Thunder Martial Chapter 21 - True Essence at its Peak

The great elder squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Zi Chen. It seems that he was trying to see through Zi Chen completely.

In his perspective, this little lad was not the reckless type. If he dared to suggest something, it would certainly be with good reason.

Does he have the potential to win? The Great Elder secretly thought in his heart.

However, with his strength of the Zhen Yuan realm, how was the great elder unable to see that Zi Chen was only at the fifth Layer of True Qi. Moreover, all of his techniques were rank three martial techniques.

These were the most common and of the lowest grade.

The Fierce Tiger Fist and Flowing Cloud Step.

He wants to defeat Wang Meng by relying on just those two techniques? His opponent is at the sixth Layer of True Qi and has a rank two martial technique.

The great elder could not figure it out and didn't want to think about it either.

If both parties are willing, you may exchange. Under the watch of all the elders present, the great elder faintly said

Zi Chen was obviously willing, but Lin Xue wasn't. However, after Zi Chen stared at her slightly, he forcibly took the number 2 lot from Lin Xue's hand.

His action seemed very brutish, but Lin Xue actually smiled.

At this moment, It seemed like Zi Chen had an aura of manliness, simply because he knew how to protect others.

Su Mengyao could not help but nod from a distant. No matter how strong he was, she very much appreciated his kind gesture.

Hmph, pretentious. Chen Feng snorted coldly.

Su Mengyao did not make a comment. She didn't have many things to talk about with Chen Feng in the first place.

This is simply courting death. You guys don't need to do anything now. Wang Xiong clenched his teeth and said.

What a pity, this kid is going to die in an accident. An inner sect disciple next to Wang Xiong said.

The crowd had differing opinions, some good and some bad. There were some encouragement and some ridicule.

Several male disciples were especially uncomfortable at their heart, watching Zi Chen show off in front of Lin Xue. They were filled with scorn for him.

Hence, Zi Chen took the number 2 lot and walked to the stage under the hatred of the male disciples and the praise of the female disciples.

Wang Meng had been waiting there, his look had long turned icy cold.

I didn't know that you were so eager to die. Wang Meng said coldly.

It's still uncertain who will die here. As a thank you for splashing feces on my house that day, I will repay you ten times today. Zi Chen responded indifferently

How will you accomplish that? Wang Meng sneered. With your useless rank three martial technique? Just because you comprehend its true essence, you think you can fly upwards and reach the sky? I will tell you now, rank three martial techniques are trash. Even if you had comprehended its true essence, it's still trash.

I don't know whether this rank three martial technique is trash or not, but I do know that you can't even be compared to trash since you are doomed to lose today. Zi Chen responded.

Ha ha. Wang Meng laughed, masking his extreme anger.

Enough, you can begin fighting now. Beside the stage, a referee elder had stopped their bickering.

Let's fight. We'll see who's the real trash. Wang Meng sneered as his sixth layer of True Qi surged, his eyes full of killing intent.

His feet moved and the Flowing Cloud Step appeared. Simultaneously, he attacked with the Mountain Breaking Palm technique and struck with a fierce aura,

That isn't the way to use Flowing Cloud Step. Zi Chen said as his mouth curled upwards. His feet moved like passing clouds and flowing water, avoiding Wang Meng's strike.


After missing his target, Wang Meng changed his attack. He executed the second move of Mountain Breaking Palm, Splitting Down the Mountain. Zi Chen's white robe fluttered in the howling wind, his dark hair blowing fiercely in the air.

Zi Chen moved again, slightly dodging Wang Meng's attacks by a hair's breadth, time and time again. In the midst of avoiding his attack, Zi Chen took advantage of Wang Meng's momentary weakness and sent sent out a retaliation.


A Fierce Tiger Roared, Zi Chen attacked with the first and second move of Fierce Tiger Fist in succession.


In the midst of a deafening explosion, Zi Chen's figure retreated two steps. However, Wang Meng took four steps back.

This outcome threw the crowd into an uproar.

