Thunder Martial Chapter 219 - Meeting The Monk Again

A few months had passed since their journey to the ruins. The surviving Xiantians were returning one after another.

Everything about the ruins also spread throughout the entire Cangli City.

The sect ten thousand years ago was called Limitless Sect, and the trial ground was a core disciple training ground.

The death rate was over ninety percent, which has shocked the entire world.

Among them, the genius of the Chen Family, Chen Feng, and the people of the Chen Family were all killed.

The genius of the Zhan Wu Sect, Ling Yun, the future successor of the Zhan Wu Sect, was killed in the trial grounds.

Each of the great powers carried their own Forbidden Artifacts, causing even more people to cry out in alarm. This was a truly great accomplishment.

All the major powers have obtained Forbidden Artifacts, so who in the world obtained the inheritance? Could it be that there was a fierce battle between the two sides?

Inside a Tavern, there were many cultivators asking this question. They were all concerned about whose family the final inheritance would go to.

We did see one dragon and the rest were basically monkeys. A cultivator who had just luckily returned sighed and said.

What do you mean, could it be that a monstrous genius appeared and suppressed the geniuses of the several big powers?

Of course, this person is Zi Chen. He can suppress several large powers with his strength alone and he doesn't flinch at all as he killed hundreds of people. He can kill geniuses from the Heaven killing Pavilion with his bare hands, can defeat Wu Xiong with his Forbidden Artifact, and can intimidate countless other powers and he even took away the strongest inheritance.

The name Zi Chen was destined to shine.

Several major powers entered the trial grounds with Forbidden Artifacts, but they were not the real protagonists. Each and every one of them served as a foil to the others.

Zi Chen rose to prominence.

One person killed more than two hundred people. At that time, there was a long river of blood, and no one dared to make a move. Wu Xiong bid ten thousand Yuan Stones but no one moved.

Within the Tavern, there was a cultivator narrating the events of that day, causing all of the cultivators to gasp.

After a fierce battle, Wu Xiong thought that Zi Chen had exhausted a lot of energy. When he made his move, Wu Xiong thought that it was a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents, but who knew that after a few moves, Wu Xiong would be forced to retreat.

Being forced into a corner, Wu Xiong used a Forbidden Artifact. At that time, the sky and earth changed colors and the winds stirred. Once the Forbidden Artifact was used, who could contend against Wu Xiong? But Zi Chen used his bare hands to catch the Forbidden Artifact, it was powerful and terrifying, shocking everyone.

Some of the cultivators vividly described that day's battle.


Liu Bo of Cloud City was about to lose his life on the spot, the several great powers were eyeing him covetously and could strike out at any time, but at this time, Liu Bo made the first grand gamble in his life, and threw a Forbidden Artifact over to Zi Chen. He won the gamble and Zi Chen saved his life. Moreover, he even obtained an inheritance.

What do you mean?

How did he get the inheritance?

There's more to come. Listen to me slowly.

A genius of the Heaven killing Pavilion, with formidable strength and with a single strike, he managed to severely injure Liu Bo who had a Forbidden Artifact. However, in the hands of Zi Chen, he was reduced to dust in a single exchange.

In the body-tempering trial, Zi Chen was unhindered and killed Wu Xiong on the spot. He beat Wang Shan up like a grandson, scared Li Huo and Cang He so much that they almost peed their pants. In the end, he obtained the strongest inheritance and even helped his friends get it.

The name Zi Chen, was destined to spread throughout the entire Cangli City, all the way to the Floating Snow City, causing everyone to know of his name.

A monstrous genius rose in power.

The faces of the people from the Chen Family were ashen, especially the Great Elder, who trembled with fear. Chen Zi was actually Zi Chen, and had already grown to such a stage.

In just two short years, he has already grown to such a level. What about the future? The Great Elder did not dare think about Zi Chen's future but he could see the future of the Chen Family.

Did he really say that? Li Hao stood by the window and looked out at the beautiful scenery, but he was obviously not paying attention.

Yes, Zi Chen is very arrogant. He even said that you had a very bad attitude that day. Li Huo stood at the other side and recounted the events that occurred at the trial grounds.

Just a mere Xiantian, I can execute him. This kind of clown is nothing to be afraid of. Li Hao was very conceited.

Dammit, dammit, find him! I have to find him and tear him to shreds!

A roar sounded out from the Wu Zong Sect.

As the person who discovered and shared the trial ground, Wu Zong Sect's losses this time around were truly too great.

All the Xiantians had died, one of the Forbidden Artifacts had disappeared and Wu Xiong had been killed. All the keepsake in the trail ground had been lost.

Even so, the current Wu Zong Sect was almost the laughing stock of the entire world.

The disciples under them were not as good as others, and even existences at the Sovereign level were beaten into pig face.

The Wu Zong Sect did not give up on chasing and killing Zi Chen. After the matter had spread and caused an uproar, Zi Chen finally walked out of the ruins.

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, he was already recognized.

So your name is Zi Chen. It was so easy for me to find you. Now, you should have given me back what belongs to me, right? A cold voice sounded from behind Zi Chen.


