Thunder Martial Chapter 22 - Last Moves

As the elder's voice fell, Wu Sheng took the first step and walked towards the stage.

Zi Chen, on the other hand, was in the process of recovering the True Qi that he had consumed from the fight earlier. Lin Xue stood at his side, biting her lips slightly as she prepared to go on stage.

Just give up right away. You are not his match, Zi Chen advised with concern.

It's not a problem. I want to experience for myself how strong he is and what hidden cards he may have. Lin Xue shook her head resolutely and responded with a faint smile.

After that, Lin Xue was true to her word as she stepped onto the battle stage.

How admirable. Not only is she pretty and caring, she is also quite intelligent. What kind of dog sh*t luck do you have? Miao Kong was watching from the side with a face full of envy.

Lin Xue's intentions were too obvious. She wanted to force Wu Sheng's secret moves out so that Zi Chen had a higher chance of winning.

Thank you. Zi Chen said in a soft voice. He was deeply moved by her actions.

On stage, Wu Sheng waited for Lin Xue to arrive and exchanged some polite words. Then, without further delay, they both launched their attacks.

Thousand Illusionary Palms.

Star Burst Fist.

Rank two martial techniques clashed with each other as rounds of explosions permeated the air, causing the entire square to tremble once more.

On the stage, the fight was becoming increasingly intense, but it was a one-sided battle. To have come this far, Lin Xue relied not on her appearance, but her own strength. She was very strong and talented, considering the fact that she had comprehended the true essence behind a rank two martial technique.

Nonetheless, she was still fighting against Wu Sheng, who was at the sixth Layer of True Qi. Not only that, he also comprehended the true essence of a rank two martial technique. Therefore, she had been at a disadvantage the moment they began fighting.

This Wu Sheng's talent is very good. He's only 16 years old yet already possesses this kind of strength. On the platform, several elders chatted while spectating.

Of course, Wu Sheng's comprehension of the Star Burst Fist has reached a very profound level.

Wu Sheng's potential and strength is one of the best among all of the current disciples. Another elder praised.

Not just one of the best, I think that Wu Sheng's potential is first among all of them.

As the bunch of elders chatted away, the great elder simply narrowed his eyes and watched the fight. Meanwhile, the second elder was looking more relieved after listening to their conversations.

The elders seemed to be leisurely conversing, but they were in fact deliberately neglecting Zi Chen. After all, most of their discussion was about who would be becoming a core disciple


The battle on the stage lasted for about 15 minutes before Wu Sheng fully unleashed his full strength. Lin Xue was blown off the stage and was caught by Zi Chen so she was saved from a painful tumble. She had finally lost.

This time around, Wu Sheng had intentionally showed off another rank two martial technique, The Overlord Step.

It was another very profound movement technique that he had comprehended.

As the both of them started to recover their True Qi, the crowd burst into discussion. If there were no accidents, the seat for becoming a core disciple should belong to either one of two individuals, Wu Sheng or Zi Chen.

Judging from the current situation, their natural talents seemed to be equally matched.

Zi Chen's only weakness was his cultivation. Although his comprehension towards his martial techniques were indeed very deep, he still had a lower cultivation base. Thus, he could not channel enough energy in order to completely execute a rank two martial technique to its full potential.

Even Wang Meng did not have a rank two movement technique, and he was backed with the support of many inner sect disciples. To think that this mysterious Wu Sheng actually had one up his sleeve. If people's speculations were correct, Wu Sheng had support from the inner sect, and it shouldn't be any ordinary person either.

Next battle, Zi Chen versus Lin Xue.

After Lin Xue had fully restored her True Qi, the elder's voice resounded again from the stage.

I admit defeatThis time, Lin Xue's voice was decisive

This was somewhat unexpected, but her decision was still understandable. It only caused a little bit of shock in the crowd.

After that, all eyes were focused on Zi Chen and Wu Sheng. If there were no accidents, then the final outcome of this battle would decide who would become the core disciple.

The one to win would be able to become a core disciple.

Wu Sheng walked to the battle stage, as did Zi Chen.

On the stage, their eyes met each other and both seemed incomparably calm.

In the square, everyone's eyes were staring at them.

Not bad. Su Mengyao said in a soft voice, watching from a distance. She didn't know how many times she had praised Zi Chen today. Chen Feng stood nearby with cold eyes.

In his heart, Su Mengyao was only supposed to praise him. When he saw how much appreciation Su Mengyao had for Zi Chen today, he felt an inexplicable sense of crisis on top of being jealous.

All elders turned their attention to the two people on the battle stage. The lucky disciple to become a core disciple would be one of them.


A loud explosion permeated the square as their fight began. This was naturally the most intense battle of the entire assessment.


The roaring sound of Fierce Tiger resounded again and again as the first three moves of Fierce Tiger Fist were sent out. The moment Zi Chen appeared on this stage, he unleashed all of his power.

Star Burst Fist.

Wu Sheng used Overlord Step and unleashed a strong attack from Star Burst Fist. True Qi was surging around his body and he seemed as if he would explode anytime.


Sounds of impact repeatedly resounded on the stage. The entire square began to shake.

This Zi Chen's physique is so strong, even with his cultivation at the fifth Layer of True Qi, he can still face an opponent of the sixth layer. An elder sighed and he couldn't help but praise Zi Chen.

Wu Sheng is also very good. Not only is very strong, his comprehension towards his martial technique runs very deep.


Another violent impact appeared on the stage as both of them drew back once more.

