Thunder Martial Chapter 227 - Facing Off Against A Forbidden Artifact Again


The spear had penetrated Li Huo's body, and the latter let out the last unwilling roar before death.

But it was too late, his life force was slipping away.

Everything was deathly silent.

Everyone stared wide-eyed, staring in shock at the young monstrous genius.


Zi Chen lifted the spear and directly raised Li Huo's body. The latter's eyes were completely unfocused.

He's dead, he's really dead!

Li Family Li Huo actually died like this.

This Zi Chen is indeed powerful, he killed Li Huo just like that.

The astounded crowd did not know what words to use to express their shock. All of them felt their throats go dry, unable to utter a single word.

In the distance, a few Zhen Yuan Realm experts had already rushed to the side of the forbidden artifact, but after seeing Li Huo being lifted up into the air, all of them stopped in their tracks, as if they were being frozen in place, not daring to move at all.

As for the forbidden artifact that they had been envious of, it was now as dazzling as a red-hot iron, impossible to look at directly.

The three young masters were so scared that they almost wet their pants. Zi Chen had killed Li Huo, a fellow young master like them in a single blow.

It was as clean and efficient as if he had killed a chicken.

The three of them swallowed their saliva with difficulty, then looked at each other, and all of them felt relief and fear. Although they had lost some face before but after seeing Li Huo being lifted up in the air by the spear, instead of their face being lost, their life would be lost.

They could only rejoice that they decided to compromise.

Suddenly, the young master of the Zhao Family discovered that his guards did not flip the meat for a long time. His face suddenly changed, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and he screamed.

Are you f*cking courting death? Hurry up and flip the meat! Young Master Zhao shouted loudly. Then, he extended his palm, ignoring the dancing flames and flipped the meat.

Uh, oh, oh!

The guard realized that he had been scared silly before.

Zi Chen, how dare you! You actually dared to kill a Li Family member.

Since you killed Li Huo, you have completely offended the Li Family. From then on, your hiding-place will no longer exist.

Wu Xing and Cang He shouted out loud, but their faces were pale white, obviously showing that they were shocked and afraid.

The Li Family is never going to stop until I die anyways. Zi Chen said calmly. A golden light suddenly appeared on the spear, and passed through the spear onto Li Huo's body.


Li Huo's body immediately exploded, splitting into pieces, and he died without a complete corpse.


At the same time, a red ring fell from the sky and was caught by Zi Chen.

Spatial Ring!

This could be considered as a precious treasure.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Zi Chen killed people to take their treasures. He took Li Huo's Spatial Ring, and then swept his gaze towards the two other leaders, Of course, the both of you will die as well.

With that, Zi Chen turned into lightning and rushed towards Wu Xing. His entire body was covered in blood, like a devil that had escaped into the world.

Zi Chen, don't mess around. You only have grudges with Wu Xiong, you have already killed him, but this is the first time we have met. We have never had any grudges. Wu Xing bellowed, and retreated.

Wrong, I have a grudge with each and every one of you Wu Zong Sect members. I swear that I will destroy your Wu Zong Sect. With the spear in hand, Zi Chen approached like lightning.

To destroy the Wu Zong Sect was simply boasting. If it was before, people would naturally mock him, but at this moment, seeing Zi Chen's fighting strength, and hearing such words from him, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.


In order to survive, Wu Xing had to perform his strongest attack, which could be said to be one attack stronger than the other. At this moment, the powerful martial techniques of the Wu Zong Sect were displayed vividly by him.

Although he was unable to suppress Zi Chen, he had delayed the time of his death.

Zi Chen held the spear in his hand, and slashed one attack after another at Wu Xing who kept retreating, while Zi Chen kept advancing.

Cang He, save me! Wu Xing shouted loudly, filled with fear.

At the moment, Cang He's face was warped, he had been hesitating, unable to run, and unable to make a move.


Just at that moment, a bloody light flashed. Wu Xing dodged the spear light's killing blow, but his arm was cut off and blood splashed out as his arm fell.

Ah… Cang He, save me!

Wu Xing screamed for help and retreated.

Cang He was still hesitating, but he still took out his forbidden artifact, and streams of terrifying aura leaked out.

Save me, Cang He!

Wu Xing screamed, he turned and ran towards Cang He, he needed to borrow strength from the forbidden artifact.


The spear swept out again and blood once again appeared as Wu Xing lost another arm.

Save… Me! Both of his arms were cut off, causing Wu Xing to almost faint. He lost too much blood and became powerless to cry for help.


Just at that moment, a golden light slashed down from beneath Wu Xing's body, both of his legs were instantly sliced off, Wu Xing's four limbs were cut off.

Life is better than death!


The spear swept out, and directly pierced through Wu Xing's chest, causing him to die.

All of these happened very quickly and in the blink of an eye, Wu Xing had his four limbs cut off. No one could react at all.

Especially Cang He, he had never expected that Wu Xing would die so quickly.

Go to hell!

The two of them were already dead, and Cang He was the only one left. He no longer hesitated, and a cold light flashed in his eyes as the folding fan in his hands flew up into the air.

