Thunder Martial Chapter 217 - Running Into The Jungle

Zi Chen had the fighting strength of a monstrous genius, and also obtained the inheritance of the Limitless Sect.

All of these were proof of Zi Chen's value.

The Piao Miao made his move easily, neutralizing the attacks one by one. At the same time, he used his Spiritual Perception to recruit Zi Chen into the Floating Mist Sect.

Zi Chen did not know what kind of place the Floating Mist Sect was, and he had never heard of it before.

Senior, let me consider this matter. Zi Chen muttered to himself in hesitation.

Hmm? A strange look appeared in Piao Miao's eyes.

Telepathic transmission?

This was a method that only the Zhen Yuan Realm had, but Zi Chen had not reached this realm yet and he is still in the Xiantian Realm but he has Spiritual Perception. Piao Miao had never heard of this before.

Fine, today is not the day to talk about such things. I'll deal with this guy. You leave first. When we meet again in the future, it won't be too late for you to answer me. With a flash of light in his eyes, Piao Miao transmitted his voice back.

Thank you, senior. Zi Chen said.


It was the first time Piao Miao took the initiative to make a move. His terrifying aura filled the entire world and the eye-piercing light stimulated everyone to the point that they couldn't even open their eyes. After that, Piao Miao struck out with his powerful attack.

It's this move again.

It was precisely this move from a hundred years ago that heavily injured him. With a loud roar, his hair stood on end, and streams of energy circled around his body. He resembled a battle armor that was overflowing with energy.

At this time, Zi Chen was fleeing, his body surging with the Protective Shields that Piao Miao had propped up for him, as he rushed into the dense forest.

Senior, please save Su Mengyao. Zi Chen will definitely remember today's kindness, and if fate wills it in the future, I will definitely repay it tenfold, a hundredfold. Zi Chen said.

I'll bring her back to the Floating Mist Sect. If you think it through, you can find me there. The Piao Miao used Spiritual Perception to show where the Floating Mist Sect was located.

Thank you, senior!

Zi Chen was grateful, and then his figure completely disappeared.


Wu Ruoshan spat out a mouthful of blood, his body flying backwards. A hundred years ago, when he met this technique, he was heavily injured.

His layers of defense weren't able to withstand this terrifying attack.

Wu Ruoshan, I said it already, I will beat you up into a pig's head today. With a tap of his feet, a ripple spread out from Piao Miao's feet.

Originally, he was a Taoist, but at this moment, he had turned into a hoodlum and smacked Wu Ruoshan in the face.

Kill Zi Chen, don't let him escape, he killed Xiong'er.

Just as Zi Chen's figure disappeared into the forest, an angry voice filled with killing intent rang out and resounded throughout the entire area like rolling thunder.

Through Li Huo's words, the Wu Zong Sect finally found out about Wu Xiong's death and roared angrily.

Ah… You little thing, you actually dared to kill Xiong'er I'm going to kill you. Wu Ruoshan roared, a terrifying aura gushing out from his body.


But right at that moment, a loud slap came out, it was clear and crisp, sending Wu Ruoshan's surging energy back into his body.

In the distance, everyone was shocked. Their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

What did I see? An existence at the Sovereign realm was slapped.

It's too scary, even Sovereign Realm existence got slapped.

They were completely stunned. To slap a reclusive elder in front of so many people, it would be better to kill him. This is an undisguised humiliation.


The Flying Tiger roared. Today, it was going to use these humans to help it break through the Sovereign Realm.

Wang Zhenwei had protected Wang Shan, and he was followed by Liu Bo. At the same time, two more people appeared in the air, protecting Wang Zhenwei.

With the appearance of the Piao Miao, Wang Zhenwei dispelled all thoughts of taking care of Zi Chen. Right now, the most important thing was to protect the inheritance of his family.

As for the burly man, his strength was quite strong, and he was able to stop several people from flying through the air.

However, there were still two Imperial Sky experts who had appeared out of the dark, and were chasing after the fleeing Zi Chen.

Piao Miao's eyes looking at the place where Zi Chen disappeared, he shook his head and said: The growth of a genius is always difficult, whether or not he can avoid this, will all depend on his luck.

Hundreds of Xiantians witnessed an intense battle of two Sovereign Realm experts, leaving them deeply shocked.


Blood splattered everywhere like a rain of blood that fell from the sky. An Imperial Sky Realm expert was hit in the chest by a tiger claw, and his body was smashed into smithereens.


With a tiger's roar, ripples appeared, and the Spiritual Perception that rushed out of an Imperial Sky expert's body suffered a shock, and instantly dissipated.

Another Imperial Sky Realm expert had died


The Flying Tiger roared. This was a tragic battle, and if it wanted to break through, then it would have to engage in a bloody battle, not play around like a cat or mouse.


The Flying Tiger was completely berserk. It took the opportunity to bite through an Imperial Sky Experts neck and at the same time erased their Spiritual Perception.

This was the real Flying Tiger, a mature Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beasts. Its eyes were filled with killing intent.

Another Imperial Sky expert died and a Spirit Armament fell from the sky, causing all the Xiantians to be jealous, but no one dared to go forward to pick it up.

Spirit Armament, this is a Spirit Armament!

Although the spirit in there has been severely injured, it is still a Spirit Armament.

Some of the Xiantians were eager to give it a try, but when they saw that the Ancient Tree beside the Spirit Armament had turned into crumbs, their faces changed and they instantly retreated.


