Thunder Martial Chapter 201 - Robbing The Forbidden Artifact

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The little Flag fell from the sky and was held in Liu Bo's hands. At the same time, he took a step forward and grabbed the Forbidden Artifact.


With his five fingers holding onto the Forbidden Artifact, he pulled it out with all his might. The bright light made everyone unable to open their eyes.

Ha ha!

Liu Bo laughed out loud. A Forbidden Artifact in exchange for a Forbidden Artifact.

As the spear was in his hand, a bright light blossomed. Suddenly, a wave of killing intent suffused in the air, giving off a terrifying chill.


Just at that moment, a group of cultivators walked over and looked at the spear in Liu Bo's hands like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Protect the Young Master. The few subordinates that Liu Bo brought all went forward to protect Liu Bo in the middle.


A bone-piercing killing intent suddenly appeared. A killer from the Heaven killing Pavilion made his move. They are people who likes to wander in the dark, always waiting for an opportunity to attack when someone was caught off guard.


Liu Bo's eyes turned cold, the spear in his hand trembled and thrusted forward like lightning.


With one shot, the killer's chest was pierced through. As the spear retracted from his body, blood spurted out from the assassin's mouth and he fell to the ground dead.

Haha, not bad. Liu Bo laughed. He was very satisfied with this piece of Forbidden Artifact.

Liu Bo, is it actually you? Wang Shan walked up, and was very surprised to see him.

Young Master Wang Shan, how have you been? Liu Bo smiled. The two of them were both from Cloud City so they naturally knew each other.

Hmph, stop talking nonsense. Leave behind the Forbidden Artifact and leave immediately. Wang Shan scoffed.

At the same time, the other factions also went forward and looked at Liu Bo like they were looking at their prey.

Leave the Forbidden Artifact behind.

Are you able to take this Forbidden Artifact away?

Someone shouted out, and waves of killing intent locked onto Liu Bo.

What? You all want to steal it? Liu Bo's left hand held onto his own Forbidden Artifact while his right hand held onto the spear, as he swept his gaze across everyone.

I'm not fighting for it. I just feel like you don't deserve it. Cang He said indifferently.

Do you think you are worthy of this Forbidden Artifact? Li Huo said coldly.

Put down the Forbidden Artifact, this kind of thing is something that only I, Wang Shan, am qualified to be matched with. Wang Shan was even more direct.

If I am not worthy, are you then? If you have the ability, then come and fight for it. With his Forbidden Artifact in the left hand and the Forbidden Artifact in the right hand, Liu Bo was extremely confident.

Liu Bo, don't make a mistake, if you hand the thing over, I can guarantee your Liu Family's great fortune. Wang Shan's eyes turned cold.

Wang Shan, don't be so arrogant, I am afraid that you cannot guarantee whether my Liu Family will be rich or not, right? Liu Bo sneered, this Wang Shan really thought of himself as a genius, a future City Master of Cloud City.

Unfortunately, this kind of self-proclaimed fourth genius of Cloud City was nothing in his eyes.

You... Wang Shan was furious.

At this moment, Liu Bo had already been surrounded by everyone, and the seal to the seventh level was behind him. The people who should have broken the seal were all envious of the Forbidden Artifact in Liu Bo's hands, especially Cang He and the rest.

This level of Forbidden Artifact might even be stronger than a Spirit Armament. Once obtained, their combat power would greatly increase, allowing the possibility of obtaining the inheritance to be even greater.

Previously, their hearts ached for the Forbidden Artifact but they were unwilling to take action. Now that the Demonic Beast was dead and only Liu Bo was left, they were naturally unwilling to give it up.

Zi Chen, where are you going?

Su Mengyao asked, seeing that Zi Chen had jumped down from the horse.

Someone is ready to attack for the Forbidden Artifact. I’ll see if there's a chance for me. Zi Chen said softly, his figure flashed, and he disappeared into the crowd.

