Thunder Martial Chapter 226 - Killing Li Huo

Zi Chen's entire body was drenched in blood and beside him were many corpses. His powerful fighting strength intimidated everyone.

He was like a killing machine, his fighting strength was unrivaled as he easily killed dozens of Zhen Yuan Realm Experts. However, it could not be said as killing, but rather, a massacre.

The spectators in the distance sucked in countless breaths of cold air. In their hearts, Zi Chen has become a fierce monstrous genius.

This was not only a matter of fighting strength, there were many strong ones and many experts but no one would dare to attack the three forces at the same time.

The three young masters were so shocked that they couldn't even roast the meat properly. Thankfully, their subordinates all hurried over to replace them, trembling in fear.

Roast well, and put your heart into it!

The trio hurriedly instructed. Afraid that there would be any signs of irregularities in the situation, they continued to supervise their subordinate from the side.

As for the subordinates who were standing next to the bonfire and flipping over the meat, they were still sweating profusely but their bodies were ice-cold and they couldn't feel any heat at all.

Each Zhen Yuan Realm expert was slashed down just like that. It was too terrifying, too bloody, too violent, and of course too fierce.

Furthermore, this person's battle prowess was peerless. Even when the three young masters joined forces, they were still unable to defeat him.


With a single step, the earth shook as Zi Chen charged towards the three of them. Killing intent surged in his eyes; these were the people he had to kill.

Cang He, Li Huo, and Wu Xing, no one can escape.


Zi Chen's fighting strength was unrivaled, with a powerful strike, the three people's combined attack was forced back and Wu Xing coughed out blood.

I say, you still don't want to use your trump cards? Wu Xing shouted in dissatisfaction, thinking that these two people were truly stingy. They were about to die but these two were not even willing to use their forbidden artifact.

It was understandable for them to not use a forbidden artifact because their subordinate was dying but since they, themselves, were on the verge of dying, what use was there in hiding a forbidden artifact?

This was the first time he came out on behalf of the Wu Zong Sect so he did not receive any forbidden artifacts.


Under the stares of the crowd, the three of them were pushed back once again.

Dammit, I'm going to kill him.

Li Huo was an impatient one. At this moment, he was forced to retreat again and again, unable to keep his pride. He felt a burning sensation on his cheek, and once his brain got hot, he couldn't care about anything else.

With a flip of his hand, a palm-sized bell appeared, releasing a bronze light. There were cracks all over its body but a terrifying aura was still emitted from the bell.


Li Huo scoffed, and ruthlessly swept a glance at the Cang He who still maintained his calm despite the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth as he raised the bell in his hand.

This is a forbidden artifact.

Heavens, Li Huo actually took out a forbidden artifact.

This is a battle of life and death.

With the appearance of the forbidden artifact, who could possibly contend against it? I actually saw a forbidden artifact!

In the distance, the crowd exclaimed in surprise as an extremely terrifying aura was emitted from the bell, causing one's heart to palpitate.

This was a forbidden artifact, and the appearance of this weapon immediately drew exclamations of surprise. At this moment, facing the young man's unparalleled combat power, Li Huo could only use a forbidden artifact to suppress him.

Go to hell!

Li Huo swept his gaze towards Zi Chen, gritting his teeth, with a thought, the forbidden artifact flew into the air, releasing a brilliant light.

This was a destructive strike.


The bell lightly trembled, and a terrifying aura spread out.

Everyone held their breaths as they stared unwaveringly at the bell. They wanted to see the true might of a forbidden artifact.

As for who would live and who would die, they didn't care. They just wanted to see a great battle take place. In the future, when they drank wine, they would have the ability to boast.

Once the forbidden artifact was used, a terrifying aura surged, causing Cang He and Wu Xing to retreat continuously, afraid that they would be affected.

Forbidden artifact?

Seeing the bell in Li Huo's hand once again, Zi Chen's eyes released a blazing light. This was a forbidden artifact, even if it could only be used once, it was still a forbidden artifact, able to injure existences like the Good and Evil Monk.

And right now, Zi Chen urgently needed this kind of thing and he plans to use it as his trump card.

Go to hell! Li Huo roared, he activated his will once again, to fully display the power of the forbidden artifact.

With the breakthrough in his cultivation and getting Spiritual Perception, Li Huo once again released the forbidden artifact, which increased its power by several times.

I don't think so.

The fiery light in Zi Chen's eyes burned even hotter. At the same time, he flipped his hand, and a fist-sized stone appeared. The stone emitted a faint golden light that was caught in Zi Chen's hand.

This is?

Is it also a forbidden artifact?

No, that's a diamond. Why would he take out a diamond piece?

When everyone noticed Zi Chen's abnormal movements, they all exclaimed out in shock.

This is the diamond, you are…

Seeing the familiar diamond, Li Huo's expression changed, and he forgot to continue activating the forbidden artifact as he cried out.


However, at this time, the diamond's golden light shone brightly. It emitted a blinding golden light and flew forward abruptly.

Although Zi Chen did not have a forbidden artifact, a diamond could still be used to attack. Since it is the main material for a precious treasure, it is almost comparable to a Spirit Armament and could be controlled using his Spiritual Perception.