Zi Chen was unpopular the whole time he had been here, and was the least well received. After the two battles today, he had made a name for himself, but no one expected that he could gain the upper hand against Wang Meng.


As discussions began to arise one after another, Wang Meng felt that he had lost a lot of face. With both his martial technique and cultivation higher than his opponent's, it would be too embarrassing if he couldn't suppress Zi Chen. As he roared, the Mountain Splitting Palm appeared again.

Under Zi Chen's feet, the Flowing Cloud Step flashed again and again as his movements became sa fluid as passing clouds and flowing water. He had comprehended its true essence, and at this moment, he displayed its full power. It was even more mysterious than Miao Kong's movement technique, as he always evaded Wang Meng's attacks by a hair's breadth.

This is the essence of the Flowing Cloud Step. This kid, no wonder he concealed his strength before today's matches. He's really cautious. On the platform, some elders were no longer surprised. Instead, their eyes had lit up as if they had discovered an extraordinary treasure.

Amongst all of the martial techniques, Zi Chen's movement technique was the hardest one to practice. It was even harder to comprehend Flowing Cloud Step's true essence, but the skill Zi Chen displayed was actually contained the true essence of the technique at it's peak


Loud collision sounds resounded incessantly on the battle stage as Zi Chen and Wang Meng engaged in a fierce fight.

At this point, everyone spectating their battle was reevaluating Zi Chen's strength.

Wang Xiong's face was extremely black, as nothing had gone according to plan today. First, there was Wu Sheng. And now, Zi Chen was suppressing him as well.

A faint smile could be seen on Su Mengyao's peerless face. On the other hand, the number one core disciple of the Ling Wu sect did not have a very good expression. One must understand that he had not even comprehend the true essence of this movement technique at its peak.

This kid is really unusual. Miao Kong said while laughing.

Nearby, Lin Xue's eyes flashed and her head constantly bobbed like a chicken eating rice, as if she was nodding in approval.

Mountain Splitting Palm, fifth move!

The atmosphere was surging and Wang Meng seemed to be burning with energy. However, Zi Chen was like a nimble fish, charging head on without any resistance.

Mountain Splitting Palm, sixth move!

Mountain Splitting Palm, seventh move!

Rigorous attacks and surging True Qi was crazily sent towards Zi Chen, but it was being countered one by one.

The Mountain Splitting Palm technique consisted of nine moves, with the ninth being the strongest.

Zi Chen, I don't believe that you can block my strongest attack! Wang Meng's pupil was burning red. He seemed to be on the verge of insanity and his voice was becoming hysterical.

Wang Meng wanted to compete for first place, yet it would be hard for him to even enter the top three now.

In his anger, Wang Meng sent out the last move of the Mountain Splitting Palm, called Splitting a Mountain, A Palm Representing the Blade. Wang Meng's aura suddenly became exceptionally swift and fierce, similar to the edge of a large blade that was able to cut apart mountains. This aura gradually fell, exuding a dazzling, cold gleam. along with a sharp atmosphere.

This was a rank two martial technique's strongest move. It was a pity that Wang Meng had not comprehended all of its true essence, and could only attack in its basic form.

I will let you have a look of what a real rank three martial technique is.

Facing Wang Meng's strongest move, Zi Chen sneered coldly. The aura on his body burst into action once more. When his fists clenched tightly, Zi Chen's entire aura transformed into a fierce tiger.

At this moment, Zi Chen had vanished, and what replaced him was a fierce tiger.

Zi Chen attacked with Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain. Coupled with the pressure of the mountain king, his roar shook the mountain. It was as if the king had discovered a prey in his own territory; a pair of ice-cold pupils staring at his prey.

Zi Chen's majestic aura slowly built up as he issued another roar. Showing that the mountain king was going to attack very soon. His eyes became sharp as the energy around his body condensed.

This is.... the true essence of the Fierce Tiger Fist at its peak?

Whether it was an elder or a spectator, everybody watching at this moment felt Zi Chen's aura, their expressions were volatile.

