Thunder Martial Chapter 222 - Roasting The Black Scaled Horses

Kid, why aren't you going? As they sat, one of them suddenly couldn't help but shout when he saw that Zi Chen had yet to move.

Don't tell me you think of it as a small amount of money? Brat, he only told you to tie up a Demonic Beast. Another young man also shouted at Zi Chen.

These were all young masters from the Little Orchid Town.

Humph, I've seen too many of these kinds of trash. It's because we're rich, he just wants more Yuan Stones. Li Huo swept his eyes across Zi Chen with extreme disdain.

He was only a small True Qi brat, he was too lazy to help.

If you think a piece of broken Yuan Stone is too little, then give him a piece of Yuan Stone. Why waste time talking with a person like him?

Cang He smiled faintly, not even looking at Zi Chen.

That's right, why should I lower myself to the same level as a mercenary? I'll give you the Yuan Stone.

A youth who looked a little similar to Wu Xiong suddenly took action, and a streak of white light struck towards Zi Chen's face.

This was the light that a Yuan Stone emits. It was very fast, and although there was no killing intent, if it really landed on a True Qi expert, it would at least break off a piece of flesh.


Zi Chen's hands suddenly moved and the piece of Yuan Stone was lightly held on his hand. After that, Zi Chen stood up and left.

Being able to so easily defend against the thrown Yuan Stone caused a few of them to have a strange look on their faces. Although Wu Xing did not use his spirit energy, it was still not something that a small True Qi Realm could block.

You have quite some skill. I wonder how long you have practiced this move for.

Some of the people on the side sneered. Other than Young Master Zhao, there were a few other young masters from other families who were not powerful, so their eyesight naturally wouldn't be much better.

Come, come. Young Master Li, Young Master Cang, Young Master Wu, let's drink. Young Master Zhao raised his wine cup.


Suddenly, the earth trembled like an earthquake. Even the Tavern was trembling, the table shook, and the wine in the cup spilled out.


The Black Scaled Horses roared like an uprising was happening and caused a wave of commotion.

Crazy, these Black Scaled Horses are crazy.

The Black Scaled Horses have gone crazy!

Outside of the Tavern, a panicked voice sounded.

Haha, it must be that kid who went to tie the Black Scaled Horses. He really is an idiot, a mere True Qi Realm, really thinking that the Black Scaled Horse is a mount?

If you want to take advantage of me, you deserve to die.

At the wine table, someone sneered, his expression filled with disdain.


The ground was still shaking, as if ten thousand horses were galloping. A rumbling sound could be heard, and the distance between them became longer and farther apart.

That's not right.

Hearing the sounds, Wu Xing frowned, he felt that the situation was not good.

The Black Scaled Horses footwork is very orderly, it does not look panicked at all. Not good, he took our Black Scaled Horses away. Cang He suddenly stood up, and his expression became extremely ugly.

That kid is weird. Li Huo was no longer calm.

Damn it, in my Little Orchid Town, he dares to have any ideas about the Young Master's stuff? He is simply courting death.

Even if I have to search the entire town, I want to find this guy who ate the guts of a leopard.

The other young master stood up in fury.

After that, they didn't even pay for the food or wine anymore. They turned around and walked out of the Tavern.

Sure enough, the outside was empty, the boy from before, together with the Black Scaled Horses, had all disappeared.


A short flute appeared in Wu Xing's hand, and he blew it with his mouth, producing a sharp sound.

This was the sound of a flute calling to the Roc, urgent and loud.


After a moment, the Roc cried out. There were a total of three of them, and as it flapped its wings, it stirred up a strong wind, causing a wave of disturbance.

On the back of the Roc were the few Zhen Yuan Realm experts that Wu Xing had brought with him.

Li Huo and the others, also gathered their men during this period of time. After they knew what had happened, all of them were brimming with killing intent and when the Roc came, they leapt up one by one, jumping towards its back.

Let's go!

With a loud shout, the Roc flapped its wings and flew off into the distance. Its boundless killing intent engulfed the Little Orchid Town.

These are the three great forces?

Cang Family, Li Family, and Wu Zong, these three super powers?

What happened? Other than the three great powers, there are also a few Young Masters. Who are they trying to kill, for them to actually send out so many experts?

Weren't they at the Tavern just now, why did they leave in a rage after clearing the scene?

Everyone raised their heads, looking in the direction the Roc disappeared.

A young man at True Qi Realm took the Black Scaled Horses from the Young Master. They should be chasing after him.

A cultivator who walked out late from the Tavern said this.

What? Someone is actually so daring to steal from these big powers?

Quick, tell us what happened?

After that, under everyone's questioning, the cultivator quickly told everyone what had happened.

A small True Qi Realm, actually daring to set his sights on a few young masters. He sure is brave, but unfortunately, the Roc is very fast, he won't be able to escape.

Pfft, True Qi Realm? Do you really think that a single True Qi Realm can take away all of the Black Scaled Horses and cause the three forces to send out so many Zhen Yuan Realm experts?

That's right, that person is definitely not a True Qi Realm.

