Thunder Martial Chapter 212 - Flying Tiger

Spiritual Perception? I actually have Spiritual Perception?

Zi Chen felt that it was unbelievable, and now that he had closed his eyes, he could see everything around him. It was very real, as though he had seen it with his own eyes, and it was much stronger than his previous sharp senses.

Old man, what's going on? How did I get Spiritual Perception? Zi Chen turned and asked the old man.

Spiritual Perception was naturally clear that thoughts were exclusive to the Zhen Yuan Realm, but he himself is only at the Xiantian Realm, but he already has Spiritual Perception. This was unexplainable, and also unscientific. [TN: Cultivation is scientific?]

Don't call me old man, call me A Mo. After you get the inheritance, according to the rules, you will be my master. The elder spoke. As expected of an old man, his expression had already returned to normal.

Master, I'm your master? Zi Chen was startled.

That's right. Back then, the Old Master had said that anyone who could obtain the complete Extreme Yin or Extreme Yang would be my master in the future. The old man said: Not only did you obtain the Extreme Yang and Extreme Yin, you also obtained the Yin-Yang Spell. From now on, A Mo is your servant.

This... From now on, I will call you Old Mo. A Mo is very awkward, and calling a senior like this is truly disrespectful. Zi Chen saw that the old man did not seem to be joking, and after a moment of hesitation, he said.

That won't do. The Old Master has instructed me.

Alright, Old Mo, why don't you tell me what's up with my situation? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Zi Chen changed the topic.

A Mo did not persist, he looked at Zi Chen again and gasped in shock, and said: It's truly unbelievable, even I have never heard of it but you can rest assured, this is definitely a good thing.

If my guess is not wrong, it should be the change that occurred between the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang's seed. Having Spiritual perception in the Xiantian Realm. Tsk tsk, it's something that has never been done before! A Mo praised.

Old Mo, what exactly is the use of Spiritual Perception? Zi Chen asked.

The Spiritual Perception is something that only the Zhen Yuan Realm can possess, it is equivalent to the power of perception and can predict danger ahead of time, but because it has yet to materialize, the will does not have true combat power, and a relatively widespread use is the telepathic transmission.

Telepathic transmission?

That's right, you can talk to others with just your thoughts, just like this. Zi Chen did not see the old man's mouth move, but he heard the other party's words.

Wow, it's that magical? Zi Chen was very surprised.

When it comes to Zhen Yuan Realm, one's mind is still unstable and is unable to attack. However, one can control special objects, such as Forbidden Artifacts, and there are also Spirit Armaments that can be controlled using one's thoughts. Furthermore, the power of the weapon itself can kill enemies and become formless.

With a thought, I can control a Spirit Armament. In other words, with just a thought, the Weapons can fly out and attack? Zi Chen's eyes lit up.

That's right, in theory, but you will need a Spirit Armament or Forbidden Artifacts! The old man nodded.

Then will this Forbidden Artifact work? Zi Chen was very curious. With a flip of his hand, an ancient aura appeared.

In hsi Sea of Consciousness, a thought appeared, like a tentacle reaching out towards the Forbidden Artifact, but it couldn't shake it.

This Forbidden Artifact can't do it, this is a killing weapon. Although it can't be controlled with your Spiritual Perception, the quality is not worse than a Spirit Armament. It's a weapon used by an ancient Fighter.

The Ancient Fighter did not use treasures nor did they use their spirit sense to control their weapons. Every time they fought, they would use Forbidden Artifacts to fight against people in close combat.

Then let's try out another Forbidden Artifact. Zi Chen's eyes lit up as he put away the Forbidden Artifact and took out another.


This time, with a thought, the blood-red spear started to tremble and slowly floated out. An even more terrifying aura surged out from the blood-red spear and a berserk killing intent swept out like a storm.

This is a true Forbidden Artifact. It contains terrifying power. Only by using Spiritual Perception can one completely activate the energy within.

Zi Chen retracted his Spiritual Perception, and the Forbidden Artifact slowly descended.

He was glad that Wu Xiong did not have Spiritual Perception. Otherwise, if he had used a Forbidden Artifact with his Spiritual Perception, he would have been turned into ashes in an instant.

Furthermore, sensing the terrifying might of the Forbidden Artifact, Zi Chen finally understood how precious Forbidden Artifacts were.

Furthermore, with his Spiritual Perception controlling the Forbidden Artifact's attack, which was extremely powerful, Zi Chen suspected that if he used the full power of a Forbidden Artifact, he might even be able to kill an Imperial Sky Realm Expert.

Zi Chen was still dreaming.

You have obtained the Yin-Yang Spell, this is the strongest Cultivation Technique in the Limitless Sect, its might is very strong. Although I do not dare say that it is the strongest, it is one of the best Cultivation Techniques but there are pros and cons to it. Just then, A Mo spoke out.

Zi Chen's expression changed, he could feel that when Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang were together, they would not fuse at all. They would only explode and release destructive auras.

