Thunder Martial Chapter 210 - Yin Yang

The old man brought Zi Chen and left, to challenge the next stage, which was also the last stage.

Leaving behind a group of geniuses.

Inheritance! Inheritance!

Liu Bo was extremely excited. He gave the Forbidden Artifact to Zi Chen because he felt that the huge powers in his heart were too excessive. It was better to give it to Zi Chen.

Although Liu Bo is a genius, he did not like to gamble. For the first time in his life, he was afraid that he would have made a judgement today and his life would be at stake.

Then, miraculously, he managed to obtain an inheritance for himself.

One Forbidden Artifact for one inheritance, no matter how Liu Bo thought about it, it was worth it.


Liu Bo was very excited.

Wang Shan was equally excited. A legacy, an inheritance, and a term like Brother-in-law, in exchange for an inheritance.

In the end, Zi Chen said whatever he wanted and he did not reject it. In Wang Shan's opinion, there was hope.

Good job, Brother-in-law.

Wang Shan's expression was very excited, even though he hated Zi Chen to the bones, he couldn't help but feel a little grateful that the other party was able to give him a legacy.

But in the next moment, Wang Shan's face filled with hidden bitterness.

This Zi Chen, he looks like an honest man but he didn't expect him to be a pervert, having two female friends, he actually dared to have thoughts about my sister, hmph, my sister was also confused and couldn't forget about him. Wang Shan was slightly dissatisfied in his heart.

Happy my ass. Looking at the way the old fellow is acting, he definitely has no good intentions. The third trial is definitely filled with danger so there's a one in ten chance that Zi Chen will die inside. Li Huo curled his lips, his face full of jealousy.

I see that the old man doesn't want to pass down the inheritance to Zi Chen and wants to kill him. But unfortunately for you ignorant people, you are still feeling satisfied and secretly happy. Cang He also said but no matter how you looked at his expression, it seemed to contain a hint of jealousy.

Ha ha! Wang Shan laughed loudly. He swept away the unhappiness in his heart and said, Li Huo, Cang He, look at yourselves, your saliva is flowing out, your eyes are red, your breathing is hurried, you are jealous to such an extent. To be able to say such words against your own will, truly admirable.

Humph, that Zi Chen is definitely dead, how would we be jealous of him? Li Huo was stubborn.

Cang He was not much better off.

We will see if he will be dead or not. Haha, I look forward to seeing your expressions. Wang Shan laughed loudly. He was extremely arrogant, as if he was a lowly person who had achieved his goals.

Amongst the three of them, only Miao Kong was relatively calm because he believed that Zi Chen would definitely be able to pass the test.

The old man brought Zi Chen to a foreign space.

What are you doing here? Zi Chen asked.

This is the last trial. Whether or not you can obtain the inheritance will depend on your luck. Let me tell you, this is the strongest inheritance in the Limitless Sect. The old man's expression became solemn.

Is this really the final test? Zi Chen looked at the old man, his eyes full of suspicion.

From his debut until now, when he met three old men, besides the Grand Elder, the other two didn't seem to be reliable at all.

Have you comprehended the complete Extreme Yin? The old man asked with excitement in his eyes.

Yeah. Zi Chen nodded and replied honestly.

Very good, very good, this is the final trial. If you are lucky, you will get the inheritance and leave, but if you are unlucky... The old man hesitated.

What if I'm unlucky? Zi Chen asked.

if you're not lucky, you will fail.

it will be over since you're most likely dead.

Zi Chen: ...

You... The old man said.

Alright, there's no need to try to rouse me again. I want to ask, is this inheritance the strongest? Zi Chen asked.

Of course!

I have many enemies outside. If I were to obtain this inheritance, would it be able to make me stronger?

Absolutely. The old man patted his chest and said, I dare not say that the Cultivation Techniques of our Limitless Sect is the strongest in this world but it is still one of the top.

Fine, let's go all out.

Zi Chen nodded his head. In this place, he looked incomparably strong but it was limited to this space and the moment he left it, he would have to face numerous pursuits and escape like a grandson. Whether it was the black disc on his body or the inheritance, he was destined to not have a stable life because of them

Zi Chen was the one who wanted to take back the interest when he made a move on Li Huo. He could imagine that the moment he left this place, the two powers would not let him off either.

Bring it on!

Zi Chen said, full of confidence.

Go ahead, there is the Extreme Yin inheritance, whether you can get it or not depends on luck. The old man took two steps back.

Zi Chen walked forward step by step. This was a huge empty space, but the old man said that there was an inheritance here.

I hope you can succeed. In all these years, you are the only one who has been recognized by the Extreme Yin. Although your talent is not high, you have a perfect body so your success rate is very high. The old man was filled with anticipation.


Zi Chen took more than ten steps and the space around him started to tremble as a gigantic diagram of yin and yang appeared above his head.

When the Yin Yang diagram appeared, like a large round millstone, it slowly rotated.

This is...The Yin Yang diagram? Upon seeing the Yin Yang diagram, the old man was flabbergasted.

