Thunder Martial Chapter 205 - Stealing The Inheritance

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Just when everyone was still in shock and feeling that everything was just an illusion, a mournful and sorrowful scream woke everyone up.

My Forbidden Artifact, my Spatial equipment, my wealth.

It was Zi Chen. He was covering his head and squatting on the ground with a depressed and frustrated look on his face. It was as if he had lost something.

He had indeed lost something. The assassins spatial equipment had disappeared along with the killer's body. They both turned to dust from his own attack.

The Spatial equipment was gone, as was the Forbidden Artifact in it. The wealth obtained from the assassin was also gone.

Zi Chen was pained and very upset.

However, all the cultivators around were at a loss for words, not knowing what to say.

Are you doing this on purpose? Your fighting strength is comparable to an Imperial Sky Realm expert, what kind of damned Forbidden Artifact do you want?

With your level of combat strength, you can already refine Forbidden Artifacts. You must be doing this on purpose right?

This fellow is purposely provoking us.

Everyone was speechless as they cursed inwardly.

Zi Chen's battle prowess was something only he knew, that that strike contained an extremely sinister shadow. Rather than calling it his own attack, it would be more accurate to call it an extremely sinister attack, if it was him instead, he would never be able to unleash such a powerful attack.

He regretted provoking so many forces this time. After leaving, he would inevitably be hunted down. If he had a complete Forbidden Artifact his chances of survival would have greatly increased. However, the Forbidden Artifact disappeared just like that.

He was upset and covered his head with his hands.

In the distance, everyone had retreated several meters away from Zi Chen but kept cursing him in their hearts.

If it was said that Zi Chen had only temporarily shaken up a few powerhouses, then now, Zi Chen had completely and thoroughly shocked everyone. No one dared to make a move and even the geniuses with Forbidden Artifacts were extremely afraid.

They knew full well how terrifying Zi Chen's previous attack was since it had even destroyed a Spatial equipment.

All of them retreated and increased the distance between them and Zi Chen.

Yi, why is the Statue disappearing?

Suddenly, a cultivator cried out in surprise. Everyone turned their heads and looked at where the Statue at the seventh floor was. The huge Statue was slowly dissipating.

It's disappearing. Who obtained the inheritance?

This is an inheritance! Could it be that someone obtained it, resulting in the statue disappearing?

How can this be? I haven't comprehended anything yet

Everyone exclaimed, all of them extremely depressed and could only watch as the Statue disappeared.

Look, there's a golden light. Someone exclaimed.

A golden light. A golden light. The inheritance must have appeared.

The Statue dispersed but a golden light appeared. It was as big as a grain of rice and gave off a brilliant light.

Grab it!

Suddenly, everyone rushed towards the golden light. Each of them displayed their unique skills as they engaged in another intense battle.


A cultivator who had killed a nearby rogue cultivator reached out to grab the golden light. However, in the next moment, a Blade Qi appeared and the cultivator was split into two.

When the battle started, several cultivators instantly fell.

It must be an inheritance.

Cang He and the rest were moved, a strange light flashed in their eyes. What are they doing here, of course it was for the inheritance and at the moment, the inheritance was right in front of them.


The major powers began to take action.


The Black Steel Cavalry that Wang Shan brought along suddenly exploded with a terrifying aura. The Combination Formation appeared and formed a huge beast as it roared.


With a roar, the cavalrymen stepped on the ground, causing the ground to shake and produce rumbling sounds. A group of Knights unsheathed their and rushed towards the cultivators.


The people from the Wu xong Sect did not dare to show any signs of weakness either and they unleashed numerous powerful attacks.


Boundless flames burned. An expert on the side of the Li Family also moved and like flames, they charged towards the golden light.


With a loud tremor, the entire place shook. The people from the Cang Family also quickly condensed their Qi and joined the battle.




These assassins who were supposed to hide in the darkness also appeared. Although they lacked a leader, their goal was still to snatch the inheritance.

An assassin who walked out from the darkness to the light was also terrifying. One strike from him had killed a cultivator.

The Five Forces moved in unison, like a giant millstone, unceasingly killing every rogue cultivator near them. They were all well-trained, decisively killing these rogue cultivators and unfortunately for these cultivators, despite their large numbers, they were unable to form an organization.

Retreat, quick, retreat!

These people are crazy. Let's go.

Many rogue cultivators panicked and no longer dared to fight for the inheritance. Large groups of rogue cultivators died as if they are grass being cut.

The five forces were indeed crazy, and crazy to the extreme, to the point of trying to kill everyone near them.


It was as if five meat grinders were running. After a few rounds of attacks, many of the rogue cultivators were killed, leaving only the Five Forces in the middle to encircle and kill each other.

Scram, this thing is mine, who dares to fight with me for it. Being protected by the numerous Knight in the middle, Wang Shan roared loudly as a mirror appeared in his hand. The mirror flew into the air and released a bright light and in the next moment, a thick white pillar of light appeared on the mirror.


As the white light fell, the sky and the earth shook. The cultivators who are close to the golden light instantly died and around the golden light, an open area appeared.


Wang Shan shouted and all of the Knights rushed towards the golden light.

Wang Shan, get lost.

In front of Li Huo, a green copper bell flew into the air with a clang, suddenly growing larger in the air, emitting a resplendent glow.


The bell trembled, and the place trembled. A wave of terrifying aura spread and a total of seven to eight Knights fell to the ground. They, together with their horses, bled to death from all seven orifices.