With the previous example, Cang He did not dare to be careless. He quickly activated the forbidden artifact, which made it impossible for Zi Chen to stop him.


The fan trembled, and released a terrifying Qi, following that, it released a large amount of light and swept towards Zi Chen.


The sound of wind and thunder sounded out and a burst of incomparable gale swept up. It released waves of whistling sounds and a burst of terrifying aura directly rushed towards Zi Chen.

The strike of the forbidden artifact contained unparalleled power.

The forbidden artifact at this moment was a genuine forbidden artifact. Its might was several times stronger than when it was used by a Xiantian expert.


The sound of wind and thunder engulfed the sky as the terrifying attack shot straight towards Zi Chen, intending to eliminate him no matter what.

Zi Chen's expression was extremely solemn. He had the spear on his left and the diamond on his right, preparing to defend against the forbidden artifact's attack.

On top of the diamond, a resplendent golden light shone like a round Sun. On top of the ancient weapon, a resplendent silver light danced and formed a silver circle, blocking in front of Zi Chen like a silver shield.


The attack from the forbidden artifact instantly arrived and exploded with a loud bang. Victory or defeat was decided in this instant.

Above the ground, enormous fissures spread, directly extending to the feet of everyone present. The entire ground had fallen by more than three meters, with endless smoke and dust drifting about.

At that instant, everyone stopped what they were doing. The ones who were roasting the meat no longer roasted, and the ones who were fighting for the Forbidden Artifacts no longer fought.

They wanted to see if Zi Chen could create another legend and block this forbidden artifact's attack.

The surging energy was rampaging everywhere. No one dared to step forward. All they could do was wait for the energy to dissipate and for smoke and dust to descend.


Just as the energy was dissipating, a strong gust of wind appeared, blowing away the smoke and dust that filled the sky, revealing a deep pit with a radius of a few metres in the middle of the battlefield.

A deep pit?

Everyone was startled, they could only see the deep pit, but not the figure of a person. They did not know whether Zi Chen was dead or alive.


Just at this moment, the forbidden artifact above Cang He's head broke since it used up all of its energy. Everyone was startled, and some of the people who were about to go into the deep pit to investigate stopped themselves.


However, just as everyone stopped, another loud sound rang out. This time, it was from the direction of the deep pit and a figure quickly rushed out.

It was Zi Chen.

At this moment, his tattered clothes were covered with blood. It was unknown whether it was someone else's blood or his own blood. A pair of pitch-black and bright eyes were emitting boundless killing intent.

The diamond had already disappeared. There was only the spear in his hand, emitting a ghastly cold light.

Cang He, today is the day you die! Zi Chen said coldly, filled with energy.


He's still alive?

A head on attack from a Forbidden Artifact, yet he isn't injured?

Everyone's faces changed. They were incomparably shocked. He was only a mere Xiantian realm expert but he could still block a forbidden artifact that is used by a Zhen Yuan Realm expert.

This was too scary.

Those experts who were fighting for the forbidden artifact felt a chill in their hearts. They did not dare to hope for anything else so they gave up the forbidden artifact and turned to leave, afraid that Zi Chen would kill them in the next moment.

This... This is impossible. Cang He's face changed, he exclaimed, turned and ran.


However, how could his speed be comparable to Zi Chen's? In the blink of an eye, Zi Chen had already arrived in front of Cang He.


The spear swept past and Cang He was immediately pushed back.

A barrier of light appeared around him, blocking the killing blow.

With a flash of golden light, Zi Chen arrived in front of Cang He and raised his palm.

The palm landed with a loud sound, causing the entire light barrier to tremble.

A golden light flashed on his palm, containing an incomparable power as it descended once more.


The light cover shook even more violently, and the energy within it was rapidly dissipating.

Zi Chen made his move, as fast as lightning and every strike was an all-out attack. With a series of loud booms, the light barrier finally exhausted all of its energy, and with a bang, it exploded as Cang He appeared in front of Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, I am Cang... Family... If you kill me, and that means you have completely offended the Cang Family. Cang He was terrified, even his voice started to tremble.


Zi Chen did not speak, his palm raised and dropped down once again, hitting Cang He on the face, loud and clear. It spread throughout the entire audience.

Cang He was actually slapped.

I'm not seeing things, right? The Cang Family is getting slapped in the face by Zi Chen right now.

Is he really slapping the Cang Family in the face in front of so many people?

Previously, the crowd didn't think much of the barrier of light, but now, a clear and loud sound rang out. Only then did everyone clearly feel that this was a slap in the face.

This was no longer slapping Cang He's face, but slapping the Cang Family in the face. Because at this moment, Cang He was already a dead man.

A dead man has no face.


When the slap landed, Cang He spat out a mouthful of blood accompanied by a white tooth.


As the second slap landed, he spat out another mouthful of blood, accompanied by two white teeth.

Zi Chen once again revealed his ultimate face smacking technique to the world. He wanted to warn the Cang Family through the mouth of the world, or perhaps, it was purely to humiliate the Cang Family.

It could be imagined that after today, the Southern region would have a few more laughingstocks.