Previously, when Zi Chen had comprehended the true essence of the flowing cloud step at its peak, it was already commendable. It could be said that he had remarkable talent, but that was all. Now, however, he could only be described as a genius among geniuses after comprehending the true essence of the Fierce Tiger Fist at its peak.

The true essence of a technique at its peak was not something that anyone could comprehend. In the past, Chen Feng was only able to comprehend the true essence of a set of a martial technique, but he was never able to comprehend the essence the technique at its peak

This Zi Chen's talent is no less than Chen Feng's.

Some elders secretly felt this way in their hearts. They turned their attention to the side to discover a look of curiosity on the great elder's complexion and a ghastly pale one of the second elder.


Under the various emotions of the crowd, the Fierce Tiger Fist collided against the Mountain Splitting Palm. A deafening explosion resounded throughout the stage, along with rolling waves that surged in all directions. The entire battling stage trembled and in a flash, two figures were separated.

One figure had retreated while the other was blown into the air. At the same time, there were sounds of breaking bones resounding out

The one who had retreated back was naturally Zi Chen. This time, he had retreated back for more than ten meters, almost reached the edge of the stage. The blood and qi in his body were churning, but after stabilizing his body, he wasn't injured at all.

Wang Meng had flown out of the stage, both of his arms limp. They seemed to have been broken when he fell in the middle of the crowd with a sharp sound.

Hence, Wang Meng had been defeated in this one strike and the winner had been decided. As their fight came to an end, everything was deadly silent.

Someone at the fifth Layer of True Qi had actually used a rank three martial technique to beat an opponent who was a realm higher than him in both aspects. This matter was simply inconceivable, but such an impossibility had just occurred.

Under the square, everybody's eyes changed. Even the previously indifferent Wu Sheng had a complex look.

They all inevitably looked at Zi Chen with awe, and there were even some comparing Zi Chen with Chen Feng in their hearts.

His talent is quite good.

On the stage, the great elder narrowed his eyes once more and spoke faintly.

The other elders nodded one after another, but the second elder's face darkened as he maintained his silence.

Amidst the looks of awe from the crowd, Zi Chen stepped down from the stage and walked towards Lin Xue and Miao Kong.

Thanks brother. Miao Kong said.

He looked at Zi Chen gratefully for beating Wang Meng. Obviously, with Wang Meng injured, Miao Kong had practically won the fight for fourth place, and he was now within the top four.

The top three people, Lin Xue, Wu Sheng, and Zi Chen. They will all fight later.

Not bad, Zi Chen. To be able to defeat a sixth Layer of True Qi opponent with just your fifth layer, you have great potential to become the core disciple. Lin Xue said, playfully laughing.

Zi Chen smiled.

This boy... Su Mengyao's eyes grew with increasing admiration while Cheng Feng's eyes became more and more cold. Zi Chen had been able to defeat an opponent who not only had a higher layer, but also comprehended the true essence of a rank two martial technique. Zi Chen's talents were equally matched with Chen Feng.

To Chen Feng, he was a threat.

Moreover, looking at the current situation, being a core disciple was inevitable with Zi Chen's natural talent. If Wu Sheng's strength was similar to Wang Meng's, then Zi Chen will certainly win.

I must kill him. Wang Xiong said maliciously. Seeing his severely wounded younger brother made him clench his teeth.

Wang Xiong, you have to be careful about it. Killing a core disciple, do you have this kind of courage? The inner sect disciple that had previously wanted to rid of Zi Chen warned Wang Xiong.

He hasn't become a core disciple yet. There are still two fights left. Wang Xiong said.

If there's no accident, he will become a core disciple. Let alone killing him, you have to be more careful. Don't give him a reason to retaliate. Zi Chen's talent is equally matched with elder brother Chen Feng. Another disciple advised.

The third battle will now begin. Wu Sheng against Lin Xue.

No matter what kind of discussion was going on below the stage, the elders paid no attention to it. When a battle ends, another one will soon begin.

Lin Xue was finally about to fight Wu Sheng.