Thunder Martial Chapter 223 - Opportunity To Live

Pah! Boy, don't overestimate yourself. This is the Little Orchid Town, the world of our three families. If you dare to touch us, we will naturally let you die without a complete corpse. Young Master Zhao was very arrogant even though he was the one who shouted for help previously.

It was obvious that he was the backbone of the group. The other two people were closing in on him, their eyes filled with fear.

Is that so? Very good.

A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes as the corner of his mouth curled into a sneer and he grabbed Young Master Zhao.


Young Master Zhao had always been accumulating his Qi and now that he was casually grabbed by Zi Chen, he thought that he had seized an excellent opportunity to attack. Young Master Zhao's eyes opened wide and a cold light flashed. A sharp blade appeared, directly thrusting towards Zi Chen's chest.

Go to hell!

Both sides were very close and in less than a breath of time, they could launch tens of attacks. This was a killing move, Young Master Zhao was filled with confidence and laughed sinisterly.


But, before the sharp blade could pierce Zi Chen's heart, Young Master Zhao felt his entire body shake and a powerful force was released into his face. The force that he had just gathered was instantly dispersed, and he was sent spinning three rounds.


A burning pain came from his cheek. Young Master Zhao felt dizzy and his mouth was filled with foam, accompanied by his two white teeth and blood foam.

Do you want a chance to live?

Zi Chen looked at Young Master Zhao, who was dizzy from the slap and could not discern anything.

My Zhao Family won't let you off if you dare kill me! Half of his face was swollen, Young Master Zhao's words were still as nimble and tough as before.

Very good, I hope you can persevere. Zi Chen nodded his head as his eyes narrowed, a cold light flickering within.


Young Master Zhao stood on the spot and spun five rounds. Red blood sprayed out involuntarily from his mouth, forming a blood circle on the two sides of his face, which was completely swollen.

Brat, you dare to attack my Young Master, you're courting death.

Go to hell!

Young Master Zhao also brought a lot of people over. Seeing that their own Young Master was almost beaten to death, they shouted angrily and rushed over.


A resplendent Sword Qi appeared, cutting through the air with extreme speed as it slashed towards Zi Chen's face.


A stream of Blade Qi descended from the sky. Its power was peerless and carried a huge pressure.

When the two peak Xiantian experts attacked, it contained a terrifying killing intent.



Zi Chen punched out twice, it was simple and direct. With a cracking sound, the blade and sword shattered one by one and at the same time, both of the peak Xiantian experts were struck away by Zi Chen without any signs of life.

Simple, direct, brutal.


Gasps could be heard from all around, even Cang He and the rest had become serious.

Do you want a chance to live? Zi Chen looked at Young Master Zhao.

Haha, boy, don't scare me like that! If you have the ability, then kill me! Let's see if you can leave this place alive! Young Master Zhao laughed, his eyes carrying ridicule and disdain. Even until now, he was still as arrogant as ever, thinking that Zi Chen did not dare to kill him.


Zi Chen raised his hand and with another slap, his hand released a bright light that caused the Young Master Zhao to spin around. Zi Chen's face slapping technique was already quite famous, and could be considered peerless but at this moment, he naturally could not display it to the fullest, otherwise, people would recognize him.



Young Master Zhao spat out three mouthfuls of blood, lost half his teeth, and spun on the spot seven or eight times. He was completely disoriented, unable to discern anything.

Drip... Drip!

The blood foamed out from Young Master Zhao's mouth. Young Master Zhao was already tongue-tied, and wanted to say something, but all he was spitting out was blood.

Zi Chen lost his patience, and took a last glance at Young Master Zhao, I'll say this once more. Do you want a chance to live?

His cold eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

Drip… Drip!

Young Master Zhao wanted to say something, but his mouth was filled with blood, making him unable to speak.

Whatever. Since you want to die, I'll grant you that wish.

Zi Chen raised his hand again, and a bright light flashed on top of his palm.


The slurred Young Master Zhao knelt on the ground, his swollen face filled with fear. At this moment, he finally understood that this person was not trying to scare him, but was really trying to kill him.

This was a real thug, not someone who only knew how to pretend to be a thug. Young Master Zhao could see the killing intent in their eyes, a real killing intent.

Drip... Drip!

Young Master Zhao was terrified. He knelt on the ground and spat out blood.

What about you? Zi Chen looked at the other two, his eyes cold.

Spare me, spare me!

The two of them are silk pants, unskilled, not strong, and like to bully the weak but fear the strong. At this moment, Young Master Zhao has already been beaten to a pulp so the two of them also knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness, not caring about the looks of contempt from their surroundings.

Alright then, I'll spare your lives. Go and roast some meat for me right now. If you burn it, I'll go back on my word. Zi Chen said coldly.

Huh? The three of them were dumbfounded.

But we don't know how to roast?

Earlier, they had thought of all sorts of ways to survive, such as compensating Yuan Stones, which had happened before. The three of them had offended people they should not have offended, and their family would just have to lose quite a few Yuan Stones.

However, the three of them never expected that the other party was only asking them to roast meat.

But this was even more difficult than compensating the Yuan Stone.