The Flying Tiger was very powerful, and once again slashed at the third Imperial Sky Realm expert. However, many wounds also appeared on its body, with blood flowing out. One of its wings was even almost pierced through by a Spirit Armament.

Bastard, die!

After slashing three times in the air, Wu Ruoshan suddenly shouted loudly. With his pig face, he struck out with a fierce attack.


The heaven and earth darkened. The palm imprints descended, blotting out the sky and covering the earth, and heavily struck the Flying Tiger's body.

If it was a normal situation, Flying Tiger would naturally be able to dodge such an attack. However, in today's battle, it was already exhausted, injured, and slow to move.


The Flying Tiger was smashed into the ground. A huge handprint pit appeared, whether it was dead or alive was unknown.

Heavens, has he really become a pig head?

He's carrying a pig face, and he's still so strong?

Just a moment ago, the Flying Tiger was too powerful, it killed three Imperial Sky experts and attracted everyone's attention. Now that everyone turned their head again, they realised that Wu Ruoshan's face had already swollen to the point of becoming a real pig head.

Our Wu Zong Sect will settle this debt with your Floating Mist Sect. Wu Ruoshan carried a pig face, and stared at Piao Miao venomously.

The latter was unperturbed and didn't care at all.

After Wu Ruoshan heard the discussions, his ice cold eyes swept across his subordinates and the group of Xiantians. The latter shuddered and immediately shut their mouth, not saying another word.


With a loud noise, soil flew everywhere as the Flying Tiger rushed up from the ground. Its entire body was covered in blood and many wounds appeared on its body.

The Flying Tiger was heavily injured, but it did not die.

Heavens! It's not dead?!

This is too fierce, to think that it actually didn't die after receiving the attack from a Sovereign Realm expert.

The Flying Tiger stood up, its body was unsteady, swaying unsteadily, but it was alive. With a pair of tiger eyes, it was full of killing intent.

Bastard, die!

In the sky, Wu Roushan charged down once again, bringing with him a terrifying killing intent as he unleashed a powerful attack.

Endless amounts of energy surged, and an enormous amount of Qi rushed towards the Flying Tiger.


Just then, a strong gust of wind appeared, blowing away the overflowing energy and also blowing away three Imperial Sky Experts who were planning to sneak behind. Everyone's eyes blurred as they realized that Piao Miao was already in front of the Flying Tiger.

Let's go!

As the indifferent voice faded, an even stronger gale appeared. The strong wind whistled and many ancient trees were uprooted, like an extremely terrifying sandstorm, all of the experts were forced.

Wu Ruoshan, I hope that when I see you in the future, you won't be so miserable. The cold words of the Piao Miao echoed in the skies.

By the time the storm subsided, it was empty.

The Flying Tiger was gone, Piao Miao was gone, and at the same time, Su Mengyao who had been restrained was also gone.

Damn it, where is he? Wu Ruoshan let out an unwilling roar. His pig face was so conspicuous under the sunlight.

As for Wang Zhenwei, he had long since escaped and brought Wang Shan and Liu Bo with him. The burly man also took the opportunity to leave.

The trials had finally ended. However, the three forces had made meticulous preparations, especially the Wu Zong Sect. They had dispatched a Sovereign level existence and yet, they had not obtained anything. Furthermore, the geniuses they sent had also been slaughtered.

But it was a good thing that Miao Kong had obtained the inheritance and Wu Ruoshan's expression did not change much.

In the midst of the crowd, Lin Xue followed the large group and left. It wasn't until she walked out of the forest that hse finally heaved a sigh of relief.

No one knew that she had obtained the inheritance and that in the future, because of the appearance of Lin Xue, Cangli City would rise again in the future.


In the forest, Zi Chen coughed out a large mouthful of blood, and his injuries worsened.

Behind him, two figures were approaching.

Brat, keep running. Let's see who can save you this time.

Leave behind your life and then you can leave.

The two laughed coldly as they continued to chase.

Idiot, can I still leave after leaving behind my life? If you have the ability, come over. Zi Chen wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and used the Nine Thunder Pass before speeding up his pace.

Kid, this is not a solution. If we continue to run like this, we will definitely be caught. You want to run deeper into the forest? A Mo's anxious voice came from the Sea of Consciousness.

I do want to but this is the ruins that the Limitless Sect left behind and there are even some Formations and restrictions inside. Something has happened in the past ten thousand years, and there's no chance of survival going in, and this is the only way I know of. Zi Chen said helplessly.

What, restrictions and Formations?

On top of the taiji, a light flashed and A Mo's figure appeared.

Yeah, it's very dangerous. Even Imperial Sky Realm experts have to be careful Zi Chen nodded.

That's great, hurry up and enter. A Mo said in surprise.

Are you crazy? If I go in, I'll definitely die. Zi Chen's face changed.

Don't worry, I won't harm you. Hurry up and go, or you'll die sooner or later. A Mo urged.

Alright, let's go all out. Zi Chen clenched his teeth, left the safe route, and rushed deeper into the forest.

Brat, are you crazy? You would rather kill yourself than leave the inheritance behind? The two Imperial Sky experts' faces changed, and they increased their speed as they rushed towards Zi Chen.

But in the next moment, they saw many ripples appear in front of Zi Chen. Zi Chen accidentally stepped on the Formations and his body was engulfed.

Translator Note: [RUN! ZI CHEN! RUN] This should be the new title of the book...