Thunder Martial Chapter 220 - Buddha's Divine Protection

The blood-red spear was not even the size of a palm. Streaks of red light surrounded it, emitting a terrifying aura. This was a Forbidden Artifact, and it was extremely powerful.

The monk chased with all his might and was rapidly approaching. Zi Chen had no choice but to use his Forbidden Artifact.

Forbidden Artifact? Seeing the Forbidden Artifact, the monk was startled, but he did not care. In the hands of a Xiantian cultivator, the Forbidden Artifact could not display its full power.

However, the monk was not careless. He opened his mouth and let out a low shout, and the six-word mantra appeared once again. This was a type of supreme power that directly stirred people's hearts, producing all kinds of negative emotions.

However, because of Zi Chen's mysterious heart, he was not affected and had no single trace of absent-mindedness.

How is this possible?

The monk was covered in golden light and looked solemn. When he saw that Zi Chen was fine, his face slightly changed.

At this moment, he felt a dangerous aura assaulting his senses.


With just a thought, the blood-red spear flew into the air and terrifying killing intent poured down like floodwaters. The blood-red spear that was the size of a palm became three meters long and let out a terrifying aura, transforming into a ray of red light as it charged toward the monk.

With a flash of red light, the spear appeared in front of the monk.

No… How is this possible!?

The monk's face changed. He had never thought that Zi Chen could actually unleash the power of a Forbidden Artifact.



The monk's expression changed, his fingers intertwined with a golden light and a golden sword finger appeared, blocking in front of the blood-red spear.

However, wherever the spear passed, it would advance forward with unparalleled power. All of the monk's sword fingers had been penetrated and it was completely unable to stop the spear.


The monk clasped his hands together in a solemn pose, the golden light around his body shone brightly once again. He chanted a buddha chant and in the next moment, a large golden bell appeared from the surface of his body.

On the large golden bell, various kinds of striae appeared, threads after threads, forming a kind of mysterious pattern. The most eye-catching were the bald monks who sat cross-legged, looking solemn.


The blood-red spear shot over like lightning and stabbed the large bell. A crisp sound rang out, and the sound of the bell ringing rang out for a few miles.



With Zi Chen's spiritual perception, the blood-red spear continued to flash like a blood red lightning as it rushed towards the golden bell.



In the blink of an eye, the golden bell flashed over a dozen times. The golden bell released a series of sounds, and after over a dozen attacks, cracks on the large bell's surface appeared, and the light of the various striae above also became much dimmer.

This is bad! The monk thought that something was wrong, but at that moment, the blood-red spear rushed over again.


In a flash of red light, the spear appeared and stabbed fiercely at the large bell, the crack continued to spread like a spiderweb and in the end, it exploded and was pierced through by the Forbidden Artifact. At the same time, the spear turned into red light and pierced towards the monk's chest.


With a flash of red light, blood splattered. The spear pierced through the monk's body at an extremely fast speed, creating a bloody hole. However, at the critical moment, the monk twisted his body, avoiding the killing blow.

Damn it, how could this happen? He's only a Xiantian expert!

The monk held onto his shoulder as he watched in disbelief as blood flowed out from between his fingers. The Forbidden Artifact was in the hands of an Xiantian expert, just like a big blade in the hands of a baby.

After one attack, many cracks appeared on the blood-red spear. In the end, it exhausted all of its energy and exploded.

He actually didn't die?

Seeing that he only managed to pierce through the shoulder of the, Zi Chen's eyeballs almost popped out. This was too unbelievable, for this monk to not die even after he used his Forbidden Artifact. Even a peak Zhen Yuan Realm expert would die from this.

This monk is too powerful. He is still alive after being hit by a Forbidden Artifact. Is he even human? Zi Chen immediately ran, the monk was too strong.

Reportedly, it is said that if you train in the Buddha's divine protection of Buddhism to the highest level, you can defend against all kinds of attacks so it's not that surprising that you weren't able to kill him. A Mo said.

Is the Buddha's divine protection of Buddhism very famous?

Of course, its reputation is well-known, almost the same as the six-word mantra.

Then how is it compared to the Yin-Yang Spell?

Buddha's divine protection, the world's ultimate defense, nothing can compare to it. As for the six-word mantra, its power is comparable to the Yin-Yang Spell and it only needs to be comprehended, unlike the Yin-Yang Spell, which is basically fighting for your life in the path of death. A Mo explained.

Zi Chen was unwilling to accept this. If it was something with the same power, why did he have to struggle for survival like this?

That monk is very extraordinary, he actually has the six-word mantra. Ten thousand years ago, this thing was already lost, and there's also the Buddha's divine protection technique. At that time, it was also incomplete. A Mo sighed.

Zi Chen was desperately trying to escape.

In the distance, the sound of Imperial Sky Realme experts was getting closer and closer.

Stop! One of them shouted.


The sky shook, and a gigantic palm print appeared out of nowhere. The black light coiled and emitted a terrifying aura, suddenly shaking as it descended from the skies, straight towards Zi Chen's head.