Sensing that something was wrong, A Mo turned into a ray of light and entered the taiji.

Zi Chen turned around and saw a monk wearing a cassock walking towards him. He had a big belly and was carrying a big skinhead on his head.

Good and Evil Monk! Zi Chen's expression did not change, but his heart was extremely shaken.

Back then, this monk was able to escape through from Imperial Sky Realm experts so he was naturally very strong. He thought that the monk had already run far away, but he did not expect to meet him here.

May I know what master means? Zi Chen looked at the monk and smiled.

After that, Zi Chen tricked the monk as well. Therefore, Zi Chen had a very deep impression of the monk, and perhaps because he did not suffer any losses, Zi Chen did not hate the monk either.

You're Zi Chen right, stop pretending, I know it's you. The monk advanced step by step, a faint golden light surrounded his body as his demeanor became solemn.

Master, you must have recognized the wrong person, I am not some Zi Chen. Zi Chen smiled indifferently, he cupped his fists at the monk and said: Master, I still have things to do, so I won't bother you in finding someone, goodbye.

With that, Zi Chen turned and left.

Stop, kid, don't think that just because you've changed your appearance I won't be able to recognize you. You must be Zi Chen, and the person who took my Cloud Parting Palm, I have been waiting for you. The monk shouted and his body emitted a golden light. He had already caught up.

Monk, I don't understand what you are saying. Zi Chen screamed out, he turned and left, his entire body glowing with a golden light and thunder and lightning appeared around him.


It's you, it must be you, boy, that day in Cangli City, you almost killed me. Today, I will make you pay with your life and all of your inheritance is mine.

Monk, you are a scammer. To actually do such a thing, I am truly ashamed for you. That day, you tricked me and even stole my Raging Flame Sword. You deserved your bad luck, you greedy fellow. Since it had already come to this, Zi Chen might as well admit it.

It's really you. Kid, let's see where you can run to this time? The monk was enraged as the golden light around his body shone brighter than before.

You greedy and stingy monk, I'm alright with you cheating me of my 100 Yuan Stones that day but when I think about you taking away my Raging Flame Sword, I am really p*ssed. Zi Chen wasn't slow either, he currently had late Xiantian and the Xiantian Qi in his body was robust,so he was extremely fast.

Brat, I can give you your broken sword, but give me your Supreme Secret Technique. The monk was infuriated, and he felt very upset.

Although he was in the wrong regarding this matter, he did not get lucky. Instead, he suffered a huge loss. Now, he was even scolded at. He was so angry that he started to cry out.

Too late, damn monk. This Young Master is in a bad mood today, I don't want to waste my breath on you anymore. Goodbye. With that said, Zi Chen's speed once again increased.

With the Nine Thunder Pass, Zi Chen's speed was much faster than the monk's.

In the blink of an eye, he had left the monk far behind.

What kind of movement technique is this, for it to be so fast? One must know that in his Buddhism, there were countless Cultivation Techniques and among them, the extreme movement technique was extremely famous. No one could compare to him in speed but he never expected to see someone that was even faster.

Kid, I refuse to believe that your movement technique is faster than mine. The monk's eyes flashed with a golden light, he took a step forward, and already reached a distance of a few hundred meters away. As though he was shrinking the ground into an inch, he quickly chased after Zi Chen.

How is this possible!

Zi Chen ran very far, but before he could heave a sigh of relief, he heard a sonic boom from behind him, and the monk turned into a golden light as he chased after him.

This monk is really fast Zi Chen was incomparably shocked, and increased his speed once again.

The two of them turned into golden light and continued to chase each other. They caused the air to howl.

This sound spread for several miles and reached the ears of several Imperial Sky experts.

Regardless of whether it was the people from the Wu Zong Sect or the people from the Cang and Li Family, they had not given up on searching for Zi Chen.

Now that they heard the sound of something tearing through the air, all of them came flying over.

Not good, there's an Imperial Sky expert coming. This damned monk. Zi Chen's expression changed greatly as he saw numerous figures flying over from the horizon.

Haha, Zi Chen, let's see how you will escape today.

Zi Chen, you killed Wu Xiong, today you shall accompany him in the underworld.

Hand over the inheritance and I'll give you a complete corpse.

Laughing loudly, they approached from the sky with boundless killing intent. They recognized Zi Chen.

Furthermore, behind him, the monk was also not willing to be outdone, so he chased after Zi Chen.


Suddenly, the monk opened his mouth and released the six-word mantra. It was an unfathomable power with a mysterious feeling.

In a trance, Zi Chen seemed to see mountains of corpses, seas of blood, and endless Asura Demons. At the same time, a massive abyss appeared, as if it was trying to suck in his soul.


Just at this moment, Zi Chen's heart trembled, and an Energy Ripple rippled out of his chest, blocking the power of the six-word mantra on the outside.

Zi Chen instantly woke up.

But at this moment, he could already hear the piercing sound of something tearing through the air. The monk was very close by and had already arrived behind him.

Damned monk, you've plotted against me time and time again. Today, I shall kill you! Zi Chen was furious. With a thought, a blood-red spear appeared.