Thunder Martial Chapter 206 - Guardian Of The Inheritance

This was a land of blood and corpses.

The number of cultivators that died along the way was still less than the number of people that died here in a short period of time. Corpses littered the ground and their fresh blood became streams.

The Forbidden Artifact was like a cabbage, repeatedly appearing and releasing terrifying attacks, causing a large number of cultivators to die.

All of this was for that golden light.


The golden light drifted forward. During this time, the Cultivators touched the golden light but no one was able to absorb it.

Until the golden light arrived in front of Zi Chen, entered his forehead, and flashed.

Zi Chen, why is it him again?

Why is it all his?

It's fine if you have stolen the Forbidden Artifact but now, you even want to snatch the inheritance.

The expressions on the faces of the crowd were extremely ugly. Those people from the major powers felt as though they had eaten a fly. They felt extremely displeased in their hearts.

Jealousy grew in their hearts, wishing that they could tear Zi Chen into eight pieces, eat his flesh and drink his blood.

But at this moment, no one moved.

Zi Chen had a Forbidden Artifact his fighting strength was strong but that was not the key point, the move that instantly turned the genius assain into nothingness was what shocked everyone.

Even though they were unwilling, they didn't dare to make a move.

It is indeed the Extreme Yin but where is the inheritance? The golden light had disappeared from the center of his brows, it was just a sign of Extreme Yin. Zi Chen frowned, he was confused.

He was very sure that the Extreme Yin combined with the Extreme Yang was not the inheritance that he needed.

Wu Xiong frowned, this time he did not obtain anything. Moreover, his Forbidden Artifact had disappeared too, it could be said that he had achieved nothing. Even more so, many of his subordinates had died and when he returned, he would definitely be punished.

The others were also incomparably depressed. After a fierce battle just now, they had used up all of their Forbidden Artifacts attacks but someone else had benefited from them instead.


A sigh rang out.


Immediately after, many sighs were heard. The survivors all sighed and looked at Zi Chen with eyes filled with jealousy and hate.

However, just at this moment, the seventh layer's restriction suddenly collapsed. Soon after, a straight path appeared. This path led straight into the depths. There was no end in sight. In the center of the road stood an old man, calmly watching this group of people.

You... Who are you?

After the great change occurred, everyone saw the old man. They were all incomparably shocked and some of them even dared to ask for the old man's identity.

The old man looked at the crowd and calmly said, I am the guardian of the inheritance.

Guardian of the Inheritance? Everyone was stunned. They looked at each other and shook their heads, indicating that they didn't understand.

Can you be more specific? Wang Shan asked. At that moment, he felt that his brain was not working well.

'The inheritance has already been taken, what are you still guarding then?' This was what Wang Shan thought, but he didn't dare to say it out loud.

More specific? The old man's calm gaze wavered as he thought, Wasn't I specific enough?

The Guardian of the Inheritance is the guardian of the Inheritance. The old man was very serious this time.

The Guardian of the Inheritance? Everyone was still doubtful and confused. As for Wang Shan and the rest, they really wanted to go up and beat this old fellow to death so that he could be more specific about it.

You still don't understand? Oh my god, there's something wrong with your IQ. The old man was speechless. Fortunately, he had a good temper, so he explained again, There is an inheritance and I am guarding it. After passing the test, you can obtain this inheritance.

What? You said that there's an inheritance here? Wang Shan's eyes lit up as he stared at the straight path. He had originally been in despair but now things seemed to have turned for the better.

You said that there's an inheritance behind this road? Wu Xiong was also extremely excited, his face full of disbelief.

The eyes of those who were depressed lit up once again. They looked at the old man as if they had found hope.

Yeah, the inheritance is right behind here but you have to pass the test. So, aren't you here to obtain the inheritance? The old man asked doubtfully.

What about the previous Statue, could it be that it is not an inheritance? Someone spoke up.

That's only a technique from one of the restrictions. How could it be an inheritance? What, do you take it as an inheritance? The old man looked at everyone with a strange expression.


At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

That golden light wasn't an inheritance at all. The real inheritance was at the end, right behind the road.

A sense of relief and annoyance filled the entire arena.

Heavens, are you playing with me? It's not an inheritance and you've actually made me use up a Forbidden Artifact. Wu Xiong looked up into the sky, wanting to cry but unable to shed a tear.

I can't accept this. What kind of place is this? Wang Shan was in so much pain that he wished he was dead, but luckily, he could still use his Forbidden Artifact once and was slightly stronger than Wu Xiong.

Compared to the vexation of the major powers, these rogue cultivators were extremely excited.

Because the old man said, All of you can take the test.

This was a chance to obtain a supreme inheritance.

The group of rogue cultivators rubbed their fists and palms together, feeling very excited.

Oh, that's right. This exam is very extraordinary. Although you all can participate, there is also a certain amount of danger. Perhaps, people will die. The old man kindly reminded.

Death, are we still afraid of death? Out of the ten thousand who came here, how many are still alive? A mere thousand, are we still afraid of death? Someone spoke out in dissatisfaction and agitation.

