Thunder Martial Chapter 208 - Body-Tempering Trail

Wu Xiong's death had greatly stimulated him and at the moment, he was using the light barrier to escape as fast as he could.

One sharp blade after another struck Wang Shan's body but it was blocked by the barrier of light and released a Clanging sound.

Wang Shan!

Just then, a loud shout came out, it was Zi Chen.

Wang Shan trembled in fear and almost fell to the ground.

After that, he saw Zi Chen bringing Su Mengyao and the others over. With the spear in his hands, he continuously slashed about and one sharp blade after another was slashed into pieces as they went straight towards Wang Shan.

No... Don't come over. Wang Shan screamed in fear, Scram, scram, Zi Chen, scram!

No one could blame Wang Shan for his attitude. In this strange place, everyone's Qi was sealed; there was no way out. There were also sharp blades and their lives could be threatened at any time.

However, Zi Chen was able to move freely. The genius of the Wu Zong Sect, Wu Xiong was killed without any suspense.

Zi Chen, get lost, I have a Forbidden Artifact..m. At most, we will both perish together. Wang Shan took out the mirror and threatened but his voice was trembling, he was lacking in confidence.

What did you say?

Zi Chen brought Su Mengyao and walked up, casually sending the two Knights flying and then walked in front of Wang Shan.

You, don't come over. Wang Shan hurriedly retreated, he was extremely frightened.

What did you just say? Zi Chen extended his hand out and slapped Wang Shan's head.


Under the huge force, Wang Shan staggered and fell to the ground. With the protection of the light barrier, his life wasn't in danger.

What did you say? Say it again?

Zi Chen stepped forward, his foot stepping on Wang Shan's head, producing a loud sound, the barrier of light continuously shook, trying to dissipate the powerful force.

Don't! Zi Chen, spare me! Wang Shan was panic-stricken. At the moment, he did not dare to be so arrogant as to play with the Young Master's temper.

This was Wang Shan, a pure villain.

Back then in the Dark Serene Forest, it was like this and now, seeing Wu Xiong being killed, he was terrified and acted in a similar way.

With Zi Chen, he understood that although Zi Chen's heart was still kind but when it came time to kill, he was not polite at all.

Zi Chen, I was wrong. I won't tell you to get lost, I will get lost myself. Wang Shan's voice trembled.


Zi Chen took another step forward, causing the entire ground to tremble. Although Wang Shan had the light barrier protecting him and he would not die, this step on his head was still enough to shake him thoroughly.

What did you call me?

Wang Shan, who had just crawled back up was once again smashed into the ground with one slap from Zi Chen.

Brother, you're my blood brother. Wang Shan said again and again but when he saw Zi Chen's glaring eyes, he hastily changed his words, No, Brother-in-law, you're my brother-in-law.

You really are a despicable person.

The place trembled and Wang Shan felt dizzy and his body swayed. If not for Zi Chen who took action and destroyed the blade, Wang Shan whose light barrier that now had a hold on his head would have been in danger.

Brother-in-law, spare me!

Wang Shan pleaded, You should give my sister face, she's always talking about you. The last time you hit me, when you came back, not only did my sister not blame you, she even punished me and asked about the details.

Wang Shan's mind was working very quickly, thinking of anything that could make Zi Chen's heart soften. And his own sister, Wang Xian'er, was obviously one of them.

Brother-in-law, ever since you two parted last time, my sister has never forgotten about you. She would often talk about you. She always says that you are handsome, unordinary, handsome, everyone loves you, flowers would bloom upon seeing you and that you are extremely popular among countless young females.

In the distance, Li Huo and Cang He had heard what Wang Shan said and the corners of their mouths twitched as they came to a new conclusion regarding Wang Shan's shamelessness.

When this fellow came, he looked as if he was arrogant and said he could kill Zi Chen, but now, seeing the person in front of him, he was completely terrified.

Brother-in-law, we'll be family in the future. If you marry my sister, I'll be your brother-in-law. How can you kill your future brother-in-law?

Li Huo and Cang He staggered and almost fell. Both of them thought, this fellow was way too bullsh*tty.

He didn't have the slightest temper of a Young Master of a large family at this moment.

Zi Chen's face did not look good because Su Mengyao, who was standing next to him, looked extremely unnatural. She was very clear that Wang Xian'er was a monstrous genius of Cloud City.

Thinking about her, then thinking about herself and then looking back at Zi Chen's current achievements, Su Mengyao felt a sense of inferiority.

Other than her appearance, Su Mengyao felt that there was nothing else she could take out. Moreover, in this cruel world of the Sky Martial Continent, if you only had good appearance but no power, you are destined to end in a tragedy.

Brother-in-law, for my sister's sake, for the sake of you being my brother-in-law, spare me! I'm your future brother-in-law! Wang Shan opened his mouth again and the light enveloping his body became dimmer and dimmer. The cracking on the jade pendant appeared more and more, if he did not try to please Zi Chen, he was really done for.

Damned scumbag. Zi Chen made another move, knocked Wang Shan over to the ground and then violently stepped on him.

Go to hell. Suddenly, Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent and a blinding light burst out from the Silver spear.

Brother-in-law, you really want to kill me? Did you forget my sister? She's still waiting for you! Wang Shan cried out, scared out of his wits.

