Thunder Martial Chapter 216 - Piao Miao

To be able to cause wariness in this Sovereign Realm elder, it was naturally another existence at the same level. Everyone's hearts trembled, they never would have thought that there would be such an expert here.

In the distance, an old man appeared, taking one step at a time towards them. His Daoist robe fluttered in the wind, giving him a somewhat sage-like appearance.

It's him?

It's that old fogey?

When they saw the old man, everyone was surprised. They all recognized him as the old man who had followed the burly man before. Because he was old, he was not very popular.

The few great forces had even almost killed the two but they were saved by Zi Chen in the end.

How is this possible? He's actually a Sovereign Realm expert?

This old fellow is actually in the Sovereign Realm, but how did he manage to enter the trial grounds?

Li Huo and Cang He were even more surprised, staring with their eyes wide open, their faces full of disbelief.

A burly man with martial power that could compare to Wang Zhenwei's was already very terrifying enough. They never would have thought that the old fellow would be a Sovereign Realm expert.

An even more terrifying existence.

Zi Chen was also shaken quite badly, the appearance of this old man was obviously very impressive, very unexpected, and his personality had changed greatly, no longer being as disloyal as when he was in the trial grounds.

Kid, after so many years, you have become even more unpromising. You won't even let a small Xiantian go. The old man stepped forward with a faint smile on his face. He had a very relaxed expression.

However, his words made everyone stunned.

It was clear that the person this old man was not talking to Zi Chen, but the Sovereign Realm elder.

Was it purely to anger him, or was it that the old man actually knew the Wu Zong Sect elder?

It's you, Piao Miao? Seeing the appearance of the Piao Miao, the elder's face changed drastically as a hint of fear flashed past his eyes.

Piao Miao?

This name left the crowd of Xiantian experts stunned. Piao Miao was a kind of taboo existence and when everyone heard it, they could not help but tremble.

Piao Miao was a member of the Floating Mist Sect. It was an extremely mysterious sect and only the three great sects of Seven Cities knew of it.

The Floating Mist Sect was not one of the Seven Cities and the three big sects. It sounded like an extremely unremarkable sect, but only the Seven Cities and the three big sects knew that it was a mysterious sect that had been passed down for more than ten thousand years.

If the Limitless Sect had some sort of secret, then the people from the Floating Mist Sect should know about it.

This sect was very mysterious. Very few disciples came out, but once they did, they would certainly stir up a storm of blood.

A hundred years ago, a genius disciple of Floating Mist Sect went out. For some reason, there was a conflict with the genius of the Wu Zong Sect. After a fierce battle, the genius of Floating Mist Sect killed the genius of the Wu Zong Sect and as a result, the Wu Zong Sect sent out an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

However, they didn't expect that this genius was so strong that even the Imperial Sky expert was unable to kill him. Thus, they sent out a reclusive elder. At that time, the reclusive elder was the person in front of them.

The fact that the reclusive elder had killed a monstrous genius caused a huge commotion a hundred years ago. The three big sects of the Seven Cities were also paying attention to this matter.

Amongst the three great sects of the Seven Cities, there had always been an unwritten rule for the past ten thousand years.

But at that time, the monstrous genius did not reveal his identity, Wu Ruoshan broke the rules and acted forcefully, showing the domineering attitude of the Wu Zong Sect and displayed powerful means to kill this genius. However, the battle that was originally without suspense had completely changed because of the appearance of Piao Miao.

It was said that when this genius was about to be killed, Piao Miao arrived and engaged in battle with Wu Ruoshan. At that time, everyone knew that this monstrous genius was not a rogue cultivator who had had a fortuitous encounter, but was instead a disciple of the Floating Mist Sect.

The battle that day didn't last long. In the end, Wu Ruoshan lost and escaped back to the Wu Zong Sect with heavy injuries, while the Piao Miao had chased him all the way to the Wu Zong Sect.

Then, he guarded the Wu Zong Sect's Mountain entrance.

The Wu Zong Sect had been blocked for a month, and during that time, the Piao Miao had been attacking the Wu Zong Sect from time to time also.

At that time, many reclusive elders had appeared from the Wu Zong Sect but they were all defeated by the Piao Miao. At that time, the unknown Piao Miao became famous in one battle and became a taboo existence.

One month later, Piao Miao left in a carefree manner.

If something like this happens again, we will definitely unleash the power of our sect to attack the Wu Zong Sect. Before he left, the Piao Miao left behind an arrogant and domineering sentence.

At that time, this was a legend, the three great sects of the Seven Cities. Even though they had existed for tens of thousands of years, they finally knew there was an even more powerful force out there.

Wu Ruoshan, who was severely injured at that time, took nearly a hundred years of rest to recover from his injuries, but never would he have thought that the moment he left the mountain, he would once again meet his mortal enemy.

Wu Ruoshan, do you still have any future prospects? A dignified reclusive elder has repeatedly come to cause trouble for the younger generation. Could it be that this is the Wu Zong Sect's way of doing things? Piao Miao slowly approached with an indifferent expression. However, only this kind of expert could judge and comment on the Wu Zong Sect.

