Thunder Martial Chapter 203 - Extreme Yin

Zi Chen held the Forbidden Artifact in his hand and his entire body emitted a golden light. Like a Golden Warlord, he fiercely thrusted it towards the seventh level's seal.


The Forbidden Artifact stabbed the seal fiercely, a wave of destructive aura rippling out.


The seal trembled, continued to distort and finally exploded with a loud bang. The entire seventh level's seal was broken by Zi Chen with a single strike.

Everyone rushed to the seventh floor in a flash, not caring about their shock at all.


The seventh level, here I come!


If a Forbidden Artifact already appeared on the sixth floor, then no one knew what was on the seventh floor but they could imagine that the wasn't any worse than a Forbidden Artifact.

Cang He, Li Huo, Wang Shan, and Wu Xiong, a flash of light appeared in the fours hands and their Forbidden Artifact appeared. The thing on the seventh floor could very well be an inheritance.

All of the surviving cultivators rushed in. They were like a black mass, like locusts. They roared and were excited.


However, soon after, a powerful aura surged out from the seventh floor. This aura was extremely terrifying, as if it was the supreme existence in the world. The terrifying aura was as vast as the ocean and deep beyond measure.

The cultivators who were rushing in like tidewater was like a huge wave immediately began running out from the seventh floor. Many people were thrown into the air and their bodies became unsteady as they fell from the sky.

Screams, roars, and sounds of agony rang out.

Puff! Puff!

Some people had bad luck. While they were falling, their bodies were pierced by the sharp weapons, causing their life force to dissipate.

People squeezed people, people got hit and flew around randomly. Moreover during this period of time, many cultivators panicked and attacked, causing many people to die.

Blood rained down from the sky, and many cultivators died.




One after another, miserable shrieks resounded out in all directions.

Zi Chen was naturally not among them. When he broke through the seventh level's seal, he immediately grabbed Liu Bo and ran backwards, his speed was extremely fast. He passed everyone and arrived in front of the old man and the burly man.

Just as the two of them landed, countless cultivators were hit by the energy.

How terrifying, what exactly is that thing?

Liu Bo had a face full of lingering fear. If Zi Chen did not drag him along with him, even if he was not stepped on to death, he would have been blasted out by the energy.

The other major powers were also extremely shocked as they turned to look at the seventh level.

What happened? What was it?

What a terrifying aura. I didn't even see anything before being sent flying by a powerful force

Everyone looked at the seventh floor in unison but even their expressions turned to shock when they saw what was inside.

What? How could this be?

This is the seventh level?

Why is there only one Statue?

They had predicted that there might be many precious treasures, including secret techniques, martial techniques. They even predicted that there might be peak xiantian or a Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast.

They had thought of many things and guessed a lot but they had never thought that there was only one Statue here.

A Statue that looked ordinary and wasn't strange at all.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Statue, it's actually a Statue.

Compared to the rest, when Zi Chen saw the Statue, he was extremely shocked. The old man and the burly man were also shocked.

This was because this Statue was very similar to the Statue that they had discovered. It was practically the same person but its aura was very different.

What's going on? Why is there only one Statue on the seventh floor? Some people were speechless.

The leaders of the large powers didn't know what to say. Previously, they had Forbidden Artifacts in their hands and had planned to attack the moment they are the previous treasures. However, there isn't even any precious treasure. In this last level, there is only one there, this broken Statue.

What the hell is going on? Why does the seventh floor have such a lousy Statue?

That's right, even if such a lousy Statue was placed on the first floor, no one would bother looking at it.

Some people felt discontent and began to grumble.


However, just as he said that, a ray of light shot out from the Statue's hand and struck towards the two people who spoke rudely.


With a light sound, the two of them were hit by the light and their figures disappeared into thin air.

One strike turned them into ash.


The Statue will automatically attack.

Everyone's face changed drastically. The casual ray of light didn't have any terrifying aura in it but it had turned the two experts into ashes.

What's going on? The rotten Statue can still attack? A cultivator who refused to believe what was happening tilted his head and stared at the Statue.


Just at this moment, a ray of light appeared on the Statue's body, landing on the latter's body. The cultivators body became as illusory as an illusion and disappeared with a single strike.

This Statue is clearly of an extraordinarily strong person. Everyone should show some respect. The old man reminded everyone with good intentions.

Three people had died and not a single scrap was left. It was a very strange thing to say and the old man's warning made a lot of sense.

Bullsh*t, this Statue is only an extremely ordinary Statue, it doesn't have any energy circulation at all. This crappy thing knows how to attack? I won't believe it even if I am beaten to death. Someone must be up to something. One of the cultivators stared at the Statue for a long time and retorted.


