Thunder Martial Chapter 218 - Leaving The Ruins

Not good, chase!

Seeing Zi Chen being devoured by the Formation, both of their faces changed greatly as they transformed into streams of light and rushed in.

Ripples appeared like a wall of light. Just as the two of them made contact, their figures disappeared.

It was an incomplete elemental array. Zi Chen stepped in and a killing intent filled the air, A Mo floated around him, his eyes were like lightning, looking around.

This is the Nine Palace Formation from back then. It's now incomplete, step two on the left and one on the front! A Mo looked ahead, and said.




Just then, beams of light lit up and whizzed towards Zi Chen like sharp blades.

Don't move, you have already touched the formation, this is just an illusion. A Mo was very confident.

As the Sword Qi neared, Zi Chen felt a dangerous aura around him. Without any hesitation, he revealed his perfect physique and beams of golden light filled his body surface. At the same time, his hand flashed and the Forbidden Artifact appeared.

Don't move! A Mo warned.

Dang, dang!

Zi Chen attacked again and again, the spear continued to tremble, and in the next moment, hundreds of sharp blades dissipated, but there were still more than ten of them, rushing towards Zi Chen.



The golden light around Zi Chen's body dissipated. At the same time, the last two sharp blades slashed at Zi Chen's body, and under his perfect physique, two bloody lines instantly appeared.

How could this be? Looking at the bloody wounds on Zi Chen's body, A Mo felt that it was unbelievable.

Ten thousand years have passed, and the formation here has either been destroyed or changed. Zi Chen said in a deep voice as he looked around.

Three steps to the right!

A Mo looked around once again, his eyes flashed and after a moment, he spoke again.

Zi Chen stepped forward and this time, only a dozen sharp blades appeared, but they were all easily dispersed by him.

Five steps forward! A Mo said.


Zi Chen cried out in alarm, and a bloody wound appeared on his arm.

A Mo was also unable to see through many of the changes. As if he was half blind, Zi Chen staggered forward under A Mo's lead.


A powerful Qi came out from his back, following that, Zi Chen heard the sound of explosions.

Not good, they've caught up. Zi Chen's face changed.

No worries, we're about to leave. After repeated tests, A Mo became more and more confident.

Three steps forward, one step back, one step left, and then keep going forward.

Light flickered beneath Zi Chen's feet. He moved quickly according to A Mo's instructions, and when the last step fell, he felt his eyes brighten up, as if he had become enlightened again.

Ah… We've really come out? Looking at the dense forest around him, and smelling the moist air, Zi Chen was very excited.

Don't be happy. Hurry up and leave. The two of them will be flying out very soon. A Mo said.

They can destroy the formation? Zi Chen was shocked.

A Mo said, This is a mutated Formations, of course they are unable to destroy it, but the two of them, together, are extremely powerful and can easily break through the formation.

Why didn't you say so earlier? Let's hurry up and leave. Light flashed beneath Zi Chen's feet as he quickly rushed forward.


Before he could even get far, he heard a loud explosion from behind him. The terrifying energy dispersed in all directions and the formation was smashed apart.

Little bastard, let's see where you can run to!

Breaking through the formation and seeing Zi Chen running away, the two of them continued to chase after him.


However, in the next moment, Zi Chen disappeared from their eyes again, he had obviously stepped on another formation.

Damn it, chase him!

Helpless, the two of them continued to fly forward.

Under A Mo's lead, Zi Chen traversed through the large formations. There were many ancient formations here, if one was not careful, they would be easily killed. It was hard to escape in a straight line like Zi Chen.

Left two times and then rush forward A Mo said.


A ball of exploding flames appeared and exploded in front of Zi Chen, and the boundless blazing waves instantly submerged Zi Chen.

A moment later, the flames dissipated. On Zi Chen's perfect physique, there was a patch of black and purple.

Old Mo, are we going to make it or not? Zi Chen asked pitifully, his hair had been burnt quite a bit.

It's about time. This is a flame formation, and it's extremely powerful. Under normal circumstances, even a perfect physique wouldn't be able to withstand it. Since you're still alive, it only proves that my guidance is correct. A Mo opened his mouth, and he was completely unembarrassed.

Just as Zi Chen was about to escape into another formation, the sound of another formation being broken came from behind him.

Two miserable figures appeared. Their clothes were all in tatters, and some parts of their bodies were even burned. When one of them appeared, his hair was still on fire but was quickly extinguished by a wave of energy.

Zi Chen, we will kill you!

Die, boy!

The two of them were furious. Within the Formations, it was obvious that they had endured a lot of attacks and were in a sorry state.

But sadly, the two of them did not have the chance to fight Zi Chen head on. In the next moment, Zi Chen's figure disappeared.

A moment later, two people appeared in the air. A thin layer of ice appeared on their clothes. Their eyes, eyebrows, and hair were also snow-white. Their lips were purple, and they were quite cold.

It had been fire before, but now it was ice. The two of them could really feel the extreme feeling brought about by the different levels of ice and fire.

Zi Chen, we are irreconcilable with you! The two bellowed in dissatisfaction.