Wu Xiong was not one to be outdone, he jumped up and the sword in his hand suddenly dropped. In that moment, a stream of Sword Qi shot down from the sky.


As the Sword Qi descended, its power was unparalleled. All the cultivators in the line were slashed and a path appeared before Wu Xiong, allowing him to stride forward.


Cang He shouted and suddenly leaped up, following that, the folding fan in his hand opened with a Pa and suddenly smashed downwards.

In the next moment, rolling wind and thunder appeared and rushed forward. This was also a Forbidden Artifact and was extremely powerful, able to instantly kill a large number of cultivators.

The four powers all had Forbidden Artifacts and their attacks were extremely sharp. Only the Heaven Killing Pavilion genius, the genius that was killed by Zi Chen beforel could compare with them..

This is too terrifying. Is this a Forbidden Artifact?

With so many Forbidden Artifacts appearing all of a sudden, have these great powers gone mad?

Off in the distance, the rogue cultivator who had managed to escape was shaken to the core.

Where are you going? Zi Chen pulled Liu Bo back.

I'm going to steal the inheritance. Liu Bo took out his Little Flag and said confidently, Oh right, Zi Chen, you go too. Didn't you also have a Forbidden Artifact, why did you hand over the inheritance to them?

There's no need to go. They won't be able to get it. Zi Chen laughed and stopped Liu Bo.


You'll know soon enough. Zi Chen laughed without saying a word.

Oh, I know. You're planning to fight for it when they've pretty much finished with it. It is indeed a good plan. Liu Bo suddenly realized.

Zi Chen, ...

With the golden light at the center, within a radius of ten meters, it was practically a killing ground. Any cultivator who dared to enter this place would die a violent death.

Of the four Forbidden Artifacts, the first place they attacked was near the golden light.

As the Forbidden Artifact descended, its power was unparalleled. Amongst them, it struck towards the golden light. However, the golden light remained completely unharmed. This only made them even more convinced that this was an inheritance.

Obtaining the golden light was equivalent to acquiring the inheritance.

Everyone firmly believed that

Li Huo, get lost.

Li Huo rushed towards the golden light but at this time, Wang Shan let out a roar and the mirror in the air once again condensed a terrifying aura and transformed into a ray of destructive light.

The Forbidden Artifact's second attack fell.

The inheritance was right in front of them. Not a single one of them were stingy and none of them hid their strength any longer as they unleashed their most powerful attacks.

With the appearance of the light Qi, Li Huo's face changed greatly. He instantly retreated and with a boom, a huge pit several meters wide appeared where he was previously standing and waves after waves of cyan smoke appeared from within.

Wang Shan, you are ruthless!

Li Huo's entire body was already drenched in cold sweat. If he had taken a step back later, he would have naturally been killed by the light.

Wu Xiong, stay behind for me.

Cang He shouted loudly. The folding fan in his hand swung downwards again and with the sound of wind and thunder, it directly headed towards Wu Xiong.

Wu Xiong was forced to retreat and seven to eight of his subordinates had died.

These forces were truly enraged. One strike was more powerful than the other and one strike was more vicious than the other.


Wu Xiong's figure shot out, striking again. The Sword Qi descended, chopping towards Wang Shan, causing him to panic as he quickly retreated.


Another explosion appeared and many cultivators died. At this moment, human lives were no longer human lives. The Forbidden Artifact was no longer a Forbidden Artifact.


In Wu Xiong's hands, there were even more cracks on his sword. Finally, it exploded with a loud bang and his Forbidden Artifact disappeared.


A loud explosion rang out and Wu Xiong dodged in fear and retreated quickly. He had lost the right to fight for the inheritance.

Zi Chen, it's all because of you. Wu Xiong was so angry that he lost his qualifications to even fight and this was all because of the Forbidden Artifact that he had used before.

At the same time, Li Huo, Wang Shan, and Cang He could still use their Forbidden Artifact. The three of them put it away in tacit understanding and rushed forward.

In mid-air, the three of them continued to exchange blows, causing explosive sounds to ring out.

The golden light is moving towards the three of them.

Could it be that the inheritance is going to choose a master?

Someone cried out in alarm, only to discover that the golden light was drifting about on its own.

It's mine.

Scram, it's mine.

This belongs to me, Wang Shan. Whoever dares to snatch it from me is seeking death.

The three of them abandoned each other and charged towards the golden light.

At the same time, there were also many cultivators blocking the way. This short distance of over a dozen meters had turned into a field of blood with many cultivators falling down from every meter.


Wang Shan was the first to touch the golden light but before he could laugh, his body staggered and his fingers pierced through the golden light.

Haha, you don't have the qualifications. This is mine. Li Huo laughed but he was the same. The golden light passed through his finger and he almost fell down.

Is this mine? Cang He became agitated. He stretched out his palm and carefully held onto the golden light but it went through his palm the same way and flew forward.

How could this be?

Everyone became stupefied. During this period of time, many people encountered golden light but they still did not have any reaction.

Wu Xiong also tried it once and was stunned.

Why is this happening?

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the golden light. No one fought over it anymore, only to see the golden light drifting about before finally stopping in front of someone.

Zi Chen, it's him again!

Amidst everyone's unwilling gaze, the golden light disappeared from between Zi Chen's brows.

It really is him!

The crowd gritted their teeth in anger.


Suddenly, a loud sound echoed out and the seventh layer's restriction collapsed. A path appeared behind the restriction and an old man stood there quietly.