However, just as he finished speaking, another ray of light flew out from the Statue and his quietly disappeared like the other three.

This is too scary. Zi Chen felt a lingering fear in his heart. One must know, that day, he did not have any good impressions towards that Statue. However, the statue had only punished him and not tried to kill him.

But today, this Statue was this terrifying.

Humph, let's see if it can handle my attack. One of the cultivators bellowed, he jumped up into the sky and released a Blade Qi.


The Statue lit up again, releasing a bright light that shone on the Blade Qi. The Blade Qi disappeared and at the same time, the light fell on the cultivators body.

Weird. There's really something weird about the statue. All the major powers frowned.

Could this be the inheritance? Someone spoke up.

This is the seventh and final floor. The appearance of the Statue naturally has a deeper meaning and it's very likely that it's an inheritance.

Maybe it is for us to look at the Statue and comprehend the inheritance.

With the cultivator speaking, everyone followed suit, feeling that what he said was reasonable.

How could this be?

The several great powers were all very unwilling. They had brought many people with them, as well as Forbidden Artifacts, just so that they could steal the inheritance away. But now, a Statue actually appeared and everyone could try to comprehend it.

Just when they were at a loss for words, everyone's gaze fell onto the Statue. Previously, they carried doubts, disdain, and puzzlement on their faces, but slowly, as if they had comprehended something, their expressions became solemn, as if they had entered a meditative state.

It might really be the inheritance.

These large powers were not to be outdone, they all stared at the Statue and in the end, entered into a meditative state.

Another Statue, I wonder what I can comprehend?

Zi Chen was also filled with anticipation as he stared at the Statue, immersed in his comprehension.

As his thoughts raced, Zi Chen seemed to see the Statue come to life and turn into a great man.

It's him! Zi Chen recognized this man, the one who had created the Extreme Yang.

Thousands of people had disappeared. At the moment, they were in an open area, with only Zi Chen and great man around.

You're here.

The man's body was very large. Even though he was sitting there, he gave people a feeling that he was the supreme existence of the heavens and the earth.

Zi Chen's mind was shaken, the man's words, were like heavenly might, it was the same as the voice that allowed him to comprehend the Extreme Yang.

You're finally here. The authoritative voice boomed once more.

Senior, are you talking to me? Zi Chen showed his courage and said.

It's just two of us here, does it seem like I'm talking to someone else? The man turned around. His face couldn't be seen clearly. It was like a fog, and also like a Statue.

Truly... Is it really me? Zi Chen's voice trembled, filled with shock.

This Statue that had existed for tens of thousands of years could actually talk as if it was a normal person.

One person can live for ten thousand years? Zi Chen was shocked.

Is senior a human? Zi Chen asked softly. However, the moment he said those words, he felt like slapping himself twice, scolding others right away.

Human? The man seemed to ponder for a moment: I don't think so.

You aren't? Zi Chen was stupefied, the man in front of him was actually not a human, this was too terrifying.

Could he be a demon?

Zi Chen had the intention to retreat.

Although I'm not human, I have a normal mind and can talk to you. The man spoke. His stature was imposing and filled with an imposing manner.

Standing in front of him, even if he were to stand still, Zi Chen still felt a great pressure.

It's been countless years. I don't even remember that person from so far away. Someone finally obtained the recognition of the Extreme Yang. The man said slowly.

The approval of the Extreme Yang? Zi Chen stared at this man in confusion.

That's right, you being able to obtain the recognition of the Extreme Yang is your good fortune. Anyways, I am the Extreme Yin The man spoke.

Extreme Yang, Extreme Yin? Zi Chen was suspicious, Is the Extreme Yang the inheritance, I thought that the inheritance would be a powerful martial technique or something...

Martial techniques, inheritance? Hi Yin was startled by the question.

However, seeing that Zi Chen was even more puzzled than him, he slowly said, The Extreme Yang and I are a wisp of will left behind by our Master and placed in this inheritance ground, in order for those with talent to be able to comprehend, comprehend Yin and Yang and become Limitless.

Zi Chen was confused, he could not understand.

But after so many years, I have never met anyone who received the approval of the Extreme Yang and recently, even more so, no one has come before. I am disappointed, who would have thought that I would meet you today. Extreme Yin said.

Recently, are you talking about the ten thousand years since the Limitless Sect was destroyed? The Limitless Sect had been destroyed for tens of thousands of years but Extreme Yin said that recently, no one else came.

Ten thousand years? I calculate that it should have been around ten thousand years only. Extreme Yin said.

Zi Chen was immediately speechless.

Apparently, Ten Thousand years is only considered recently for this guy...