There had been too many people who had died in this trial. Out of the 10,000 cultivators that came in, there were less than a thousand left.

There were also a large number of corpses on the ground.

Alright, I am only reminding you out of good intentions, this is the trial grounds for the genius disciples of the limitless Sect. In the past, there were only a few people who passed, I didn't expect there to be so many people this time but if you insist on taking the test, I have nothing to say.

Limitless Sect? Genius trail ground?

Now that they knew the name of the large sects from ten thousand years ago, they knew exactly where this place was. All of them became even more excited.

If one obtained the inheritance here, they would be able to open up another Limitless Sect.

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Fine, go through this great path and reach the end. If you pass this trial, you will be able to obtain an inheritance. The old man said while walking to the side.

What, so easy? Doesn't that mean that everyone can inherit something? How many inheritances are there? Someone asked, feeling very confused.

There are a lot of inheritance here, enough for all of you to receive them. The old man's eyes flashed with a strange light.

Wow, that's great, everyone can receive a type of inheritance. Haha, I will go out to create another Cangli City.

Someone from the rogue cultivators said, feeling very excited.

Of course, this was only an extremely rare case of a brainless person.


Everyone swarmed around like a swarm of bees, rushing towards the road as they fought to be the first to arrive.



Inheritance, I'm coming!

In the blink of an eye, everyone rushed towards the road at an extremely fast speed.

Zi Chen pulled Su Mengyao along and also went deeper in but suddenly turned his head and asked, Why aren't you guys going?

The old man only smiled, while the burly man helplessly curled his lips.

If they go in, there's only one way. It was at this moment that the old man on the side of the road spoke.

Which way? Zi Chen turned his head and asked.

A dead end! The old man was very calm.

If they were able to reach the end, then something must have happened to the Limitless Sect. Otherwise, there would be an extremely terrifying trail that will result in the deaths of many. The old man explained.

Zi Chen nodded, he had long guessed that the two of them were not ordinary.

Zi Chen, you go ahead. I have my eyes on you. The burly man clenched his fist at Zi Chen.


Zi Chen nodded and smiled to the two of them, then pulled Su Mengyao along.

On the road ahead, nearly a thousand people were rushing in at an incredible speed.

But in that instant, the area around the main road was lit up with rays of light, and then a Blade Qi appeared, whistling through the air towards the group of people.


Bloody light burst out and under the effect of the gigantic Blade Qi, dozens of people were killed.


A sword Qi appeared, moving at high speed. Seven or eight people had their chests pierced through.

Dammit, there's actually danger on this road.

This old fogey is really sloppy, he actually didn't inform anyone beforehand.

Everyone's expressions changed but they had already embarked on the road and they had nowhere to retreat to.

I welcome everyone to the Limitless Sect's core disciple trial. The trial is about to begin, the body-tempering trial is about to begin.

The elder's voice echoed through the entire road and his figure immediately disappeared.


The entire road was filled with halos, which fell from the sky like moonlights and sprinkled onto the bodies of the crowd.

What's going on, why did my Qi disappear?

My Qi, my Qi is gone.

My Qi is dissipating.

The halo landed on their bodies and everyone's expressions changed. They felt their Qi dissipating.

In a short moment, everyone's Qi disappeared, leaving nothing behind within their dantian.

Zi Chen?

Su Mengyao was shocked in her heart. Her hand that held Zi Chen's hand also became ice-cold, and her Qi disappeared as well.

I'm fine! Zi Chen said calmly.

Inside his body, the golden Qi was also dissipating, but it was not serious, as though his perfect body had blocked the halo.

Miao Kong and Liu Bo moved closer to Zi Chen. When their Qi disappeared, the two of them were like toothless tigers.


Everyone's Qi disappeared and the space started to tremble, following that, many sharp blades appeared out of thin air, releasing a brilliant light and rushed forward.




It was like cutting a melon and grass. One by one, heads flew off as miserable cries came out. It was like hell on earth.


No, I'm not going to participate in the trail.

I want to quit.

Everyone could only rely on the strength of their bodies to block the attacks but their body could not block the attack at all. Before a single blade could be stopped, at least ten people had died.

Hmph, the Limitless Sect is a big sect and all those who participated in the trial were all geniuses. I don't know how you all got here but since you all participated in the trial, then there are only two paths of escape. You either die or pass the trial The old man's cold voice sounded out from the empty void.

No... You didn't explain it clearly before.

You lied to us. You said there was an inheritance but now, you're trying to kill us.

You have evil intentions.

Someone from the rogue cultivators shouted.

At the end of the road, there is indeed an inheritance, but it depends on whether or not you have the ability to go through it. This is the geniuses trail ground and every single one of them that walked out are all the most powerful of the same level and are all true geniuses. The old man coldly replied.

What?! This is a monstrous genius trail ground...

This is the place used for the monstrous geniuses trail ground?

Everyone's face changed and at the same time, they looked at Zi Chen, there was only one person that could be considered as a monstrous genius, and that was Zi Chen.