Thunder Martial Chapter 215 - Sovereign Realm Expert


Just as Zi Chen was being hit by the Energy Ripple, he started to cough out blood, his internal organs were all trembling.


A fist Qi exploded beside Zi Chen, and the terrifying energy wave directly sent Zi Chen flying.


The huge palm print descended with boundless killing intent. This time, it was no longer just about fighting for the inheritance. The person who had just launched the killing attack no longer cared about anything else except killing him.


Zi Chen dodged continuously dodged but the enormous difference in strength made Zi Chen feel deeply powerless.

These existences were all at the Imperial Sky Realm but they actually disregarded their face and attacked an Xiantian expert. Only Zi Chen, who had been chased all the way from the beginning was in a sorry state.


Zi Chen coughed blood, he was already injured, if not for the constant flow of energy from his heart, he would have died a long time ago.

Too terrifying, this Zi Chen is actually able to survive from the attacks of three Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Although he's just running away, it's already quite extraordinary that he didn't die immediately.

As expected of the monstrous genius, he even has a slim chance of surviving when facing off against the Imperial Sky experts.

Unfortunately, there are too many Imperial Sky Realm experts. Without a doubt, he will die.

The Xiantian experts' hearts trembled. They now had a deeper understanding of the monstrous genius's powerful combat power.

Li Huo and Cang He continuously clamored, provoking a wave of disdain in their eyes.

The two of them were still powerful figures, holding Forbidden equipment and bringing along experts but in the end, they didn't even do a f*cking thing and were still clamoring.


Zi Chen was on the edge of death, he could be engulfed by the endless energy at any time and would cough out large mouthfuls of blood every time that happened. He is heavily injured.

There are so many of you here, and yet you dare to bully a little Xiantian. Aren't you lacking too much dignity as an expert?

Just as Zi Chen was about to lose his life, a calm voice suddenly sounded. Immediately after, Zi Chen's eyes blurred and he saw a robust and strong man standing in front of him.

He was tall and stalwart like a giant of the world. It was as if he stood between the heavens and the earth in that battle and was extremely grand.

It's you!

Looking at the burly man in front of him, Zi Chen was shocked. He never thought that the burly man who acted selflessly and was not even close to a friend, would be the tall and sturdy expert in front of him, whose body was filled with a terrifying aura.

Haha, little fellow, hurry up and leave. We will meet again if fate wills it. The burly man did not even turn around as he laughed heartily.

Immediately after, he clenched both his fists tightly, as if he was holding onto a piece of space.


Facing the number of Imperial Sky experts, the burly man was actually the first to attack.


The heaven and earth shook. The attack from the burly man was fierce and terrifying. The energy made by him was like a monstrous wave as it crazily surged, immediately enveloping the Imperial Sky expert.

Dammit, where did this fellow come from? How could it be so terrifying?

What a powerful ripple of energy.

He looked rough and wild, but his Qi was overflowing, and his powerful fighting strength was not weaker than Wang Zhenwei's.

This was an extremely difficult opponent to deal with.

Thank you, senior.

Seeing the burly man acting so brazenly, Zi Chen sent a sound transmission to him with extreme gratitude. Then, he turned around and left without hesitation.

Zi Chen ran very fast.

Hurry and catch him, he has the heavy treasure and the inheritance too.

This is the strongest inheritance of a great sect from ten thousand years ago. Once obtained, it can recreate the glory of the great sect from ten thousand years ago.

Cang He and Li Huo kept on clamoring, their voices loud, the two of them did not wish for Zi Chen to escape smoothly. Even if they did not obtain the inheritance, killing him on the spot would be fine.

The group of people abandoned their Flying Tiger and chased after Zi Chen.

Despicable humans, don't think about leaving. The Flying Tiger trembled and its body transformed into a silver light. In a breath's time, it was in front of the three.


With a roar, the Flying Tiger went completely berserk, and the aura around its body became even more tyrannical. A merciless killing intent spread throughout the forest, and a terrifying pressure descended onto the ground.


The Ancient Trees was unable to withstand this aura and instantly exploded, turning into wood splinters dancing chaotically.

The Flying Tiger went berserk, causing the six Imperial Sky Realme xperts to feel fear. They all felt the danger of death, and had no choice but to take it seriously.

The Flying Tiger was restraining the six Imperial Sky experts with its aura.

I almost broke through to the Sovereign Realm. The Flying Tiger went berserk, its aura churning as tornadoes appeared one after another. With terrifying killing intent, they charged towards the six.


The burly man stood in mid air, waving his fists like a heavy hammer, releasing a series of powerful attacks that caused heaven and earth to shake.

There were many people from the three major powers that were trying to fly. However, at this moment, they were all restricted and were unable to attack at all.

Heavens, what kind of status does this Zi Chen have to actually have the Flying Tiger come and help him?

That Flying Tiger is so terrifying, battling six Imperial Sky Experts, it actually still stands at the absolute highest point. If it isn't killed, I'm afraid the six Imperial Sky experts will be quickly slaughtered.

All the Xiantians who were lucky enough to watch this battle were incomparably shocked.

And that big guy, wasn't he at the Xiantian Realm? How did he suddenly become an Imperial Sky Realm expert?

