Thunder Martial Chapter 213 - Imperial Sky Experts Guarding

Kill, kill it!

I'm going to chop it up and eat its meat.

There were a total of seven to eight people who flew in the air, completely disregarding their expert appearance as they flew forward and unleashed an earth-shattering attack.


The place suddenly darkened, and a black palm print appeared. It was dozens of meters wide, and looked like a mountain, covering the entire place.

This was the Wu Zong Sect's Shatterpalm, the Killing Technique, its power was peerless. Now that it had been used, it was many times stronger than Wu Xiong and the others.


A gigantic blade almost a hundred meters long appeared, revolving with a terrifying aura. It seemed to come from the heavens as it slashed towards the Flying Tiger.

Go to hell!

A small heavy hammer in the air suddenly enlarged, as big as two millstones. It gave off a terrifying aura, and under the control of an expert's Spiritual Perception, it rushed towards the Flying Tiger.

At the same time, a series of terrifying attacks flew towards the Flying Tiger.

This Flying Tiger would appear frequently and constantly harass them, causing the group to fly through the air and kill it together.


The Flying Tiger roared, and its voice rumbled like thunder. After a while, it rushed towards the palm print in the sky.


The heaven and earth trembled. With a single strike from the Flying Tiger, the palm imprint collapsed with a loud bang. However, it was not hurt in the slightest.


The Flying Tiger soared into the sky and stretched out a tiger claw. Following that, a giant paw print appeared, blocking in front of the sharp blade. A loud sound rang out in the next moment, and the sharp blade dissipated, covering the entire sky with black light.

Just at this moment, the heavy hammer whizzed down. The Flying TIgers eyes flashed with a hint of disdain and swatted at the heavy hammer like it was swatting flies.


The heavy hammer was knocked flying and it released crackling sounds. Cracks appeared on its surface and it returned to its original form, falling into the Imperial Sky Realm Experts hands.




At the same time, other attacks were also easily neutralized by the Flying Tiger.

I say, you despicable humans, can't you show me your true strength? The Flying Tiger was very dissatisfied.

It wanted to borrow the strength of its opponent to break through to the level of a Sovereign Realm Demonic Beast. However, the opponent it chose didn't seem to be very powerful.

The group of people on the ground didn't have the slightest bit of temper. Their strength was naturally unable to compare to an adult Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beast, and being able to survive was already pretty good. Moreover, half a year had already passed and everyone already knew of the Flying Tiger's plans, so they wouldn't foolishly fight with it.

Little thing, since you want to have powerful battle power, I'll grant you that wish.

Just at this moment, a cold voice rang out, and the sky darkened. A palm print that was several hundred meters large had covered the sky appeared, bringing with it an endless amount of destructive aura as it descended towards the Flying Tiger.

How despicable, always like this. The Flying Tiger was very dissatisfied, it was afraid of being hit by this large palm print. In the next moment, it turned into a silver light and flew to the horizon, dodging the powerful attack.


This palm print did not land, and it disappeared into thin air.

This palm print could be easily received and sent out, showing how powerful the owner of this palm print was.

You all have been hiding in the darkness for several months now. I believe that they should be coming out soon. Be careful. An old and dignified voice sounded in the minds of the several Imperial Sky experts.

Yes sir!

Several people nodded in agreement. Their figures flashed, and with the help of a special magic treasure, they once again concealed themselves.

The appearance of the Flying Tiger was just an interlude. When it had nothing to do during its free time, it would come and pester them, and their main purpose was the inheritance of the Xiantian Geniuses in the trial grounds.

One day, two days.

As time passed, everyone here was an expert, and the thing that they lacked the least was patience.

The appearance of the Beast Tide, followed by the appearance of the Flying Tiger who kept pestering and pestering them, not letting these people go. Whenever there was time, it would spar with them, and in the end, flee in a sorry state.

As for that expert, he seemed to be unable to do anything to the Flying Tiger and allowed it to leave.


Until half a month later, the taiji diagram which had remained still suddenly trembled, and following that, the taiji started to spin again. It emitted rays of light, as if a suction force appeared out of thin air.

Be careful. The old voice warned again.

The group of people who were hiding in the void were all very careful, all of them filled with anticipation.

The passageway opened, and a light flashed.


A lone figure appeared, and was directly sucked out by the taiji. It was obvious that the figure did not understand what had happened.

What's going on? Why am I here? He should be searching for herbal medicine at the periphery of the trial.

Could it be that the trial ground has closed? He turned around and saw the tai chi behind him.

Just at this moment, another figure appeared beside him. These people were also at a loss. The closure of the trial ground was very sudden, and they were completely unable to react or make any preparations.

Some people were not willing to give up and walked towards the front, only to discover that the taiji diagram only allowed one leave but not allowed to enter.

I wonder who got the inheritance?

The several great powers are too terrifying. They've all brought a Forbidden Artifact, yet they still have to clear the area and kill all the rogue cultivators. I wonder how many people will survive this time.