Let him live!

Just at this time, Su Mengyao opened her mouth, her voice was extremely soft, yet filled with a sense of contradiction.

Wang Xian'er was very outstanding, and was also a monstrous genius . Su Mengyao didn't want Zi Chen and the Wang Family to feel extremely awkward, although there were many contradictions in her heart, she didn't want Zi Chen to completely offend the Wang Family for this.

Because he already had enough enemies.

The Wu Zong Sect was like a towering giant mountain.

Alright, I'll spare your life today. Zi Chen kept his spear and the killing intent in his eyes dissipated.

Ah, thank you brother-in-law, thank you sis, no, thank you sister-in-law. Wang Shan thanked him profusely.


Zi Chen kicked out, causing Wang Shan to fly deeper and deeper like a cannonball. Everywhere he went, the blade that came out would break one after another.


With a loud sound, Wang Shan entered deep into the cave.

Let's go as well.

Zi Chen pulled Su Mengyao along, as they walked deeper in.

Zi Chen, our Li Family has no enmity with you.... Li Huo said nervously when he saw Zi Chen's arrival.

Damn. I almost forgot even if you didn't say it. The conversation between you and your brother that day truly made people unhappy!

Zi Chen stepped forward and slapped Li Huo's head, causing a large amount of golden light to shine.


Li Huo was knocked down. Zi Chen stepped forward and used his big leg to trample on Li Huo. The ground trembled and rumbled.

Li Huo was completely confused.

All of the cultivators who were lucky enough that they did not die were completely dumbfounded. All of them thought that Zi Chen was just too insanely powerful, he had killed all the assassins from the Heaven killing Pavilion, killed all of Wu Xiong's people, beaten Wang Shan to the point that he was begging for mercy like a grandson, and now he had stepped on Li Huo like he was dog sh*t.




The ground trembled, Zi Chen showed no mercy as he trampled on Li Huo frantically, causing everyone's mouths to twitch. Suddenly, Li Huo almost lost his consciousness and was almost pierced by a sharp blade.

God damn. Go back and tell that brother of yours, don't be arrogant in front of me. There will be a day when I go beat him up into a pig's head.

Zi Chen finally let Li Huo go and did not kill him.

Uh, okay, okay!

Li Huo stood up, holding back the anger in his heart, he nodded continuously. Just as he stood up, he felt his head go blank, and then fell back down.

Zi Chen, what are you doing? My Cang Family doesn't have any enmity with you. Cang He saw that Zi Chen was walking towards him and was shocked, hence he quickly said this.

Damn it, you hypocrite. I can't stand you when I see you. Zi Chen stepped forward and without hesitation, sent a punch flying towards the light barrier.

After that, he beat Cang He down and trampled on him, arrogantly and domineeringly.

We do not have any direct enmity between us. Moreover, you can even say that I saved Su Mengyao. Cang He felt very wronged.

I feel displeased just by looking at a demure hypocrite like you. Today, I wish to trample on you. Zi Chen said. After stepping on the ground for so long, the entire ground was shaking.

Cang He felt very wronged but he did not dare to complain. At this moment, he finally understood what Li Huo felt.

However, Zi Chen was the strongest here so no one dared to refute him.

Zi Chen did not kill Cang He as well. It was purely because of Su Mengyao.

Afterwards, he brought Su Mengyao and went deeper into the grounds. Behind them, Miao Kong and Liu Bo followed closely, faces full of worship.

If the two of them had to give an evaluation, it would be full of vigor.

After the sharp blades dissipated, Zi Chen and the rest finally reached the depths. It was just that there were already a few people gathered here, they were not the fastest.

This was a vast expanse of land, and everyone stood there with fear written all over their faces, as if they were frozen in place.

What's going on?

Zi Chen was suspicious as he hurried forward.


In that moment, Zi Chen felt as if a mountain appeared on his body, pressing him down until his body swayed. To his side, Su Mengyao suddenly felt the pressure and screamed.

This is a gravitational field.

Miao Kong's face changed, he did not do anything extreme.

It's as if we're carrying a mountain and our Qi is sealed. Are they trying to test our endurance and stamina? Liu Bo also cried out.

That's right, this is the body-tempering trial. Once you pass this place, you will be able to obtain the inheritance that you all want. Right at this moment, an aged voice sounded. The old man appeared out of thin air at the end of the road.

This gravitational field was only about a dozen or so meters but all of the cultivators who stepped foot in it were unable to move an inch. Occasionally, a few could only take a few steps forward.

Come, as long as you walk in front of me, you will be able to obtain the inheritance. The old man bewitched him but unfortunately, no one could walk past him.

Zi Chen, you go. Just then, Su Mengyao let go of Zi Chen's hand.

Zi Chen, I think that you are the only one who can smoothly pass through this place. This is the body-tempering trial, a test of physique, you have no problems at all. Miao Kong said.

In the end, Zi Chen nodded and walked forward step by step.

Why is it him again?

The cultivators, who barely made it to this place, were very unwilling.

Zi Chen stepped forward and golden light radiated from his body. With a single step, the entire road trembled, as if Zi Chen was carrying a mountain.

Un, not bad! The old man stared at Zi Chen, a look of praise in his eyes.