How could the three young masters who only knew how to eat and play know how to roast meat? Even if it was just eating roast meat, they didn't know much about it.

If you don't know how to roast meat, you will die Zi Chen looked at the three of them.

No, no!

The three of them shook their heads like a rattle drum. Their eyes were filled with fear. They rolled and crawled towards the bonfire.

Taking quick steps, the three of them arrived beside the bonfire. Relying on their memory of their subordinates roasting meat, the three of them carefully started to fiddle around.

Those cultivators who had rushed here from the Little Orchid Town in preparation for a big battle were completely dumbfounded. They were all tongue-tied and unable to say a single word.

What's going on?

I'm not seeing wrong, I'm not dreaming, right?

Easily killing three peak Xiantian experts, turning Young Master Zhao into a pig head, threatening the three Young Masters and using them to roast meat for him?

Heavens, is he crazy?

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the three Young Masters used their crappy techniques to roast the meat. They were extremely careful as they were roasting the meat.

If it's burned. I'm taking your lives. Zi Chen said in a cold voice, making the three of them even more terrified.

Young Master, slow down. Turn it evenly.

In the distance, the subordinates of the three people were whispering in a low voice and they didn't dare to move forward anymore.

They were all only in the Xiantian realm and the Zhen Yuan Realm experts of the three great powers had not made a move yet so they were even more afraid to move.

Taking the three young master to roast meat in front of so many people and smacking them in the face to insult them, Li Huo and the other two had ugly expressions on their faces, but they did not say anything, but looked at Zi Chen, obviously wanting to see what kind of tricks he was playing.

Now that the food issue has been resolved, it's your turn now? Seeing that the three people who were being cautious had become much more skilled after being attacked, Zi Chen nodded in satisfaction. Then, his gaze swept across the people from the three great forces.

At this moment, they had brought a dozen or so people with them. Each of them were at Zhen Yuan Realm and streams of True Yuan surrounded them, making them seem like they were in the first or second heavenly layer. [TN: If you forgot, the Zhen Yuan Realm is divided into nine layers. First to Ninth Heaven]

With each breakthrough a Zhen Yuan Realm expert achieves, it is like ascending to the heavens and there would be a huge difference between each of them.

It had already been a few months since their trip to the ruins. Cang He and Li Huo had also consumed a Zhen Yuan Pill and broke through to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Brat, what do you mean? You killed our Black Scaled Horse and also beat up the three Young Masters. We still haven't settled the score with you yet...

The three Leaders did not say a word, and one of their guards spoke up.

The Black Scaled Horses are almost cooked. I wonder how you guys are going to settle the score? Zi Chen swept his gaze across the crowd.

In the distance, everyone held their breath. They could already tell that this was a sign that this man was challenging the three forces.

A great battle was about to unfold.

Very well, cut off your own four limbs. Kneel down and admit your mistake. Perhaps my Young Master might spare you. The one who spoke was a guard of the Li Family, an existence at the first heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm

Slap your own mouth, slap it a hundred times before slicing off your four limbs and then kneel down to beg for forgiveness. The person from the Cang Family spoke.

A slap to the face, break all your teeth and swell up your face, just like a Young Master Zhao, and then slice off your four limbs. These were the words of the experts from the Wu Zong Sect's.

Their expressions were full of ridicule. Zi Chen was powerful, but they had more people.

Heh heh, you guys are pretty good at scheming. In Zi Chen's eyes, there was always teasing, and he laughed, What if I'm not willing, are you all willing to slap yourselves, or are you all willing to slap your Young Master's face?

Kid, you're courting death!

How dare you insult my Young Master?


These words infuriated the three forces. With three loud shouts, three first heaven Zhen Yuan expert rushed towards Zi Chen.

What Zi Chen had said before had angered them and they decided to join hands to kill Zi Chen.

After all, to be able to easily kill three peak Xiantian experts was not something that a first heaven Zhen Yuan expert could deal with.

The three of them turned into three beams of light and charged towards Zi Chen, displaying their killing intent. Three martial techniques appeared and struck towards Zi Chen's vital points.

Good job!

Zi Chen sneered, killing intent flashed past his eyes, he stepped forward and like a ray of lightning, he appeared in front of a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert, following that, he released a powerful punch.

This was a punch combined with the Azure Peak Seal. It was as powerful as a mountain, and carried a terrifying whistling sound. In this fist strike, the Zhen Yuan experts seemed to have entered a quagmire, and their movements became slower and slower.


The fused fist struck the Zhen Yuan Realm expert's chest, and with an explosive sound, the latter's body flew out like a broken kite.

His chest suffered a powerful blow and collapsed from the impact. When he was sent flying backwards, his life force had already dissipated.

A first heaven Zhen Yuan expert died in one strike.


Zi Chen threw a punch across the sky, and a resplendent fist Qi appeared, rushing towards a Blade Qi. The Blade Qi was twisted and shattered, and a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was sent flying.


Zi Chen transformed into a ray of lightning, quickly chasing after the Zhen Yuan expert. His fist struck down again, like a heavy hammer, causing the heaven and earth to shake.