Thunder Martial Chapter 207 - Killing Wu Xiong

Through the old man's words, everyone knew that this was a trail ground for monstrous geniuses.

The people who walked out were all monstrous geniuses. Everyone's expression changed, as fear filled their eyes.

At the same time, everyone turned to look at Zi Chen. Here, the only person who dared to call himself a monstrous genius was Zi Chen.


From Zi Chen's body, a golden light flickered and he easily threw out a punch, causing a sharp blade to explode.


Golden light filled the air and like many sharp blades, they shot out in front of him. In an instant, large swathes of the blades disappeared.

When the attacks from the blades came, Zi Chen protected the three all by himself. With a Clang, another blade was broken.

Heavens, as expected of a monstrous genius.

Could it be that the restrictions here were also prepared for Zi Chen? Why, why is his luck so good?

Some people were dissatisfied, their eyes full of jealousy and envy.


The void trembled as another round of sharp blades appeared, radiating cold light as they flashed past.



A large group of people had died. Very few people were able to dodge the blade's attack.


The sharp blade cut into one of the cultivators sword, causing it to make a cracking sound as it snapped. At the same time, another sharp blade slashed across the cultivators neck.

A human head rolled down, blood spewing wildly from its neck.

This was a tragic scene, with almost 90% of the cultivators being killed without being able to resist at all. This was a massacre, with the cultivator dying in large numbers, the death rate was even faster than outside.


Zi Chen, save us.

Zi Chen, save me, I will definitely repay you greatly.

Some of them even rushed towards Zi Chen. They were very smart to hide behind Zi Chen.



One after another, the cultivators fell to the ground.

If you don't want to die here, keep charging forward. Only by reaching the front can you keep your lives.

The old man's voice sounded again.

In just a short moment, more than two hundred people had died. It was a very tragic death.

Why didn't you say so earlier!

For this chance to survive, everyone went crazy and rushed forward.

At the same time, there were also cultivators hiding behind Zi Chen, seeking his protection.

Scram, I came first.

Get out of my way!

There were a lot of people, and the safe zone beside Zi Chen was also very limited. There were already people arguing and they immediately took action against each other.




Just then, a sharp blade came out from behind Zi Chen, it pierced through the bodies of the cultivators in a flash and caused them to fall to the ground.

Be careful.

Zi Chen's expression changed, the Forbidden Artifact in his hand appeared and released a resplendent silver light, it swept towards his surroundings and cut down all the sharp blades.

We'll speed up.

Zi Chen led the three of them and sped up. At that moment, sharp blades appeared from all directions and it was extremely dangerous.

Extreme Yin!

Zi Chen formed a seal with his hand, sending out a beam of extremely dark golden light that carried a chilling aura as it shot forward. Wherever it went, sharp blades would be destroyed, creating a safe passage.

Let's go!

Zi Chen pulled Su Mengyao and stepped forward.

Azure Peak Slash!

At the same time, Zi Chen also released a Azure Peak Slash, releasing a thick blade that rushed forward with an unstoppable force.

Zi Chen did not have many martial techniques to control but all of them were exceptionally strong and could be considered to be one of the strongest martial techniques.

To be able to display his might in the face of this blade was a very easy thing to do.

How can he unleash his martial techniques? Could it be that his Qi hasn't been sealed?

Why is this happening?

Everyone was shocked and continued to shout. However, Zi Chen protected the three behind and the pressure he faced was also not small. Naturally, he did not have the strength to protect everyone.

He walked forward, heading towards the end of the road.

Suddenly, Zi Chen's eyes swept across the corner of his eyes and saw a familiar face.

A figure protected by a resplendent light barrier.

Wu Xiong! Zi Chen's pupils shrank. Wu Xiong was a member of the Wu Xong Sect and is also a direct descendant of a Sovereign Realm expert.

Miao Kong, what exactly happened is your grudge with Wu Xiong? Zi Chen asked with eyes full of killing intent.

This happened a few years ago. Miao Kong also saw Wu Xiong, and understood what he meant, We are both from the Wu Xong sect but we and are two different forces, hence we were always at odds. When I came back with my guards from my trip a few years ago, I saw Wu Xiong doing such a thing to one of my junior sisters so I became furious and attacked him.

Back then, Wu Xiong was not as good as me. After a round of fighting, I almost crippled Wu Xiong's dantian and even made him lie on the bed for a few months.

You are acting in a righteous manner, why were you sent to the Ling Wu Sect? Su Mengyao asked.

Behind Wu Xiong, there is a very powerful force. After they found out about this, they went to find my junior sister and had her explain it to them. After that, the two of them were engaged and it is perfectly justified for such a thing to happen. In Miao Kong's eyes, there were sparks flying.

It seemed that he had some sort of unclear relationship with his Junior Sister.

Relying on the powerful forces behind him, Wu Xiong flipped right and wrong, said that I have destroyed their good fortune, said that I had other motives and had thoughts on his wife, in the end, I was sent to the Ling Wu Sect. Miao Kong's tone was heavy and his emotions were unstable, And that Junior Sister of mine also passed away all of a sudden three months later.