An Imperial Sky expert launched an attack from far away.

Damn it!

Zi Chen cursed, his figure flashing as he transformed into a golden light, dodging the attack.


The ground trembled as boundless energy exploded. A huge palm print appeared on the ground, sending up a cloud of dust.

Kid, don't run.

Above his head, there was an aerial attack, and below, the monk was also desperately chasing. His body was shining with a golden light, and the wounds on his shoulders were showing signs of healing.

Here he comes again, why didn't this damned monk lose too much blood and die. At this moment, Zi Chen hated the monk to death, he shouted towards the sky, Why are you guys capturing me, this damned monk stole the Supreme Secret Technique of the Li Family, it's much more valuable than the inheritance. Instead of capturing him, you guys are here to capture me.

Zi Chen was very unsatisfied, he shouted towards the sky repeatedly.

That's just a trial ground, I only obtained a set of Cultivation Techniques for the Zhen Yuan Realm. You guys are leaving the real Supreme Secret Technique behind and is coming after me, is there something wrong with your brains?

Zi Chen opened his mouth, instigated as best he could, and then quickly escaped.

Of course, for them to be able to reach the Imperial Sky Realm, they were not a fool. Their goal was clear, to go straight for Zi Chen, especially the people from the Wu Zong Sect.

Amongst the several Imperial Sky experts, there were still two who were startled and slowed down their speed.

These two were people of the Li Family and knew how precious that Supreme Secret Technique was. After hesitating for a while, the two of them looked at each other, nodded, made up their minds, and rushed towards the monk.

Zi Chen, stop trying to talk big here, no one will believe you, you should just obediently surrender. You want to slander me, the Good and Evil Monk, but is my character something that you can slander? The monk laughed, not caring in the least.

Pah! You damned monk, where did your character come from? Zi Chen was not to be outdone, as he turned into a beam of golden light.

My character is good, what Supreme Secret Book are you talking about, I don't even…!

Before the monk could finish his sentence, he felt a dangerous aura approaching. His expression changed and his footwork flickered. In an instant, he was already tens of meters away.


A loud sound exploded where the monk had been at. A deep crater appeared as a result of the surging energy.

You... The monk's expression changed. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that there would actually be a fool who would fall for this trick.

Cut the crap. Good and Evil Monk, hand over the Supreme Secret Technique.

The two Imperial Sky experts, one on the left and one on the right, headed towards the monk.

Are you crazy? Has your head been squeezed by the door? If I had the secret technique, wouldn't I have run away long ago? The monk looked at the two flying figures, his eyes looked like he was looking at idiots.

Who doesn't know that you, monk, are greedy? You've obtained the secret technique, yet you still wish to obtain my inheritance. This is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Zi Chen shouted from afar.

You're courting death! The monk was furious.

But at this moment, the two Imperial Sky experts came up and stopped the monk.

I say, you guys must have had your heads kicked by a donkey. How can you believe such nonsense?

That day in Cangli City, I personally made a move to capture you. Furthermore, you are already an important wanted target of our Li Family. One of them spoke up.

Wanted, who do you think your Li Family is? If we are talking about being wanted, why don't you capture him too? The monk looked at the two of them in alertness.

Capturing him is our goal too.

A cold light flashed across their eyes as they charged toward the monk.


The surging energy was roiling everywhere. Even though the monk is a monstrous genius, facing two Imperial Sky Realm experts, the monk was naturally not a match for them and kept on dodging.


At the same time, the six-word mantra appeared, and in the moment that the two experts lost their wits, allowing the monk time to run.

Zi Chen, just you wait. One day, you'll definitely beg me. The monk said coldly. Wanting to snatch Zi Chen's inheritance was obviously not too realistic as of right now so the monk turned around and left very decisively.

He did not say what the Supreme Secret Technique was in Zi Chen's hands. Firstly, no one would believe him even if he said it. Secondly, and most importantly, the monk still wanted to know what the Supreme Secret Technique is.

He was only missing a chance to meet Zi Chen on his own.


The monk turned into a ray of golden light and ran in the opposite direction.

The two absent-minded people flew up into the air in a flash.

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Are you all dumb? They went to chase the monk, but you guys actually chased me? Don't tell me that I'm more important than the Supreme Secret Technique? Zi Chen cursed as he escaped.

Oh, you people are idiots, you don't want the Supreme Secret Book but my inheritance? It's just a set of Cultivation Techniques for the Zhen Yuan Realm and you guys don't have any use for them. You must be very naive to think that I obtained a set of Supreme Secret Technique.

Send someone to chase after that monk!

Just as Zi Chen was arguing noisily, a few people flew into the air and chased after the monk.

Some choose to believe in Zi Chen's words just in case. The Li Family's Imperial Sky Realm experts attitude was the best basis for their belief.

Haha, let's go.

Zi Chen laughed when he finally saw a dense forest.