Thunder Martial Chapter 221 - 5000 Year Old Ice Lotus

Little Orchid Town was a small border town, although it was called a town, it was still as large as a city but it was unable to compare to a huge city like the Seven Cities.

The town was surrounded by high walls. The security and property were all managed by a few small powers in this town.

Sigh, have you heard? Zi Chen has escaped from the ruins?

I've heard about it for a long time, but he was soon chased by Imperial Sky Realm experts. It's unclear whether he is still alive or not.

Latest news: Zi Chen was targeted by Imperial Sky Realm experts. After a fierce battle, it is unknown whether he is dead or alive.

There was still news about Zi Chen that spread through every nook and cranny.

The Ling Wu Sect is only a small sect and has always been unknown. I never would have thought that such a sect actually raised Zi Chen.

Yeah, according to the rumors, Zi Chen's fighting strength is extremely terrifying, he is definitely a monstrous genius. Even after being chased by a group of Imperial Sky Realm experts, they were not able to kill him, which is enough to tell.

This was a small Tavern, with seven to eight tables. Today, however, it was filled with people, and all of them were cultivators.

From the moment Zi Chen was being hunted, an entire two months had passed, and everyone was focused on Zi Chen's life and death.

Cang Family, Li Family, the Wu Zong Sect, and even the Heaven killing Pavilion had all sent out their Imperial Sky Realm experts, not caring about any rules at all.They all chased and attacked Zi Chen.

Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen became a rootless man and could be considered a rogue cultivator. No one will care about him.

That's right, for matters concerning the younger generations, the older generation cannot interfere, but here with Zi Chen, the great powers have turned a blind eye to this rule.

He could have relied on the Wu Zong Sect, but Zi Chen offended Wu Zong Sect, killed Wu Xiong and stole the inheritance… Sigh, what a pity.

A rogue cultivator who offends several great powers will never have a peaceful day again.

Some people shook their heads and sighed, no one thought highly of a powerless monstrous genius.

Zi Chen has precious treasures and an inheritance, all these are things that could even tempt Sovereign Realm experts. It is understandable for some of the large powers to attack him without care.

Yeah, it's said that the Ling Wu Sect's destruction was because of a precious treasure, and some people even said that the precious treasure was with Zi Chen.

The reason why Zi Chen was being hunted was because he was greedy for the precious treasure. If he were to hand it over to Wu Zong, he would naturally receive protection.

That's right. This child is truly greedy. It is only natural for him to be hunted down.

There were also some people who were opposed to this, thinking that all of this was caused by Zi Chen.

On a seat close to the window in the Tavern sat a small cultivator of the True Qi Realm with two dishes and a jug of wine.

He never spoke, only listened.

Ha ha!

The little cultivator let out a light laugh and suddenly drank the wine in his cup. A spicy feeling blossomed in his throat, causing him to be unable to stop himself from choking.

Haha, little fellow, don't drink if you can't.

Someone in the neighboring seat mocked him.

The little cultivator didn't say anything as he looked out the window. It had been two months since he left the ruins, yet he had been hunted down for two months.

In these two months, the God of Death had always been by his side. If not for the help of the Old Mo and the mysterious heart, he probably would have died a long time ago.

They must have followed the trail up north. The little cultivator was naturally Zi Chen who had changed his appearance. After leaving behind the clue to the north, he headed south.

In the blink of an eye, he had already traveled nearly a thousand miles to this faraway town. He changed his appearance, restrained his aura, and recovered his injuries to refine his body for a period of time, preparing to charge to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

After two months of chasing and killing, it was already a tragic sight. Even if he managed to successfully shake off the pursuers, Zi Chen's heart was still filled with lingering fear.

Not only that, the hatred in his heart for these four powers grew even stronger, especially for the Wu Zong Sect.


An ear-piercing sound disturbed Zi Chen's absent-mindedness as a huge monstrous genius appeared in the sky above.

A Roc!

This was only a slightly bustling town and Rocs were rare here and it attracted a lot of attention.

Look, that's a Roc.

This is a flying spirit beast, it's priceless. Only a few big powers can own it.

The residents of the town raised their heads to look at the sky, exclaiming repeatedly.


In the sky, there was not only one Roc, but another bird cry followed. The sound was sharp and ear-piercing and its wing brought up gusts of wind.

The sky darkened and three Rocs appeared in the air. They flapped their wings and flew past each other.

Rocs, three of them appeared at once, how generous.

Looking at that direction, it should be towards the Zhao Family. Could it be that the Zhao Family went to Cangli City and bought three Rocs?

Envy was revealed in the eyes of many cultivators. Rocs were flying spirit beasts and they were the favorite of those below the Imperial Sky Realm.

The appearance of the Roc in this small and small town caused a huge commotion. Everyone was discussing and guessing where the Roc had come from.


As soon as the screeching in the sky faded away, the earth began to tremble once more and dark figures emerged from the streets.

