Thunder Martial Chapter 204 - A Page Of The Heavenly Book

In an unfamiliar space, Zi Chen and Extreme Yin were chatting.

Only by comprehending the Extreme Yang can one comprehend the complete Extreme Yin. A while ago, even though there were many geniuses who came, they could only comprehend part of the Extreme Yin, but they were unable to comprehend it perfectly. The Extreme Yin sighed.

Zi Chen completely ignored his thoughts with regards to time.

The most recent period of time was ten thousand years. Perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, the age at which the Extreme Yin survived was simply incalculable. It was at least tens of thousands of years.

perfect Extreme Yin, how do I comprehend it? Zi Chen asked, he was more interested in this.

You don't need to try to comprehend it, you only need to comprehend the Extreme Yang and then I'll appear to personally give you the perfect comprehension of the Extreme Yin.

This is a set of martial techniques that master had comprehended when he was alive and it is said that he could comprehend the final limitless, but it is a pity that Master does not have much time left so he was unable to comprehend the true Limitless. Thus he wanted to let his descendants comprehend Limitless. Extreme Yin said with a sigh.

You always say limitless, what is limitless? Zi Chen asked.

Limitless is the origin of the Limitless Sect but I do not know what it means, even Master does not know. Extreme Yin shook his head.

After chatting for a while, Zi Chen finally understood that this was a trial ground and also the most important trial ground of the Limitless Sect.

Of course, the geniuses that Extreme Yin spoke of were the true monstrous geniuses and their fighting strength was very terrifying.

It was extremely important that the Qi became True Yuan. In the Limitless Sect ten thousand years ago, this was the most important step and all geniuses needed to break through to True Yuan first, unlike the current cultivator, which could be settled with just a Zhen Yuan Pill.

The two talked for a long time. Extreme Yin didn't know about cultivation, because he only had one move, the Extreme Yin technique.

Your talent isn't very high but to be able to obtain the recognition of the Extreme Yang, it's very strange!

After chatting for a long time, Extreme Yin started to inspect Zi Chen's body and couldn't help but frown.

I'm not talented? Zi Chen was speechless, he was now known as a monstrous genius, with unparalleled combat power. However, in the words of Extreme Yin, his talent was not high.

That's right, there were many people who had the same talent ad you. Even if there wasn't a few million, there would at least have some hundred thousand with the same taken. Your talent is simply not high so your talent shouldn't have been recognized by the Extreme Yang. Extreme Yin answered truthfully.

However, this truth made Zi Chen feel extremely awkward.

Could it be that the Extreme Yang was too lonely and casually found someone? Extreme Yin frowned.

Impossible. Zi Chen jumped in shock and hurriedly said: At that time, there were four of us, I am the only one who comprehended it.

He was really afraid that the Extreme Yin wouldn't pass down the inheritance to him.

Your aptitude is very mediocre. Logically, you shouldn't be able to obtain the Extreme Yang, there must be something strange about it. Extreme vagina.

Strangn, what's strange? Zi Chen said.

Display your strongest attack.

Alright! Zi Chen nodded. For the sake of the Extreme Yin, for the sake of the Limitless Sect's inheritance, he'll do it.


Golden light vibrated and his blood surged. Golden light rushed out from his body, filling the entire space.

Senior, please take a look!

Zi Chen did not hold back and revealed his perfect physique. He felt that his body was filled with power.

This is...!

The Extreme Yin's face was filled with doubt before but when he saw the golden light radiating from Zi Chen, his eyes suddenly opened wide. This was the first time he lost control of himself and his expression looked as though he had seen a ghost.

Senior, what's wrong? Zi Chen looked at the Extreme Yin.

This is the perfect physique! Heavens, I actually saw someone with a perfect physique again! The Extreme Yin was shocked and the terrifying majesty of his body also dissipated because of this.

Perfect physique? Senior, you know about it too? Zi Chen's eyes lit up, he had obtained an Arcane secret manual, which allowed him to have his perfect physique.

You have a perfect physique, didn't you say that the Limitless Sect was destroyed? How do you have a perfect physique then? The Extreme Yin asked with an astonished expression.

I just trained an Arcane technique and my physique became like this. Zi Chen said.

Arcane technique, what technique? Extreme Yin asked.

It's from a golden object, it's like paper but it's almost impossible to tear. There's a secret manual recorded inside. Zi Chen explained.

Golden thing... paper... Oh my god The Extreme Yin's eyes widened as he exclaimed, You actually obtained a page of Heavenly Book! No wonder the Extreme Yang chose you. You have a perfect physique, so even though your talent is not high, you're extremely suitable for training the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang.

Heavenly Book? Zi Chen was startled, What is a Heavenly Book?

A Heavenly Book is a Heavenly Book. The Extreme Yin was speechless.

Heavenly Books are the most mysterious thing. No one knows how they were formed but it represents a type of extreme. What you have obtained should be the body tempering manual. Extreme Yin said.

Zi Chen continuously nodded, what Extreme Yin said was very true.

What was recorded in that golden page was a kind of body tempering technique. Zi Chen felt that he had earned a lot and was sure that the monk did not know that it was just a page of a Heavenly Book.