Of course, these were all said by A Mo, he didn't even know about it before this.

Under the Spiritual Perception of Zi Chen's, the diamond emitted a bright light and transformed into a golden lightning bolt as it rushed towards the bell.

The diamond was extremely fast, causing Li Huo to react slightly slower.

You're courting death!

Li Huo bellowed, activating the bell once again, but it was too late, the diamond had already arrived above Li Huo's head, and smashed towards the bell.


The diamond smashed onto the bell, causing a loud sound to echo out and causing Li Huo's heart to tremble.

Even the Spiritual Perception that he had just sent out was shaken.

Li Huo's expression changed. He originally wanted to control the forbidden artifact to attack, but his consciousness was shaken, unable to guide the destructive aura inside.



At the same time, the diamond turned into a ray of lightning and landed on the bell once again, causing a loud sound.

Ah! Li Huo shouted. His Spiritual Perception once again surged out towards the forbidden artifact.

This was a contest of Spiritual Perception.

The golden light was resplendent, much stronger than the ordinary expert at the first heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm. Furthermore, Zi Chen's strength had broken through once again, becoming a peak Xiantian expert so his Spiritual Perception had become even stronger.

Right now, controlling the diamond was very easy. He ordered the diamond to attack the bell repeatedly, shaking Li Huo's mind, causing the latter to be unable to activate the forbidden artifact normally.




Above Li Huo, the bell would be struck as it slowly retreated. In the end, with a bang, it left Li Huo's Spiritual Perception range and flew off into the distance.

And Li Huo's Spiritual Perception had even gotten injured during the last strike of the diamond.

A trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth as Li Huo's face became deathly pale.

You… You are Zi Chen.

As the bell was struck and sent flying, Li Huo was still in a state of shock when he finally said the last few words.

Zi Chen!

He is Zi Chen?

Just like a stone that caused a thousand ripples, Li Huo's cry of surprise caused a huge commotion.

Who is Zi Chen?

He was a fierce person who brought about a miracle along the way. When he was in the True Qi Realm, he killed people from the Zhen Yuan Realm and was chased down by experts at the Imperial Sky Realm. Not only did he not die, his strength had even gotten stronger.

In the ruins, he used a forbidden artifact and caused the great powers to lose all their face. He had ultimately obtained the strongest inheritance, and now he was still being chased down.

It was just Zi Chen's escape route. Wasn't it supposed to be on the way north?


After knocking out the bell, the danger was resolved, the diamond turned into a ray of light and returned back to normal. Zi Chen laughed out loud and kept the diamond, the bones in his body crackled and he regained his original appearance.

It was Zi Chen.

It really is you! Li Huo's face changed.

In the distance, Cang He's face had also become incomparably pale. As for Wu Xing, even though he had never seen Zi Chen before, his own brother had been beheaded by this man.

If it's not me, who else would it be? A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, In this world, other than me, who else would hate a shameless family like yours to the bone?


Li Huo was retreating, his eyes filled with fear. Zi Chen's fighting strength was too terrifying, even if he was only using his peak Xiantian Realm, he would still be able to defeat him.

Today, I will kill you and pay the price for everything you've done. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent, and he rushed towards Li Huo.

That day, Li Huo and Cang He were clamoring and provoking the Imperial Sky experts to kill him.


Li Huo cried out in alarm, he had already seen Zi Chen's power, he himself could not beat him at all, if he knew that this youth was Zi Chen, he would not have fought at all, and would have immediately escaped from this place.

Of course, there was also the possibility of him activating the forbidden artifact to attack at the first possible moment.


In Zi Chen's hand, a light flashed as an ancient weapon appeared. It was a spear, shining bright and silvery. It was the ancient weapon that he had obtained in the trial grounds back then.

Zi Chen held the ancient weapon in his hand and stabbed it towards Li Huo, his killing intent surging.


With a loud sound, Li Huo was sent flying. A barrier of light appeared around his body, blocking the attack for him.

It's this turtle shell again.

The source of the light barrier was Li Huo's jade pendant. He had seen it before at the trial grounds.


Zi Chen's body transformed into lightning, and attacked once again. The tip of the spear struck Li Huo's chest, and the latter was once again sent flying. At the same time, a loud sound was heard, and the jade pendant in Li Huo's chest shattered.

Cang He, save me.

Li Huo flew back and cried for help.

It's too late to ask for help now. Zi Chen's body transformed into lightning, once again appearing in front of Li Huo, this time, activating his full strength. The silver spear released a golden light and at the moment, Zi Chen unleashed his unparalleled attack.


The spear descended, but this time it did not strike Li Huo flying. Instead, it shattered the Protective Shield and at the same time, the sharp spear pierced towards Li Huo's chest.


With a flash of golden light, the spear pierced into Li Huo's chest.


Li Huo grabbed onto the pike with both hands and he couldn't believe that he was actually going to die.

He was a Young Master, his biological brother was Li Hao, a true monstrous genius, and even though he was not a monstrous genius, he was still a genius. His future was limitless, but he never would have thought that everything would end today.

The spear had penetrated Li Huo's body, causing him to feel a chill. His soul seemed to be dissipating, this was a sign of death.