Thunder Martial Chapter 225 - Powerful

The three Rocs died one after another, causing Wu Xing to lose his escaping methods. He quickly retreated, wanting to escape on the ground.

Wu Xing, where are you running to?

Zi Chen bellowed and used the Nine Thunder Pass to chase Wu Xing.


A figure flashed, carrying a terrifying killing intent and the figure charged straight towards Zi Chen. It was one of the two second heavenly layers of the Zhen Yuan Realm that had stopped Zi Chen.


Zi Chen shouted, his entire body flashing with golden light. Like a Golden Warlord, he struck the expert's body and with a loud bang, the latter vomited blood and flew backwards.

Even though he was knocked back, the expert did not die. The vital force of an expert at the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm had far surpassed the first heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm.


A gigantic blade descended, striking towards Zi Chen's head, and then another person made his move. Amongst the experts that Wu Xing had brought, only two people remained.


Zi Chen punched out, shattering the blade. At the same time, he rushed towards the expert at the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm. His fists clenched tightly like a heavy hammer as they descended. The bright golden light stimulated everyone's eyes, making them unable to open their eyes.


The expert at the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm was smashed away like a cannonball. This time, Zi Chen used all of his strength and killed the expert at the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm in one blow.

This is too terrifying. This is simply a massacre.

Until now, he has only used Xiantian Qi. For a Xiantian expert to use such a method, could it be that I am seeing another monstrous genius?

Amidst the discussions of the crowd, Zi Chen killed the last expert.

At this moment, the ten experts brought by Wu Xing all died. Even the three Rocs were plucked clean and ready to be roasted.

You guys, roast it if you don't want to die. If you can't eat the barbecue then, I'll eat you. Zi Chen said coldly.

Yes, yes! Of course, of course!

The three young masters nodded like chicks eating rice. Their expressions were respectful without a single trace of dissatisfaction. They didn't care about their status as a young master at this moment.

Zi Chen turned his head to give an order before chasing after Wu Xing.

Everyone was speechless. What kind of person was this? Was he trying to kill or was he eating? Was he really a fool or did he not put the Wu Zong Sect in his eyes at all?

Li Huo, Cang He, I will definitely repay you for saving me. Wu Xing did not escape, but rushed towards Li Huo and Cang He.

This young man was very fast, so he couldn't run away at all. At this moment, he could only ask for help from the other two because he knew that the two of them had forbidden artifacts in their hands.

Forbidden artifacts were like a taboo. Once it was used, the color of the sky and earth would change, and no one would be able to block it.

Oh, you know how to run.

Zi Chen's face was covered in blood. He grinned, revealing a mouth full of white teeth, looking very sinister. He walked towards Li Huo step by step.

What should we do? Zi Chen walked over with a smile on his face. Li Huo felt the pressure and turned to look at Cang He.

Cang He frowned, even he was unable to see through this youth's origins, and furthermore, he was unable to see through the other party's intentions.

Was he merely after the Wu Zong Sect or the three forces?

Of course, in Cang He's heart, the other party's target was only the Wu Zong Sect because in this world, there was no one that was stupid enough to provoke the three forces. Furthermore, the Wu Zong Sect was used to being domineering, which meant that they had provoked a lot of people.

If it's Zi Chen, then it's quite possible for him to offend all three of the forces at the same time. Cang He thought.

But he quickly ruled out this possibility, because Zi Chen was in the north and was being encircled by the Imperial Sky experts. It was impossible for him to suddenly come to the south.

Furthermore, although this person had always displayed Xiantian Qi, Cang He believed that the other party was hiding his true strength.

The two of you must save me. Our Wu Zong Sect will definitely repay you in the future. Wu Xing pleaded. Even a genius like him was not be able to kill this man. Furthermore, he had exchanged blows with him previously.

This kind of person, in the past Limitless Sect, was simply a waste. He even dared to call himself a genius, and even called himself a monstrous genius. A Mo was expressing the discontent in his heart.

According to him, if people like Wu Xing could be considered a genius, then the Limitless Sect would have had as many talents as dog poop.

Kill! Zi Chen walked over one step at a time, and Cang He also felt the pressure. As a member of a large family, he naturally could not lose face for his family, and losing his composure this time was enough.

No matter how strong an ant is, it would be impossible for him to kill so many people. Cang He said coldly.

Fine, kill him! Li Huo nodded.

All of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts around them had already rushed out.

Thank you! Wu Xing was very grateful.

At this moment, the two of them had chosen to make a move. On one hand, they were helping Wu Xing, but they were more concerned about their family's dignity.

In addition, both of them had forbidden artifacts. If this was a life-and-death duel, they naturally wouldn't be afraid of this unfamiliar young man.




Under Li Huo's and Cang He's orders, a group of Zhen Yuan Realm experts rushed towards Zi Chen. Although they were not Death Soldiers, at this moment, they were not afraid of death, because if they did not listen to the orders of the two, they would die sooner or later.

Furthermore, with so many people, this young man might not have any chance of survival.


Facing these dozen or so people, Zi Chen also felt pressure. He was no longer concealing himself, his entire body was surging with golden light, his vital energy and blood was surging, and the majority of the sky was being dyed gold.