Isn't it the Extreme Yin's inheritance? Why did the Extreme Yang appear? Suddenly, there was a trace of astonishment in the elder's eyes, He obtained the Extreme Yang as well?

Oh my god, he obtained the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, what is he trying to do? Yin and Yang Fusion, reaching Limitless, is he insane? The old man's expression changed greatly.

The moment the Yin Yang diagram appeared, it released a powerful aura that blocked the old man outside. He had the intention to attack but was powerless to do so.

The perfect inheritance of the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang is the same as obtaining everything. In the future, your achievements will naturally be limitless but at the same time, you will also inherit the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang, which is a sign that you will walk towards destruction.

The old man completely lost control of his emotions.

He knew that someone had obtained a perfect Extreme Yin and also guessed that it was Zi Chen. However, he did not expect that he had also obtained the Extreme Yang.


The Yin Yang diagram rotated in the air, emitting a vast aura. It was like the spinning of a millstone. The two types of extreme energies blended with each other, constantly revolving to achieve a certain balance and restrain each other.

On the Yin Yang diagram, light bloomed and two rays of light appeared, falling towards Zi Chen.

One for the Extreme Yin and one for the Extreme Yang, entering the body at the same time. This is a sign that the body is about to explode. The old man covered his head with his hand as if he couldn't bear to watch any longer.

It wasn't easy to find a genius, but unexpectedly, something went wrong here.

Yin and Yang as one, reaching limitless.

This was nothing more than an empty phrase. Back then, Old Master was so powerful but he could not truly combine Yin and Yang. He could only fuse Yin and Yang, allowing the two types of energy to reach a certain equilibrium.

With the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, the inheritance is a hundred percent successful. This is the wish of the Old Master, but in this world, who has talent like the Old Master? This little guy is finished. The elder sighed, his eyes filled with disappointment.

When the endless Yin and Yang Energy landed on Zi Chen's body, he felt a warm feeling. At the same time, two golden lights appeared from the Yin and Yang diagram, rushing towards the center of Zi Chen's brows and to his mind.


Zi Chen screamed miserably as the two golden lights charged into his Sea of Consciousness, causing him to feel excruciating pain and fall to the ground.

Zi Chen fell to the ground and rolled on the floor. At the same time, the Yin Yang Energy in the diagram also continued to enter his body and fuse into his meridians.


Zi Chen screamed in fear. At that moment, he felt as if a lot of strange things had entered his head, as if it was going to explode.

The Extreme Yang and the extreme Yin energy that had surged into his body had made contact and released a terrifying Qi, which gushed out from his body, giving Zi Chen the feeling that his body was about to explode.



His meridians and blood vessels were the first to be unable to endure the pressure. They began to emit popping sounds as they broke inch by inch. It was as if they were about to burst open at any moment.


With a slight tremble, a pure aura of lightning surged out of Zi Chen's heart. This aura, along with a dense amount of vital energy flowed through his blood into his body and into his meridians.

Under this vital energy, the torn meridians were quickly recovering.

However, there were even more Yin-Yang Energy coming together.

Tear, repair!

At this moment, Zi Chen was in unimaginable pain. First, he wanted to tear his heart and lungs apart, and then he wanted to commit suicide. In the next second, he felt extremely comfortable and had a face full of enjoyment.

This was a type of painful yet happy torture but Zi Chen was unable to properly enjoy it because the pain in his mind was even more intense. This pain directly acted on his soul, making it impossible for Zi Chen to faint even if he wanted to. [TN: Sounds like a masochist to me]

The Yin Yang diagram was spinning, the energy of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang continuously flowing out, and there were also beams of golden light.

Zi Chen continued to roar and roll on the ground.


A mournful scream resounded through the entire space.

At this time, Zi Chen became extremely sinister, his entire body was covered with blood, in his seven orifices, all of the pores on his body had blood flowing out.

Zi Chen had already turned into a bloody person, he was currently undergoing an inhuman torture.

He's not dead yet? After waiting for a long time, the old man did not wait for the sound of his body exploding.

Whatever, I'll just give it a shot. The old man made a decision in pain and shouted at Zi Chen: Little guy, protect your vital energy, focus your energy, and comprehend the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang.

I can't comprehend it! Zi Chen screamed in pain, he wanted to commit suicide.

Do your best to sense, or else you will die miserably. The circulation method of the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang are different, even if you circulate them at the same time, you can still avoid them completely.

Use your head and recall the two energies. The old man shouted loudly in the outside world.

The pain made it impossible for Zi Chen to focus his mind and breath, but he could still sense the inheritance of the Extreme Yang and the Extreme Yin in his mind.

In the midst of his endless pain, Zi Chen calmed himself down. Immediately afterwards, he could feel the existence of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang.

Indeed, it was as the old man had said, the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang were two different types of energies, and the circulation of the Cultivation Techniques was completely different. What Zi Chen wanted to do now was to use his powerful spirit energy to separate the two energies.

He used two kinds of energy at once.


Zi Chen shouted loudly, everything was being stirred up by his will, it was just that his will was illusory, even Zi Chen was not able to figure it out.


Trembling lightly, the two energies slowly separated.