Thunder Martial Chapter 20 - Drawing Lots

Zi Chen clenched his fists tightly, his True Qi surging throughout his whole body as he instantly transformed into a fierce tiger.

His fists moved simultaneously and unleashed the Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain. This attack was immediately followed by the second move, Fierce Tiger's Roar, which contained the aura of a mountain king presiding over his territory.

After launching two consecutive attacks, Zi Chen did not bother to send out the third.

He felt that two moves were enough.

The Iron Fist was like a hammer, bringing along with it a strong, whistling wind as it rushed towards Zi Chen's face. However, Zi Chen's Fierce Tiger's Roar soon met the Iron Fist head on.


Both Fists clashed with each other, setting off a thunderous noise.

Due to his powerful physique, Zi Chen's body only swayed slightly before stabilizing again. On the other hand, Ke Xue felt a strong surge of power radiating from Zi Chen's fist and he could not help but fall backwards.

Peng Peng Peng.

In the blink of an eye, Ke Xue's qi and blood churned as he retreated more than ten steps. As his stumbling came to a stop, he painfully spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.


Zi Chen's power had caused Ke Xue's complexion to consistently worsen. In addition to comprehending the martial technique's true essence, Zi Chen also seemed to possess another formidable force. Otherwise, Ke Xue would have never retreated in defeat from just one attack.


A white shadow flashed in front of his eyes and before he knew it, Zi Chen had arrived before him. A pair of lightning quick fists approached Ke Xue like a heavy rainstorm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ke Xue waved his Iron Fist to and fro, trying to resist with all his might, but to no avail. The speed of his fists were not comparable to Zi Chen's, they far exceeded his ability. And what's more, every one one of his attacks was incredibly heavy, filled with a heart crushing power.

It was not long before a punch managed to pass through the Iron Fist's defensive barrage, landing squarely on Ke Xue's face. With a loud bang, his eye became swollen almost immediately.

Naturally, since the previous punch had broken Ke Xue's defense, the rest followed through. Zi Chen's attacks rained down relentlessly on Ke Xue, leaving him no choice but to retreat.

After another number of strikes were delivered by Zi Chen's fists, Ke Xue's face had long since been mangled. The nature of Zi Chen's attacks were undoubtedly powerful, but he had used less force when aiming at Ke Xue's face. As a result, since Ke Xue did not sustain any life threatening injuries, Zi Chen could continue to beat him until his face swelled.

Look at Zi Chen's fight!

Someone from the crowd called out. People who were watching various fights unknowingly turned their attention to Zi Chen's battle and cried out in alarm.

Ke Xue was known for his powerful Iron Fist technique, and was an absolute powerhouse. However, he had been beaten by Zi Chen when they first faced off and was now, yet again, being beaten until he did not even have the strength to fight back.

Ah, that kid isn't so simple.

He comprehend the true essence of two powerful moves.

As he was capable of defeating Ke Xue, there was no reason to doubt his strength anymore. Outside, sounds of amazement pervaded the square, and several elders spectating above the stage were also very surprised.

Ah, the assessment this time around is very exciting. A scarlet-robed elder remarked.

Indeed. This time around, there are ten individuals that have comprehended the true essence of their martial technique, four of which have even understood the true essence of second-rank techniques. This is really very good. Several other elders also commented.

The assessment this time seems to have disciples with greater talent than all of the previous assessments.

However, other elders only gave a single glance of mild surprise to Zi Chen before turning away and looking elsewhere in the direction of other fights, namely the place where Wu Sheng was battling.

Among these elders, some had been staring at Wu Sheng the entire time, seemingly very interested in this mysterious, talented disciple.

That is not necessarily true. Said the unperturbed great elder as opened his eyes suddenly, There was another inner sect disciple test with individuals who were more talented than this one's, but they were all suppressed by one person so it looked bleak at the time.

The other elders turned their heads and looked at him with


Suddenly, one elder's eyes lit up as he exclaimed, Great elder, what you are referring to is....?

That's right, the inspection of Chen Feng that year. A trace of appreciation sparked in the great elder's eyes, That time, Chen Feng completely comprehended the true essence of a second-rank martial technique, sweeping away that generation of young disciples in a completely tyrannical manner. Thus the patriarch came to highly value him and he was accepted as a core disciple.

Completely comprehend the true essence of a second-rank martial technique?

Some elders had seen Chen Feng's performance with their own eyes while others had only heard of it, but after hearing what the great elder had said today, the complexion of anyone who did not see it personally changed slightly. Such talent was much higher than their own.

Chen Feng, the first place core sect disciple of the Ling wu sect, was not only the most talented person in the sect, but he was also the only one whose talent was terrifying enough to inherit the position of the next generation patriarch.

After a series of fierce fights, the winners were decided in the square.

Wang Xiong, Wu Sheng, Miao Kong, Lin Xue and Zi Chen had won. Zi Chen also kept his promise, as he had turned Ke Xue's head into something that resembled a pig's. It would be impossible for his own mother to recognize him anymore.

Just you wait...

Before he left, Ke Xue snarled maliciously with his pig head. But because his mouth was swollen, his speech was not clear, and his poisonous words only became a source of hilarity.

Zi Chen's attacks had not been heavy, therefore Ke Xue only sustained some superficial wounds, none of which had injured his brain or bones. Once he rested for a few days, the swollen areas would dissipate and would not affect the following fight.

The upcoming fight would be a competition for the sixth to tenth places. Ke Xue, with his pig head, effectively wielded his Iron Fist technique again, defeating two people and making their faces resemble a pig's head after being beaten by him. It was in this way that he obtained the sixth place.

After his two victories, he waved his Iron fists technique aggressively, intending to intimidate Zi Chen, but the moment he glimpsed Zi Chen's faint smile, his confident smirk faded.

