Thunder Martial Chapter 224 - Killing Wu Zong Sects Experts


A loud sound resounded, and the entire world shook. Zi Chen's fist landed, like a heavy hammer, it struck at an experts heart.

Another first heavenly Zhen Yuan Realm expert landed on the ground and his life force dissipated.


In the blink of an eye, he had beheaded two Zhen Yuan Realm experts. Such power had stunned everyone. Zhen Yuan Realm Expert from the Wu Zong Sect had a drastic change in their expressions as fear appeared in their eyes. They turned around and retreated quickly.

However, Zi Chen was as fast as lightning. With a flash of golden light, Zi Chen flashed past the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert of the Wu Zong Sect like a ray of golden lightning.


A head that was filled with terror fell to the ground and rolled far away.

As for the headless body that was spitting blood, it ran forward a few meters before falling down.


With three attacks, he killed three Zhen Yuan Realm experts. This kind of fighting strength caused everyone to be frightened.

The surrounding crowd was even more dumbstruck.

They had thought that they would see a fierce battle and they never thought that they would see only a massacre.

Behind Zi Chen, the three foppish young masters who were grilling meat were even more scared. Their hands trembled, and they almost broke the grill.

Oh my god, this is a madman, a demon.

Seeing the three Zhen Yuan Realm experts die, Young Master Zhao's body couldn't help but tremble. At this moment, he could tell that this young man with an ordinary appearance was here for the three big powers.

I thought that he was here to rob money. Heavens, I never would have thought that he was here to kill people. If I had been a bit more arrogant just now…! Young Master Zhao did not dare think any further, and took a glance at his two friends beside him. Seeing that the two of them were weaker than him and they were so scared that they were about to piss their pants, he felt a bit more or less relieved.

Even though you belong to the three great powers, you are only mediocre in this regard?

After easily chopping down three existences at the first heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm, Zi Chen swept his gaze over the three young leaders and laughed coldly.

Who the hell are you?

The three of them were no longer calm. Li Huo frowned and asked.

I'm the one who will kill you. Zi Chen opened his mouth, his voice cold.

In the past few months, the three factions had almost forced him to his death. That life of escaping was unbearable and Zi Chen hated the three forces to the core and vowed to take revenge. Since he coincidentally met them today, he would begin his revenge today.

Brother, I wonder if you have misunderstood. What enmity do we three factions have with you?

Cang He took a step forward and asked gently.

Brother? You better stop acting like that. I feel disgusted. Zi Chen swept his gaze at Cang He, and a hint of disdain flashed past his eyes.

Boy, who do you think you are to dare to act so atrociously here? Let's see if you can handle my attack or not! Wu Xing shouted loudly. This was the first time he was representing the sect so he naturally could not lose face.

Fortunately, Wu Xiong died and was killed by a guy called Zi Chen.

Which one are you? Zi Chen swept his gaze across Wu Xing.

Bastard, how can you talk to our Young Master like that? At the side, a Zhen Yuan Realm expert shouted.

It was just that the powerful fighting strength that Zi Chen had displayed had made them much more vigilant. They could only shout angrily from afar, but did not dare to step forward.

Wu Xing? Zi Chen frowned, and asked, Then who is Wu Xiong to you?

Wu Xiong is my brother. Wu Xing arrogantly said. He was indeed his brother, but he was not his blood related brother. However, Wu Xing's rise to power had involved a lot of Wu Xiong's contributions, so he subconsciously opened his mouth.

Very good, I'll send you on your way today.

Zi Chen nodded his head, indicating that it was good, but then he transformed into a ray of light and rushed towards Wu Xing.

Heavens, is he crazy? He actually dared to challenge the experts of the Wu Zong Sect alone?

Damn, isn't he too insanely fierce? He's fighting just like that! He is fighting against the famous Wu Zong Sect!

All the onlookers were speechless. This young man was too fierce. He rushed forward as soon as his words fell.

Zi Chen, display your powerful fighting strength. All those years ago, geniuses of the Limitless Sect fought against many who have higher realms than them. The more they fought, the more courageous they became and the stronger they become A Mo said loudly.

Geniuses grow through battles.

With that said, Zi Chen felt the blood in his body boiling.

Geniuses grow through battle.

Since that's the case… Then let's fight.


Zi Chen's body turned into lightning as he charged into the midst of the people from the Wu Zong Sect.


The mysterious heart in his body surged, providing Zi Chen with limitless power. He clenched his fists tightly, his Qi soaring to the skies as he unleashed a powerful attack.


Zi Chen charged forward and arrived in front of a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert from the Wu Zong Sect. His fists were like twin hammers as they descended and with a flash of light, the life of that expert was shattered.


Kill! Kill this arrogant bastard!

The remaining experts of the Wu Zong Sect shouted as they charged towards Zi Chen. They did not believe that one person, no matter how strong he was, would be stronger than a group of people.


Zi Chen's body flickered, he appeared in front of a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert, raised his hand and slapped out, fast and clear.

This was the expert that wanted to knock out all of Zi Chen's teeth.


