Thunder Martial Chapter 202 - Forbidden Artifact in Hand

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Liu Bo's fighting strength was very strong, with Forbidden Artifact in his hands, he swept through everything.

A strong combat strength didn't mean that he would have lasting battle strength. If he continued to fight, the energy within his body would be consumed a great deal.

Furthermore, the Heaven killing Pavilion genius, who had not made a move all this time had actually injured him with a single strike. Currently, a short dagger was deeply embedded within his shoulder, fresh blood gurgling out.

He was the only one left, surrounded by a group of fierce wolves that were eyeing him covetously, Liu Bo did not even have time to pull out the short dagger and take care of his wounds.


The pain made him go crazy. He scanned his surroundings, wanting to activate his Forbidden Artifact to kill the genius from the Heaven killing Pavilion but the faces around him were unfamiliar. One strike and he escaped, his opponent had escaped to who knows where.

Liu Bo, you are already at the end of your strength, if you do not bandage the wound, you will bleed to death, don't tell me you do not want to hand over the Forbidden Artifact?” Li Huo shouted to Liu Bo.

Wu Xiong also stepped forward, and said: Liu Bo, you don't have much time left.

Cang He was not to be outdone, Liu Bo, hand over the Forbidden Artifact, and the people of Cang Family can protect your life, if not, when you die, your Forbidden Artifact will also be taken.

We are both from Cloud City. I, Wang Shan, can protect you in exchange for the Forbidden Artifact.

A few of their eyes were filled with greed at the same time, their subordinates were on guard. As long as Liu Bo fell, then it would be a chaotic battle and there were some who were also paying attention to the assassins in the dark.

You all...

There were a lot of shameless people in front of him, Liu Bo did not know what to do. On his wound, fresh blood flowed out, if he did not bandage it now, he would faint from blood flow.

If he fainted here, it was obvious that he was going to die.

Hand it over.

Hand it over and I'll spare your life. Or else, you won't even be able to keep your Forbidden Artifact.

A few cultivators were overbearing, greed could be seen in their eyes, causing Liu Bo to become even more furious.

At that moment, it was clear that the Forbidden Artifact could not be kept anymore but he was unwilling to just give it up like that.

To whom?

Amongst these people, the only one who knew Wang Shan so the two of them were considered to be more familiar but he did not dare to praise Wang Shan's character. Once the Forbidden Artifact is given to him, maybe that fellow would change hands and steal his own Forbidden Artifact and might even use the Forbidden Artifact to personally take his life.

Liu Bo didn't want to die and he also wasn't willing to die for nothing.

The assassins in the dark could appear again at any time and the people in front of him all revealed their ugly faces. It was unknown how many killing intents locked onto him.

Am I going to die here today?” Liu Bo was very unwilling.

Suddenly, his gaze swept across a familiar person. It was Chen Long, no, it was Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, it's him, the person that the Second Miss never forgets, the person that the Wang Family hates the most.” Liu Bo looked at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen also looked at Liu Bo. Although he wanted to snatch Liu Bo's Forbidden Artifact, he couldn't kill him immediately.

Zi Chen's expression was calm, he did not want to snatch from him, nor did he want to save him.

So Zi Chen waited quietly.

He didn't expect that at this moment, Liu Bo would actually see him, and then, Zi Chen saw the latter's eyes light up, as if he saw hope.

Alright, I'll hand over the Forbidden Artifact, but you have to promise me that you'll let me live.” Liu Bo shouted and raised the Forbidden Artifact in his hand.

Of course, of course!

My Cang Family can guarantee it.

This is just a small matter. Isn't it easy to protect your life?

Joy appeared on the faces of the various forces as they all spoke out. However, the killing intent in the depths of their subordinates' eyes was so naked, as though they were certain that Liu Bo was dead for sure.

Hmph, I didn't expect anything from you.

Liu Bo snorted, he turned and retrieved the Forbidden Artifact from his hands, instigating the remaining energy in his body, he threw it towards the group of people.

Here you go!

With a loud shout, the Forbidden Artifact was thrown out and like a ray of silver light, it flew towards the front.

Mine, this is mine.

Everyone went crazy and rushed towards the Forbidden Artifact but what was waiting for them was a sword through the heart.



The spear emitted a silver light that pierced through who knows how many people's bodies. It transformed into a straight line and flew forward.

During this period of time, the several great powers had all taken action to seize it but they could not compare to the speed of the spear.

After penetrating more than ten people's bodies, the spear rushed towards Zi Chen. Zi Chen was stunned for a moment, he never would have thought that Liu Bo would throw the spear at him.

Without even thinking about it, he subconsciously extended his hand to grab the spear.


In between his palms, a golden glow trembled as he firmly grabbed onto the spear. At the moment, the tip was only a foot away from Zi Chen's face but the spear's handle was constantly trembling.

To think that a Forbidden Artifact could be obtained so easily. With such a smooth process, Zi Chen was actually somewhat unable to believe it.

This is mine!

Damn it, put it down.

You dare to steal my things? You are courting death.

At the side, a shout came out. Following that, waves of killing intent emerged, one sharp attack after another pierced towards Zi Chen.


The spear flipped in the air, drawing a semicircle, Zi Chen held onto the spear hilt and swept out in all directions.

With a flash of light, Zi Chen used his spear to draw a silver circle. Within the circle, all the weapons and cultivators that it touches were split into two.

It was clean and convenient.


Sounds of breaking weapons could be heard as they fell to the ground.

And within three meters of Zi Chen, there was not a single living cultivator.

This is the Forbidden Artifact?” Zi Chen's eyes flickered. He did not use any Qi just now and all of this was due to the Forbidden Artifact. Its sharpness was almost unimaginable.

With the Forbidden Artifact in hand, Zi Chen was sure that the Forbidden Artifact's attack could penetrate his body.

