Thunder Martial Chapter 2 - Thunder Seed

That's right. Brothers are meant to be betrayed when there's a benefit. that was the only sentence he remembered before Zi Chen's life force dissipated.

With a kick, Zhao Can sent Zi Chen flying down the mountain. Blood flowed out from his stomach and, shortly afterward, his life force dissipated. Zi Chen had already died.

There is a legend that was told that after a human dies, their soul will not dissipate immediately. Rather, the soul will hover around the body and if there was a deep grievance, the soul may transform into another form.

Such as ghosts or malicious spirits.


On an uneven mountain slope, Zi Chen's body collided and tumbled as he fell, eventually his body fell onto the ground which had accumulated thick snow on it, enabling him to at least keep his corpse intact.

Drops of blood continued to flow out from his stomach. They carried the last heat from his body and melted the accumulated snow which his body landed on. As his blood dripped, a hole soon appeared in the snow. As his blood continued to drip, the hole slowly started to get deeper and bigger.

When his blood melted all the snow, it began to drip onto the ice, and under the ice there was a very small ice ball.

As Zi Chen's blood dripped on top of the ice ball, it soon dyed the the ice ball red.

In the next moment an unusual change started to take place.

The top of the ice ball suddenly flashed with a silvery light. The ice ball soon to be seemingly absorbing all the blood entirely and, surprisingly, went to the middle of the ice ball. It gave the ice ball an appearance that looked like gorgeous amber.


After absorbing the fresh blood, the ice ball suddenly started to tremble and emitted a lustrous silvery light. The silvery light seemed as if it was like water, but the temperature around it was high. During the time when the silvery light appeared, the ice and accumulated snow all around the area started to melt rapidly.

The moment when the ice ball finished melting the ice and snow, the ice ball suddenly flew up. The lustrous silvery light gave it the appearance of a thunder snake wandering around. What appeared to be just an ordinary object suddenly looked as if it had become alive, and it flew towards Zi Chen's dantian.

As the ice ball entered his heart through the dantian, it released strands of silver colored energy and merged into every part of Zi Chen's body. Afterwards, Zi Chen's body started to shine.

The silver colored thunder snake started to wriggle and twist around.

This silvery light was a special type of energy which carried along with it a blazing high temperature, yet it did not boil Zi Chen's blood and instead even let Zi Chen's blood which had ceased circulating to once again start circulating. Moreover, Zi Chen's ice cold body also started to once again emit a temperature that a living human should have.

At the same time, under the silvery light, Zi Chen's wound on his dantian started healing in a miraculous way. His meridians which had been damaged is also being repaired under the silvery light.

The silvery light flowed like water; at the same time as it was restoring Zi Chen's meridians, it circulated his blood. The strands of silvery light energy flowed through his blood and merged into his skin, bones and even into his bone marrow.

Changing and washing down his marrow.

This was a case of an enormous opportunity.

Zi Chen's entire body changed into a silver color, and his entire body also emitted out a blazing temperature causing the ice below him to get melted in an instant.

Pu Tong

After the ice melted, Zi Chen fell through the center of the melted ice and dropped beneath the mountain, where there was actual water.

A short time later, a pitch black liquid started to emerge out from Zi Chen's body. This pitch black liquid was the impurities in his body, which were being discharged outside of his body, and this was all the work of the mysterious ice ball. This was truly a case of enormous good luck.

Within his hazy sensation, Zi Chen felt a pulling force suddenly appear which wanted to bring him to another world. That world seemed very cold and dark.

Zi Chen was frightened. This was the survival instinct that all humans have when facing death, fear.

Afterwards, Zi Chen saw a silvery light which gave him a sense of warmth. The silvery light wrapped around his whole body, which caused him, who was feeling a chill all over his body, to suddenly start to feel very warm. The feeling was as if he was within the embrace of his mother, which can be described as very comfortable.

Zi Chen, who felt very comfortable could not help but to have the desire to fall asleep


Ah! It's Hot

When Zi Chen woke up, he felt that his surroundings is very hot, as if he was in a pot of boiling water getting cooked. Zi Chen then saw his surroundings which was full of boiling water.

Zi Chen's expression changed instantly and he quickly used both his hands and legs to quickly crawl upwards, until he finally crawled out from the ice cave which he fell into previously.

What a close call...almost got cooked to death right there.