Next were the battles that would determine the top five rankers. Compared to this event, the former battle could only be considered an appetizer. The most anticipated part of this assessment would start soon.

Of course, since the number of people was uneven, the participants needed to draw lots.

Two pairs would fight each other while the remaining person would get by with a pass to the final round.

Keep it up!

In front of the drawing box, Lin Xue clenched her small fist at Zi Chen, her big eyes are full of encouragement.

You too, Good luck.

Zi Chen nodded in response.

The results of the lots were announced quickly, but the unexpectedly dramatic result drew everyone's attention.

Miao Kong was to be pitted against Wu Sheng while Lin Xue fought Wang Meng. Zi Chen, however, drew the pass.

This sort of luck was the kind that completely went against the heavens. After all, the person who drew the pass would have a guaranteed spot in the top three.

Once the results were made public, a wave of disapproving hissing erupted from the crowd, as well as sounds of disappointment.

Xue'er is only at the fifth Layer of True Qi. Although her comprehension of the technique's true essence is not bad, she is definitely not Wang Meng's match. However, entering the top five is already a very good accomplishment. Su Mengyao whispered in a soft voice.

It's already quite good to enter the top five, but that lad called Zi Chen is even luckier than her. He actually drew a blank lot. Chen Feng said indifferently.

Looking at the number 2 lot in her hand, a wry smile spread across Lin Xue's youthful face. She knew very well that she was not a match for Wang Meng's sixth Layer of True Qi.

Start the fight.

An elder ordered lightly from the stage.

Because it was the last few fights, the matches would be carried out one by one. Miao Kong, who drew the first lot, would battle Wu Sheng in the first round.

When the battle began, Miao Kong still depended on his movement technique. After evading Wu Sheng's attacks by a hair's breadth, he seized the opportunity to attack his opponent's vulnerable area.

In this fight, Miao Kong made some good progress.

There were some cheers that came from the crowd; apparently, they were cheering for Miao Kong who was not too good looking.

This little boy, was still concealing his strength till now, but does he really thinks that he can win with his fifth Layer of True Qi? On the stage, an elder chuckled and said.

Ha ha ha, youngsters, they are always kind of proud.Another elder also said.

His Star Burst Fist technique is only one step away from completely comprehending it's true essence, Wu Sheng's natural talent is very high, he can catch up with the Chen Feng of that year. Another elder sighed and said.

The great elder is still sitting there in repose with his eyes closed, hearing the other elder's conversation, the second elder's face lit up.

In this fight, Miao Kong did not seem to be at a disadvantage, instead, he seems to be having the upper hand.

Suddenly, Wu Sheng unleashed his complete strength, his aura around his body suddenly rose, his strength soon reached the sixth Layer of True Qi in an instant, The Star Burst Fist technique was being unleashed to the limit, and he sent out a mighty strike.


After a thundering explosion sound, Miao Kong flew back dozens of meters before stabilizing himself.

Facing the sixth Layer of True Qi Wu Sheng, Miao Kong retreated in defeat.

Wu Sheng's power made the crowd cry out in shock. In this moment, many people felt they were wrong. Before, they thought that Wang Meng would get the first place without question, but after Wu Sheng unfold his strength completely, he had become Wang Meng's biggest rival.

With his hand holding the number 2 lot, there's a sense of anxiety in Wang Meng's eyes, of course it was not from facing Lin Xue, but he was thinking about Wu Sheng, and what were the odds of him winning?

After pondering for a moment, he calculated that he only had a fifty percent chance to win. Wang Meng's expression became gloomy to the extreme.

But on the outside, Wang Xiong expression stayed the same.

He never expected the mysterious Wu Sheng to appear midway. The 100% chance of getting the first place turned into 50%, he was furious.

This damn f*cker, where the hell did he come from? Wang Xiong cursed angrily.

Zi Chen was together with Lin Xue in the same spot and was talking in a low voice, causing a number of onlookers to look at him with jealous and murderous eyes.

What's wrong, don't have any hope of winning? Zi Chen chuckled, and said in a low voice.

There's not much hope Lin Xue stuck out her tongue in a lovely manner as she said

Be strong Zi Chen smiled mysteriously

Yes, I will Lin Xue nodded

The fight soon ended, Miao Kong returned dejectedly, but he was not depressed.

Good job.

Zi Chen and Lin Xue said at the same time.

Miao Kong just smiled.

First fight ended, Wu Sheng... wins. Second fight starts, Lin Xue against Wang Meng. On to the stage the elder's voice resounded.

Wang Meng was grinning and walked toward the fighting arena.

Wait a moment Lin Xue went forward, but was held back by Zi Chen, and a shout from Zi Chen was soon heard

Zi Chen's voice had attracted everyone's attention.

Zi Chen, what's wrong?

Zi Chen had shown his strength for two battles in a row, although the elder's words were interrupted and he felt a little displeased, but the elder did not get angry, and still asked pleasantly.

What does this boy want to do? Other people were also very puzzled, only on the beautiful face of Su Mengyao was there are a trace of a faint smile, as if she had already guessed it.

Lin Xue's eyes had a happy look.

Reporting to the elder, I would like to ask whether my lot can be exchanged with Lin Xue's? I would like to fight in this round Zi Chen said respectfully.


Everyone was stunned.

Is he a fool? He will definitely lose without a doubt if he fights against Wang Meng. He could've entered the top three easily without fighting.

Hmph, he actually wants to pick up the little girl with this method, so shameless.

Wow, so cool.

The disciples had different opinions, some females disciples' eyes were shining.

The elders were also surprised for a moment, and their eyes looked at the great elder subconsciously.