It's Zi Chen, it's him!

Damn it, he actually gave the spear to Zi Chen.

Seeing the master of the Forbidden Artifact, everyone subconsciously stopped their steps, as they were terrified.

Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength, they had all seen it before. Even w Forbidden Artifact couldn't do anything to him and now that they saw Zi Chen holding onto the Forbidden Artifact, no one dared to step forward.

Zi Chen, what do you mean, you dare to steal my Forbidden Artifact?” Wu Xiong went forward and questioned in a cold voice.

Zi Chen turned his head to look at him, a cold light flashed in his eyes, Is this how you talk to me, do you not know your identity?

Identity? What's my identity?” Wu Xiong was furious.

You don't even have the awareness of being defeated, yet you still dare to hoot in front of me. Die!” Zi Chen's eyes revealed killing intent. Holding onto the Forbidden Artifact, his fighting strength had increased even more and at the moment, he had the confidence to defend against the Forbidden Artifact's attack.

Like a ray of lightning, he charged towards Wu Xiong. The spear in his hand condensed the Qi and emitted a terrifying aura.


Wu Xiong's expression changed, he did not expect Zi Chen to make a move so quickly, causing him to quickly retreated. At the same time, his guards appeared from the left and right, rushing towards Zi Chen.



After consecutively killing four people, Zi Chen's figure slowed down. With spear in hand, he stood there and looked around him. Everyone looked like they had seen a ghost and subconsciously retreated.

As for Wu Xiong, he had hidden himself behind the crowd, terrified.

Heavens, is he even human?

He's too powerful. He killed them so easily.

In front of Zi Chen, this Wu Xiong is actually like a grandson.

Everyone's expression changed as they hid far away. As for Wang Shan and the others, they kept quiet and didn't even dare to question Zi Chen.

Dammit, it's all because of you. You actually threw out a Forbidden Artifact, then you can use a Forbidden Artifact to atone for your sins.” Just at this moment, one of Li Huo's subordinates rushed towards the fallen Liu Bo, showing his killing move.


Before his attack could fall, a spear had already pierced through his back and into his chest.


The cultivator lowered his head and looked at the spear that was piercing his heart with disbelief. His eyes were filled with shock and he could already recognize that it was the Forbidden Artifact.


The cultivator fell to the ground, his life force dissipating as Zi Chen stood in front of Liu Bo.

Hurry up and treat your wounds.” Zi Chen stood in front of Liu Bo, leaving his back to him, completely unprepared.

Thank... thank you!

Even though he had already expected that Zi Chen would help him, seeing that Zi Chen had really appeared here and helper in him without reservation, Liu Bo felt incomparably grateful as well.

Zi Chen, what do you mean?” Li Huo's face darkened as he stared at Zi Chen.

I want to protect him.” Zi Chen said calmly.

On what basis?

Just because I can kill all those who wants to jill him.” Zi Chen remained calm.

However, his words were filled with incomparable confidence.

You... Do you really think you are invincible here?” Li Huo's face turned green, a murderous look surfaced in his eyes.

I am not sure if I am invincible or not but I am confident that I can kill you on the spot.” Zi Chen said coldly.

You... Do not think that just because you have Forbidden Artifact, you are invincible. Let me tell you, my Forbidden Artifact is even scarier than you Forbidden Artifact. Li Huo warned.

Then you can try and see if your Forbidden Artifact's three attacks can kill me. But I must warn you, once you use your Forbidden Artifact, you will definitely die here today.” Zi Chen was extremely confident.

Then let's give it a try!

Li Huo was furious, he flipped his hand and a Forbidden Artifact appeared. It was a bell that was not even the size of his palm, releasing a bronze light aura and when it appeared, it was filled with a terrifying Qi.

Humph, a Forbidden Artifact? Come then.

Zi Chen sneered, he was not afraid in the slightest. Then, the blood-red spear appeared in the next moment, its aura was not any weaker than that of the copper bell.

What? You also have a Forbidden Artifact?” Li Huo's face changed.

Zi Chen also has a Forbidden Artifact, how is that possible?

Forbidden Artifacts are refined by existences at the Sovereign Realm, how could Zi Chen have one? The old Ling Wu Sect did not have any Sovereign Realm experts.

Everyone's expressions changed as they felt this was inconceivable.

But on the blood-red spear, that terrifying aura that was capable of shaking a person's mind ie not fake at all.

What? Do you want to try?” Zi Chen looked at Li Huo.

Hmph, you are ruthless!” Li Huo's expression kept on changing and after a while, he let out a cold snort and kept his Forbidden Artifact.

In terms of strength, he couldn't win against Zi Chen and in terms of Forbidden Artifacts, he also had one. If he really took action, Li Huo knew that Zi Chen had the strength to kill him.

Kid, I'll let you live a little longer. Let's see how you're going to continue acting so rampant when we get out of here.” Li Huo restrained his anger.

Li Huo suffered a loss but Wu Xiong was so scared that he almost pissed his pants. After Wang Shan saw Zi Chen, he did not mention anything about the Forbidden Artifact at all.

As for that hidden genius, he probably didn't have the strength to make a move either.

Zi Chen, thank you very much.” After a while, Liu Bo stood up, took in the Forbidden Artifact above his head and said gratefully to Zi Chen.

Although he had lost this Forbidden Artifact, he still managed to preserve his Forbidden Artifact and also kept his life. Liu Bo was satisfied.

You're welcome. It's time to take a look at what's on the seventh floor.

Following the end of his speech, Zi Chen grasped his Forbidden Artifact and fiercely thrusted at the seventh level's seal.


The entire place shook and a rumbling sound could be heard. The seventh level's seal had been broken by Zi Chen with all his strength.

A powerful aura gushed out.