After crawling for a short distance, Zi Chen reached a wall and leaned on it while heavily panting

Just after Zi Chen left the ice cave, the boiling water in the cave actually started to settle down and as for Zi Chen, his entire body did not have any more pain at all.

Wait... What??

Zi Chen who was breathing hard seemed to finally realize something and suddenly spoke in surprise as he was feeling shocked. Afterwards, he became bewildered

Did I not die already? How come I am still alive?

Zi Chen looked up and down, checking his entire body, there was not a single wound on his body. But there was actually something different to his body that he discovered; his skin felt smooth like jade and was meticulously delicate. Just like a baby who was just born.

No wounds. Don't tell me that I fell asleep here and I dreamt that Zhao Can killed me? Zi Chen was doubtful but shortly after, he found mark of a sharp weapon that seemed to have pierced through his clothing around his dantian.

That was not a dream. I am still alive.

Zi Chen had a bitter look on his face. Everything that had happened previously was not a dream. It was all real. He got stabbed but he did not die.

He was still alive, yet there was no difference from being dead. His dantian is crippled and there was no trace of Qi in it. It was as empty as a dry lake bed.

What the heck even happened after I was kicked down from the mountain? Why am I, who is supposed to be dead, still alive? Zi Chen thought for a while but still did not understand. He had never heard of anything in Sky Martial Continent which has the ability to bring people back from the dead.

Not only did I not die, even my meridians, which should have been damaged, have recovered too. Maybe even my dantian is alright too Suddenly, the dispirited Zi Chen had a wild guess which could only happen in a fantasy.

Afterwards, he started to revolve his martial technique.

The Qi from heaven and earth around the area started to move and converged into Zi Chen. This kind of speed was more than ten times the speed at which Zi Chen cultivated previously. If it was said that previously when Zi Chen absorbed spiritual energy, it was just one line. Now it could be said that when Zi Chen absorbed Qi, it would be like ten lines which is forming into a thick rope.

Zi Chen was so excited that he got distracted and stopped revolving his martial technique. Which caused the True Qi that collected in his meridians to dissipate.

Come again

Zi Chen's expression was full of excitement. He did not know how he was resurrected. But there was one thing he was certain of, and that was he had a fortuitous lucky encounter or it can even be called a miracle encounter. This encounter enabled him to shed his own mortal body and refine his bones.

As he started revolving his martial technique again, the Qi from heaven and earth once again started moving towards Zi Chen from all directions. The Qi flowed through Zi Chen's pores and entered into his meridians. After going through a circle of revolving, the newly condensed True Qi entered his dantian.

Zi Chen was totally filled with anticipation. He hoped for a miracle to happen when the True Qi flowed towards his empty dantian.


However, the True Qi that just entered into his dantian vanished without a trace. His dantian can no longer store Qi anymore

I'm finished.

The happy Zi Chen fell into despair once again. The heavens did not let him die and gave him a miracle encounter. Enabling his ability to absorb Qi to become ten times stronger, but his dantian was no longer able to store any Qi. Even if you gave him the ability to absorb Qi a hundred times faster than others, there was not a single f*cking use of it at all!

God... you might have just as well let me die

Zi Chen could not help complain, but of course it's just complaining. After all, it's better to be alive than to be dead.

Suddenly, at this moment, Zi Chen's heart started to throb. Afterwards, a spiral of silver colored energy rushed through his blood and headed towards his brain.


In an instant, in the middle of Zi Chen's conscious, there appeared a sudden trace of lightning. A terrifying lightning in the shape of a dragon started to wreak havoc in his conscious. As if he was stabbed a million times, a sudden pain started spreading outwards from his conscious making Zi Chen hold his head with his hands and roll about on the floor.

On the contrary, Zi Chen did not scream at all, because the pain coming from his brain was too painful, which caused him to be unable to have any hope of screaming out.

An imposing person, who was as tall as the heaven and earth, suddenly appeared in Zi Chen's conscious.

Zi Chen could not see that person's face. All he could see was an imposing back. At first, Zi Chen did not know what heaven and earth is. But the instant he saw that silhouette, he understood.

The figure of that person was both the heavens and the earth. His head reaching the heavens and his legs stepping on the earth.

The figure of the person in his conscious stayed motionless, but the formless Qi emitted out was the Qi that only the heavens and earth should have.

This Qi, when compared to when Zi Chen saw the Ling Wu Sect Master's Qi from afar, was several times stronger.