These people were all from the outer circle, and did not enter any deeper. They only heard the one-sided words from the cultivators who had luckily escaped into the encirclement.

They left with regret in their hearts. They were unwilling and full of curses.

However, they did not expect that it was because of this expression and this conversation that their lives were saved.

The Imperial Sky Realm Experts were still on guard and had not made a move yet.

One figure after another appeared from the taiji diagram. They were clearly disappointed as they left while cursing.

What kind of world is this?

This is clearly a trial ground, and each of us could obtain the inheritance based on our own ability, yet they want to clear the place?

The Xiantian experts left one after the other.

They are all rogue cultivators. It's normal for them to not be able to acquire the inheritances. An Imperial Sky expert laughed coldly, these people's reactions were also within their expectations.

In addition, none of the major powers had shown up yet. They were extremely calm and collected.

When they entered, there were thousands of people. However, when they exited, the number of people had decreased by a lot. They were scattered, with only a few hundred people walking out.


The taiji flashed with light, and another person walked out. This was a man with an ordinary appearance, and once he appeared, he was looking around.

It's Miao Kong!

He came out, but why is he still alive?

In the air, two people had strange looks in their eyes.

It's Miao Kong, what's he looking at? Could he be looking for something? Another person was secretly communicating with his friend through voice transmission.

He's probably looking for his subordinates.

When the major powers saw this familiar face, they were somewhat moved. However, at this moment, the void started to tremble, and cultivators began to approach.

Dammit, it's the people from the other clans. What are they doing?

Don't tell me you have the guts to make a move against Miao Kong?

Everyone was on their guard, and the air around them was filled with discontent.

At this moment, another youth appeared. This fellow's appearance wasn't bad, but no one recognized him.

The other party appeared, nodded to Miao Kong, and then left. There was nothing special about him.

The group of people were hesitating, not knowing if they should stop the other party.

A lone warrior like that should be a rogue cultivator who can't even obtain the inheritance. We will first wait for Wu Xiong to appear. One of them spoke up.

The few of them nodded in agreement.

At this time, another person appeared. It was a woman with a white robe as snow-white as snow. Her appearance was extremely beautiful, and the moment she appeared, she involuntarily attracted the gazes of everyone who was flying in the sky.

What a beauty.

This kind of beauty is definitely superior.

The crowd flew into the air commenting.

The woman appeared, and didn't look at Miao Kong, but walked towards the other side, obviously intending to leave.

Right at this moment, an unassuming man appeared. With just a glance at Miao Kong, he left by himself.

What's going on?

After everyone came out, they didn't say a word and directly left. This gave the Imperial Sky experts a strange feeling

The first people who came out were swearing with a face of dissatisfaction, but the few who appeared in succession didn't speak anymore. Although there was nothing suspicious about their expressions, the Imperial Sky experts felt that something was off.

The silhouette of an old man and a large man appeared once again. The two of them glanced at the empty air and walked forward without saying a word.


Just at this moment, the taiji diagram began to tremble as if it was going to close down.

How could this be? Is this thing going to close?

There are still so many people who haven't come out yet. Why is it closing?

The Imperial Sky experts didn't understand and were very puzzled.

Just as the taiji was about to close, two figures rushed out from within in a sorry state. One was Li Huo, the other was Wu Xiong.

Catch him, he's Zi Chen. He obtained the inheritance.

Li Huo pointed at the young man who was about to walk past Su Mengyao, and shouted loudly.

And him, he also received the inheritance. Cang He pointed at Liu Bo and shouted as he was about to leave.

Figures appeared one after another. Wang Shan had come out, along with others. After that, the taiji diagram disappeared behind them.

At this point, the trial ground was closed.

They had arrived close to ten thousand people and returned with less than a thousand people. This casualty rate was simply terrifying.

Take care!

The ordinary youth was none other than Zi Chen. After speaking to Su Mengyao in a low voice, he immediately scampered off, and at the same time, flew past a cyan woman in front of him.

Take care! A thought spread out.

The cyan woman looked at the escaping youth as tears streamed down her face.

She was Lin Xue. Zi Chen had found her in the trial grounds and told her to leave in a low profile so that her identity wouldn't be revealed because no one knew that she had obtained the inheritance.


Hearing the word inheritance,the Imperial Sky Realm experts went crazy. Hidden in the shadows, they moved, one after the other, and rushed towards Zi Chen who was below them.




At the same time, more figures rushed over from the distance. There were more than a dozen figures flying through the air.

These were the three forces that had sent their Imperial Sky Realm experts, and now, they were all fighting together.

And Wang Shan, he also received the inheritance.

Li Huo and Cang He were like mad dogs, going completely mad. Whoever bit them would become the person who received the inheritance.

Su Mengyao, she also received the inheritance.

And Miao Kong, everyone help to capture him.

The two of them were crazy. Everyone who was flying had also gone crazy. They all appeared and attacked the Xiantians.