Come on. Zi Chen clenched his teeth and fists tightly as he charged into an attack once more.

After repeatedly attacking, his True Qi consumption was very large, but Wu Sheng's was no less. After half an hour, Zi Chen had exhausted all of his True Qi. He was short of breath and his white robe was drenched in sweat.

Although Wu Sheng used up a large portion of his True Qi as well, he wasn't completely out and still had some left.

He's finished. Zi Chen is going to lose. He doesn't have any True Qi left. He's just a tiger without its fangs after all. Someone under the stage couldn't help but sigh.

Finally, you're going to lose.

A cold glint flashed through Wang Xiong's eyes. If Zi Chen lost here, he would be unable to enter the core and would stay in the inner sect. There, he had dozens of ways to kill Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, your True Qi is depleted. You're finished. Wu Sheng said coldly.

He hadn't spoken the entire time they were on the stage until now.

I have not fallen yet. Zi Chen responded.

Fine, I will help you then. Wu Sheng's face darkened as he used Overlord Step and rushed toward Zi Chen. He simultaneously used his full power to attack.

A strong whistling wind approached and Zi Chen punched out his fist in resistance.


The loud collision trembled throughout the stage yet again. Zi Chen retreated several steps, but he didn't fall down.


Whether it was the elders watching from above or the crowd watching from below, everyone was staring at Zi Chen in shock. Without any True Qi left, he actually blocked Wu Sheng's attack. What a powerful physique

Wu Sheng stood across from Zi Chen with a shocked expression as well. He then punched out once more

Bang, bang!

Several attacks were launched at Zi Chen but he still didn't fall. Wu Sheng's True Qi was nearly depleted. If both sides did not have any more True Qi, he would naturally lose when it comes to their physiqueal strength.

Thus, he retreated and did not attack again. Zi Chen was gasping for breath and did not attack either.

Good, stop now.

Both of your True Qi has been depleted, and the winner cannot be properly decided. How about we count this as a draw, and both of you will be tied for first place? At this moment, the voice of an elder resounded from the stand. The person sitting next to great elder had spoken up, and he was the second elder. He stood up facing the two people on the battling stage and said,

The second elder suddenly suggested this compromise. Apparently, no one had expected this to happen, as several other elders froze for a moment. However, they also began to nod, apparently agreeing with his idea.

Okay. Zi Chen's breathing gradually calmed down. He did not have any objections regarding the second elder's suggestions. If both of them were tied for first place, then second place would obviously be Lin Xue, and third place would belong to Miao Kong. This was the best outcome.

Moreover, Zi Chen believed that the rewards for first place would definitely be given out for both of them, rather than splitting the reward into two portions.

When Zi Chen nodded, the matter was nearly settled then and there. It was obvious to everyone that Wu Sheng would inevitably lose once both of their True Qi ran out. Thus, when Zi Chen agreed, there was no reason for Wu Sheng not to.

However, there were always a variety of circumstances that could occur beyond one's expectations, and one of those situations occurred at this moment. The moment Zi Chen agreed, Wu Sheng said, I don't agree.

As his words fell, the crowd was thrown into an uproar. The second elder was also stunned, but soon, a trace of anger appeared within his eyes.

Zi Chen, I still have my strongest move that I have not used. Do you dare to wait for me to recover my True Qi and use this move? If you can block it, then I, Wu Sheng, will naturally admit defeat and hand over first place to you. I, Wu Sheng, do not like sharing things with others. Wu Sheng ignored the second elder's look of anger as he gazed at Zi Chen as he said

Good idea. There is also a move I have yet to use. Moreover, I don't want to share first place with anyone else either. Zi Chen said calmly

The moment the second elder abruptly stood up and suggested a disadvantageous compromise to him, Zi Chen knew he had guessed correctly. Now, after hearing Wu Sheng's words, he was able to confirm that the person who looked after Wu Sheng was none other than the second elder himself. He had suspected something was wrong when the prize this year was becoming a core disciple. It seemed that this was something connected to Wu Sheng.

If Zi Chen's speculation was correct, this first place prize should have been Wu Sheng's, but his sudden appearance obviously disrupted the second elder's plans. When Wu Sheng was about to be defeated, he came out to prevent it.

If both sides won first place, the elders must naturally pick one of them to become a core disciple. This person obviously would have been Wu Sheng. If Wu Sheng lost and was still chosen to become a core disciple, it would not be justifiable.

Becoming a core disciple was the dream of all inner sect disciples. Zi Chen had never even dared to think about it before, but the opportunity was now in front of him. He also wanted to seize the chance to become a core disciple; therefore, he agreed to Wu Sheng's proposal. After winning this fight, he would become a core disciple.

Hmph. The second elder snorted coldly and sat down with anger.

On the battling stage, Zi Chen and Wu Sheng both sat cross-legged, recovering their True Qi. Unlike Zi Chen, Wu Sheng swallowed a pill as he began to sit down

Qi Restoration pill! Some knowledgeable people from the crowd had recognized that medicinal pill.

The Qi Restoration pill was something only used by inner sect disciples. If one wanted to obtain it, one must exchange it with contribution points. It was certainly a luxurious pill.

Wu Sheng had just entered the inner sect yesterday and obviously would not have any contribution points. To think he had a Qi Restoration pill. It was obviously given to him by second elder.

They both continued to restore their True Qi under the stares of the spectators. Zi Chen naturally did not dare to revolve the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique haphazardly. Otherwise, showing off a restoration rate that far surpassed any normal person would naturally attract some attention.