These were some tall horses that were a head taller than normal horses. Their bodies were covered with dense scales, and they were extraordinary.

Black Scaled Horse. They are also a type of Demonic Beast.

There's more than ten of them! What's going on? First there's a Roc, then there's a Black Scaled Horse?

A dozen or so Black Scaled Horses charged straight into the Little Orchid Town, causing the earth to tremble under their horses' hooves, bringing about no small amount of shock.

They are also going to the Zhao Family, and each of the cultivators sitting on the horse are unfamiliar people. It is impossible that they are the Black Scaled Horse that the Zhao Family bought.

Since it's not the Black Scaled horse that the Zhao Family bought, then why did these people come to the Little Orchid Town?

Watching, Zi Chen was a little surprised.

That day, he also had a mount, and what he snatched from Wang Shan was also a Black Scaled Horseman.

In the next two days, the not very prosperous Little Orchid Town suddenly became lively. The cultivators gathered here, there were many Xiantian and True Qi experts.

On the streets, cultivators could be seen everywhere.

At the same time, a piece of news related to the Ice Lotus had also quietly spread out.

The Ice Lotus has attracted so many Zhen Yuan Realm Experts? Regarding this news, Zi Chen did not believe it at all.

In these few days, he visited various Tavern and indirectly asked for information regarding the Ice Lotus.

There used to be a mountain range, but somehow it melted and turned into a large ice lake with water type Demonic Beasts in it. Someone found a Ice Lotus at the bottom of the lake and it was five thousand years old.

This was the most complete piece of information that Zi Chen had heard in the past few days.

It gave him a fright.

A five thousand year old spirit medicine, this was something extraordinary. With the dense amount of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, even if it was swallowed directly, it would still increase a cultivator's strength by a ton.

No wonder so many people at the Zhen Yuan Realm came as well. They are obviously here for the Ice Lotus. Zi Chen exclaimed.

Five thousand year old Ice Lotus. It contains extremely dense spirit energy. Once you absorb and refine it, you will definitely be able to break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

In a flash of light, A Mo's figure appeared. His originally solid figure was now very blurry, as if a gust of wind could blow him away. Previously when he was escaping, A Mo had also used his full strength, and had consumed a lot of energy.

Zi Chen spent a large amount of spirit medicine in order to save A Mo's life.

A Zhen Yuan Pill is b*llshit, you can't use it. The Zhen Yuan Realm is an extremely important realm, and back then, all the cultivators naturally broke through when their strength had reached an extreme point.

The Zhen Yuan Pill lets you easily break through but your foundation will be imperfect.

Escaping on the way, Zi Chen's strength increased once again, becoming peak Xiantian of Xiantian Realm. If he consumed the Zhen Yuan Pill, he would have broken through long ago, but A Mo persisted, which was why Zi Chen didn't consume the Zhen Yuan Pill.

Young Master Li, Young Master Cang, Young Master Wu, please come in. This is the Tavern I was talking about.

A voice came out from outside the Tavern, following that, a few people walked in.

The person in the lead was a young man wearing violet clothes. After sweeping a glance at the crowd of customers, he frowned slightly and shouted, Scram!

The Tavern was not big, only seven to eight tables were filled. The person who came was tyrannical, he did not say much, and just opened his mouth to order everyone to scram.

Everyone's face changed, someone slapped the table and stood up, Who do you think you are...!

However, before he could finish speaking, his mouth was stuffed with a person beside him. He smiled apologetically at the young man and said, Young Master Zhao, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We'll leave now.

With that, he looked at his friend and said unhappily, Keep your eyes open, this is Young Master Zhao.

With that, he hurriedly left with his group of friends.

The Zhao Family is one of the hegemons of Little Orchid Town and it is also the biggest.

They had easily chased all the Xiantian experts away, and as for the others, they had left with their tails between their legs.

As Zi Chen sat next to the window, he was too lazy to bother with this kind of young master. However, when he saw the person next to the youth, he was startled.

Young Master Zhao was very domineering, but he lowered his head and bent over, smiling at the people behind him.

One of them was very young, but his eyes were on the top of his head. He didn't even bother to look at the people around him.

There was another person dressed in a white robe, with a gentle smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

There were six or seven people in the group, and Zi Chen could only recognize these two.

Li Huo, Cang He!

He had not killed these two prodigal playthings back then because he did not want to have a falling out with the two Cang and Li families. He did not expect the two of them to be so shameless.


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A broken Yuan Stone streaked across the sky in an arc and smashed onto the table Zi Chen was sitting on. The table shook and the wine in the cup spilled out.

Go, tie up our mounts. A middle aged man spoke coldly, he was extremely arrogant and did not even look at Zi Chen.

Be careful, don't be eaten by the Demonic Beast. Someone let out a strange laugh, and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes.

It was just a small True Qi Realm.

As for Li Huo and the others, they did not even spare a glance at Zi Chen. Under the lead of the Young Master Zhao, they walked towards the side.