The people from the Heaven killing Pavilion are about to make their move. This Forbidden Artifact is extraordinary and incomparably tough. It seems like their genius is going to make his move. The old man swept his gaze over the crowd. Each of them had ordinary appearances yet they all pushed deeper into the crowd without anyone suspecting them.

Moreover, that kid from the Wu Zong Sect is also becoming angsty. The burly man also said.

Beside Wu Xiong, the other cultivators had also dispersed and approached Liu Bo, ready to kill him for the Forbidden Artifact.

What, you want to fight? Let me tell you, whoever attacks me today, I, Liu Bo, will risk my life to kill him with a Forbidden Artifact. Liu Bo threatened as he raised the Forbidden Artifact in his hand.

However, there were more and more cracks on his Forbidden Artifact. He could only use it twice more.

Put down the Forbidden Artifact and leave, or else... Wang Shan was very unwilling. With a single glance, he could tell that this Forbidden Artifact was extremely powerful.

That's right, the Forbidden Artifact in your hands is about to be destroyed. Why don't you give it to me? I'll keep it for you. Li Huo took a step forward and said.

Your Forbidden Artifact already has a lot of cracks so you can only make one last strike. After one strike, will you still be able to keep your Forbidden Artifact? Just hand it over as soon as possible. Cang He was also forcing him.

Pah! You shameless bunch of bastards! Before, when I was dealing with the Demonic Beast, each of you retreated further and further away. Now that I've used a Forbidden Artifact to kill the Demonic Beast, you all have come to threaten me. What have you done except for being useless? Liu Bo was also angry.

I warn you, don't force me, or I'll die with you. Liu Bo knew that if he did not leave behind some harsh words, he would not be able to leave today.

Liu Bo, you must think this through. Wang Shan said coldly.

Wang Shan, if you dare threaten me, then we will die together. Liu Bo roared out, the small flag in his hand once again rose into the air, a destructive aura appearing.

You... Wang Shan's face changed, he anxiously retreated. With a flip of his hand, a mirror appeared, protecting him from the destructive aura.

Haha, Li Huo, are you trying to steal the Forbidden Artifact from me? Then come, let's see who dies first. Liu Bo roared in anger, the small flag trembled and faced towards Li Huo.

Li Hou had an awful expression on his face and he couldn't help but take a few steps back.

Cang He, aren't you very arrogant? Then come, let's die together. Liu Bo swept his gaze towards Cang He again.

This was a Forbidden Artifact, one strike was enough to kill someone, Cang He had no choice but to retreat.

Ha ha!

Liu Bo laughed loudly. With three sentences, he forced the leader of the three forces to retreat.

You bunch of selfish people, all waiting for someone else to use their Forbidden Artifact so you can snatch it later? Let me tell you, if you want my Forbidden Artifact, that's good, prepare to receive the Forbidden Artifact's attack.

Above his head, the small flag was trembling, startling everyone. At this moment, Liu Bo felt like he was in control of everything and his heart felt very comfortable.


Suddenly, a monstrous killing intent appeared. A killer of Heaven killing Pavilion made his move again.

You're courting death!

Liu Bo shouted coldly, the spear in his hands rolled up and transformed into a ray of light, descending from the sky and cutting down fiercely. With a Pa sound, the assassin's longsword was sliced apart, at the same time, a bright ray of Qi swept past the assassin’s body.

Another assassin had died.




But before Liu Bo could rejoice, several killing intents surged towards him again. Following that, numerous sharp blades pierced towards Liu Bo's guards.



This scene was fast to the point where no one could react. Moreover, the Heaven killing Pavilion's Killing Technique was famous, not everyone is like Zi Chen, who can dodge their attacks. In an instant, several of Liu Bo’s subordinates had already fallen.

As for those who had been killed, only one had been killed in a single and that was their fortune.

The Heaven killing Pavilion!

Liu Bo’s cold eyes swept across the crowd but he did not find a single familiar face, nor did he find any suspicious people. As for the three forces leaders, it was unlikely for them to make a move.