What are you still saying, let's hurry up and follow. If we're too late, we won't be able to watch a good show.

With a hu la sound, a group of cultivators rushed out of the Little Orchid Town.

Amongst these people, there were quite a few people who were at the Zhen Yuan Realm because of that Ice Lotus.

They were quickly closing in on the Roc above them.

A moment later, they saw the Rocs in an open area tens of kilometers away from the Little Orchid Town.

While below, a young man with an ordinary appearance was sitting on a large rock. In front of the boulder, there was a large bonfire that was burning fiercely, and above the bonfire, there were Black Scaled Horses that had their intestines ripped open and their bellies ripped apart, they were completely pierced through.

The young man sat calmly on a large rock, occasionally flipping through a piece of roasted meat.

With a sweep of everyone's gaze, they saw that five Black Scaled Horses were propped up there. There was still another that was motionless beside the stone in terror.


The people who came to watch the show were completely dumbfounded.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? That guy is actually roasting a Black Scaled Horses?

Heavens, this kind of Black Scaled Horse is actually being roasted. Moreover, this guy does not fear these big powers at all.

This is a fierce person, roasting their Demonic Beast in front of a big power, this is too fierce.

When the people who had rushed over saw this scene, they were all shocked.

At this time, the young man picked up a big brush and brushed it on the Black Scaled Horses meat that is on a stick . Immediately, the Black Scaled Horse meat seemed to have been coated with a layer of oil, with a hint of gold.

What a pity. I just started roasting it. It's too big, and it will take a long time for it to cook. The young man put down his brush and could not help but shake his head.

His voice was not deliberately suppressed, and many people heard his words. They all felt dizzy, as if this person was extremely ferocious.

Li Huo, Wu Xing, and Cang He stood on the Roc's back, staring at the youth below. Their eyes flickered, thinking about something.

Kid, who are you?

Who gave you the guts to come and behave so atrociously in our Little Orchid Town?

You dare to snatch our Black Scaled Horses, are you courting death?

On the back of the Roc, there was finally someone who couldn't endure it anymore. One figure after another flashed as they rushed to the ground and surrounded Zi Chen.

Kid, do you know where we are? As the host, Young Master Zhao felt that he had lost face and went forward to question the man in front of him.

This is the Little Orchid Town, you are acting wildly here, aren't you causing us to lose face?

Daring to roast the several young master's Black Scaled Horses, do you not want your head anymore?

The other two youths also shouted.

The three of them were the members of the biggest family in Little Orchid Town, and the three of them could be considered as young masters.

One, two, three. That's enough.

Zi Chen glanced at the three people and nodded, as though he was satisfied, following that, his figure flashed, and he rushed towards the three people.

What are you doing?

Upon seeing this fellow nod his head and then charging towards the three of them, their expression changed as they all withdrew.

To dare to roast the Black Scaled Horse of the Cang and Li family, he was naturally no ordinary person.

However, the young man's speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of the three of them.

Brat, put down our Young Master. A man shouted. He was a guard and with a gloomy face, he suddenly rushed towards Zi Chen.


With a flash of cold light, a Sword Qi was unsheathed and rushed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen didn't even look back as he punched out. Instantly, the Sword Qi exploded and the peak Xiantian expert flew backwards as he vomited blood.

A single blow had injured a peak Xiantian expert.

Stop, put down my Young Master.


Two loud shouts rang out as another two peak Xiantian experts took action. They were extremely fast and they unleashed a terrifying attack.



Zi Chen attacked again, and in just two simple punches, both of the peak Xiantian Realm cultivators were sent flying while spitting out blood.

This is only a warning. If anyone dares to step forward again, I will kill them without mercy. Zi Chen swept his eyes with a cold gaze and spoke coldly.

How terrifying. He injured the three of them so easily, his strength is at least at Zhen Yuan Realm.

Too terrifying, such a character actually came to the Little Orchid Town, what is he trying to do?


Under everyone's astonished gaze, Zi Chen carried the three young masters to the side of the boulder and threw them onto the ground.

What are you doing?

Come and save me! Come and save me!

You… Don't come over.

They were just young masters, not very strong. After being defeated by Zi Chen with just one move, they were extremely terrified at this moment.


A sharp Sword Qi suddenly appeared, bringing with it a boundless killing intent as it thrusted towards the back of Zi Chen's head. This sneak attack was made by a peak Xiantian expert. He thought that his movements were light so Zi Chen would not notice so he could catch him off guard.


Zi Chen turned around, killing intent surged in his eyes, his two fingers flashed with light and instantly grabbed onto the sword hilt.


No matter how much strength he used, he was unable to pull out the sword. However, at this time, a Fist Qi appeared in front of him, and instantly exploded.


With a loud sound, the peak Xiantian of Xiantian expert was sent flying. This strike did not cause a serious injury, but death.

Killing a peak Xiantian expert in one strike had shocked everyone present.

I'll give you a chance to live.

After killing the peak Xiantian expert, Zi Chen acted like nothing had happened and turned to stare at the three young masters.