Although Zi Chen couldn't see the front of the figure, he could see that there was something in front of the figure.

Two thick strands of thunder and lightning which can go against the heavens and earth formed into a Thunder Dragon which was currently flying around high up in the sky.

In Zi Chen's small conscious, two things that could go against the heavens and earth actually appeared. Both of these things, at the moment is in a hostile state.


The Thunder Dragon let out a frightening roar as it charged towards the figure. Huge waves of Qi caused a storm to suddenly appear out of nowhere in Zi Chen's conscious.

The figure did not say anything and he just extended his right hand towards the lightning and thunder and grabbed it.

As his right hand move forward, it changed into a part of the heavens and earth, a part of the world. Merely grabbing lightly with his right hand, the frightening Thunder Dragon got subdued by the figure's hand. Immediately after, his right hand started to move back and as his hand moved back, the size of the Thunder Dragon started to shrink smaller and smaller. Until the end, the entire Thunder Dragon shrank within the right hand of the figure.

A Thunder Dragon which can be compared to the heavens and earth actually got grasped in the figure's right hand and, in the end, it even turned into just a tiny ball which emitted radiance of silver color rays. The scene that Zi Chen had just seen left him shocked.

With his hand holding the Thunder Dragon which had been changed into a ball, the imposing figure turned his body. Zi Chen's eyes opened wide, as he desperately wanted to look at the appearance of the imposing figure. But no matter how hard Zi Chen tried, he could not because of a mysterious fog that is covering that figures face.

Zi Chen only saw a pair of sharp and bright eyes. As if just one look, it could pierce through the heavens and earth.

Afterwards, Zi Chen saw the ball flying towards him.

The ball once again changed into the Thunder Dragon and came flying over. It opened its jaws and suddenly bit down onto Zi Chen. Zi Chen wanted to escape but this was his conscious, there was nowhere to escape to.

Endless lightning and thunder washed over Zi Chen and his consciousness dissipated in an instant.

At the outside world, Zi Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His whole body was already drenched with sweat while his heart was beating wildly as if his heart was trying to escape from his chest.

Just... what happened just now?

Too many weird things happened today, this was totally out of Zi Chen's anticipation.

At this moment, Zi Chen felt that something suddenly appeared in his conscious.

This was a set of extremely complicated techniques which was very difficult to understand and seemed full of profound mysteries. As if a tide had forced its way into Zi Chen's conscious. Although he previously also suffered from the pain in his brain but right now it was just like his brain was going to burst any time.

Luckily this tide came quickly and went away just as fast, and in the end, it left a set of martial techniques.

Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique.

A set of martial techniques that were the most basic but yet the most terrifying too. The details of these martial techniques seemed and sounded inconceivable. It was both a martial technique and yet at the same time it was also a body refining skill. As you train to the higher levels, you can invoke thunder to refine your body. Also, the Qi you cultivate will also carry the essence of thunder and lightning.

What a strong set of martial techniques. But...what is even the point of this though?

Zi Chen was extremely shocked by the set of martial techniques. If he practiced these martial techniques, his future accomplishments would inevitably be very high. But the problem at hand right now was that his dantian had already been crippled and he can no longer store Qi. No matter how strong the martial techniques is, to Zi Chen, they were no more than decorative items.

In this world there were strange treasures and lucky encounters occur. The encounter Zi Chen encountered was what you can truly call a miracle encounter. But his dantian had already been crippled, no matter what a lucky encounter he got, the luck of the encounter will be negated by the fact that his dantian is crippled.

When all is said and done, I did indeed have luck getting the technique and staying alive. One is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster. Although I can no longer cultivate Qi, I can still train and strengthen my body. A formidable physique comparable to a beast may eventually mean not being a useless person too. Zi Chen quickly pulled himself together.

Afterwards, he remembered the 500 year old Snow Ginseng.

If I can get that Snow Ginseng, after absorbing and refining it, my physique will certainly become stronger. Maybe I could depend on the dense Qi to restore my dantian Zi Chen's eyes suddenly lit up.

However at this moment, an indignant roar suddenly echoed through a few mountain tops, shaking down a huge sheet of snow.

Zi Chen's body suddenly got covered by the snow that was knocked loose.

Ice Bear...This is the sound of the Ice Bear. They still haven't left this place.

As Zi Chen shook off the snow on his body and walked out, his eyes which were extremely bright, turned extremely cold.