Thunder Martial Chapter 200 - Ancient Weapon

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The group of five, as well as the three Black Scaled Horse headed towards the valley.

Zi Chen and Su Mengyao rode together, Miao Kong rode together with the old man and the burly man who had a sturdy build is riding alone.

Along the way, the only scene that Zi Chen saw was the ground covered in blood and corpses.

These were all people who came here to search for treasures. They had a huge battle with the Demonic Beast and died in the end.

Other than the humans, there were at least a few hundred Demonic Beast. Their blood dyed the ground red and they had dried up long ago, turning into a reddish-brown color.

Everyone was going deeper and faster. During this period of time, the group of people broke through two restrictive spells. They had broken through them with all their might and there was nothing left but corpses on the ground.

Furthermore, Zi Chen found that all the corpses had been plundered by someone.

When Zi Chen and his group arrived, all the things in the second layer of the seal had been snatched away as there were thousands of people trying to break through to the third layer.



The sounds of explosions rang unceasingly. There are experts who were trying to break through the third restriction and there were also some who were trying to kill each other, fighting over the secret techniques.

There were also a few Demonic Beast that were still alive that were fighting the cultivations. The scene was a mess.

With the arrival of the various powers, they immediately joined the battle, causing the rate at which they attacked the restrictive spells to increase.


A loud explosion rang out, causing the entire place to tremble. The third restriction was immediately broken.


The third restriction has been broken.

All of the cultivators seemed to have gone crazy as they rushed inside. There were manuals on the second floor so what's on the third floor?

As far as the eye could see, it was a black mass of people, pushing everyone down, which made Zi Chen's group of five unable to rush to the front.

Don't worry. The first few layers might not have good things. The old man saw that Zi Chen was anxious and explained.


Roaring furiously, a tyrannical aura appeared.


Following that was another wave of loud roars that rumbled like deafening thunder.

There's a Demonic Beast here. Oh my god, a Demonic Beast at the Zhen Yuan Realm is actually protecting a weapon.

Shocked cries came from some cultivators.

Quick, snatch it, it might be a Spirit Armament.

Everyone's hearts were filled with greed as they rushed forward.

The Weapons refined by the Sovereign Realm experts were known as Spirit Armament. They were extremely powerful and there was no limit to the number of times they could be refined.

Everyone started to rush towards the Demonic Beast for its sake.


With a roar, a huge Demonic Beast claws swiped down, bringing with it a terrifying aura, in a flash, two cultivators were hit and died.


Immediately after, more and more cultivators stepped forward and their sharp blades penetrated the Demonic Beast's body, causing blood to spurt out like a river.

For a Spirit Armament, everyone had gone completely crazy. They kept charging in, even if there was a sea of swords and sabers in front of them, they would still charge in.

In the third layer of the seal, there were a lot of Demonic Beast but not many of them.


Demonic Beast were all powerful. Every time they struck down, many cultivators would be killed. Fresh blood was flying everywhere. It was a tragic scene.


At the same time, there were also many other cultivators who stabbed their weapons into the Demonic Beast's body, causing it to fall to the ground and die.


A black panther with a body over ten meters long in the Zhen Yuan Realm roared. Like a streak of black lightning, it rushed through the crowd and left behind a large amount of corpses wherever it went.

In just a few short breaths of time, more than ten cultivator had already died.


Amongst the loose cultivators, there were a few experts of the peak Xiantian Realm holding onto swords and sabers, rushing towards the black panther


The black panther roared, its eyes filled with boundless killing intent. One after another cultivators fell. After charging for a while, many bloody scars appeared on its body.


Just at this moment, a figure rushed out from the shadows, bringing with it the might of a One with the sword as he charged towards the black panther.

This person had the strength of a peak Xiantian Realm. He used a Killing Sword Technique.


The One with the sword, like a ray of lightning instantly pierced into the black panther's forehead, leaving only the sword hilt.

Roar! The black panther roared and in the instant the sharp weapon was unsheathed, it fell to the ground, dead.

The Demonic Beast protecting the Weapons died, and even more cultivator rushed towards it while shouting.




Another battle continued, this time between humans. For a Spirit Armament, they had all gone crazy, stabbing their sharp blades into the bodies of the people around them.

In the end, a Heaven Killing Pavilion assassin who was adept at assassination stole the Spirit Armament. This was a sword and when it was unsheathed, a clear and loud sword hum rang.

Dammit, it's not a Spirit Armament, it's just a sharp weapon. This assassin covered in blood cursed angrily.

At the same time, in several other places, Demonic Beast were killed as well. Their weapons were stolen and discovered that they were not Spirit Armament.


The previous fights were between rogue cultivators. All of the powerful cultivators charged toward the fourth layer of the restriction. When the battles on the third layer came to an end, meaning that all the Demonic Beasts were killed, the restriction on the fourth layer suddenly opened.

Everyone rushed forward once again.

On the third floor, there were hundreds of corpses. Some of them were killed by the Demonic Beast but most of them died in the hands of humans.