With another backhand strike, he slapped the expert again. His speed was unbelievably fast and no one was able to see his hand clearly.


The expert spat out a mouthful of blood, his mouth full of blood and he continued to vomit both blood and teeth.

Didn't you want me to knock out all of my teeth? Zi Chen shouted coldly, and once again used more strength in his hand. Pah sounds rang out one after another, like a cheerful rhythm.

This was a scene of violence evolving into an art form. Zi Chen accidentally showed it again.


It was only until he managed to react that he used his full strength and sent this Zhen Yuan Realm expert flying. The latter flew up and fell down, never getting up again.

He had been slapped to death.

Heavens, who exactly is he?

He can even create a rhythm with slaps? Is he Wang Shan from Cloud City? It is said that he loves to slap others' and make them search for their teeth.

Everyone was dumbstruck and tongue-tied. Their minds were all shaken.

This young man was young, but his strength was nothing but a mess. He charged into the group of Zhen Yuan Realm experts as if they were nonexistent.


Another person was struck by Zi Chen's attack. His body was pushed back suddenly, his internal organs shook, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. However, he did not die.

Second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm?

Zi Chen's eyes revealed a hint of astonishment. Indeed, with every breakthrough a Zhen Yuan Expert had, their strength would skyrocket. Zi Chen could use one punch to kill a first heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm but he did not manage to kill a second heavenly layer of the Zhen Yuan Realm.


While he was in a daze, a gigantic Blade Qi slashed down on Zi Chen's back. In the expert's imagination, the young man's flesh would be ripped apart, or maybe split into two. However, the powerful attack did not even break the young man's defense.


The Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's face suddenly changed as he was overwhelmed with shock. He had never seen such a powerful physique before.


Zi Chen turned around, and with a punch, the heaven and earth shook, and with a cracking sound, the blade shattered, causing the cultivator to fall to the ground.


With two fingers, a sharp sword Qi appeared, piercing through the forehead of a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert, causing a hole to appear. Blood flowed out, and the latter fell to the ground.


Zi Chen acted like there was no one around, his attacks were exceptionally sharp, dodging left and right while another Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was penetrated by the Sword Qi.

In a short moment, there were already eight Zhen Yuan Realm experts that had fallen to the ground.


Zi Chen swept his gaze towards the last two people, and flashed forward.


Just at this moment, heaven and earth shook as a gigantic palm print appeared. It emitted a terrifying aura as it pressed towards Zi Chen's head.


It's this move again.

Zi Chen raised his head, endless hatred filling his eyes. In these two months, this move had made him suffer, he hated this move and especially hated the person who unleashed this move.


With his blood surging into the sky, Zi Chen's fists were clenched as he rushed towards the palm imprint. With a boom, the palm imprint exploded.

Young Master, leave quickly.

Young Master, quickly leave!

The two Zhen Yuan Realm experts shouted. The two of them could already tell that this mysterious young man was extremely powerful.

Unless a third or fourth heavenly Zhen Yuan Realm expert came here, this young man could not be stopped.


Wu Xing's face was completely pale. The opponent's ferocious battle prowess was simply too terrifying, and up till now, he had not seen him use True Yuan and he only used Xiantian Qi. It was obvious that he was still concealing their strength.

Without any hesitation, he rushed towards the sky. At the same time, a sharp and resounding flute sound rang, calling to the Roc.


The Roc was circling in the air. When it heard the sound of the flute, it swooped down. It's wing kept flapping and bringing about gales of wind, the slaughter below made the Roc feel fear, and it did not dare to go down too much.


However, even if it was in the air, it wasn't safe at all. A dazzling golden light appeared, carrying a scorching aura as it shot into the sky.


A golden light flashed past, bringing about a rain of blood. The Roc in the air was split into two, and two halves fell from the sky.


The fresh blood that fell was like a bloody rain that dyed the ground red.


Seeing that, the other two Rocs released mournful wails, and turned to leave.


Zi Chen rose into the air and let out a loud shout. In the next moment, an extremely cold golden light appeared, and like a sharp blade, it rushed towards a Roc.


The speed of the blade far exceeded the speed of the Roc. With a light sound, the flying Roc was cut in half by the golden light and its corpse fell from the sky.

Today, I will treat everyone to a roasted Roc. All of you, if you don't want your Young Master to die, go and pluck the Roc's feathers and roast it.

Fresh blood rained down on Zi Chen. The latter was like a demon that had just been sent out of hell, causing fear in the hearts of others.

Hurry up!

Hurry up.

When the three young masters heard this, their hearts trembled and they hurriedly scolded their subordinates.

This master was the one who is planning to kill Wu Xing. He must not be provoked at this moment; otherwise, he could kill another person, a group of people, or even everyone here.

The overflowing killing intent blotted out the sky and covered the earth, causing everyone to be unable to withstand it. They all retreated, but at the same time, Zi Chen unleashed another attack into the sky.


The last Roc let out an unwilling cry of despair. Its huge body fell from the sky as its head was pierced by a sword Qi.

Dead, the three Roc are all dead, this Wu Xing is probably done for too.

The crowd backed off, their hearts filled with fear.