The two communicated again but it was obvious that Extreme Yin didn't know much, as his mission was to teach Extreme Yin.

Zi Chen, I think highly of you. Maybe you will become another future master with unparalleled combat power, causing the entire world to tremble beneath your feet. While talking, the Extreme Yin's imposing aura burst out once again, pressing down so hard that Zi Chen was unable to breathe.

I will. I will make the whole earth tremble beneath my feet. Zi Chen was also riled up by his heroic words.

That's right, Zi Chen, take the first step towards becoming the most powerful. Perfect Extreme Yin, perfect Extreme Yang, from now on, you will comprehend Limitless and become the world's most strongest. The Yin energy soared to the sky as the Extreme Yang spoke.

Bring it on! Zi Chen was confident.

This was an extremely complex set of Seals but like the Extreme Yang, it had been simplified by both sides. The Great Dao of the Yin was the simplest, it was an Extreme Yin, which was as strong as the Extreme Yang.

Young man, you can go.

In the empty space, Zi Chen's figure was gradually fading away.

Extreme Yin, Extreme Yang... Comprehending Limitless is so difficult and master has already fallen. I originally thought that there would be no one who will follow this path but who would have thought that this young man would appear. Young man, I hope you can go further.

The heroic spirit of Extreme Yin soared to the skies. After Zi Chen disappeared, his mood instantly became dejected and his figure immediately dissipated.


With a tremble, Zi Chen felt his soul return to his body. His eyes became blank.


Just as his eyes opened, Zi Chen felt a sense of danger and a merciless killing intent rushed straight at him.

Heaven killing Pavilion....

Zi Chen's expression was at a loss but his thoughts were spinning quickly. In the next moment, he formed a seal in his hand, which was not the Extreme Yang, but the Extreme Yin that he had just comprehended. At the moment, in his mind, he could still see Extreme Yin's imposing figure and profound techniques.

A ray of Seal quickly descended and Zi Chen's eyes regained its clarity as a blinding golden light appeared in front of him.

This was just a ray of golden light. There was no aura and there wasn't even any energy undulations as it charged forward.

In front of him, there was an ordinary-looking young man, wielding a sharp weapon who is One with the sword, rushing towards him with the intent to kill.

This was an assassin from Heaven killing Pavilion and a genius at that. The one who almost killed Liu Bo previously.

Zi Chen, be careful!

Liu Bo also regained consciousness. Seeing the Sword Qi's appearance, he cried out in alarm and reminded Zi Chen.

At the same time, more and more people regained their senses as they saw the killing blow.

This sword was filled with killing intent. It was as fast as lightning. Everyone was awake and could only stare at this killing sword. The elegance of this sword was reflected in everyone's minds.

It's over, the Heaven killing Pavilion Genius has made his move. Moreover, it's a sneak attack, Zi Chen is dead for sure.

A monstrous genius is going to fall today.

This was what everyone was thinking.

Miao Kong and Su Mengyao's faces were filled with pain and regret. This damned Heaven killing Pavilion was truly everywhere.

As for the old man and the burly man, their eyes flashed with a strange light. This is the same scene that they had seen before, where Chu Fei tried to kill Zi Chen the other day and now they are seeing the same scene again.

Under the glory of this sword strike, everyone saw a streak of golden light appear in front of Zi Chen. It was so sudden, so dazzling but it did not contain any energy aura. It is as if a Golden Light had accidentally descended.

The golden light flew forward and landed on the longsword. There was no terrifying explosion or surging energy, only the silent melting of the longsword. The golden light melted the longsword and the sword dissipated bit by bit.

Time seemed to have been delayed by several thousand times as one slow motion after another occurred. The elegance of that sword was completely swallowed by the golden light, disappearing without a sound. At the same time, the golden light rushed towards the assassin.

At this moment the killer's panicked expression seemed to have slowed down a lot. It was changing little by little until the golden light engulfed him.

There were no explosions, no energy waves, everything silently dissipated.


Like a gust of wind blowing, the genius assassin's body disappeared in front of Zi Chen, turning into ashes and disappearing without a trace.

If one were to say that a moment ago, there was still someone who was in a daze and had yet to wake up, then now, under the golden light, everyone was wide awake. This was completely terrifying.

The sneak attack of a talented assassin was broken just like that. Moreover, the assassin had turned into dust without a sound.

How could this be?

Why did he become so terrifying?

What did he comprehend? What a terrifying move.

It's simply several times, dozens of times stronger than a Forbidden Artifact.

Everyone howled in their hearts as they widened their eyes, as though they had seen a demon. Everything before them was too inconceivable, it was too much of a challenge to their endurance.

A monstrous of the late stage of the Xiantian realm was actually able to unleash an attack that was more than ten times stronger than Forbidden Artifacts. This was not even more terrifying than a Imperial Sky Realm cultivators.

This was too scary!

This is unbelievable!

Everyone was awake but they still felt like they were in a dream.


Suddenly, in the midst of everyone's astoundment, a shrill and pained cry rang out. It was so sharp that it caused one's eardrums to hurt.

My Forbidden Artifact, my Spatial equipment, my wealth!