On the fourth floor, everyone once again discovered the Weapons. Only this time, the Weapons was sheathless and after the restrictions were broken, it flashed with endless cold light with a threatening killing intent.

This was no ordinary Weapons. Even if it was inferior to a Spirit Armament, it definitely wasn't inferior to the Ice sword and the Raging Flame Sword.

Everyone was going crazy. Their eyes were filled with greed as they charged forward. Even some of the major powers felt the same way.

After a fierce battle, more and more human cultivators died.

The battle only ended when all the Weapons were taken away and there was another round of hunting.


Soon after, the major powers took action. The fifth layer was destroyed.

On the fifth floor, there were no Weapons. There were also no Demonic Beasts.

This was a peerless medicinal pill. It could be called a Treasure Pill.

Amongst them, Wu Xiong had taken one of them, and the injuries he had sustained during his battle with Zi Chen had been completely healed.


The sixth layer of seal was forcefully broken through and a terrifying aura spread out. A Demonic Beast that was comparable to the Dragon-Tiger Beast rushed out from the inside.

There was only one Demonic Beast on this floor but it was a Demonic Beast at the Zhen Yuan Realm that was a bit stronger than the previous Dragon-Tiger Beast.

Its body was huge like a small mountain and its eyes were cold and emotionless. After the restrictions were broken, a ruthless killing intent surged from its body.

This was a Demonic Beast that had fallen into a deep slumber. At this moment, the restrictions had been broken, waking it up. Its mission was to protect this place.

Also, what it was protecting, was a weapon.

This was a spear, its entire body glowed with silver light, giving off a Killing Intent. An ancient aura permeating the air, this was an ancient weapon.

This time, everyone was crazy. This ancient weapon was probably even stronger than a Spirit Armament.

It was just that the powerful Demonic Beast was in front of them so if they wanted to obtain the ancient weapon, they had to take care of it.



A ancient weapon had attracted everyone's attention. Not to mention some rogue cultivators, even Cang He, Li Huo, Wang Shan, Wu Xiong, and the others revealed greed in their eyes as they rushed towards ancient weapon with their lives on the line.


A roar that could shake the mountains and rivers, a roar that could form rivers of blood and a Demonic Beast that could compare to Dragon-Tiger Beast, Zi Chen knew that it is extremely terrifying. With a roar, it caused everyone's heart to tremble, following that, it was a massacre.




Just a simple attack, who knew how many people's heads were smashed into pieces. Its claws were as sharp as a Spirit Armament, extremely terrifying.


Countless Blade Qis appeared and slashed at the Demonic Beast. However, when they came in contact with its tough scales, they exploded into sparks and at least half of the people here were unable to break through its defense.


With a sweep of the Demonic Beast's claws, another large number of people died.

This was a one-sided massacre. If a Forbidden Artifact was not used, who could kill this Demonic Beast, even Zi Chen would not be able to.

How terrifying.

In the distance, Zi Chen gasped in surprise, while the old man's eyes flashed with light. Although Zi Chen wanted to snatch the ancient weapon, when he saw the black mass of people and those large and confident forces, he consciously stayed behind.

This is an ancient weapon, its power is no weaker than a Spirit Armament. Furthermore, it's a type of killing weapon so it can definitely be considered a precious treasure. The old man looked at the ancient weapon and sighed.

In just a few short breaths of time, a large portion of the black mass of people had disappeared as too many cultivators had died.


The huge beast's roar was deafening. Its huge body finally moved, charging into the crowd. With one charge, another large number of people died.

This was an existence that is a bit stronger than the Dragon-Tiger Beast. Other than a few geniuses, no one else would be able to block the giant beast's attack.

This was simply a one-sided massacre.

Not using a Forbidden Artifact. Wanting to kill this Demonic Beast is simply a dream. The burly man sneered.


Right at this moment, a terrifying aura appeared. A small flag flew into the air, emitting a brilliant radiance.

This is a Forbidden Artifact.

Someone used a Forbidden Artifact.

Everyone turned pale and retreated backwards like a tide. They had all seen the might of a Forbidden Artifact before and it was extremely terrifying. They were not Zi Chen who could block it with his hands.

Moreover, right now, the Forbidden Artifact was flying in the air so the attack it delivered naturally wasn't any different from before. Whoever dared to block it would be courting death.

On the small flag, there was a light flashing, followed by a bright light shining

At that moment, it seemed as if there was only one source of light in the place. It seemed eternal as it streaked across the sky, carrying with it a wave of destructive aura.


Time seemed to stop. Only after a long time did a loud sound ring out and the light accurately landed on the head of the gigantic beast.


Once again using the Forbidden Artifact, Liu Bo's control had improved greatly and accurately hitting the head of the gigantic beast.


With a loud noise, the giant beast fell to the ground with its mountain-like body, raising a cloud of dust.

With the death of the huge beast, a young man put away the Cracking small flags and rushed towards the ancient weapon.