Ultimate face smacking technique. This was a technique that Zi Chen had comprehended himself. Although it did not have an aura that could destroy heaven and earth, or the might that could cause mountains and rivers to tremble, it was still a type of art.



The sound was crisp and loud. There was also a rhythm to it. This was an art that completely evolved from violence, close to perfection.

Even though the crowd was trembling with fear and they knew that this master was a demon that easily kills people, they could not help but admire the scene before their eyes. It was a true art form.

To be able to produce such a rhythm after a simple face-smacking strike, Zi Chen was the only person in this world.

If one wanted to ask what kind of secret technique it was, there would not be an answer. Everything needed to be comprehended by oneself, and it would not be easy to comprehend this technique.


With a clear and crisp sound, Cang He spat out the same amount of blood. As for his teeth, they decreased bit by bit, until he finally spat out the last one.

Alright, I'll send you on your way.

Zi Chen spoke indifferently, and then his palm descended once again. An even louder sound appeared and like the last music, it abruptly stopped.


A clear, crisp, and somewhat sharp voice resounded, forming the last stroke. Cang He was directly slapped to death in the face.

At the same time, Zi Chen was also warning the Cang Family.

Li Family Li Huo's heart was pierced through, his body was blown away after he was lifted up by the spear.

Wu Zong Sects Wu Xing's four limbs were sliced off and the spear shot through his heart and he died a violent death.

Cang Family Cang He's mouth was teethless after the slapping session and he had turned him into a pig face, and finally died from the slap.

The three died in different states, but they were all extremely miserable.

Geniuses from the three great forces? Hmph, that's all you can do. Unfortunately, there are people from the older generation guarding these trash. Otherwise, I would have been able to kill them easily.

Looking at the three corpses, Zi Chen spoke out coldly. His voice spread out and shook everyone, and he used his mouths to declare war on the younger generation of the three great forces.

No wonder the older generation repeatedly attacked. So it turns out that the younger generation are all trash.

Zi Chen bent down and took Cang He's Spatial Ring, his expression extremely disdainful.

Everyone was dumbstruck and overwhelmed with shock.

This was a challenge to all the youths of the three forces, including the monstrous genius. One had to know, all three factions had monstrous genius.

Damn it! He's really poor! How is he from the Wu Zong Sect? He doesn't even have a single Spatial Ring! When Zi Chen did not manage to find any Spatial Ring from Wu Xing's body, he scolded angrily. When his voice came out, it made everyone speechless once again.

This is too fierce!

Zi Chen turned around and looked at the three young masters and asked, Have you finished roasting the meat?

Yes, yes.

The three of them nodded their heads and bowed, their faces carrying smiles, as though they were looking at their own, treating Zi Chen as their own.

Very well, since the food is done, let's cut it open and give a piece to everyone here. My hand is sore from hitting them. I believe that everyone must have become hungry after watching this.

Zi Chen laughed and waved his hand. He did not mind at all, and did care about what kind of existences he had provoked.

This is slapping the faces of the three factions. He's doomed. In the future, he'll be pursued by them endlessly.

Someone shook their head and sighed. In their opinion, Zi Chen had acted rashly today.

Only Zi Chen himself knew that this was his only way out.

Zi Chen laughed faintly, as if nothing had happened, he went forward and took away Li Huo's forbidden artifact, it was a bell that could still be used once. Just now, many people were trying to snatch it away, and there were even one or two corpses on the ground, but after Zi Chen used his strongest method to kill Cang He, all the rogue cultivators retreated, no longer daring to fight for the forbidden artifact.

After putting away the forbidden artifact, Zi Chen walked over to the bonfire, tore off a large piece of roasted meat, and started to eat it.

After that, the three young masters tremblingly distributed the roasted meat to everyone.

Too powerful!

What a wild and fierce person.

The smell of the roasted meat filled the entire place, but there was an even stronger stench of blood, it was considered not bad that no one vomited so how could they still eat. Only Zi Chen ate heartily.

This is from a Demonic Beast. If you eat it, you will be greatly nourished, you will lose out if you don't. Zi Chen waved the golden beast leg in his hand, gesturing to everyone to start eating.

Everyone was speechless, thinking to themselves that this was truly heartless.

Then, Zi Chen took out a jug of wine and started eating the meat in big gulps while drinking in small gulps.

After eating his fill, Zi Chen stood up. Everyone was looking at him, and no one left.

Everyone, after you eat my food, help me with something.

Everyone was looking at him, waiting for Zi Chen to speak.

Everyone, spread the news of today's events, tell those great powers without missing a word, and also, tell those great powers in my stead that if you want to kill me, Zi Chen, then send out your younger generation and I won't hide from them. If there is one, I will cut one, and if there is a pair, I will cut them both, I will not refuse.

Of course, if you all are shameless, you can also send out the characters from the older generation. The Imperial Sky experts can come and try to kill me but don't expect me to just stay there and wait for death. If I am lucky enough to not die, then in the future, I will definitely come and attack your gates.

With that said, just as everyone was still in a daze, Zi Chen started walking towards the distance.

He can't stay here much longer.

Cangli City! Li Family!

Bastard, Zi Chen, I will kill you! When Li Hao heard about his younger brother's death, who knows how many tables were shattered. The house was a mess and many precious jade artifacts were destroyed.

