Thunder Martial Chapter 214 - Gathering Of Experts

Come with me.

Two large hands made up of energy descended from the sky and grabbed towards Wang Shan.


Wang Shan screamed in shock, his footwork continued to flash, his speed was extremely fast, he wanted to avoid the attack.

However, the giant hand that was flying through the air was extremely fast and peerlessly powerful. Wang Shan seemed to be on the verge of escaping but the big hand was one step ahead of him and wanted to grab him tightly.


The jade pendant around Wang Shan emitted one last light ray and then exploded. A Protective Shield appeared from the surrounding area and blocked this attack for Wang Shan.

Wang Shan escaped successfully.

Men, come save me! Wang Shan asked for help, he knew that Cloud City's experts were here too.

Come and save me! Wang Shan shouted for help, his speed becoming even faster.


With a cold laugh, another giant hand made of energy appeared, grabbing towards the fleeing Wang Shan.

Who dares to attack my son?! Suddenly, an explosive shout sounded, causing the heaven and earth to tremble. A tall man flew over from the sky, and a wave of aura swept through the four corners of the space.

Wang Zhenwei, ranked in the top three in terms of fighting strength of Cloud City and also Wang Shan's father. He had personally come here.

Whoever dares to touch a single hair on my son's head, I, Wang Zhenwei, will kill him no matter what. Before anyone could say anything, a dense killing intent filled the air.

Wang Zhenwei, it's him!

Wang Zhenwei was ranked in the top three of Cloud City, his strength was unfathomable, and it was said that he was about to reach the peak Imperial Sky Realm, so these two early Imperial Sky Realm cultivators were simply not his opponents.

The two of them glanced at each other, and they could see the coldness in each other's eyes.

Without hesitating, the two of them unleashed their powerful attacks towards Wang Shan, changing from grabbing to killing, their original intent was clear, since they could not obtain the inheritance, then they would destroy it.

This was also a plan that they had come up with in advance. They would protect the inheritance of several parties and destroy the inheritance of others.

With Wang Zhenwei's arrival, they changed the outcome from capturing him to killing.

In the sky, two gigantic palm prints changed and the aura became terrifying and sharp. This was a powerful attack that could lift the sky, let alone kill a small Xiantian, even if a Zhen Yuan Realm expert touched it, they would undoubtedly die.

Dad, save me! Wang Shan's face changed, his eyes filled with fear as he screamed for help.

You're courting death! Wang Zhenwei roared, causing the sky and earth to shake. From a distance, he released a sharp attack.


The sky shook and a resplendent Sword Qi appeared. It illuminated the world in red as it slashed towards them. It was hundreds of meters long.

The Sword Qi was extremely fast, arriving before the two palm could touch Wang Shan. As the Sword Qi streaked across the sky, the two palm prints that carried the destructive aura dissipated one by one.

You two, get lost!

Wang Zhenwei roared and displayed the demeanor of an expert. He formed a seal with his hand, and the sky suddenly shook, and a huge seal several hundred metres long descended.

The huge seal descended, and the two experts blocked it with all their might.


Bang! With a loud sound, the seal exploded in the air, exploding into countless energy aura, causing the two of them to be smashed to the ground by the seal.

You dare to touch my son? You are simply courting death!

After making two moves in a row, Wang Zhenwei finally arrived in front of Wang Shan. His eyes disdainfully swept over the two in the air, and then turned to look at Wang Shan with a face full of love.

Dad, I've obtained the inheritance, you have to take care of me. Wang Shan was scared to death just now, but now that he saw Wang Zhenwei, he started to show off again.

Good, good, good! Wang Zhenwei nodded his head, he was satisfied.

On Wang Shan's side, the battle had just ended

Only two Imperial Sky Realm experts went to him but there were three going for Zi Chen.

Cang Family, Li Family, and the Wu Zong Sect all appeared and rushed towards Zi Chen.

The sound of something the air tearing rang out and the speed at which the experts were flying was extremely fast.

Come back here.

Kid, are you trying to take the inheritance away?

Leave the inheritance behind before leaving

The three of them flew up and made their moves, releasing many palm prints, grabbing towards Zi Chen.




Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass, turning into a ray of golden light and dodging continuously, but three palm prints descended, bringing about a terrifying pressure. They sealed the entire place, causing him to have no place to retreat to and no place to escape.

An enormous pressure appeared out of nowhere, causing Zi Chen to move slowly, as if he was moving under a huge mountain.


He shouted loudly, golden blood and Qi gushing out from his body, covering the entire space. Under the effect of his perfect physique, Zi Chen felt the pressure on him lessen by a lot.

But with the strong disparity in strength, as well as the three being at the Imperial Sky Realm, even if Zi Chen was able to move freely, he was still unable to escape this place.


As the palm print got closer, Zi Chen felt the pressure becoming more and more intense. Even with his perfect physique, he was still unable to endure the attack and couldn't help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

Haha, come over here.

The three Imperial Sky experts laughed coldly and made their move at the same time. They belong to three different forces and all three of them held the thought that if they can't get the inheritance then no can. Once the palm falls, it would bring about destruction to Zi Chen.

Master, I'm here!

Right at this moment, an elderly voice sounded, followed by a palm-sized taiji appearing. It turned into a ray of light and charged outside Zi Chen.