You are only at the Xiantian Realm now, but when you reach the Zhen Yuan Realm, you will know that other than being very difficult to cultivate, the Yin-Yang Spell is also a very dangerous and one of the hardest things to master, you must be prepared.

Zi Chen nodded. Fortunately, he was not a depressed person and was quite optimistic.

Currently, he was only at the Xiantian Realm, and was still unable to activate the Yin-Yang Spell.

He could only take things one step at a time.

Moreover, when considering the imbalance between Yin and Yang, he still had to consider whether or not he could leave this place alive.

I have already obtained the inheritance, how are my friends doing? Zi Chen asked.

They are all receiving the inheritance. They should be finished soon.

Oh right, Old Mo is in charge of the inheritance here, then have you ever seen such a person? She looks very cute, wearing blue clothes. When she smiles, there are two dimples, her age is not big... Zi Chen gestured at Lin Xue.

Oh, you must be talking about that little girl. Her luck is simply outrageous, outrageously so, she obtained the inheritance of the Cyan Girl. A Mo nodded, and sighed.

Cyan Girl? Zi Chen frowned, he had never heard of this person.

She is extremely powerful, and has left behind countless legends. Back then, when she was building this trial ground, she suddenly became very interested in it, and left behind this inheritance. It's just that in all these years, no one has been so lucky. A Mo laughed.

That's not dangerous, is it?

Of course not, the Cyan Girl is very good, very kind. If you want to obtain her inheritance, it all depends on fate, and you don't have to accept the test.

That's good!

Zi Chen relaxed.

Don't worry, if she obtains the inheritance of the Cyan Girl, her achievements will naturally be extraordinary in the future.

A Mo's words allowed him to completely relax.

After a long while, A Mo opened his mouth and said: Alright, your friends have all received the inheritance that they deserved. Now, we can leave.

Us? Old Mo, how will you leave? Zi Chen asked.

I have my ways. The Old Mo smiled mysteriously.

Outside of the trial grounds, the earth split open and a gigantic fissure hundreds of meters long appeared. The ancient wood exploded and was a complete mess.

Streams of energy appeared in the deep pit.

After several months passed, not only were the battle marks not erased, they even became more intense, as if a great battle had just taken place.

The forest was quiet. There were no sounds of birds or beasts, nor were there any traces of humans. There was only the taiji diagram that led to the trial grounds.


Suddenly, the earth trembled. The trees swayed, and rumbling sounds rang out. It was as if doomsday had arrived, causing heaven and earth to crack and shatter.


It was as if ten thousand horses were galloping, and smoke and dust were flying in all directions. The ground trembled even more violently, and soon after, the Demonic Beast appeared.

Beast Tide!

A Beast Tide is happening again.

Numerous Demonic Beasts, countless of them, rushed out, rushing towards the periphery. They did not attack the taiji diagram, but rather, seemed to have not seen anything, in the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

The Beast Tide passed, and the world became quiet once more.


But soon after, a tyrannical aura surged forth from the depths, causing the sky to tremble as if a giant was stepping on it.

You despicable humans.

A huge Spiritual Perception spread everywhere. The sky trembled and ripples appeared one after another. An enormous monstrous beast came flying over from the sky.

It was a tiger with black and white spots all over its body. It was more than ten meters long, with two huge sharp teeth that were exposed as sharp as blades. Its tail was like a steel whip as it swung in the air, causing space to tremble.

Despicable human, come out.

The Spiritual Perception swept towards the horizon and a colossal monstrous beast was approaching. It was a Flying Tigers, and on its backs, there were two gigantic wings that were constantly flapping, as if they were truly adding wings to a tiger.

The Flying Tiger was roaring, and its entire body was releasing an aura that was extremely close to that of an Sovereign Realm Demonic Beast. However, no one responded.

Still not coming out!

With a roar, the Flying Tiger took a step in the air, and the place started to tremble. The entire space started to distort, and soon after, a visible spatial ripple, with the Flying Tiger as the center, spread out in all directions.




The ripple carried the aura of a Flying Tiger as it rippled and spread through the air. Wherever it passed, figures that were hidden in the air would appear one after another.

Damn it, you're here again.

You've been here for the past six months, how many times have you been here?

Damn brat, are you looking to die?

Numerous figures appeared, all of them standing in mid air, flustered and exasperated. When they saw the Flying Tiger appear, their eyes were filled with rage.

Standing in mid-air were the Imperial Sky Realm Experts and every single one of them was an illustrious existence. But today, there were several of them.

Cut the crap. Come and fight, despicable human hiding in the dark. The Flying Tiger roared, and rushed towards the crowd.

Kill! We must kill this fellow!

Damn thing.

The group of people stepped forward one after another, releasing terrifying martial techniques. This Flying Tiger was very powerful, in the past half year, it had harassed them time and time again.

They could only attack together.

This was because this was a Demonic Beast that was about to step into the Sovereign Realm.