Thunder Martial Chapter 211 - Yin-Yang Inheritance

Zi Chen was in the middle of receiving the inheritance, but he had a painful look on his face.

Protect vital energy one, sense the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, focus your mind and calm your mind, and use your perfect physique to open your meridian channels.

Zi Chen was in extreme pain. When the two kinds of energies entered his body at the same time, it made him feel a heart-wrenching pain.

If this inheritance was passed down in the Limitless Sect ten thousand years ago, it would naturally attract a lot of attention. All of the higher ups would appear, and they would do everything they could to reduce the pain this time.

However, the Limitless Sect had already disappeared, and there was only an old man who did not know that Zi Chen had comprehended the perfect Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang.

This was a sign that his body would explode, it was a good thing that with the help of the mysterious heart, he was able to persevere and survive.

Zi Chen felt pain on both his body and his soul. Zi Chen had reached the limit and collapsed.

If not for the mysterious, he would have exploded long ago. However, with the mysterious heart here, Zi Chen could only continue feeling pain.

The two extreme energies of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang clashed against each other, bursting with a destructive aura, like a bomb.


Suddenly, a ripple came out from Zi Chen's Sea of Consciousness. It was the two golden lights from before, like a seed.

These two golden lights were the seeds of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang. After the change occurred, the two golden lights intertwined and continuously intertwined, as if they were rotating Yin and Yang diagrams. Only, as they rotated, the two golden lights were slowly merging.

The golden light was resplendent and dazzling, illuminating his entire Sea of Consciousness!

Yin-Yang Spell!

Suddenly, three huge golden words appeared within Zi Chen's Sea of Consciousness. Immediately after, a complex set of Cultivation Techniques appeared.

Yin-Yang Spell, yin has yang, yang has yin, yin and yang are compatible. Taiji is the same, yin and yang are fused, infinity is the same...!

After the Cultivation Techniques appeared, there was a set of incantations. This incantation was compatible with Yin and Yang.

This is the Yin-Yang Spell, able to fuse Yin and Yang.

As if he had seen his savior, Zi Chen forced himself to endure the pain as he sat cross-legged and recited the chant. The Yin-Yang Energy that had entered his body started to slowly change as the Yin and Yang slowly separated while the pain in Zi Chen's body lessened.

At the same time, under the channeling of the Cultivation Technique, the light emitted from the Yin-Yang Diagram in the sky also split into two.

The one on the left was the golden Extreme Yang and the one on the right was the extreme yin. The two types of ultimate energies were separated, as if the left and right took up Zi Chen's position.

Yin and Yang have truly been separated. No, that can't be right. They weren't separated successively, they were separated at the same time. This is... Yin-Yang Spell, oh my god, how could he know Yin-Yang Spell? Looking at Zi Chen who seemed to have been split into two, the old man was once again shocked.

The Yin-Yang Spell was the most powerful Cultivation Technique in the Limitless Sect, but it was also an incomplete Cultivation Technique.

However, it was also the Cultivation Technique which had protected the life of the person in front of him.

That's right, this little guy received the approval from Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang. The fact that he was able to obtain the Yin-Yang Spell must have been arranged by the Old Master.

A perfect Extreme Yin with the perfect Extreme Yang, will form yin and yang, looks like the Old Master did not leave behind the Absolute Yin Formula and the Extreme Yang Art, but allowed the later generation to cultivate the Yin-Yang Spell directly.

The old man muttered to himself.

Zi Chen who was seated cross-legged had a solemn look on his face, the golden light around his body was resplendent, the Yin and Yang were separated, and slowly entered his body, only his forehead and eyes were trembling, as though he was suffering great pain.

Above his head, the picture of Yin and Yang bloomed with rays of light, and the Yin and Yang energies separated.

Zi Chen's expression was solemn and his eyes shone with a golden light. It was as if he had fallen into a meditative trance and was continuously absorbing the two energies.

At the same time, his mysterious heart released vital energy one after another to repair his injured body.

Time flowed by, and everything was repeated.

Zi Chen's frown slowly faded away, and above his head, the yin and yang diagram had also become extremely dim, before it slowly dissipated.

As for Zi Chen, he was still sitting cross-legged without moving, as if he had just entered a trance and had forgotten about himself.

After inheriting the Yin-Yang Spell, there is only one path in this life, the path of death. For the rest of his life, he will search for the only way to survive.

Yin-Yang equilibrium brought about a strong battle force, but once the Yin-Yang became unbalanced, it brought about destruction.

I wonder how far this little fellow can go. The old man's eyes were filled with anticipation.

The person who walked the furthest on the path of the Yin-Yang Spell was the Old Master. He had become an existence that everyone looked up to, but he still had not achieved his desired achievement.

As for the others, more than 99% of them had reached the end of their path.

This little guy can be considered to have passed. It's time to fulfill my promise. The old man collected himself, stood up, and then disappeared.

He hasn't appeared yet? After waiting for a long time, Wang Shan scratched his ears and cheeks, feeling a little anxious.