This was the keepsake that had activated the taiji diagram, it was very extraordinary. At the moment, it was like a bolt of lightning, not afraid of the attacks from the Imperial Sky Realm experts at all.


The taiji flew over, with a very fast speed, it broke the attacks of the three. Zi Chen was overjoyed, seizing the opportunity to run away while holding onto the taiji.

This was exactly what A Mo said about leaving. He was stuck in the center of the taiji and had told Zi Chen that the taiji was not ordinary, and was comparable to a precious treasure.


Zi Chen's speed was very fast. After escaping the attack, he rushed off into the distance.

Brat, you want to leave? It won't be that easy.

Stop right there.

They flew up into the air, faster than Zi Chen, and surrounded him again.

After that, they all made their moves.

The palm imprints covered the sky and the earth, they were peerlessly powerful but at this moment, they were not grabbing onto Zi Chen, but trying to kill him.


The huge pressure made Zi Chen cough blood, but this time, he could not do anything at all and could only hope A Mo could block the attack for him again.

Haha, despicable human, I'm here again.

Right at this moment, a powerful Spiritual Perception swept past. The sky trembled, and a huge monstrous beast flew over from afar.


The palm print that sealed the heavens and the earth was scattered by the huge being's attack. It was extremely fierce, and a tyrannical aura pervaded the air. The gigantic being appeared on the spot.

Despicable humans, show your strongest strength. The Flying Tiger roared, the aura around its body becoming extremely tyrannical, provoking the three of the Imperial Sky Realm experts.

The appearance of the Flying Tiger caused Zi Chen to be extremely surprised, especially the fact that the other party could actually make the Spiritual Perception send a sound transmission.

However, at this moment, it was not the time to be curious. Thus, he immediately turned around and ran.

Don't let him escape, he is Zi Chen, and he obtained the most important inheritance from the Limitless Sect.

Seeing that Zi Chen wanted to run, Li Huo shouted loudly.

He is Zi Chen, the Zi Chen that the Wu Zong Sect is looking for. With the precious treasure in his possession, he obtained the inheritance of the Limitless Sect. Cang He was also not to be outdone, and indicated for his clan's experts to come forward.

What, he's Zi Chen?

The Zi Chen that Wu Zong Sect was looking for and is rumored to have caused the three forces to suffer greatly?

It's actually him. Didn't they say he died in the Dark Serene Forest? How is he still alive?

In the distance, the group of Xiantian experts that hadn't left continuously gasped in admiration, feeling incredulous.

However, to the Imperial Sky experts, Zi Chen was an unfamiliar name. Only the Wu Zong Sect knew a little about him.

However, this unfamiliar names did not hinder their thirst for the precious treasure and the inheritance, especially the most important inheritance of the Limitless Sect.

This was extremely attractive but it was also filled with danger. This kind of most important inheritance, if you couldn't obtain it, you would have to destroy it.




The air trembled as experts appeared one after another. There were quite a lot of Imperial Sky Realm experts here, and after the Flying Tiger blocked the three people, three more people appeared and blocked in front of Zi Chen.

Brat, stop right now.

Hand over the inheritance obediently and I'll spare your life.

The three of them stopped Zi Chen and closed in on him from the front. Zi Chen's face changed drastically as he continuously retreated.

Zi Chen, he is Zi Chen? Wang Zhenwei's eyes flickered with a cold light. This little guy had given him a lot of surprises. In the past, he had admired the other party a lot, but ever since he almost killed Wang Shan last time, this made Wang Zhenwei extremely disgusted with him.

At that moment, hearing that Zi Chen had obtained the strongest inheritance, Wang Zhenwei was tempted, but he was obviously not willing.

Father, save Liu Bo first. Wang Shan didn't pester this question any further. After seeing that Liu Bo was in danger, he opened his mouth to speak.


Liu Bo's Forbidden Artifact still had one last attack left, and without hesitation, it had also been struck out. A piercing light illuminated the world, blocking the Imperial Sky expert's attack, and allowing him to have a slim chance of survival.

After that, Wang Zhenwei made his move, and unleashed an attack that could topple mountains and overturn the seas.




With the three men in front of him, Zi Chen continuously retreated and charged towards the Flying Tiger.

Quickly go over, this Flying Tiger should have no ill intentions towards you. A Mo was inside the taiji and sent a telepathic transmission.


Zi Chen transformed into a ray of light and ran towards the Flying Tiger.

Haha, that's great! The three of you are not having fun fighting each other. You can all come at once. The Flying Tiger laughed, and its entire body released tens of thousands of rays of light, enveloping the three people in the air and sweeping them into the battlefield.

Thank you!

The Flying Tiger blocked three more attacks for Zi Chen.

Spiritual Perception?

The Flying Tiger trembled as it glanced at Zi Chen. After that, it fought against six people by itself.

Catch him! Don't let him get away!

We can't let him take the inheritance away.

Li Huo and Cang He watched anxiously for a while, but they did not dare to step forward. The attack of the Imperial Sky experts was terrifying, if they got caught, they would die without a doubt.


The sky shook, and the Imperial Sky experts that were hidden appeared. This time, other than the three forces, Cloud City also made their move.

Naturally, it was not only Wang Zhenwei who could make it here from Cloud City.

This time, a total of four people flew in the air and rushed towards Zi Chen.


Waves of energy roiled about as Energy Ripple spread out one after another. Every attack that was sent out was terrifying, and with every attack, the heaven and earth would tremble.