A strange expression appeared on the faces of Cang He and the others. They did not expect that under such a situation, the people from the Heaven killing Pavilion would actually make a move.

It was obvious that they are determined to get the Forbidden Artifact as well.

Liu Bo, quickly hand over the Forbidden Artifact if you know what's good for you, or else your subordinates will all be dead. Li Huo said.

That's right, are you really not willing to hand over the Forbidden Artifact until all your subordinates die? Someone asked.

Keep dreaming, I won't give it up even if I die. Liu Bo clenched his teeth in anger, this group of people were truly shameless. They did not make a move previously but now they want to snatch it from him instead.


Eight assassins appeared at once, rushing over from eight different directions. Four of them were charging towards Liu Bo’s guards and the other four were rushing towards Liu Bo.



Where the Sword Qi passed, everything would be destroyed. Liu Bo's last guard died in a pool of blood and a huge wound appeared on Liu Bo’s shoulders.

In front of him were two dead bodies.

There was a commotion from the crowd, the killers from the Heaven killing Pavilion were terrifying, with just two moves, they killed all of Liu Bo's guards.

At the moment, Liu Bo was just a commander with no soldiers so the chances of them obtaining the Forbidden Artifact increased even more.

Liu Bo, don't be stubborn. Is your life more important or is the Forbidden Artifact more important. Wang Shan shouted.

Cang He and Li Huo were also very excited.


Suddenly, the sound of a roar rang as several peak Xiantian cultivators rushed out, surging with boundless killing intent as they charged towards Liu Bo.

In Liu Bo's hand, the spear's Qi flickered and the tip released a cold light. Relying on the Forbidden Artifact's power, every attack would bring about the fall of a peak Xiantian cultivator, causing blood to splatter everywhere.


The spear in Liu Bo's hands drew a semicircle in the air as Qi was shot out. All weapons hit by it were shattered and all the peak Xiantian experts were sliced apart. With the help of the Forbidden Artifact, Liu Bo was strong.

Come on, come on!

Liu Bo held onto the spear, as if he had fallen into a crazed state.

However, his deterrence could not be compared to Zi Chen's. The moment he finished speaking, more cultivators rushed forward.



The spear Qi swept across and no one could withstand a second strike. The Forbidden Artifact's power was strong, it could truly be said to be cutting through iron like mud and all the weapons that came in contact with it would shatter.


A weapon as sharp as the Raging Flame Sword had been shattered by the Forbidden Artifact. The cultivator was a peak Xiantian expert but his body was easily pierced by the spear Qi.


At this moment, everyone's expression changed. This Forbidden Artifact was actually so sharp, to the point that it could cut off such a sharp weapon that is comparable to the Raging Flame Sword.

In the crowd, Zi Chen's face also changed greatly. This kind of Forbidden Artifact, if it was aimed at him, he could guarantee that it would break through his defense. Even with his powerful physique, he wouldn't be able to defend against this kind of Forbidden Artifact.


A ray of Sword Qi pierced through the air, a genius of the Heaven killing Pavilion finally made his move. Moreover, he made a killing move. His body was nimble like a ghost and when he suddenly appeared, he had already transformed into One with the sword.


Liu Bo's reaction was fast, the spear suddenly swept out and the sword instantly split into two, following that, a dagger appeared from the assassin's body and pierced straight towards Liu Bo’s chest.

This is!

Liu Bo's expression changed, he immediately dodged and with a Puff, his shoulder was penetrated by the dagger.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion genius had succeeded in one strike and was not interested in fighting head on. His figure flashed and brushed past the spear, dodging the attack and disappeared in a flash, only leaving behind a short dagger, which is still on Liu Bo's shoulder.

And on the ground, there was still half a tip of sword.


Liu Bo held onto his wound, blood flowing out. He was not Zi Chen, and he did not possess that kind of deterrence.