I'm going to kill you, you damned thing! Li Hao roared, the monstrous genius was enraged.

Did he really say that? Waiting until everything in the room fell down, Li Hao took a deep breath and looked at the servant standing outside the door coldly.

According to the news, Zi Chen said that as long as a younger generation of the major powers come, he won't hide and will definitely fight. Moreover, it doesn't matter how many younger generations come, he will kill them all The servant replied respectfully.

Fine, fine. I only asked you if he said that. I didn't ask you to repeat it again. The anger that Li Hao had suppressed earlier was ignited once again. Previously, he had smashed something but now he wanted to kill someone.

Yes, yes! The servant was so frightened that he kneeled on the ground and answered in horror.


Li Hao panted heavily, sweeping a glance at the servant. The latter rolled and crawled as though he was pardoned, afraid that he would be killed by Li Hao if he was one step too slow.

Zi Chen, you little thing, a mere Xiantian actually dares to challenge my Li Family. I will personally kill you. Li Hao clenched his teeth, the anger in his heart burning. He had never placed Zi Chen in his eyes before, but this time, the other party had mercilessly slapped Li Family's face and slapped Li Hao's face.

Hao'er! An imposing voice came out, and a middle-aged man dressed in purple walked over. He was the Family Head of the Li Family, Li Hao and Li Huo's father.

Father. Li Hao was not in a good mood.

I've also heard about Xiao Li's matters. This time, all of the experts heading north are returning, and there are still some people heading south. Naturally, they will be able to kill Zi Chen this time. The Patriarch Li spoke up.

Father, I wish to take action on this matter, I want to avenge my younger brother. I want to take revenge myself, I will kill Zi Chen personally. Li Hao's eyes radiated an endless cold light.

Nonsense, there are many precious treasures involved, how can you be emotional? Family Head Li glared and said: The reason I'm here today is to tell you not to be impulsive. This matter will be handled by the experts in the family, and it is all for the sake of the family.

For the sake of those unworthy precious treasures. Don't tell me you don't care about the face of the Li Family and that you want people to laugh at us and think that there's no one in the Li Family's younger generation who is worthy enough to fight Zi Chen? Li Hao shouted loudly, he had lost control of his emotions.

You don't understand. If we obtain the inheritance and obtain the precious treasure in Zi Chen's hands, our Li Family will become strong, maybe even becoming the strongest one in tens of thousands of years. At that time, no one would dare to laugh at us. Patriarch Li patted Li Hao's shoulder.

When will it be? Thousands of years from now, could it be that the strength of our Li Family must rely on Zi Chen alone, or must we let the elders help us? Zi Chen is only a small Xiantian expert, I can slay him and wipe out the shame of our family. I don't need the family experts to wash away the shame, I alone am enough.

If I'm not wrong, the Cang Family and Wu Zong Sect are definitely going to send out their monstrous genius this time. It can't be that you want our Li Family to be treated as a laughing stock? Even if the elder were to kill Zi Chen in the end, it will not bring honor to our family, it will only bring shame, it will only bring ridicule. Li Hao said loudly.

He enunciated word by word, Therefore, the humiliation we had suffered this time around could only be cleansed with Zi Chen's blood from me.

Patriarch Li hesitated for a while before sinking into deep thought. After a while, he sighed: Alright, be careful, go get a forbidden artifact.

No need. Using a forbidden artifact to kill him is still a humiliation. Li Hao waved his hands, looking very conceited.

On that day, the Li Family announced that Li Hao had appeared and would fight Zi Chen with all his might.

Li Hao, the strongest younger generations of the Li Family had unrivaled combat power. When he was in the early Xiantian Realm, he had already killed a late Xiantian genius from the Heaven Killing Pavilion who had attempted to assassinate him.

Zi Chen, wait for me to kill you.

On the day that he received the news, Li Hao walked out of the family with a few guards at the Zhen Yuan Realm at his side.

With Li Hao's high-profile appearance, the hesitating Cang Family and Wu Zong Sect completely made up their minds. It was also on that day that the two great forces spoke out.

Zi Chen, watch me, Cang Meng, come and kill you. A tall youth walked out of the Cang Family. It was the monstrous genius of Cang Family, Cang Meng.

This was the monstrous genius that was raised up by the Cang Family and he could fight shoulder to shoulder with Li Hao. Although he has not fought with the Good and Evil Monks before, he should be on par with him.

The Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius also appeared on that day, domineering and high-profile, threatening to behead Zi Chen.

The three great forces have sent out their monstrous genius! They are trying to kill Zi Chen!

Zi Chen is finished. Even without the pursuit from Imperial Sky Realm experts, if he were to face the monstrous genius now, the chances of survival are equally slim.

With the appearance of the three great monstrous geniuses, the world was shaken.

Furthermore, the objective of the three monstrous geniuses was very clear; they were all going south, as if they had already known of Zi Chen's whereabouts since long ago.

This brat makes such big commotion wherever he goes. Does he really have the confidence to deal with Li Hao and the others? A bald man appeared in a dense forest.

He's at the peak of Xiantian Realm. I believe he's going to snatch that Ice Lotus and use it to break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm. I should have rushed over long ago. This kid has quite a few precious treasures on him.