Impossible, Brother-in-law is a monstrous genius, his fighting strength is unrivaled, he passed the last two tests easily, why does it take so long now? Wang Shan was very worried about his inheritance.

Liu Bo's eyes were also filled with worry.

Only Miao Kong had a face full of indifference. It was likely that only he believed that Zi Chen was still alive.

It's been so long, he definitely won't be able to come out. I've already said this before. That old man doesn't have good intentions, it's best if you stop dreaming. Li Huo sneered with a face full of schadenfreude.

That's right, Zi Chen might have long been dead, and Su Mengyao is also dead. That old fellow has ulterior motives, and you all are even foolishly waiting here. Cang He also mocked.

Kid, it's immoral to speak ill of others behind their backs.

Suddenly, an indifferent voice rang out, and the old man appeared out of nowhere.

F*ck! Wang Shan was very excited, he immediately blurted out those disrespectful words.

Old man, how is Zi Chen, has he passed the test? The Miao Kong who had been indifferent all this while, stood up with a whoosh.

That's right, old man, is Zi Chen alright? Liu Bo also asked.

Don't worry. He has obtained the inheritance, but he is still meditating on it. I am here to fulfill my promise. As he said that, the old man swept his eyes across Li Huo and Cang He who had extremely ugly expressions.

Haha, ihe passed, he actually passed! Brother-in-law, you're too damn talented! Wang Shan was very happy and immediately jumped up. He accidentally cursed, then quickly shut his mouth and smiled bitterly at the old man.

Great! Liu Bo was also extremely excited. This was the first time in his life that he had gambled with his life.

Good, that's great. Miao Kong nodded his head.

Go, acquire your legacies. The old man smiled and waved his hand. The three of them disappeared into thin air.

Immediately after, the old man also disappeared, and just as he was about to leave, he looked at Li Huo and Cang He, and a sneer flashed past his mouth.


Miao Kong and the others went to get the inheritance, Li Huo, Cang He and some others who were lucky enough to get here had looks of jealousy and envy on their faces.

Dammit, they got lucky. Li Huo was unwilling, he punched the ground hard.

Hmph, so what if they obtained the inheritance? It depends on whether or not they are alive to take it away. Cang He sneered. The flames of jealousy in his heart burned, and he no longer had a gentle and refined appearance.

Since he lost the inheritance, he couldn't be bothered to continue feigning it.

What do you mean? Li Huo looked at Cang He.

Stop pretending, is it interesting? Cang He swept his gaze across Li Huo and said, I can guarantee that right now, the Imperial Sky Realm of several large powers have long surrounded the trial grounds, and not even a fly can fly out. It would be fine if we get the inheritance, but for some other person with no backing or nameless surname, wanting to take the inheritance away is simply a dream.

Cang He sneered, his eyes full of hatred.

Li Huo did not speak anymore.

In this trial, all the major powers were supposed to be the main characters. After obtaining the Forbidden Artifact, a Zi Chen came out of nowhere and changed the entire course of events, changed the main character, and sang a one-man show. However, the outcome could not be changed.


Under the mysterious heart continuously sending out vital energy, Zi Chen's shattered meridians all returned back to normal. At the same time, the Yin-Yang Spell had also opened up a new Yin Yang meridian map.

Amongst them, many of his meridians were opened first, and in this world, without any spirit medicine assisting, Zi Chen would be one of the only few that could do it.

This time, there were dozens of new meridians opened.

When the Yin-Yang Energy entered his body, it did not enter his dantian. Instead, it all went into hibernation in his meridians, continuously expanding them and consolidating them.

With a narrow escape from death today, Zi Chen's strength did not break through, his Xiantian had not transformed into True Yuan, and without the Yin-Yang Energy, the Yin-Yang Spell was even more uncontrollable.

When all of the Yin-Yang Energy had disappeared, Zi Chen opened his eyes.

I'm still alive. Zi Chen let out a light breath, completely relaxed.

This time, he almost died from the explosion of his body. Although his strength did not increase, his perfect physique became much stronger, the Yin-Yang Energy entered his body and did not increase his cultivation, but instead increased his physique. His perfect physique became even more perfect and stronger.

Zi Chen could clearly feel his strength increase with a wave of his hand.

Eh, this is?

Suddenly, Zi Chen cried out in shock. He felt that his brain had become abnormally nimble, and with a thought, he felt as if something had appeared from the Sea of Consciousness.

Zi Chen was suspicious and did not understand what was going on, but he knew that it was not a bad thing because his perception had become stronger and more acute.

Heavens, this is spiritual perception. You actually have spiritual perception. The old man, who had been waiting in the distance, cried out in alarm.

Spiritual perception was one of the special changes that occurred in the Sea of Consciousness when one's consciousness broke through to the Zhen Yuan Realm. This was also one of the situations where Zhen Yuan Realm experts were an extremely special realm.

However, Zi Chen's Xiantian Realm had given birth to spiritual perception. This was simply inconceivable and very unscientific.

At this moment, the old man was in a bit of a mess.