Zi Chen was sprinting, although he had an expert like A Mo, he was not in a good situation. Fortunately he had a perfect physique and his mysterious heart. Otherwise, A Mo's method of breaking through the formation would have already killed Zi Chen.

Two steps forward and five steps to the left A Mo was very confident.

Old Mo, are you sure? Zi Chen was afraid in his heart. A Mo was this confident in himself every single time, but every time he was at his most confident, Zi Chen would always receive a terrifying attack.

Don't worry. I have full confidence along the way.

Under A Mo's confident expression, Zi Chen took a step forward, and ripples appeared with a brilliance that flickered, but there wasn't any danger.

How is it, do you believe me now? I have completely mastered the mutated Formations here. A Mo was very confident.


But in the next moment, the sky was full of water and Zi Chen was completely caught off guard. A Mo's face changed greatly, as he thought that it was impossible.

That's impossible. My deduction can't be wrong. A Mo opened his eyes wide and said loudly.


Zi Chen wiped his face and spat out some water. He shivered and said, Old Mo, how is that impossible?

Eh? You're actually fine? It seems that this step was correct. Seeing that Zi Chen was fine, but a little cold, A Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

What was this? Zi Chen felt very cold and started to shiver. Even his perfect physique was unable to withstand the cold and it could be seen that this water was not ordinary either.

This is the Cold Water formation, all the water that appeared inside is extremely cold water, if you were to really make a move, not to mention a small Xiantian, even if it was a Zhen Yuan Realm expert, you would still be dead without a doubt and even an Imperial Sky Realm expert would face some troubles. You are still alive, which proves that my deduction is correct, but ten thousand years have passed and the Formations has changed and it is impossible to break through. All you can do is convert the extreme cold water into ordinary cold water. A Mo explained.

This was indeed the case. When the two of them arrived, the entire Formations was filled with extremely cold water, and even if the two of them were to fly in the air at the same time, they had nearly lost half their lives here.

Zi Chen, I will kill you!

The moment the duo appeared, they became dispirited.

The next time they appeared, the two of them no longer had the strength to talk. Breaking through the formation took a lot of energy and the formations power would become stronger and stronger. Even if they were to fly into the sky, their lives were in danger.

A Mo was becoming more and more adept with his formation breaking techniques. After breaking three large formations a row, he had already completely broken through the barrier.


Zi Chen secretly heaved a sigh of relief, the biggest threat had already been thrown off.

Here, the Formations was so continuous that even Demonic Beasts rarely came. Other than this, Zi Chen also saw many spirit medicines.

If it was in the past, Zi Chen would naturally not dare to have any ideas about the spirit medicines, but now that he had A Mo, this half-dead formation master, Zi Chen, he dared to stake it all.

There are two Thousand Year spirit medicine over there, let's get it!

Zi Chen stepped forward, and A Mo floated at the side, guiding him.

Over there, over there, there's actually a three thousand year old spirit medicine. Zi Chen pointed to a spirit medicine in the distance.

After half an hour, Zi Chen's entire body was on fire, his hair was smoking as he broke through the formations and arrived in front of the spirit medicine.

This is a Flame Grass, a 3000 year old medicinal herb! A Mo explained.

Other than his attainments in breaking Formations, A Mo also had a bit of understanding towards spirit medicines. He explained to Zi Chen along the way.

Zi Chen walked and stopped, during this period of time, he refined each and every spirit medicine, and Zi Chen's strength slowly grew.

This is too scary, refining two Thousand Year spirit medicine every day only increases my strength by a tiny bit. Is this the way I'm going to go bankrupt?

Zi Chen wanted to cry since no matter how much he increased his strength, his battle prowess would increase by leaps and bounds, just that the consumption caused Zi Chen to be speechless.

What do you think? This is the result of a perfect physique. Even if you were placed in the Limitless Sect back then, you would still be an existence that a sect would be attached great importance to. People with your physiques need to be nurtured with the strength of the entire sect.

In the early stages, they would only need to consume a few spirit medicines but in the later stages, the amount of Yuan Stone consumption is huge and ordinary sects cannot raise them at all. A Mo said.

Ah… Doesn't that mean that if I don't have the resources in the future, I'll be in trouble? Zi Chen said with a bitter face.

That's right, if you can't get more resources, your cultivation speed will be like a tortoise's speed, no, a snail's speed. So, work hard, snatch all the resources you can get, don't let any of these spirit medicine go. A Mo laughed out loud and said.

From then on, Zi Chen was like a locust swarm. Wherever he went, not a single blade of grass remained.

From the hundred year old spirit medicine to the Thousand Year old spirit medicine, Zi Chen swept across almost everywhere.

Finally, at the place where he could not see any spirit medicine, Zi Chen gave up. However, at this time, he was already at the outskirts of ruins.

A few days later, Zi Chen left the ruins.


Zi Chen took a deep breath comfortably, the air that entered his nose was dry and fresh, it was not as humid as before.

We've finally made it out. Zi Chen was so excited that he wanted to shout, it was a narrow escape.

Zi Chen, so your name is Zi Chen. I have finally found you, shouldn't you return my things now?

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind Zi Chen.