A punch was thrown out, bringing about a large amount of golden light. A Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's chest was caved in, his internal organs were shattered, and he fell to the ground dead.


The fist descended like the beating of a drum, causing heaven and earth to tremble. The fist descended like a golden sledgehammer as another person fell into a pool of blood.


A sword blade swept across, blocking Zi Chen's killing blow, following that, several sharp swords pierced towards Zi Chen.

However, because of Zi Chen's perfect physique, his defense was not broken at all.


A single punch had decimated another expert.

Zi Chen's entire body shone with a golden light, his attacks were cold and emotionless, but his eyes were calm, because in his eyes, there was only killing intent.

Azure Peak Slash!

A huge sword blade swept across, bringing with it a sharp attack, decapitating a Zhen Yuan Realm expert.

Facing the group of Zhen Yuan experts, Zi Chen acted as if no one was around. He swept through a large area, and wherever he passed, corpses would fall one after another. This was a massacre. The number of people could not solve the problem, because many people were unable to break through the defense of the Zi Chen.

Azure Peak Slash!

Zi Chen bellowed in his heart, his hand forming a seal, and a golden blade appeared, cutting through everything as though they were grass.

His strength had broken through, reaching the peak Xiantian Realm. Zi Chen's fighting strength had increased yet again, the Xiantian Qi in his body had become even more dense, and his perfect physique had made Zi Chen even more terrifying.

Every one of his attacks was unparalleled. They were all the Killing Technique of a large sect.


The heaven and earth shook, a gigantic palm print descended. This was the Shatterpalm, Wu Xing had attacked once again.


Zi Chen waved his fist in the air, striking the Shatterpalm, causing the world to tremble, and then the palm imprint was shattered.


Flames surged around Li Huo's body, and a wave of True Yuan aura filled the air as he palmed towards Zi Chen.

The golden light around Zi Chen's body became even brighter, and his eyes were also glowing with a golden light. He also threw out a palm attack, and the golden palm print collided with the scarlet red palm print.


The collision between the attacks caused a violent tremor. Boundless energy wreaked havoc, and cracks appeared on the ground, blowing up endless smoke and dust.

Suddenly, a sharp blade soundlessly appeared, pierced through the endless smoke and dust, and went straight for Zi Chen's throat.

This was an attack from a second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm, and before the blade had arrived, it was already assaulted by a ghastly coldness.

Extreme Yang!

The surroundings were filled with smoke, Zi Chen simply closed his eyes, his thoughts spreading out like tentacles, his hands forming a seal, releasing the Extreme Yang.


The surging golden light brought with it a burning sensation, as though it was the pinnacle of energy in the world, attacking the incoming Blade Qi.


As the golden light rushed through, cracks appeared on the blade. They spread out like spider webs, and finally, with a bang, they transformed into pieces of Fragments.


After shattering the blade, the golden light rushed towards the expert at the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm, ruthlessly smashing the other party's body. With a loud bang, the body of the second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm expert, like the edge of a sword, dispersed in all directions.


A strong gust of wind appeared, blowing away the smoke and dust that filled the sky. Everyone's line of sight became clear once more.

Afterwards, everyone saw some incomplete flesh scattered on the ground, and below Zi Chen's feet, there were even two corpses.

The fragrance of the roast meat permeated the entire area, but what was chilling was that this place was like hell on earth, with corpses lying everywhere.

There were less than ten Zhen Yuan Realm Experts remaining and they stood around Zi Chen. They clearly had the advantage in numbers, but at the moment, their eyes were filled with fear.

Cang He, Wu Xing and Li Huo were side by side, and they were all on guard.

This is too terrifying. When did such a powerful existence appear in this world?

Killing those at the first or second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm is like slaughtering chickens and dogs to him. His combat strength is truly heaven-defying!

He is a monstrous genius. He is definitely a monstrous genius.

As they cried out in alarm, another round of battles began. It wasn't an attack launched by the three powers, but rather, it was an attack launched by the unfamiliar youth.


Fresh blood showered as another Zhen Yuan Realm Expert fell. The massacre continued.


A loud sound echoed through the air. It was as if a sledgehammer was trembling as it emitted rumbling sounds. Large amounts of golden light were like sharp blades that pierced through another expert's body.

Cang He, Li Huo, and Wu Xing had already rushed forward, but they were still unable to change the outcome of the battle.


With two fingers, a stream of Sword Qi shot out from Zi Chen's fingers, piercing through a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's forehead, causing an instant death.

There were dozens of corpses lying on the ground, and their blood had almost become a river of blood.


Wu Xing flew over and was sent flying by Zi Chen's punch, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.


Li Huo made his move, but in the next moment, a wave of energy surged out from Zi Chen's body, scattering the flames that filled the sky.


Cang He's aura surged, as though he was a giant of the world. He struck out a powerful attack towards Zi Chen, causing a great shock to heaven and earth.

Zi Chen's fighting strength was unrivaled. With his perfect physique, his power was unparalleled and Cang He was immediately sent flying before his attack could hit.

I say, both of you, use your forbidden artifacts. Otherwise, we'll all die. Wu Xing coughed a mouthful of blood, and shouted loudly.