Piao Miao, this is a matter of our Wu Zong Sect, what qualifications do you have to meddle in it? Wu Ruoshan's face darkened, 100 years ago, Piao Miao was a taboo, but he himself was a laughing stock, even the reputation of the Wu Zong Sect was greatly reduced.

Don't you think it's shameful for a dignified elder to make a move against a mere Xiantian? The Piao Miao sneered.

What shameless? He took something from our Wu Zong Sect. As long as he hands it over, I can spare his life. Wu Ruoshan's face darkened.

Bullshit! Just then, Zi Chen burst out with an explosive shout, Your Wu Zong Sect has gone too far, exterminating everyone in the Ling Wu Sect. I have never been to the Wu Zong Sect, and have never had anything to do with any of you, since when did I take your things?

With the old man as his backer, Zi Chen vented out the anger in his heart.

When I was at the True Qi Realm, you guys sent an Imperial Sky Expert to kill me. You guys said that I took your things, but why don't you say that you guys wanted to steal my things instead? Zi Chen pointed at Wu Ruoshan and said: You old thing, you clearly wanted to steal something, yet you said that I stole your things. Could it be that your large sects are all so shameless?


Being scolded by a small Xiantian who pointed at his nose, Wu Ruoshan was furious. His eyes emitted a dense killing intent.


A strong stream of Spiritual Perception shot out from his body and rushed towards Zi Chen.

Haha, well scolded, well scolded! Piao Miao laughed out loud. A Spiritual Perception similarly flew out and blocked in front of Zi Chen.

When the two Spiritual Perception came into contact, there was no explosion from the distance.

Piao Miao, what do you mean by this? You heard it too. This junior insulted me, shouldn't I kill him? Wu Ruoshan stared at Piao Miao, his eyes releasing a cold aura, like a bloodthirsty wolf.

Insult? I don't think so. What he said was the truth. Clearly, you want to rob him, yet you actually said he took away your own things. You speak so arrogantly, and even overturned right and wrong, you being called shameless is very correct. Piao Miao laughed lightly, his robe danced, and in a single step, he was in front of Zi Chen.

Little Zi Chen, I'll protect you today. The Piao Miao laughed.

Thank you, senior. Zi Chen was very grateful.

Piao Miao, you are going to oppose our Wu Zong Sect for an insignificant person. Do you really think that our Wu Zong Sect is afraid of your Floating Mist Sect? Wu Ruoshan asked coldly.

He saved my life in the trial grounds, he is my savior, how can he be an insignificant person. I do not know if your Wu Zong is afraid of our Floating Mist Sect, but I know that if you attack today, I will beat you up like a pig's head.

The indifferent words of the Piao Miao caused everyone's heart to tremble. Only a true expert would be able to speak about beating a reclusive elder into a pig's head.

When the two Sovereign Realm experts appeared, no one dared to speak, and even the people who were fighting in the sky stopped. They stood in mid air, quietly watching the scene. No one dared to speak, and no one dared to move.

Piao Miao, you have gone too far. Wu Ruoshan was furious, his hair stood on end as though he had gone mad, a terrifying aura filled the entire world.

The existence of a Sovereign Realm expert going crazy caused a huge whirlwind. All of the Imperial Sky Experts retreated extremely quickly, fearing that they would be affected.

Cut the crap. Let me see if your strength has improved or regressed over the past hundred years. Piao Miao smiled calmly.


As the sky darkened, Wu Ruoshan made his move. A palm imprint that was filled with destructive aura shot towards the top of Piao Miao's head.


The Shatterpalm is a type of Killing Technique with unparalleled power. Unfortunately, it was obtained by people from your Wu Zong Sect. It is not as impressive as it was back then.

With that, Piao Miao made his move. The aura around his body expanded explosively and the space around him distorted intensely, like a giant, he smashed his palm towards the palm print above his head.

That light and elegant palm caused the sound of wind and thunder to ring out.


The Shatterpalm dissipated in the air, transforming into natural energy that surged towards all directions.

The fight between Sovereign Realm experts caused too great of a commotion. The surrounding Imperial Sky Realm experts were forced to retreat again and again, while the spectating Xiantians were also forced to retreat.

They were all shocked, Sovereign Realm experts were simply too terrifying.

Li Huo and Cang He's faces were pale white. Everything that had happened today had far exceeded their expectations.

One expert after another appeared, all to help Zi Chen, and this was even more unexpected for the two.

How can such an existence help Zi Chen? The two were unwilling in their hearts, but they had to retreat. In a battle between Sovereign Realm experts, even if it was the energy aftershock, it would still be able to crush them.


The two of them fought multiple times, and the entire world started to tremble as a terrifying Energy Ripple started to surge in all directions.

Wu Ruoshan seemed to have gone mad. It was clear that he had already used his full strength, and the attacks were all extremely powerful. Piao Miao had a faint smile on his face as he easily dispelled every attack.

Little fellow, I can bring you to the Floating Mist Sect and provide you with the best cultivation resources.

At the same time, the fighting Piao Miao was multitasking as he transmitted his voice to Zi Chen.