This is unbelievable! Could it be that flying can allow one to enter the trial grounds?

They were only at the Xiantian Realm, and did not dare to flee. In the worst case scenario, they might even be shattered into pieces by the scattered energy. They could only gather together and hide in the distance to watch.

Lin Xue hid within the crowd, her tears flowing unceasingly. Seeing Zi Chen coughing up a large mouthful of blood, she felt a heartache, but she had no way to stop it.

Miao Kong had protected Su Mengyao, while the Wu Zong Sect was fighting with other forces in the sky.

Look, Zi Chen is escaping! Someone exclaimed.

Zi Chen kept on running and he had already reached the end of their line of sight. He was just about to disappear into the forest.

The ancient trees in the forest towered up into the sky, and there were also all sorts of restrictions and dangers lurking everywhere. Although no one believed that Zi Chen would be able to escape successfully, it was still clearly more difficult to fly in the sky after entering the forest.

Hurry up and attack. Ignore the burly man.

Ignore what that beast is doing, grabbing Zi Chen is more important.

Li Huo and Cang He, who had not received the inheritance, were still brooding over it. At the moment, they did not wish for Zi Chen to be alright, and wanted their family's experts to take action.

But unfortunately, although there were a lot of them, they were not as strong as Wang Zhenwei. The burly man and the Flying Tiger that was about to break brough to the Sovereign Realm had restrained them all.

At that moment, no one was able to stop Zi Chen.


Once Zi Chen reached the edge of the forest, he would be able to escape in the next moment.

Little guy, you should leave behind the inheritance and the precious treasure before you leave. At this moment, an elderly voice sounded.

This voice was like a heavy hammer, striking Zi Chen's heart, causing his injured body to be injured once again.


He coughed up another mouthful of blood as his expression became incomparably aghast. This is…?

This voice was unfamiliar to him, and naturally, he was not familiar with the person However, the vibration of this voice, and the feeling it gave off, made Zi Chen feel that he was familiar with it.

That was the giant roar that came out of the Gate when he was in Cangli City because they lost their supreme secret technique.

With a loud roar, he knocked out half of the people in the city. With two roars, the Cultivators was knocked out and with the third roar, even the Good and Evil Monk vomited blood.

At this moment, the aged voice that Zi Chen heard gave him the same feeling.

This was an existence on the level of a Sovereign Expert, it was stronger than even Imperial Sky Realm experts.

As the elderly voice fell, an indescribable pressure appeared. It felt like a towering mountain fell on his shoulders, preventing Zi Chen from moving. At the same time, Zi Chen also felt as if he had been restricted, making him unable to move.

He could enter the forest in the blink of an eye. Everyone thought that Zi Chen would be able to escape, but now, he was actually not moving at all.

What's going on?

Why aren't you running? If you run a few more meters, won't you just enter the forest?

The group of Xiantians did not understand, not knowing why Zi Chen stopped running.


Just at this moment, the space in front of him started to move, and an old man appeared. He had a head full of white hair and a face filled with wrinkles, and all the teeth in his mouth were about to fall off, like an old man at dusk.

Little guy, leave behind your precious treasure and inheritance.

The old man spoke indifferently, but his voice almost shattered Zi Chen's soul. This was an existence that he couldn't compare to, an existence that could shock himself to death just by speaking a little louder.

Zi Chen was overwhelmed with shock, his eyes filled with despair.

It was one thing to send in Imperial Sky experts, but even such an existence had taken action. Moreover, he was only dealing with a small Xiantian expert like him.

This was even more of a waste than using all kinds of materials.

It's a Sovereign level existence.

His battle prowess is even stronger than Imperial Sky Realm expert. He is definitely a reclusive elder of the Wu Zong Sect.

Too terrifying. He is actually making a move on Zi Chen.

The Xiantian experts in the distance were also astonished.

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were already in despair. Only Miao Kong sighed, this was the Ancestor of the Wu Zong Sect.

Senior, don't you think that you're going too far by attacking me? Knowing that he was definitely going to die, Zi Chen opened his mouth as well.

Oh, not bad. You can still speak under my pressure? The old man's eyes were filled with surprise.

You are an expert hidden away, and you are at the Sovereign Realm. You are a high and mighty being. Aren't you afraid of the world sneering at you for attacking a mere Xiantian like me? Zi Chen asked.

Haha, little fellow, you don't need to be so talkative. If you are allowed to live, you will leave with the strongest inheritance of the Limitless Sect and create a great sect. Even if I am ridiculed, so what? The old man laughed loudly, not minding in the slightest.

That's right, for people like you of the Wu Zong Sect, who have no face and no skin, why would you be afraid of the ridicule from the world? You guys have long become the laughingstock of the world. A hearty laughter sounded, echoing in the surroundings and entering the ears of the crowd.


When the voice came out, Zi Chen felt the pressure on his body dissipate, and his movements return to normal.

Who is it? Come out right now and stop hiding! The elder from the Wu Zong Sect looked around with a glimmer in his eyes.

Hiding? Kid, aren't you thinking too highly of yourself?

The sky shook, and an elderly voice sounded once more. Following which, an elderly figure could be seen walking over from the distance.