From then on, Wu Xiong kept it in his heart, after so many years, I still haven't found trouble with him but he came to deal with me first. Miao Kong clenched his fists, I can't take this lying down, can I?

This Wu Xiong, although he looks dignified, he is actually a scum. Liu Bo said angrily.

This caused Zi Chen to roll his eyes.

This kind of person really deserves to die. Su Mengyao's face did not look good.

Since he deserves to die, then let him die. In this world, people like him will only harm others.

Zi Chen cut through a large area of sharp blades, then turned and walked towards Wu Xiong with the three of them.

Young Master, be careful. Zi Chen is here.

Behind Wu Xiong, there were still some guards alive. When they saw Zi Chen approaching, they nearly couldn't stop.

The sharp blades covered the sky and the earth. All of you are still struggling to defend against them. It has been hard on you. Now, I will free you all.

Zi Chen's voice was cold, his eyes filled with killing intent. The spear in his hands released a bright silver light and suddenly pointed forward.


One of the guards had his chest pierced. The weapon in his hand dropped, following that, a sharp blade flew out and instantly dismembered his corpse.


A ray of spear Qi shot out and a guard's head flew up, falling into a pool of blood.

Zi Chen, what do you mean? Wu Xiong turned his head. In front of his chest, a jade pendant was emitting a resplendent glow, forming a shield of light. Facing the attacks of the sharp blades, he struggled to advance.

I'll send you on your way. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold.

Miao Kong, it must be you, right? Damn it, a few years ago, you were already heartless to me. Wu Xiong swept his gaze across Miao Kong, his face filled with hatred.

I want to avenge Junior Sister. Miao Kong clenched his teeth, flames flickering in his eyes.

Junior-apprentice Sister. F*ck her, she's a bitch. Wu Xiong's expression was extremely sinister, his face filled with venom, That slut, I told her to say that you molested her but she didn't say it, ever since she married me, she's been crying everyday ...

So you killed her? Miao Kong roared.

I didn't kill her. She wanted to kill herself. Wu Xiong laughed sinisterly.


One after another, sharp blades flew over and the guards were easily killed by Zi Chen. Just at that moment, a cold blade appeared behind Zi Chen, it made people feel cold.


The spear shook its body and conjured a ray of silver light from its spear, thrusting behind him.


A guard opened his eyes wide and looked at the spear that was stabbed into his heart. He raised the sword high in the air but did not have the chance to slash down.

The spear was pulled out, blood splattering everywhere as the guards body fell to the ground.


All of the guards rushed towards Zi Chen. At this moment, they no longer cared about defending and attacked ferociously.

But without their Qi, their physical attacks would not be of much use.

With a sweep of Zi Chen's spear, all the weapons shattered. At the same time, streams of spear Qi shot out, penetrating all the guards, causing them to fall to the ground.


Seeing how determined Zi Chen was, Wu Xiong's face finally changed. Here, Zi Chen was like a dragon, his strength was so strong that even with the protection of the jade pendant, he did not dare say that he was safe.

I'll send you on your way!

Zi Chen's eyes were ice-cold and emotionless. The spear in his hand flickered with a brilliant light and fiercely thrusted at Wu Xiong.


Wu Xiong wanted to dodge but without Qi, his speed was simply too slow and he was hit on the chest by the spear. With a loud bang, the light barrier trembled and Wu Xiong was forced back.

What a hard turtle shell, it seems to be similar to Wang Shan's. Zi Chen sneered and stepped forward once again. This time, other than a silver light, the spear also had a trace of golden light, which was channeled into the Qi.


The powerful attack made the light barrier tremble even more violently, but it did not shatter. The spear's fierce strength was completely dissolved.



Wu Xiong was so scared that his face turned pale and he shouted, Zi Chen, do you know who I am? I am Wu Xiong from the Wu Zong Sect and my backing is a hundred times stronger than Miao Kong's. If you kill me, you will be going against the Wu Zong sect and the Wu Zong Sect will not let you off.

Zi Chen laughed coldly, Since one year ago, the people from the Wu Zong Sect never planned on letting me go. They chased after me for nearly a year and I had only a 10% chance of survival.


The spear in Zi Chen's hands thrusted out again, causing even the air to explode. When the tip of the spear stabbed into the light barrier, a loud noise came out and the jade pendant in front of Wu Xiong's chest released a cracking sound. The pendant exploded after consuming all of its energy and the Protective Shield also disappeared at the same time.


Wu Xiong let out a terrified and miserable scream, which caused everyone who heard it to tremble in their hearts.


The spear immediately sunk into his chest and fresh blood gurged out. Wu Xiong's shocked eyes met Zi Chen's ice-cold and emotionless eyes.

From today onwards, I will embark on the road to revenge. Zi Chen's eyes were cold as he said. Wu Xiong's life force disappeared and he collapsed on the floor.

Zi Chen bent down, picked away Wu Xiong's Spatial Ring and then searched his body. After that, he brought the three of them deeper in.

But before he even took a few steps forward, Zi Chen saw Wang Shan speeding up his escape.

Wang Shan!

With a loud shout, Zi Chen chased after him.